Best Share Market Website in India – List of Top Stock Market Platforms of 2024

Information is the most vital factor in stock market investment. The profit comes from correct analysis of the latest market data. Here, the importance of the best share market websites comes into play.

They provide all the information and data traders require to speculate on the following market movements.

Also, they share their assumptions with their expert analysts. It helps investors make the correct decision and make a profit.

However, it is also essential to follow the right platform. Here, we will share a list of the “Top Share Market Websites in India” based on their features and performance.

Best Share Market Website in India - Top 10 Stock Market Platforms in India

Top 10 Stock Market Websites in India

Rank Website
1 Moneycontrol
2 Economic Times
3 Mint
4 NDTV Profit
5 Business Standard
6 NSE India
7 Financial Express
9 Zee Business
10 Business Today

The Indian stock market offers a wealth of information. The Best Share Market Websites empower investors to navigate the Indian market with greater confidence.

However, following the market without proper guidance becomes daunting. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Different websites feature their unique advantages.

Investors should follow multiple websites for market updates and address their specific needs. We have discussed the “Top 10 Stock Market Platforms” and their features in the following.

Traders should explore different platforms and compare their features so they can find websites that help them achieve their financial goals.

Here are the parameters to consider when choosing the websites that best suit their stock trading journey.

Best Share Market Platform in India for Beginners

The Best Share Market Website for Beginners offers tutorials to help them enhance their concepts. Many people want to make a profit from the share market, but they lack proper knowledge.

So, they either fear entering or become sad after a loss.

  • So, beginners can refer to Moneycontrol, Economic Times, Mint and Business Standard. These share market websites provide knowledge that helps in making informed decisions.
  • These websites feature informative articles and webinars as valuable resources for beginners. Also, some websites provide educational sessions by market experts.
  • Moreover, Investors can interact with experts to clarify confusion and gain an overall idea. This helps them gather detailed knowledge to refine their analytical skills.

Top Share Market Website in India providing Live Market Updates

The share market is one of the most volatile sectors. Rapid ups and downs occur at every moment. Also, sudden economic announcements make it even more challenging.

So, in this dynamic situation, live market updates are essential for making profitable decisions. The Best Live Share Market Update Platform guides investors in managing risks effectively.

NSE India, Economic Times, Moneycontrol and Mint are the best choices for instant updates.

  • Live market updates allow investors to capitalize on profitable opportunities. Also, it helps to mitigate potential losses.
  • It also empowers them to monitor their portfolio’s real-time performance. This knowledge helps them make proper predictions about upcoming changes.
  • Constant updates help traders make wise decisions and stay on top of market trends. They are a powerful tool for proactive investors to maximize their opportunities to profit.

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Top 10 Stock Market Websites in Indian offering detailed Market News

The stock market is filled with twists, turns, and surprising obstacles. In this complex situation, news acts as a compass to help navigate the market wisely.

The Best Markets News Site in India offers a continuous stream of information. It includes every financial notice and other data affecting the stock market.

  • Moneycontrol, Business Standard, Mint, Economic Times and CNBC TV18 are the best choices for market news. They share real-time information on mergers and acquisitions, new product launches, regulatory changes, and upcoming technologies.
  • Also, interest rate changes, inflation reports, and global events often affect the stock market. This detailed information helps investors gauge market movements more clearly, allowing traders to make their own decisions with knowledge and confidence.
  • Further, stock market news provides early warnings of negative financial trends. This guidance helps investors save their assets and avoid losses.

Best Stock Market Platform in India offering accurate Research Reports

Research reports by financial websites are accurately crafted documents. They offer valuable insights to guide trading decisions.

Their in-depth analysis of the company’s financial health is based on its past acts and current standing.

It helps to speculate its future prospects. So, traders can invest in their stocks with greater precision.

  • Further, the Top Platform for Share Market Research offers comparative analysis. Business Standard, Live mint, Moneycontrol, and Economic Times provide the best research reports. This helps investors evaluate their relative strengths and weaknesses efficiently.
  • Research reports help traders gain access to the expertise of financial professionals. It helps them uncover valuable insights and decipher complex financial data. So they can choose the right option and make a profit.
  • Research reports also guide investors in identifying potential risks. So they can avoid losses. Moreover, they often uncover hidden gems, i.e. underrated companies with a greater growth potential.

Top Share Market Website in India providing World Class Advisory & Tips

Accurate tips are a promising key to financial success. They are a seemingly effortless way to make money in the stock market.

Proper tips combined with in-depth research make investors successful in stock trading. Tips also help those seeking quick gains without the hassle of financial research.

