Best Share Market App in India – List of Top Stock Market Apps of 2024

Indian capital market is a goldmine for retail investors to NRI ahead of a growing economy. Meanwhile, you can also brew much profit pie from the equity market.

But where do you start when you need to learn about ABC of the volatile market and want to maximize your returns or reduce risk profiles? Start with your smartphone with its high-speed internet!

For this, your mobile should be equipped with the best share market app in India, though it is not for trading but a never-ending source of market insights.

But before being flooded with ample stock market learning apps, look at the list of Best App for the stock market.

Though brokerage house and their trading apps help traders make informed decisions against a standard charge, you have total chances of daily learning and growing with these Apps.

Here is a list of killer App for the stock market to grow.

Best Share Market App in India - Top 10 Stock Market Apps in India

Top 10 Stock Market Apps in India

Rank Stock Market Apps
1 Economic Times App
2 Moneycontrol App
3 NDTV Profit App
4 Mint App
5 Zee Business App
6 Yahoo Finance App
7 ET Markets App
8 CNBC App
9 App
10 Stock Edge App

If you want to level up your trading game, use the best App for share market learning and updates with the best inputs. Here are the factors behind making a list of the best apps for the share market news.

In the fast-moving share market, every second matters to investors. So, traders should use an App that provides daily news, market updates, and brief analysis from the robust network of Dalal Street.

Also, ensure they have a refined source of information that fits your interest. In short, a setting option of the App can enable traders to select and personalize their choice from the ocean of market updates. Thus, you can make a timely decision to appreciate your assets.

Always focus on the App that shares practical share market tips and tricks without barking up the wrong tree.

Even traders can make a profit-making decision by opting for an app that provides notable stock picks by market gurus.

Apart from these, you also have to consider brand names, learning materials, and customized alerts.

Best Share Market News App in India

The days of the old investment strategy with FDs or Gold have almost gone; neither can it increase your purchasing power nor beat inflation. That is why a stock market App is a game changer.

The Economic Times is hardly a match for market news. Even Google’s search engine shows it at the top of the page when you type ‘Best Stock Market News App in India.’

Notably, ET App and Moneycontrol have many journalists who can bring the market news to your room within a fraction of a minute.

However, they have a limited free version. But the cost justified its features for the whole FY. In contrast, NDTV Profit is gaining traders’ attention by simplifying complex news and analysis.

However, you must recognize Yahoo News and Mint App; both are prepared for young traders to supply brief news for quick decisions.

Best Stock Market App with Research Reports

For some valid factors, traders should go with the listed top share market research App in India, as provided here, before they select any brokerage house or their App for trading.

One of the prime factors for winning the market is research reports and analysis. They act as a compass to guide traders in the right direction.

Starting with the Moneycontrol app, which has robust stock and archived data from research reports, the ET market is not behind the race; it also provides in-depth reports in 8 languages and allows you to personalize the database.

Invest smartly with the help of the NDTV Profit App. If you want a simplified research report with a user-friendly interface, the NDTV Profit App is your best friend.

However, traders focusing on global market trends should download CNBC, as it covers macroeconomics and related reports on the market.

The Mint App is famous for trending headlines with long-form reports and articles, but you may need a subscription.

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Top Share Market App in India offering Accurate Advisory

Any actionable tips play a crucial role in the live market to solidify your portfolio. Let’s compare some apps based on their advice and market tips. Again, Moneycontrol is on the frontline.

The App offers intraday trading tips and well-researched stock picks in an exclusive ‘ Stock Advice’ section.

In comparison, the Economic Times offers an insightful market analysis you can trust. Their ‘Expert View’ section is equally actionable.

Meanwhile, ET Market from the same house is also an option, providing more specific stock tips, sector analysis, and trading strategies.

Mint App stands out for its unique integration of market tips with news and research reports; the Mint Shorts section is popular among young traders.

Traders should consider using this App for long-term investments. In our search for the best share market tips App in India, the last one is the NDTV portfolio App.

Though NDTV has no dedicated section like Market Tips, its research team provides a weekly or monthly strategy for various sectors.

Top 10 Share Market Apps with Live Market Updates

Your search for the top stock market updates App in India ends here with a brief analysis of the popular Apps. Luckily, many popular trade-related Apps provide live market updates and analysis.

