Stock market investment is next to impossible without correct market analysis and information.

Today, various share market websites provide ready-made share market data. One prominent share market portal in India is Business Today.

The Business Today Platform was introduced in 1992. Since then, it has progressed from print media to a digital news site and app.

You need BT’s trustworthy financial news, in-depth market analysis, and expert opinions to dominate the share market.

Let us go through the Business Today Review to understand the Indian business and share market platform in detail.

About Business Today

Business Today started catering to Indian audiences as a fortnightly business magazine in 1992. It now offers its services as a digital business news platform.

As the business, finance, and economic landscape faces uncertainties, the Business Today News Platform provides the masses with the latest updates.

It enables site visitors to delve deeper into the corporate world and the stock market. This Indian news portal gives you a daily dose of the latest corporate, economy, startup, finance, crypto, and tech news, views, and analysis.

You can leverage exceptional features by exploring the Business Today (BT) Multiverse. They include tools & calculators, BT TV, visual stories, BT Reels, etc.

Once available in printed form, BT magazines can be accessed digitally at the Business Today website. These magazines are popular nationwide.

They report on everything related to Indian business and stock market typography.

Business Today – Top Features

The Business Today Research Platform is a multiverse of corporate, tech, economic, and financial insights.

Visitors can leverage stunning features to learn and analyze the share market. They need to access the website’s free and paid version.

This section outlines the features available in the free and pro versions of the Business Today portal:

Free Features

Market Today: Get a daily dose of trending stocks, share market news, IPOs, indices, and stock lists in the ‘Market Today’ section. By exploring this section, you can master the share market dynamics.

Financial Tools & Calculators: Pragmatic financial planning, including determining your goals and risk appetite, is crucial for favorable investments.

BT’s digital financial tools and calculators let users calculate ROIs within seconds.

Industry Titanians Interviews: Are you interested in understanding the mindset of industry titans? If so, visit the ‘interviews’ section on the Business Today website.

Money Today: Catch every crucial information about tax, insurance, and investment in the ‘Money Today’ section.

Go through the educational articles, different schemes, and the latest policies. It will aid in streamlining your personal finances.

Tech Today: Access the latest trending technology news, articles, photos, and videos on new gadgets, phones, laptops, and other accessories from India.

PMS Today: Managing, reshuffling, or updating the investment portfolio can be complex. It’s especially true for novice investors.

‘PMS Today’ is your key to learning the latest PMS schemes and strategies for educated decision-making.

Industry Analysis: Learn what’s happening in the market all around India by hitting the ‘Market Today’ icon.

It covers detailed articles about current happenings in various industries. These industries can range from fashion and hospitality to financial and healthcare.

BT Reels: Short-formatted videos, BT Reels are a convenient and time-effective way to explore the share market and industries.

These 30 to 40-second videos are a quick way to learn news about the business economy, financial, tech, auto, etc.

Visual Stories: The business news website offers fun visual stories on the cricket world, Indian companies, automobiles, gadgets, financial instruments, stock exchanges, etc.

Premium Features

In-Depth Market Analysis: Daily Live Blogs on stock exchanges help visitors track the share market’s ups and downs.

You can also dive deep into bonds, ETFs, shares, mutual funds, index funds, and other financial instruments.

Digital Magazines: Get printed and digital copies of Business Today magazines. You can read exclusives on renowned companies, the investment world, the Indian economy, and more.

Explore an entirely new genre of business journalism via reliable BT magazines.

Add-Free Portal: It can be frustrating to be hanged between an interesting article or news because of advertisements. Subscribing to a pro version can get industry insights and national news without ads.

Premium News and Articles: The pro version allows you to read exclusive articles, news, and research reports to better understand the financial market.

Visitors can also get a daily dose of insightful market analysis and expert suggestions for trading.

Expert Personal Finance Advisory: Business Today works with experienced personal finance advisors.

They can educate you about savings, taxes, and individual investments. Hence, you can capitalize on your regular income.

Unlimited BT TV: Users can view all the videos about the market, tech, economy, automobiles, Union Budget, elections, banking, and more 24/7.

Economic Indicators: Striving to know how the national economy stacks up? You can understand all high-frequency indicators by heading to the ‘Economic Indicators’ section.

How to use the Business Today Share Market Website?

