Best Stock Advisory Platform in India – List of Top 10 Advisory Platforms of 2024

Whether you are just a beginner or looking to invest a significant amount in the stock market, one query you’ll not avoid is good advice.

If you are curious about finding the best place to get advice on stocks, then you’ve found the right place.

Have you ever heard about the top stock research platform in India? Yes, such services can assist you in this precious task.

However, since only the Best Stock Advisory Platform must be on board, we bring you the top 10 platforms with a reputed image for this job.

Best Stock Advisory Platform in India - Top 10 Stock Advisory Softwares in India

Top 10 Stock Advisory Platforms in India

Rank Stock Advisory Platform
1 Motilal Oswal
2 CapitalVia
3 Sharekhan
4 AssetVilla
5 ICICI Direct
6 HDFC Securities
7 Equentis
8 AGM Investment
9 Tick n Trade
10 StreetGains

Before going ahead, let’s quickly recap the best financial advisory platforms discussed in this list.

The table above shows the features found on each platform separately. Similarly, their USP stands out from the rest, which is visible here.

However, some solid parameters are backing the review on each of India’s best stock advisory platforms. Consideration involves choosing the best platform for beginners with potent features.

Similarly, which platform is ideal for traders and investors? If you are price-sensitive, determine how much you pay for their services. So, without further ado, let’s begin this detailed review.

Motilal Oswal

Are you looking for the best stock advisory platform in India? Well, look no further than Motilal Oswal!

Founded back in 1987 by Motilal Oswal and Raamdeo Agrawal, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited has become a top choice for anyone seeking help in the stock market.

Listed on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges, their advisory service includes expert advice on relevant tools, establishing MO as a trusted name in the industry.

Pricing: Free

Top Features of Motilal Oswal Advisory Platform

  • MO’s innovative computer programs handle investments and decisions based on data and rules.
  • Each investor gets a portfolio tailored to their needs and preferences.
  • The investments in your portfolio are adjusted automatically to keep them aligned with your goals and market conditions.
  • You have the authority to make decisions about the recommendations given to you.
  • This advisory dashboard lets you see how your investments are doing, get personalized advice, access valuable data, plan your day, and stay updated with the latest news.


Are you looking for guidance in the world of stocks? Well CapitalVia Global Research Limited is a premier choice for financial advice in India, and maybe you’ll like them too.

With a focus on thorough market research and expert consulting, CapitalVia is the best financial advisory platform in India.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just dipping your toes into the market, CapitalVia has a separate plan for all. The company was founded in 2006 and has grown with a team of expert advisors.

Pricing: Rs.4,000–Rs.25,000

Top Features of CapitalVia Advisory Platform

  • With features like TechnIQ, they aid in wise investment using advanced computer programs that analyse past patterns.
  • Similarly, quantitative analysis by QuantIQ ensures safer investment choices, whether you’re buying regular stocks or futures.
  • Also, a Market Neuron helps you capitalise on big events or themes affecting the stock market.
  • CapitalVia’s mobile app lets you quickly access its services from anywhere, like having a stock market expert in your pocket!
  • The folks at CapitalVia are experts in stocks, not just regular people.

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Let’s talk about Sharekhan, a name that stands out among India’s top stock advisory platforms.

Established in 2000, Sharekhan is a leading retail brokerage firm that focuses on providing full-service brokerage.

With a solid user base, Sharekhan is among India’s early adopters of online trading. But it is emerging now as a top choice for those who seek advice, thanks to its custom plans, which you’ll surely like.

Pricing: Free/Paid

Top Features of the Sharekhan Advisory Platform

  • First, you see the Super Investor feature, a broker-provided investor service that lets you plan investments with specialists.
  • Similarly, a Sharekhan One platform exists for high-net-worth individuals working for wealth creation and protection.
  • The broker even tries to simplify the trades with its Super Trader initiative.
  • Also, as part of expert guidance, you benefit from instructor-guided courses.
  • Webinars also add more fun to the experience with Sharekhan.