The most popular media outlet, the Economic Times App, has real-time market analysis, live updates, and discussions. Moreover, traders get live TV and podcasts from the same App.

If traders want to stay at the top of market movements with sector-wise news and live price movements, the Moneycontrol App is one of the best.

However, traders can quickly access index performance and breaking news with the Mint App. It even gives global access to partners such as the Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

Its premium version includes podcasts and reports. Next is NDTV profit, which covers traders seeking live TV, videos, and podcasts; its simple live market analysis is friendly for beginners.

Moving on to Yahoo Finance, the popular App has Yahoo Finance Live, a dedicated section for live market analysis, discussion, and expert opinions.

Best Share Market App having Top Notch Rating & Reviews

Choosing the right App is crucial for traders who want to learn and grow in the market. But with so many options available, choosing the perfect one can be challenging.

This is where a review and rating come into play. While searching for the top stock market review apps in India, always check their ratings on Android and Apple.

It reflects the honest opinion of real-time users. Here, Economic Times is also awarded 4.8/5 in the Android market and 4.4/5 in the Apple market.

However, critics also praised it for market updates and the best UI. Similarly, Money control received 4.4/5 in the Google Play Store and 4.2/5 in the Apple App Store.

Users appreciate its more comprehensive coverage of news and real-time updates. Its ‘ Big Shark Portfolio’ is another game-changing feature for traders.

With millions of users and above-four ratings in both markets, Mint is getting attention for its clean interface.

Following the same market reputation, Zee Business has a USP with expert commentary. Though NDTV’s profit gets mixed reviews, their Live TV and podcasts are vital factors for traders.

Economic Times App

The Economic Times has long been a trusted market news source in India. This App is a must-have for India’s best stock market updates.

More than a mobile App, its reliable sources have ruled the world of finance news for more than half a century.

  • Breaking news alerts and insightful analysis keep the users a few steps ahead in a live market. It covers all diverse interests, from industry-specific updates to personal finance tips to technology trends. Its breaking news also includes morning and evening briefs to empower your position in the market.
  • Get real-time data and track your preferred stocks in indices like Sensex and Nifty, including NCDEX and MCX. In addition, get a market summary at the end of business hours with crucial metrics like movers, gainers, and losers.
  • Get benefits from the horse’s mouth directly from industry owners and market watchdogs. They used to have valuable input and the best stock advice. The pro version offers more organized data. In addition, ET’s Recos feature is a powerful tool for the best stock advice.
  • Another critical advantage of the app is the constant flow of live data per the algorithm. You don’t need to arrange data according to your trade style; it is adjusted according to your interests, as the App reflects.
  • Read the news without an internet connection and personalize the App to suit your interests. Thus, you can filter out excess information from your page.

Economic Time Prime

With ET Prime, users get inside reports and analysis of 4000 + firms. It also indicates the potential risks and future goals of those stocks.

The prime section offers a ‘Big Bull Portfolio,’ reflecting the advisor’s portfolio and prospects. Moreover, the stock analyzer option has over 30 key metrics.

Money control App

Undoubtedly, the complete finance toolkit, Money control App, is 2nd in the list of best stock market news Apps in India for some valid reasons.

For your financial fitness track of the market, the Money control app acts as your virtual coach.

  • Firstly, the App has complete coverage of various markets. Whether traders are eyeing BSE or NSE, are interested in F&O contracts, or love tracking gold prices on MCX, Money control covers everything.
  • Finding helpful information with the Moneycontrol App is easy. Its traders-friendly interface allows you to access market data, breaking news, and personalized watchlists according to your trading style.
  • Moreover, voice-enabled search makes it quicker and more easily accessible — no time-consuming typing is required.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with all-day coverage of market momentum with valuable inputs. Also, the App supports more than one Indian language, breaking language barriers. To get market insights, the App streams interviews with policymakers and business owners, giving you valuable insights about what is going on in their minds for future expansions.
  • Monitor your portfolio across various product lines, including Mutual Funds, ULIP, and Gold holdings. Even traders can build a personalized watchlist of stocks, commodities, and future contracts. Whether traders are interested in the Sensex, NIFTY, or India VIX, this App is a one-stop solution.

Money control Pro

Stay on top of your finance goals and enjoy ad-free service with the premium version of Money control Pro. The pro version also provides strategic ideas, market tips, in-depth views, and technical analyses.

