NDTV Profit caters to investors seeking in-depth market news and business insights. It is also a top choice for reliable stock market analysis.

It is a subsidiary of the renowned AMG Media Networks Limited. Since 1984, this Platform has been a valuable resource for information on the Indian financial landscape.

It’s real-time market data, and company research helps many investors profit from the market. In this NDTV Profit Review, we will dig deeper into its stunning features.

About NDTV Profit

The NDTV Profit News Platform is famous for its inclusive market data. It provides real-time quotes for stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, and mutual funds across Indian exchanges.

Also, it features breaking news articles on various economic sectors. Its advisories, research reports, and insightful editorials are reliable resources for Indian investors.

Further, its tailored analytical tools help its users in making profitable decisions. Precisely, it is a one-stop shop for Indian market news and analysis.

Its expert team of fiscal analysts offers in-depth stock reports. So, seasoned investors and beginners can make good profits. The basic features of NDTV Profit are available for free.

Anyone can visit its website or download the app to gain access. However, its paid version offers exclusive research reports and instructive resources.

Decades of reliable service have earned this website the status of India’s top-rated financial news provider.

NDTV Profit – Top Features

The NDTV Profit Research Platform offers valuable tools to enhance investment strategies. It is available in both free and paid versions.

In the following, we will focus on the exciting features of both versions.

Features of Free Version

Real-Time Market Pulse: Real-time data is crucial for staying informed about market movements.

The free version allows users to access live quotes for stocks, indices, and other instruments. So they can make informed investment decisions.

Breaking News: Users can stay updated on the latest market progress with breaking news articles.

They cover various sectors, such as company statements, fiscal updates, and global events. Thus, investors can navigate Indian markets with ease and identify potential options to profit.

Market Analysis: Their team provides basic analysis to match the news stories. This helps investors understand the potential impact on their assets.

So they can avoid losses and make rewarding choices.

Tailored Watchlists for Easy Tracking: Users can create and manage custom watchlists to track specific stocks that interest them.

It allows them to monitor their performance as well as identify market trends.

Company Research Pages: NDTV Profit provides dedicated pages for publicly listed companies.

These pages offer inclusive news articles, fiscal data, and potential announcements. However, the free version contains only essential information.

Live Business TV: Users can view live streams of its business channel. The free version offers market debates, expert interviews, and potentially live updates on notable events.

It is a great way to gain insights while on the move.

Features of Premium Version

In-Depth Research Reports: The Premium version gives users access to detailed research reports prepared by NDTV Profit’s analysts.

These reports explore specific companies or market trends more deeply. So, users get valuable insights to support their investment decisions.

Advanced Charting Tools: The paid version lets users use sophisticated charting functionalities.

It helps with in-depth technical analysis of stocks and market movements, allowing users to identify potential trading prospects and make data-driven choices.

Expanded Watchlist: Users can manage extensive watchlists with potentially advanced features. It significantly helps them organise and track their chosen stocks.

Also, they can compare multiple investment options efficiently.

Educational Resources: The NDTV Profit Premium version offers valuable educational resources for traders.

The webinars or video tutorials help traders learn more about the Indian stock market and investing basics.

Fewer Ads: The paid version offers an ad-free or ad-limited experience. This allows users to focus on investment research and analysis without distractions and saves a notable amount of time.

These attractive features make this website a reliable choice for Indian investors. Overall, its mobile app helps manage investments, track markets, and access news on the go.

How to use the NDTV Profit Share Market Website?

The NDTV Profit Share Market Website is pretty simple and easy to use. Here are the guidelines for using it for investments.

  1. Visit the NDTV Profit website. All menu options are available in a clean interface, so anyone can easily find the information they seek.
  2. Registered users can sign in to access tailored data. However, visitors can access basic information without signing in.
  3. Users can access this data by navigating to sections like “Markets,” “Stocks,” or “Indices” in the homepage menu.
  4. This section includes live quotes for stocks and indices. Users can also see the prices of commodities, currencies, and mutual funds traded on Indian exchanges.
  5. Sections like “Latest,” “Research Reports,” or “Economy & Finance” offer in-depth research reports for thorough understanding.
  6. Visitors can use the search option at the top to find specific companies by name. They can also navigate through industry sectors to find company pages.