  • Further, tips help beginners reduce the anxiety of making independent trading decisions. Market tips usually provide a sense of direction that boosts confidence in navigating the stock market. However, the source must have a proven track record and expertise.
  • Reliability is essential when choosing any specific tip. Otherwise, investors can face losses in their assets. Moneycontrol, Economic Times, Mint, NDTV Profit and Business Standard are the best choices for stock tips.
  • The Top Website for Share Market Tips providers focus on fundamental and technical analysis to identify the proper chances.
  • Also, they break down complex concepts into easily understandable information. So, beginners can follow them without any prior training.


Since 1999, Moneycontrol has been offering valuable financial information resources. It is part of the Network 18 group, owned by Reliance.

Many investors consider Moneycontrol the best stock market news platform in India. Its unparalleled reliability makes it a valuable ally of stock market investors.

Its exciting features encourage traders to follow the website before making any decision. Moneycontrol pro offers further benefits, such as the deepest insights and sharpest opinions.

It is available for Rs.79 per month. It is an ad-free platform, so followers can navigate it more easily.

Features of Moneycontrol

The below features make Moneycontrol one of the best financial powerhouses.

  • This portal offers real-time stock quotes, historical data, and comprehensive technical charts. That guides investors in analyzing market trends and identifying potential chances.
  • They thoroughly analyse balance sheets, income reports, and other critical financial ratios to assess a company’s true value. It helps investors identify the growth potentials of their selected stocks.
  • The Moneycontrol website and app allow viewers to create personalized watchlists under the “Portfolio menu.” Investors can also create and track their financial portfolios here.
  • It is a library of educational resources, including articles, tutorials, and webinars. Investors can also check the website’s latest market news and economic changes.
  • Its diverse financial tools reach beyond the stock market. They offer research on mutual funds, bonds, loans and other financial instruments.

Economic Times

The Economic Times is the next website in our Top 10 Share Market News Platform list. The Times Group owns it.

It is one of the oldest financial news providers. Since 1961, it has guided investors to make strategic decisions.

As of 2023, the Economic Times ranks English’s second most widely followed financial news. It has over 9 lakh readers, who follow it daily in their investment journey.

The feature-packed ET Prime version makes stock trading even more accessible. It is available for Rs.213 per month and includes several newspapers and app functionality, so users get an overall view of the financial landscape.

Features of Economic Times

Here is the list of the best features of the Economic Times.

  • ET’s live market updates and breaking financial news help traders stay ahead. This real-time information helps them react swiftly and mitigate potential risks.
  • This platform features leading financial analysts and market experts offering valuable opinions. They share their insights, analyses, and even stock recommendations.
  • It offers comprehensive sector analysis to help traders focus on specific industries and identify possible prospects that align with their risk tolerance level.
  • Its articles and tutorials are rich educational resources. Beginners as well as experienced traders can utilise them. So they can develop personalized strategies to achieve financial goals.
  • ET covers a broader range of financial instruments, such as mutual funds and fixed-income options. This makes it the best choice for those who prefer investing in other sectors.


Mint offers comprehensive business and financial news. Backed by the KK Birla family, HT Media published it in 2007.

Its website and app, Live mint, are investors’ favourites for efficient wealth tracking features. Mint’s exciting features make it the fastest-growing news portal in India.

Due to its growing popularity, it is now the second most-viewed business website. Also, Mint News’s extreme reliability ranks it as one of the Best Stock Research Websites in India.

Its expert team of financial advisors makes stock market investment simple and stress-free. Mint offers an add-free pro version for Rs. 2949 per year. It features premium quality articles with deeper insights.

Features of Mint

The top features of Mint are as follows –

  • Mint’s real-time quote and in-depth technical analysis help stock traders visualize price movements. It also empowers them to understand the nature of the versatile stock market.
  • This website helps traders track their assets across different accounts in one place, allowing them to gain deeper insights into asset allocation.
  • Its best advisory service offers accurate tips for stock market trading. So traders become confident and profit from every deal.
  • Live mint is also famous for its curated selection of financial news articles and educational resources. It teaches beginners about basic market terminology.
  • Their experienced reporters ensure that readers are updated on every minimal market movement. This allows them to seize maximum profits and minimize risks

NDTV Profit

For many traders, NDTV Profit is the Best Website for Stock Analysis. It started in 1984, and now millions of investors rely on this news website and app.

NDTV Profit acts as a one-stop shop for active stock market participation. Investors can get detailed information on the different aspects of financial markets.

Its expert opinions help traders unlock their full potential and make wise decisions to profit from diverse financial markets.

Features of NDTV Profit

Follow these practical features of NDTV Profit that empowers many to profit from financial markets.