Its macroeconomic indicators with ‘ Guru Speak’ version features are designed to focus on your economic goals.

Whether you are just starting trading or experienced, the Moneycontrol App has everything for kind of traders. It is more than just a share market App.

NDTV Profit

Enter the new world of smart investment with NDTV Profit App, ranked 3rd in India’s list of top 10 share market apps.

Popularly known for simplifying the Indian stock market, the NDTV profit app always empowers you to make easy decisions promptly.

By providing live coverage and analysis from various sources, the trading App has everything from corporate India’s boardrooms.

  • The stock market is not only about numbers, specifically for newbies. The NDTV profit has ample journalists, experts, and analysts who are always busy supplying you with a simplified database. Moreover, they summed up everything in daily newsletters.
  • From popular podcasts to live coverage, NDTV profits users in every aspect. In addition, it offers global business news, economic growth, and personal finance tips. Their team also has a daily summary for investors with a list of the top losses and gains.
  • NDTV Profit always aims to cover every corner of corporates, from production units to PAT results to future goals. Its insightful analysis of the country’s market helps traders make an informed decision.
  • Research is crucial to success in this market. The research team solely decides whether to sell or buy the next day, and NDTV solidifies its position in this sector.
  • Apart from market basics and financials, NDTV profit is coupled with consumer trends, lifestyle, and even policies so that users become well-informed about every inch of the market that could impact their decisions.

Fortunately, you have all access free of cost without any subscription or paywall struggle. So, download the NDTV Profit App today and unlock a world of the financial world at your fingertips!

Mint App

Mint money with the Mint App! As an award-winning business news house, Mint is a trusted source of market news and analysis.

The App uses this legacy to provide a one-stop solution for traders. However, it has secured 4th place on India’s top share market research apps list for many reasons.

  • Backed by a large media house, Mint has always had a flow of market updates in its App. Its credible data for market analysis helps traders decode the complex trading world.
  • Whether personal finance or stock news market tips, Mint offers many news categories. In addition, users get more valuable inputs on taxes, loans, and insurance. Even Indian traders can scan global markets for local interest.
  • In terms of user experience, the Mint App gets many positive reviews from happy traders. Its clean, simple, and fast interface helped it achieve 5 million market downloads. However, the App needs frequent updates.
  • Customize your App according to your trading style and interests. You can apply filters on stocks, sectors, and market indices and get daily market dose, insights, and charts as per new settings. The algorithm also follows your interest patterns to present the best one.
  • Also, traders get valuable input, market tips, and the best suggestions about future holdings, among many other things, from Mint’s expert team, which includes independent analysts. In addition, Mint has tied up with foreign journals to support users in making the best trading decisions.

Mint Premium

If you have been trading for a few years but need more than the market basics, Mint Premium is one of the best solutions.

It might offer a different subscription with access to WSJ or The Economist, like popular papers and magazines. Moreover, their team will invite you to exclusive events to sharpen your training skills.

Zee Business

If you want a break from the complex world of stock market analysis, the Zee Business App is perfect for you. Zee Business App has secured 5th rank in the best stock market news apps list.

It is an advanced platform for updating traders about market news and new business ideas.

With complete stock market coverage, daily tips, and powerful tools, this App has become another secret weapon for traders to storm the market.

  • Get the latest market news, expert views, and market insights—all at your fingertips. The App Also covers corporate news, fresh IPO news, tax slabs, and more.
  • Receive an expert’s view and scanned content that is carefully picked, verified, and suggested to solidify your portfolio just like a big bull of the market. In addition, big bulls are there to reveal their secret portfolio.
  • Get corporate bosses, startup owners, analysts, and fundraisers under one roof with every morning discussion. CA Anil Singhvi, managing editor of Zee Business, attended these sessions.
  • As a trader or learner, you have complete control over the App; you can find information about business, market, corporate, currency, commodity, and trending news. It saves time and effort.
  • A team of journalists, analysts, and researchers of Zee Business are there to encourage new ideas and diversify portfolios. Moreover, it sends topics that match your interest and fanning new ideas. So, take advantage of your daily dose of market updates, news, and new ideas. Download the App now.

Yahoo Finance App

Yahoo Finance is a comparatively old but wise player in the finance market. Even before the smartphone era, It was the only significant source of investors with a global market view.

Moreover, the app has gained popularity in the last few decades and has ranked sixth among India’s top stock market tips apps.