Starting in 2017, AssetVilla Financial Services LLP Mumbai is a top financial advisory platform in India based in Maharashtra.

With a team of experts, they are meeting the diverse advisory needs of clients across India.

Their advisory services cover stocks, mutual funds, SIPs, IPOs, and other assets that help you achieve your financial goals under one convenient umbrella.

Their clients benefit from expert advice, fact-based guidance, and genuine support.

Pricing: Depends on the Service

Top Features of Assetvilla Advisory Platform

  • AssetVilla helps people invest their money wisely in mutual funds.
  • This platform helps you make intelligent decisions in real estate, not only in the stock market but also in the real estate market.
  • The advisory team also helps you legally pay less taxes so you can keep more of your money.
  • Their goal-based planning tool is an excellent feature to help you buy your dream car or house with suitable investments.
  • The best part is that you receive support on a personal level.

ICICI Direct

ICICI direct advisors are also like your trusted guides in this exciting investing journey in the stock market. The SEB-registered broking platform came to life in the year 2000.

But its roots go even more profound—way back to May 3, 1995, when it started as ICICI Brokerage Services Limited.

In other words, you may call it an experienced platform in the industry. Their advisory team is also reliable, making it a provider of India’s top 10 stock research services.

Pricing: Free

Top Features of ICICI Direct Advisory Platform

  • First, their ICICI direct advisory spans from MF to stocks. With their help, you can invest in particular plans for the given assets. Also, you get advice on which ones to pick.
  • With some valuable tools, you can see real-time updates on how the stock market is doing.
  • ICICI Direct has many smart people who study many different companies and occasionally share market fundamentals.
  • The folks at ICICI Direct are good at advising you on where to put your money if you need clarification.

HDFC Securities

Investing in stocks might sound like a big, complicated idea, but with the proper guidance, it can be easier than you think.

That’s where another platform in this list of Top 10 Stock Advisory Platforms, HDFC Securities, comes in.

They’ve been around since 2000, helping folks in India buy and sell stocks, mutual funds, and lots of other cool stuff that can help your money grow. That’s why their experience can be invaluable for you.

Pricing: Free

Top Features of HDFC Securities Advisory Platform

  • First, HDFC Securities’ well-trained team sends you reports with all the vital details so you know which stocks to buy.
  • HDFC Securities gives you ideas for these portfolios, making spreading your money across different companies accessible.
  • The experts at HDFC Securities give more than just general advice. They look at your situation and suggest stocks that fit your goals and needs.
  • You can make an informed decision on IPO investments as well. Thank you to HDFC Securities’ skilled team.
  • HDFC Securities doesn’t just give you advice; they also teach you about investing. You’ll find lots of helpful articles and videos.


Founded in 2009, Equentis has spent over a decade helping people like you make the most of the stock market. Equentis’s prime focus is patience, risk management, and strategic investment.

With the backing of SEBI and years of experience in financial markets, equity research, and technology, they are one of the top 10 financial advisory platforms. Could you have a look at their features?

Pricing: Customized Packages

Top Features of Equentis Advisory Platform

  • The Equentis research team, first of all, understands clients’ risk appetite and investment goals.
  • Their expert team constructs a diversified equity portfolio for clients by leveraging the insights gathered from the risk profiling exercise.
  • Equentis conducts regular portfolio review meetings with clients, providing clear guidance on any necessary rebalancing strategies.
  • With proactive portfolio management, Equentis monitors clients’ portfolios and offers timely alerts on buy, hold, or sell decisions.
  • As part of HDFC Securities’ holistic advisory approach, clients receive the best support from a dedicated customer service team and a personal relationship manager.

AGM Investment

Established in 2016, AGM Investment is India’s top stock advisory service. With their presence, you can smoothly grow your capital.

Their research is based on both fundamental and technical analysis. Moreover, they also offer interactive learning from scratch, enhancing market knowledge to the next level.