NDTV Profit Charges

Anyone can visit the website and install its app for free. Here, they can access all essential information related to fiscal landscapes.

However, its paid version offers extended info and analysis. The NDTV Profit Platform Charges are very reasonable.

It has multiple unlimited offer plans from which to choose. For a three-month subscription, users need to pay Rs.999. So, it is Rs.333 per month.

The rate further decreases for extended plans. For example, a one-year plan costs Rs.2,699, and a two-year plan costs Rs.4,499.

It is Rs.225 and Rs.187.5 per month, respectively. Users can access curated newsletters, exclusive stories, tailored analyses, and more in this paid version.

How to Login & Use Pro Version of the NDTV Profit App?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for logging in and using the paid version of the app.

  1. This app is available in the app stores of both iOS and Android users. They need to download and install it.
  2. Next, open the app and complete the NDTV Profit Login Existing users can insert their user ID and password to access all essential features.
  3. To access the app, new users must register with their details. They must provide basic information such as mobile number, email ID, etc., and follow on-screen instructions.
  4. Click on the “Subscribe” button to access its Premium version. NDTV Profit offers different plans with varying durations. Users must choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.
  5. After that, follow the on-screen prompts to enter payment information securely. After payment, users will receive an approval message or email indicating their successful upgrade.

Benefits of NDTV Profit

Find out various reasons to use the NDTV Profit Portal for your daily finance news & other usage.

  • On the NDTV Profit News Platform, users can track live quotes for stocks and indices across Indian and foreign exchanges. They can also check the prices of commodities, currencies, mutual funds, and other instruments.
  • Its breaking news articles provide information on the latest market movements. The site also includes company declarations and global financial events.
  • Their team also offers an in-depth analysis of probable economic movements and market status. The expert’s comments give users an overall idea.
  • Users can access dedicated pages for listed companies. Here, they can get a reliable idea of the company’s prospects. So they can decide where to invest.
  • Users can create and manage custom watchlists to track specific stocks and their performance over time.
  • Further, they can utilize classy charting tools for in-depth technical analysis of stocks. So they can choose their investment options wisely.
  • Their mobile app helps manage investments, track markets, and access news on the go.
  • It offers educational resources through webinars or video tutorials. It helps beginners learn more about the Indian stock market and investing basics.

NDTV Profit Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

NDTV Profit excels in Indian market coverage. It also provides insights specific to the Indian financial landscape. Its reliability during the last decades makes it the favourite media of many investors.

Its real-time data, company research, and expert insights make it an unparalleled fiscal guide. We hope this NDTV Profit Share Market Portal Review has answered all possible queries.

So, users must consider their needs and budget to choose between the free or paid versions.

FAQs on NDTV Profit Share Market Platform

We have listed the most common queries related to NDTV Profit in the following.

What is NDTV Profit?

NDTV Profit is a reliable source of in-depth information about the Indian stock market and business landscape. It can be accessed through its website and mobile app.

Is this website Free?

Anyone can access the website and app for free. It includes all essential features. However, for more in-depth information, users must purchase the Prime version.

How to use the Website?

The interface is pretty clean and simple. Visitors can find all the required information in the home screen menu options.

Does NDTV Profit provide accurate News?

NDTV Profit shows accurate news articles covering various economic sectors. It has gained popularity for providing reliable service for more than three decades.

What is the performance of its Advisory?

Many investors entrust the reports of expert financial advisor. Their advisory services help traders make profits without a deeper analysis.

Is NDTV Profit Platform Trustworthy?

Yes, It is one of the most trustworthy financial news platforms in India. Its website and app are very secure. Also, its reliable news and analysis provide thorough guidance.

What are the fees for the NDTV Profit Premium version?

NDTV Profit Premium version offers multiple plans of different durations. Such as –

  • The three-month plan is Rs.999.
  • The one-year plan is Rs.2,699.
  • The two-year plan is Rs.4,499.


Customer ratings and reviews of NDTV Profit

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