  • Generate detailed reports about stocks, bonds, ETFs, and the startup ecosystem. In addition, get access to historical data with key metrics. A micro view of the global market daily sharpens your trading skills.
  • Yahoo Finance is more than a stock market news provider. Users can build their profiles, portfolios, and daily performance of their favorite stocks. In short, it gives you a live market trading experience without a brokerage house.
  • Get real-time market data across all major indices worldwide. Also, get real-time quotes from popular indexes like Dow Jones, FTSE 100, and Nikkei. In addition, Yahoo has live crypto coverage, which helps you make your Forex trade decision.
  • As an old player in the stock market, Yahoo has a complete grip over all major markets of the world, from Asia to Europe. Undoubtedly, it is helpful for Forex traders, including domestic investors. Also, it helps to anticipate the global impact on the Indian stock market.
  • The Finance App is not limited to basic features and historical data; it also empowers users with tools like TalkBack and optimized color contrast.

Yahoo Finance Plus

Upgrade your market analysis skills with the Yahoo Finance Plus plan. With this plan, users get research reports from Morningstar, like those from reputed houses.

In addition, you can fuel your portfolio with the help of auto patterns to identify potential stocks. Also, advanced portfolio analysis tools should be used to ensure more returns from the global market.

ET Market App

Moving on to the next, ET Market has a stunning rank of 4.8/5 in the Google Play store with one million downloads.

If you are looking for a complete stock market analysis with market trends, there is no better option than the ET market. The app secures 7th place on India’s list of best stock market apps.

  • Always stay updated with the ET market; its latest news and in-depth market analysis keep traders a few steps ahead of others. Moreover, users can track the momentum of various indices like Sensex and Nifty and provide valuable insights from expert analysis.
  • Users can set alerts and screen out excess information to personalize the platform per trading style and market interests. Thus, you get more relevant information and closely monitor preferred watchlists containing commodities, mutual funds, currencies, and forex markets.
  • Get real-time updates about stock price fluctuations, market, and breaking news. It boosts trader’s confidence and helps to maximize return goals even in a volatile market.
  • The ET App is not restricted to databases; it offers live commentary and sharp analysis to decode the complex market. Thus, it presents a simplified market view with various products: IPOs, crypto, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Learn from big bulls, market gurus, and analysts, and become a vital player in any weather situation. This is how the ET App encourages newbies to learn and earn with the help of free resources. The ET Market has become an integral market part with its fast solutions, advanced tools, and in-depth coverage.


From breaking news to global coverage to real-time updates, the CNBC app has many reasons to be placed at the top of the list of best stock market apps in India.

It is a must-have tool for traders. As one of the leading market news and analysis platforms, CNBC has also been known for in-depth global market coverage.

  • One of the App’s critical features is to deliver breaking news and updates in a timely and organized manner. You can change settings to suit your interests.
  • Also, you can get full access to live coverage, video clips, and ‘shows on demand’ on your smartphone or Android TV device. Thus, it helps traders adjust their market strategies to new updates.
  • In this volatile market, knowledge is the main power that wins. Following this, the CNBC App goes beyond making headlines and offers in-depth coverage of Indian and global markets.
  • You can create a personalized watchlist to track your preferred stocks in real time. In addition, users have full access to pre-market and after-hours trading data, empowering traders to make strategic decisions beyond business hours.
  • CNBC is backed by more than hundreds of journalists and market experts. They update you with behind-the-market movement and trends and help identify potential stocks per risk appetite. For crypto traders, the App has a separate section.


If you want more information about market analysis, advice, and the best stock picks, CNBC has a premium section — CNBC Pro.

This advanced section allows access to extra information and market analysis. Moreover, Pro account holders will get early access to sell-side analysis before the market opens! App

With over 50 million downloads in the marketplace, the Investing.Com App wins 9th place on the list of trade learning apps. It is also considered one of India’s best share market research Apps.

Though it aims to have a global market view, the App has also contributed to the pan-Asian market. In addition, its first-time use of AI-powered features levels up user experience.