  • The real-time broadcasts and expert commentary help traders identify present market trends. So they can maximize their profit from assets.
  • Its powerful stock screeners help identify hidden gems. On many occasions, they uncover unpopular stocks with notable growth openings.
  • NDTV Profit offers a robust technical analysis toolkit. It provides comprehensive information to help experienced traders speculate on market trends.
  • Their educational resources include informative articles, trading tutorials, and insightful podcasts. Beginners can significantly profit from these rich resources.
  • Portfolio management and budgeting become simple with the aid of NDTV Profit. Viewers can set personalized price alerts to take advantage of every chance to profit.

Business Standard

Business Standard has been a trusted companion for financial news and advisories for the last five decades. Until 2017, it was 2nd most read business newspaper in India.

The ABP Group formally owned it, and later, Kotak Mahindra Finance purchased it. Like all its competitors, Business Standard is also available on digital platforms.

Its website and app offer comprehensive updates on financial landscapes. Hence, it has a vast user base, from bankers to stock market investors.

For this reason, it secured its position in the “Top Share Market Website in India.” Business Standard also offers a Premium Subscription plan with much more exciting benefits.

It is available for Rs. 249 per month. Readers can access curated newsletters for the best guidance.

Features of Business Standard

The stirring features of Business Standard include –

  • It informs on companies, markets, budgets, current affairs, and economic policies. That spans from real-time stock quotes to comprehensive business news coverage.
  • This website and app are straightforward to navigate. Users can get the information they seek with a few clicks. So they can observe markets without any difficulty.
  • Business Standard provides Good analysis and educational resources. Its fundamental and technical indicators and tools efficiently help traders refine their approaches.
  • The mobile app requires very low internet speed to display updates. So, it helps connect with markets even in the rural sector.
  • Business Standard has a proven track record and a strong reputation in the Indian financial sector. So, it ensures its reliability to guide financial markets.

NSE India

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) serves as the foundation of the Indian stock market. NSE was formed in 1992, and SEBI recognised it in 1993.

Since then, it has made an enormous contribution to the share market. In this Top 10 Stock Market Website list, NSE India secured its position for wholesome services.

Its news portal and mobile app function as extensions to offer more flexibility. So, investors get crucial market information and essential data from anywhere.

It is available in both Hindi and English language.

Features of NSE India

The top five stunning features of the NSE India website and app –

  • NSE India provides official stock exchange data, quotes, and announcements directly from the source. So, its information holds utmost accuracy.
  • With live market data, viewers get instant news of price movements. They can swiftly react and make informed decisions.
  • It provides historical market statistics. So, investors can analyse the essential factors for avoiding potential risks.
  • The NSE experts offer critical market insights. They provide thorough market speculation so traders can choose profitable options.
  • This website features articles, tutorials, and resources for investor education. So traders can more easily understand stock market activities.

Financial Express

The Financial Express acts as a compass in the complex world of the Indian finance market. It’s been a very old companion of Indian business owners.

The famous Indian Express group has published it since 1961. It expanded its digital platforms in 2001. Since then, it has become a reliable online business news source.

Many believe it is the Best Share Market Platform in India. It provides a deep insight into every relevant news that might affect the Indian financial landscape.

Features of Financial Express

Please check the best features of Financial Express in the following –

  • Its in-depth news coverage has a comprehensive content and data range. So investors can judge the impact of economic trends and events.
  • This website offers detailed knowledge of a company’s financial health. So, stock investors can predict price movements and profit from that.
  • Financial Express’s website and app are very user-friendly. Thus, everyone can seamlessly follow crucial market news without hassle.
  • It offers portfolio tracking and alert services. Thus, traders who can’t observe markets daily can get vital updates.
  • This digital portal offers seamless on-the-go accessibility. So, traders can grab all the profitable prospects.


CNBC TV18 is India’s leading business and financial news provider, based in Mumbai. It started in 1999 and gradually emerged as a leading business channel.

Previously, it was an American TV news channel named Consumer News and Business Channel. Its website and app are rich sources of comprehensive financial updates.

It is enlisted in this Best Stock Market News Platform details for its great reliability. The CNBC Pro version offers several effective tools for financial analysis.

It includes premium editorials, better investing tools and video content.

Features of CNBC TV18

The top features of CNBC TV18 are as follows.