Pricing: membership plans

Top Features of AGM Investment Advisory Platform

  • Access a wide range of mutual funds with different investment objectives.
  • Plan for a secure financial future with retirement savings strategies.
  • Optimize tax savings through intelligent investment choices.
  • Their advisory even covers strategies to invest wisely in your child’s future.
  • Also, they help regulate, manage, and flourish with a well-organized portfolio login.

Tick n Trade

In the list of the best financial advisory platforms in India, Tick n Trade shines bright. Their services cover advice on the entire Indian stock market.

You can sign up for a single tip of Rs 100 or opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription. Their platform empowers investors with data-backed strategies, tips, opinions, and buy-or-sell signals.

Pricing: single tip: Rs 100. Monthly and quarterly subscription plans are available.

Top Features of Tick n Trade Advisory Platform

  • Tick n Trade offers feasible algorithm-based calls for happy trading experiences.
  • Clients can also get daily stock trading recommendations.
  • Tools to manage risk and protect your investments are also there.
  • Tailor your investment portfolio based on your risk appetite and financial goals.
  • Stay informed with regular market trend updates. Responsive customer service is also there.


Talking about StreetGains is also a top stock advisory platform in India.

They are SEBI-registered research analysts, providing research and recommendations to traders and investors so they can make informed decisions.

With a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in Indian markets, StreetGains aims to empower retail traders and investors.

Pricing offers various subscription packages.

Top Features of StreetGains Advisory Platform

  • They offer tailored services for beginners, experienced traders, and investors.
  • Get daily intraday stock tips with proper stop loss and target levels.
  • Receive guidance on building and managing your investment portfolio.
  • Access real-time market support whenever you need it.
  • StreetGains provides end-of-day performance reports without fail.
  • Trade and invest on the go with their user-friendly mobile app.

Best Stock Advisory Platform in India for Beginners

So, let’s talk about the best platforms ideal for beginners—platforms that help them invest wisely in the stock market.

To begin with, CapitalVia has been around for a long time and helps both new and pro investors. Besides, AssetVilla is also good at advising and assisting freshers to make smart choices.

Also, Motilal Oswal’s Intelligent Advisory helpful robots are good. They help manage investments for people who need more time.

Similarly, Sharekhan is also famous for its website, which is easy to use and teaches beginners about investing.

Similarly, there’s AGM Investments, which gives personal advice based on what someone wants and has many different ways to invest money.

However, the list of the Best Stock Advisory Platforms in India briefly discusses other platforms, so consider them as well.

Top Stock Tips Platform having World-class Features

When comparing the top stock research platforms in India for world-class features, we found some good names.

Motilal Oswal stands out with its superb research and user-friendly MO Investor App, which will simplify the investing process for freshers.

Their detailed online stock trading guide further aids freshers in stock market matters.

CapitalVia Global Research Limited also brings up years of experience, serving investors with a balanced approach that caters to all skill levels.

Besides, Sharekhan also provides great stock research reports and solid insights. AssetVilla Financial Advisors takes a holistic approach to guide investors.

They even aid in broader financial planning. Meanwhile, ICICI Direct also offers a great educational resource.

Regardless of experience, investors must conduct thorough research and select the platform that best suits their needs.

Best Share Market Advisory Platform for Traders

In our discovery of India’s best financial advisory platform, we also found some of the best options for traders.

Much like CapitalVia, it impresses us with its expert analysis and personalised strategies. Besides, AssetVilla is attractive because of its cutting-edge algorithm.

It helps in quick trades and works as a risk management tool. Also, Tick n Trade stood out for its user-friendly interface and real-time market updates.

They make trading easy and timely. However, Sharekhan’s TradeTiger desktop platform wows us with its robust features and stock research reports.

HDFC Securities offers a range of trading tools you would want to try across mobile and web platforms. Educational resources are also there.