  • Ever imagine your portfolio with high-performing stocks and AI advice? makes it accurate! The robust tool analyses over 100 data points and scans over 25 years of historical data before enriching your portfolio.
  • Get real-time quotes and access to 1 lakh+ financial instruments. The app also provides live data on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and many more, covering almost 70+ global exchanges. Whether traders track major indices like the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasd or monitor currency and commodities, the App covers it all.
  • Global financial events heavily influence the stock market. Following this, an economic calendar helps users get updates on upcoming events and news of fresh IPOs that could impact their portfolio or future trading decisions.
  • You can also personalize portfolios and watchlists. The personalized watchlist option allows you to monitor specific stocks, commodities, or global indices.
  • Enjoy powerful tools to maximize your returns, such as the technical Summary tool, Market Quotes, Currency Converter, Earnings Calendar, and advanced charts. Pro & Pro+

For serious investors, Investing.Com provides some extra edge under the pro version. The pro version allows you to get its advanced stock screener.

This powerful tool will enable you to filter data through 1200+ fundamental metrics.

Moreover, advanced tools and a 10-year-old historic data screening facility help you understand a firm’s financial health and future potential.

Stock Edge App

Despite a new entry in the market, Stock Edge has one million happy users and won 10th place on the list of top 10 stock market apps in India. It is a complete toolkit to empower your trading decision.

  • The app provides traders fresh IPOs and more upcoming IPO news, creating a productive new investment system. Users can ensure early entry into new stocks. The App also reviews the health of new IPOs with price prediction.
  • The app-based experts also provide traders with winning stocks. They scan almost every specific category to pick the best stock for your portfolio. You can also track FII and DII activities.
  • As a newbie, a sample or live extensive bull portfolio is sound. Stock Edge helps you create an organized but active portfolio of market gurus, boosting your confidence in a live market.
  • Analyzing the industry, market, and stocks provides relevant bulk, block, and insider deals. It also includes information about growth, profitability, and valuation.
  • Users can make multiple scans, such as technical, price, volume, delivery, fundamental, and even candlestick. Thus, traders can customize their profiles.

Stock Edge Pro / Premium

With a monthly or annual plan, you can access the premium facilities of the Stock Edge App. From ready-made analytics to multiple scans, Stock Edge provides a series of features for premium clients.

In addition, users get full support from stock advice, algorithm-plotted chart patterns, personal stock watchlists, and more. You can also get help for mutual funds.

Best Share Market News App in India – Conclusion

Financial literacy, live discussion, AI, algorithm-plotted charts, daily news, and better advice from market gurus are the best solutions for all traders.

Even after grasping the whole market with the best share market App in India, you can become a trader, an independent consultant, and even an influencer.

But you can’t match the race without an advanced non-trading share market app. As the Indian market continues to expand, the importance of these Apps can’t be ignored.

With the best share market App and sound strategy, you can achieve financial goals smoothly.

FAQs on Top Stock Market Apps in India

Check out various FAQs related to the Top 10 Share Market Analysis Apps in India:

Which is the Best Markets App for Technical Analysis?

You can use the CNBC App, the Money control App, and the ET Markets App for technical analysis.

Which is the Best Markets App for Fundamental Analysis?

Traders should consider the Yahoo Finance App for stock fundamentals. They can also add the CNBC and Money control App for the same analysis.

Which is the Best Screener App?

Consider the Economic Times App and ET Markets App if you want to filter many stocks. However, you can also consider the Money control App.

Which is the Best Share Market Education App?

New traders can use the Money control App, NDTV Profit App, and Zee Business App for learning objectives. NDTV Profit is famous for simplifying the trade market.

Which Stock Market App is Easy to Use?

Mint App has a smooth interface with fast updates. Next, you can think of the Zee Business App and App, whereas Investing.Com is for global traders.

Which Share Market App Provides Top Premium Services?

The Economic Times App is value for money and includes an e-paper subscription for premium service. However, you can also enjoy the premium service of the Mint App and Money control App.

Which Share Market App is Best for Beginners?

To start trading, you need live market data with learning scopes and simplified market tactics. The Money control App, Economic Times App, and NDTV Profit App are good options.

Which Stock Market App is Best for Traders?

If your final goals are making money, learning, and getting the best market tips, always consider the Money control App, Economic Times App, and Mint App.

Which Stock Market App is Best for Investors?

In our top picks, the best App award goes to the Money control App, NDTV Profit App, and Economic Times App. However, you can get more information from the list.

Which Share Market App is Best for News?

The best news sources are found in apps from mainstream media houses. You can then choose the Mint and Economic Times Apps. For more options, you can download the Money control App.