The Economic Times (ET) is India’s leading business news source. It provides detailed insights into the Indian economy and global financial markets.

The Times Group owned the Economic Times Platform since 1961. So, it has travelled a greater distance through history.

It is also the second most popular business news platform worldwide. Its vast popularity proves its flawless reliability among readers.

In this Economic Times Review, we will dig deeper into this financial platform’s features.

About Economic Times

The Economic Times News Platform has been a go-to platform for investors and business people for decades.

Its legacy boosts its skill and expertise in the financial sector. Presently, it is one of the most reliable sources of Indian business news and analysis.

It started its online journey in 2000 through its website and forums. In 2010, it developed its mobile app to reach viewers’ pockets.

So they can access it from anywhere, anytime. Its app shows live stock prices, indices, and other market data.

For its user-friendly interface, it became popular among users pretty quickly. Economic Times also features a prime version.

It offers extended analysis and top-notch advisory services. So readers can financially benefit from it. Its rich history and great reliability make it the top choice for business news.

Economic Times – Top Features

Here, we will break down the features in more detail. The Economic Times Research Platform is a top choice for investors.

It is available in free and paid versions. Let’s check out the reasons behind its immense popularity.

Features of Free Version

Market Snapshots: The ET app provides a quick glimpse into the current market situation.

It also shows a daily business news digest with headlines and summaries, helping investors speculate on the next market movement.

News & Analysis: The free version offers access to breaking news articles curated by ET editors.

Expert opinions on various business sectors help investors understand industry trends. Also, its simple analysis helps beginners learn market recitals without diving too deep.

Live Stock Updates: The free version shows live updates on indices and stocks in Indian and foreign exchanges.

Thus, viewers can track real-time market movements. However, it might not offer coverage of all stocks or market segments.

Limited Watchlists: Users can create an essential list of their preferred stocks or companies. This helps arrange all valuable data in a single script.

However, in the free version, users can track a small number of companies and have limited customization options.

Company Pages: The free version offers dedicated pages for listed companies. These pages might include all financial information about the company.

Readers can check out its stock price history, basic financials, and potential growth.

Features of the ET Prime Version

Enhanced Features of Its Free Version: ET Prime offers much deeper insights into its basic features.

It offers rich, concise, engaging business stories with inclusive data, and users can access a wide range of premium content.

Stock Reports Plus: These reports deeply explore companies, industries, and market trends. Thus, traders get all the required data to make positive investment decisions.

Also, its advanced charting tools and indicators help identify all possible openings.

BigBull Portfolio: ET Prime offers a BigBull Portfolio for every user. It helps them track across different asset classes. Also, users can monitor the present status of their assets in a single option.

Stock Analyzer: ET Prime is renowned for its curated market data and advanced analytics tools. It empowers users to enhance their charting skills.

So they can conduct thorough market research and make data-driven decisions.

Expanded Watchlists: Users can create and manage many watchlists in the ET Prime Version. So they can get more detailed information about each company.

This feature efficiently helps bulk traders.

95% Less Ads: Ads usually distract most users when they are deep in thought. The ET Prime version has minimal ads.

So readers get a cleaner and more focused reading experience. Better concentration helps in making profitable decisions.

These stunning features attract seasoned traders and business persons. The Economic Times is also a great learning resource for beginners.

How to use the Economic Times Share Market Website?

The Economic Times Share Market Website is very user-friendly. Users can find all required data from the menus on the homepage. Here is the user guide for easy access.

  1. Users can search for specific stocks or mutual funds using the search option at the top. This helps them save substantial time and effort.
  2. The “Markets” section offers information on stocks, indices, mutual funds, IPOs, and other asset classes. Users can select all these asset classes from the dropdown menu.
  3. It also shows live quotes for registered companies. Users get real-time data on stock prices, changes, percentage changes, and volumes.
  4. The interactive charts help visualize price actions over different timeframes, which can be useful for speculating on the next movement.
  5. The ET website also provides news articles and expert analyses related to financial markets. Users can access detailed research reports from expert analysts.