Here’s how you can explore and use the Business Today Share Market Website:

  1. Visitors don’t need to log in to the BT portal to access free, essential features. However, those planning to access tailored features must log in and subscribe to the site.
  2. Head to the ‘Market Today’ section to catch on to trending stocks, indices, stock news, stock lists, IPOs, and share market news.
  3. Do you want to learn what’s happening in the tech world? Explore the ‘Tech Today’ section for unboxing videos, tech shorts, authentic technologies, and more.
  4. Efficient portfolio management is critical to investing successfully. Get to know all the latest and favorable PMS schemes via the ‘PMS Today’ section.
  5. Get a daily dose of banking, auto, real estate, pharma, commodities, telecom, energy, and IT sectors under the ‘Industry’ tab.
  6. Business Today’s website also features digital financial tools and calculators. Users can calculate investment returns in seconds.

Business Today Charges

Do you want to unlock the full potential of the Business Today website? If so, you should be prepared to incur the Business Today Platform Charges.

Subscribing to the portal allows you to access more than basic features. For example, digital and print magazines provide unparalleled coverage of the country’s businesses, share market and economy.

So, BT specifies two annual subscription plans- Digital and Digital + Print. The first subscription plan costs INR 5,200, but after a discount, it’s INR 999.

Furthermore, the latter subscription plan charges INR 2,999, but the original price is INR 10,400..

How to Login & Use Pro Version of the Business Today App?

Here curated is the step-by-step procedure to Business Today Login and use the pro version app:

  1. At Google Play Store, search for the Business Today app.
  2. Once you find the official app, hit Install and wait until it completely downloads.
  3. Your BT app is downloaded and installed on your device; open it.
  4. Go to the hamburger menu on the app’s top left to find the login or register section.
  5. You can log in with your phone number, Google ID, Email ID, or Apple ID.
  6. Fill in the OTP and verify it.
  7. Once verified, you will be logged into the Business Today app to continue your feature-exploring journey.

Benefits of Business Today

Below given are some unique perks of the Business Today News Platform:

  • Visitors can learn the share market’s intricacies through the ‘Market Today’ section. It’s a good platform for even a beginner to analyze the market and make data-driven decisions.
  • It has introduced BT Reels and visual stories to make financial learning effortless.
  • A dedicated PMS Today section is available to help with efficient portfolio management.
  • Users can save significant amounts on taxes and investments by exploring the’ Money Today’ section.
  • The portal offers interactive charts, indicators, graphs, and other financial tools to analyze the financial markets.
  • Its digital financial calculator offers a seamless way to calculate investment returns.

Business Today Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

Business Today is one of the top Indian business news portals you will come across.

Adapting to digital transformation, the firm diversified its service offerings by launching a reliable business news site and app.

Now, readers can enjoy the world of both print and digital media by subscribing to the portal.

This Business Today Share Market Portal Review will empower you to use the BT news platform as best as possible.

You will learn all the basic and paid features you can access to explore the share market landscape.

FAQs on Business Today Share Market Platform

Here are various FAQs related to the Business Today Website.

What is Business Today?

Business Today is a business and financial news platform that offers market updates, educational articles, videos, and corporate and financial news.

It also provides printed and digital magazines, financial tools, calculators, and much more. BT’s service offerings help investors explore the stock market.

Is Business Today Free?

It’s free for the users who are satisfied with the basic features. However, you must pay to access tailored features and digital magazines.

How to use the Business Today Website?

Users who want to use Business Today can visit its website. Next, look for the hamburger menu at the top left to navigate different sections, tools, and features.

Does Business Today provide accurate News?

Business Today has been operating in the market since 1992 with reliable business and financial journalism. Today, this portal enjoys an extensive readership.

BT provides accurate news, market updates, indicators, and tools.

What is the performance of Business Today Advisory?

BT works with a dedicated team of expert financial advisors, analysts, and researchers, offering cutting-edge advisory.

Moreover, BT provides detailed assistance to investors in devising informed investment strategies.

Is Business Today Platform Trustworthy?

You can trust Business Today for the correct corporate, economic, societal, and financial news. It works with a team of genuine journalists, reporters, and share market experts.

What are the Fees for the Business Today Premium Version?

The ‘Digital’ subscription plan costs INR 5,200, but after the discount, it’s INR 999. Furthermore, the ‘Digital + Print’ subscription plan charges INR 2,999, but the original price is INR 10,400.


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