Top Advisory Platforms in India for Investors

Here are some top choices if you are an investor who often hunts for India’s best stock advisory service.

Starting with Motilal Oswal, their pro-level technical tools can briefly guide you on the stock that might be a good fit to invest in.

Second, there’s Sharekhan, which is known for its user-friendly app. They also provide a lot of helpful advice.

ICICI Direct is also a robust platform for managing all your stock activities. They also even help you make long-term plans for your finances.

HDFC Securities’ support to investors through various channels is also remarkable. Moreover, users benefit from an extensive list of stock tutorials and resources.

StreetGains features work like magic for investors, helping turn losses into profits with expert support and services.

These firms stand out for their extensive help, easy-to-use platforms, and excellent customer care, creating an ideal environment for long-term investors.

What is a stock advisory platform?

A stock advisory platform is like having a savvy friend who helps you decide which companies to invest your money in.

These websites or apps are platforms where experts share their opinions and advice with confused or uncertain buyers or sellers of the asset.

However, the core purpose of these platforms is to educate and assist investors and traders alike with easy-to-understand language and simple tools.

For instance, they will guide you on which stocks might be good or potentially weak alternatives.

They also give you tips on when to buy or sell stocks to get the best results. However, charges for these platforms vary from one to another, so choose wisely.

Benefits of Stock Advisory and Financial Advisory Platforms

If you still decide to invest, there are some remarkable benefits to tuning into a financial advisory platform.

  • Expert Advice: Firstly, advisors act like savvy friends who know much about the investment market if you need to improve.
  • Reduced Risk: Thanks to their expertise, they help you make smart choices so you don’t lose all your savings.
  • Education: They teach you a lot about investing so you can be smart with your investments and make educational guesses.
  • Customized Plans: Advisors also have plans in place that suit you. It’s all about making sure your investments work best for you.
  • Monitoring: Advisors focus on your investments even when you’re busy doing other things. It’s like having a guardian angel for your money.

Best Advisory Platform in India – Conclusion

So, the best stock advisory platform in India is finally here. But if hunting isn’t over yet, Consider choosing a service that offers expert advice, reduces risks, and provides education resources.

Some good names also offer customized plans and ensure superb monitoring of your investments.

Platforms like Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan, and ICICI Direct stand out for their potent features. They are helping others achieve their financial goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-investor, the right advisory platform can make all the difference. So choose wisely.

FAQs on Best Stock Advisory Platform in India

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Top stock advisory platforms in India.

Which is the No.1 Stock Advisory Platform in India?

Owning an experience of many decades, Motilal Oswal is the first number stock advisory platform in India.

Which Financial Advisory Platform Has World-class Features?

Assetvilla, Sharekhan and Capitalvia are financial advisory platforms that have world-class features.

What are the Top 5 Stock Advisory Software?

Motilal Oswal, Capitalvia, Sharekhan, Assetvilla and ICICI Direct are the top 5 stocks providing the best advisory software in India.

Which is the Best Advisory Platform for Traders?

Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan, and ICICI Direct are the best advisory platforms for traders, as these companies have devised their services with them in mind.

Which Financial Advisory Platform Has Best Accuracy?

CapitalVia, AssetVilla, Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan, and ICICI Direct are the most accurate financial advisory platforms.

Which Stock Advisory Service has Top Fund Managers?

ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities and Motilal Oswal are the stock advisory service providers with top fund managers in their companies.

Which Stock Advisory Platform is Best for Investors?

CapitalVia, AGM Investment and HDFC Securities are the best for investors, and people opt for them.

Which Platform is safe for Stock Research in India?

Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan and ICICI Direct are considered safe for stock research in the country.

Which Advisory Platform is Best for Commodity Trading?

Sharekhan, AssetVilla and Equentis are best for those in commodity trading.

Which Research Platform is Best for FnO Trading?

HDFC Securities, Sharekhan and ICICI Direct are some of the best research platforms that are preferable and best for FnO trading.