Economic Times Charges

Economic Times features a basic and a prime version. The basic version is free. Any financial enthusiast can download and install it from the app stores.

However, the ET Prime version offers several more exciting features. The Economic Times Platform Charges vary as per plans.

For a one-year subscription, users need to pay Rs.2,559. So, the monthly charge is Rs.213. However, readers can go for a two- or three-year subscription for Rs.3,999 and Rs.4,799.

It reduces the monthly charges to Rs.167 and Rs.133. Hence, purchasing a more extended ET Prime plan is much more beneficial.

It is cost-effective with a powerhouse of valuable features. With the guidance of ET Prime, readers can earn a fortune in the financial sector.

How to Login & Use Pro Version of the Economic Times App?

Here is the step-by-step guidance for the Economic Times Login and Prime subscription.

  1. Users must download and install the Economics Times app from the App Stores. Then, they must launch it on their smartphones.
  2. To use the app, new users must create their accounts in the Economic Times portal. They need to follow the on-screen instructions to register for a new account.
  3. Next, they must log in using their ID and password. Once they open the homepage, they can find the link to purchase the ET Prime version.
  4. The Economic Times offers several subscription plans based on time duration. Users must select one and purchase it.
  5. The ET Prime app is very easy to use. Viewers can check out the latest news, markets, and more from the home screen.
  6. The Prime version also allows users to view expert advice on financial markets. They can access it from the dropdown homepage menu.

Benefits of the Economic Times

Check out various benefits of the Economic Times Stock Market News Portal.

  • The Economic Times News Platform helps users stay informed with inclusive market data. It offers updates on live stock quotes, indices, commodities, and currencies.
  • Users can access breaking news headlines related to the financial landscape. The site also features curated articles and expert opinions on various business sectors.
  • The ET has dedicated pages for listed companies. It is the source of the listed company’s inclusive news articles and financial information.
  • Users can create watchlists to track their traded stocks. The scripts provide crucial stock data so users can make informed decisions.
  • ET Prime offers detailed research reports from market analysts. It provides valuable insights for investment decisions.
  • Users can analyze price movements more effectively with a broader range of charting tools. Also, the indicators help in avoiding risks.
  • ET Prime also offers premium advisory services. It helps beginners profit from stocks without more profound knowledge.

Economic Times Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

The Economic Times offers a reliable platform for both casual readers and serious investors.

It is rated as the most popular financial news platform in India and is one of the oldest business news providers in the country.

Its paid version unlocks advanced features and in-depth analysis. We hope you get all the information in this Economic Times Share Market Portal Review.

Its history, reliability, and features make it unparalleled in the financial landscape.

FAQs on the Economic Times Share Market Platform

Here are the most frequent questions related to the Economic Times portal.

What is the Economic Times?

The Economic Times is a leading Indian business newspaper and digital platform. It has earned the status of a trusted source for in-depth financial news and business insights.

Is Economic Times Free?

The basic version of the Economic Times is free to use. Anyone can download it on their smartphone for financial updates.

How to use the Economic Times Website?

The Economic Times website is pretty user-friendly. Viewers can find all essential options in the home screen menu. Its simple interface helps every user to get the benefits.

Does the Economic Times provide accurate News?

The Economic Times has been published since 1961. For decades, it has provided accurate news and adequate market analysis. It makes ET the favourite of many business persons.

What is the performance of Economic Times Advisory?

It has a team of expert market analysts who thoroughly analyze different indicators to provide flawless advice. Thus, traders can most benefit from their assets.

Is the Economic Times Platform Trustworthy?

The platform has a worldwide presence, and millions of users follow it. Precisely, the Economic Times features top-quality business journalism.

What are the Fees for the Economic Times Premium Version?

The ET Prime version is available in three subscription plans such as,

  1. One year – Rs.2,559 (Rs.213 per month)
  2. Two years – Rs.3,999 (Rs. 167 per month)
  3. Three years – Rs.4,799 (Rs.133 per month)


Customer ratings and reviews of Economic Times

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