  • Its exclusive content offers a dynamic blend of live market updates. So, traders can utilise the knowledge more efficiently in the stock market.
  • This website has a team of market veterans, analysts, and industry leaders. Their experiences help freshers to gain adequate market knowledge.
  • CNBC offers detailed analyses of different companies’ future prospects and present financial statuses. It helps investors to speculate on their growth potential successfully.
  • CNBC TV18 also offers an array of educational resources. So, beginners can step into their trading journey with confidence.
  • With its tracking tools, investors can monitor their portfolio’s real-time performance. Also, they can set personalized price alerts on their selected stocks

Zee Business

Zee Business started as a TV program under Zee News in 2002. Since 2005, it has been launched as a separate business news channel.

Now, it is available on web platforms and apps so that users can access it from anywhere. Also, this platform goes beyond simply reporting market data.

Many traders consider Zee Business the Best Site for Stock Analysis because of its actionable insights. These insights empower traders to navigate the finance market with a strategic edge.

Features of Zee Business

Zee Business has several exciting features, such as –

  • Zee Business’ live broadcasts help traders understand the market pulse. They reflect every minimal change, so investors don’t miss any opportunities.
  • Its website and app prioritize a sleek and user-friendly design. So users can find the information they need quickly and efficiently.
  • It ensures a smooth user experience, especially for beginners. So they don’t become overwhelmed by complex financial data.
  • Their expert analytical team focus on providing actionable intelligence. These experts break down complex financial language into understandable concepts.
  • This website’s educational resources empower its users to move beyond basic investing. They help them develop a personalized strategy aligned with their goals.

Business Today

Since 1992, Business Today has become a leading name in Indian business journalism. The Living Media India Limited publishes this comprehensive financial newspaper.

With the rise of the digital era, it extended its reach beyond print media with its robust news portal and mobile app.

Its reliable financial news and analysis make it one of the Top Share Market Websites in India. It offers in-depth market analysis with expert opinion.

So, users get a comprehensive view of the financial landscape.

Features of Business Today

It has several stunning features to attract its vast user base, such as –

  • Business Today’s hallmark investigative journalism helps uncover potential openings and red flags. So users can make well-informed stock trading decisions.
  • It helps in exploring a range of expert viewpoints. Leading financial analysts and industry experts offer their profitable opinions to guide investors.
  • Business Today offers interactive charts, graphs, and other data visualization tools. It helps users to understand complex market data without effort.
  • BTs content prioritizes a long-term perspective. It helps analyze short-term market movements to develop a robust strategy.
  • This portal has a well-established reputation for its commitment to journalistic integrity and objective reporting. It ensures its reliable information without undue bias.

Best Share Market Platform in India – Conclusion

Stock market investors thrive on updated information and insightful analysis. Traders must find the website that best aligns with their investment goals and experience level.

So they can understand the different parameters and refine their trading strategies. This “Best Stock Market Website in India list will thoroughly explain its attractive features.

These websites will help beginners and seasoned traders with educational resources and user-friendly interfaces.

FAQs on Top 10 Share Market Websites in India

Here are the most searched queries regarding India’s top stock market websites.

Which Share Market Platform Provides Top Premium Services?

Economic Times, Mint, and Moneycontrol provide premium services to guide and educate stock market investors. These are the top-level platforms for financial analysis.

Which Stock Market Website is Easy to Use?

Economic Times, ET Markets are Money Control most preferred by users for their user-friendly features. Beginners can seamlessly follow these websites for trading guidance.

Which is the Best Share Market Education Website?

Almost every stock market website offers educational resources. Among them, users most prefer Yahoo Finance, CNBC TV18, and Money Control.

Which Share Market Website is Best for Beginners?

Money Control, Economic Times and NDTV Profit are the best learning options for beginners. They offer educational sessions by market experts for in-depth knowledge.

Which Stock Market Platform is Best for Traders?

CNBC TV18, Money Control, and ET Markets are the best platforms for traders because of their excellent advisory services. They offer thorough guidance so traders can maximize their profits.

Which Stock Market Platform is Best for Investors?

Several business websites offer investors guidance. Among them, NSE India, Financial Express and Mint are the best. Most stock market investors follow these websites.

Which is the Best Markets Website for Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental analysis is crucial for successful stock trading. Investors can follow Money Control, Financial Express, and Economic Times for a detailed analysis of companies’ performances.

Which is the Best Markets Platform for Technical Analysis?

Money Control, CNBC TV18 and NDTV Profit are the best platforms for technical analysis. They use updated charting tools to simplify complex financial landscapes.

Which is the Best Screener Website in India?, Economic Times and NDTV Profit are the best screener websites in India. Their screener tools help investors choose the perfect stocks from thousands of options.

Which Share Market Website is Best for News?

News is a crucial factor for successful stock trading. Money Control, Economic Times, and Mint offer updated news so traders can capitalize on every opportunity.