Knowing the latest updates about the share market is critical to making profitable investments. Since December 1999, CNBC TV18 has provided the national audiences with exclusive stock market news and updates.

The CNBC TV18 Platform serves as a leading toolbox for monitoring the business and financial world.

In addition to the Indian financial market, you can access global market data by logging into the portal.

Dive deep into this CNBC TV18 Review to learn how this news portal can help you invest smartly.

About CNBC TV18

Are you looking for a share market broadcast portal to monitor the varied financial securities? If so, the CNBC TV18 News Platform can help.

Launched in December 1999, CNBC News 18 is the first business news broadcast channel to cater to the Indian masses.

TV18 and NBC Universal jointly own this award-winning business news platform. Logging into this portal lets you stay informed about Indian and global market data.

It offers a perfect mix of genuine and well-researched news, analysis, and trends about business, the economy, and the share market.

It aims to tell visitors the latest news stories most compellingly. The platform aids aspirational and experienced investors in making educational decisions to climb the wealth ladder.

CNBC TV18 – Top Features

In this section, you can uncover the essential and pro features of the CNBC TV18 Research Platform:

Free Features

Live Market Updates: You can know what is happening in the stock market in real time. It will be like having news and updates on stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies in a single click.

Language Flexibility: The news platform caters to both English-speaking and Hind-speaking natives. Visitors can conveniently switch the language from Hind to English or vice-versa.

Personal Finance: In addition to the financial market, the portal covers everything visitors should know about personal finance.

From insurance and mutual funds to brokers and saving schemes, this section educates visitors about everything.

Special Coverage: The ‘Special Coverage’ section contains information about the budget, the nation’s achievements, elections, and more.

Industrial News: Learn all the latest happenings in different industries at the portal. You can get daily updates on healthcare, politics, entertainment, sports, education, real estate, and many more businesses.

Branded Content: The portal features the ‘Branded Content’ section to keep audiences informed about the Growth Summit, crypto, education, business leader awards, etc.

World News: Go through the world’s top news at this easy-to-navigate platform.

Videos: In addition to articles, news, and photos, videos are the easiest and most engaging way to learn about the country’s financial market, economy, and businesses.

Premium Features

Markets: You can explore the world’s financial markets on a single news platform.

This section covers everything from pre-markets, U.S., China, Europe, and Asia markets to currencies, crypto, F&Os, funds, ETFs, and bonds.

CNBC TV: CNBC TV is your ultimate destination for catching on to business, healthcare, entertainment, financial, economic, and entertainment news.

Watchlist: The portal allows users to create and customize watchlists to keep tabs on their favorite stocks.

Investing: The pro version’s ‘Investing’ section is ideal for avid investors who want to explore the Fintech, ETF Street, Buffett Archive, and Earnings realms.

In addition, by listening to financial advisors and traders talk, anyone can invest smartly.

Notifications and Alerts: The pro version enables users to customize their alerts and notifications based on certain market conditions, stocks, or indicators.

Special Reports: Get your hands on CNBC Changemakers, Disruptor 50, Cyber, Your Money, Crypto World, and many more reports.

Podcasts: Podcasts at CNBC TV18 offer an engaging and seamless way for investors to learn how to make, manage, or invest money.

You can listen to and watch the Money Movers, Halftime Report, Fast Money, Mad Money with Jim Cramer, and many more podcasts.

Investing Club: This is an exciting section to explore, as visitors can access trust portfolios, analysis, trade alerts, meeting videos, and much more.

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How to use the CNBC TV18 Share Market Website?

Here, we have devised all the steps you can follow to use the CNBC TV18 Share Market Website efficiently:

  1. Go to the CNBC TV18 website using your email or Google ID.
  2. You can explore the remarkable features and functionalities once you have signed in.
  3. Users can access a few features directly on the home page, such as market live, videos, TV, and news.
  4. To navigate more features, hit the hamburger menu on the site’s top left.
  5. you can also change the language depending on your preference.
  6. Go to the Latest News section to stay on top of corporate, financial, and economic events.
  7. The ‘Markets’ section will cover stocks, commodities, currencies, ETFs, brokers, etc.
  8. You can also learn about technology, entertainment, politics, travel, healthcare, and real estate updates on the platform.
  9. This news portal offers some premium features, such as an investing club, watchlists, custom notifications, special reports, and more.

CNBC TV18 Charges

The CNBC TV18 Platform Charges entail dual Pro version and Investing Club subscription plans. For instance, the six-month Pro plan is $124, and the annual Pro plan is $299.

By subscribing to these plans, you can access trending stock picks, Street calls, Pro talks, Pro videos, stock indicators, and many other premium features.

In addition, the portal allows users to join the ‘Investing Club’ by paying a certain amount. The annual subscription plan costs $399, and the monthly plan charges $49.

As a CNBC TV18’s Investing Club member, you can access the trust portfolio, analysis, trade alerts, meeting videos, and more.

How to Login & Use Pro Version of the CNBC TV18 App?

Here’s how you can CNBC TV18 Login and use the app’s pro version as efficiently as possible:

  1. Look for the CNBC TV18 app at the Google Play Store.
  2. Once you come across this app, install it.
  3. Now that the app is available on your phone’s screen, open it by tapping the icon.
  4. You will need credentials to log into the app. If you are a new user, you can have those credentials by signing up for the app. You need to provide your email ID and create a password.
  5. However, an existing user can log in directly by typing in his credentials.
  6. Once logged in, visit the app’s home page. There, you can explore a plethora of incredible features and tools.

Benefits of CNBC TV18

The following highlighted are some extraordinary benefits of navigating the CNBC TV18 News Platform:

Create custom watchlists and track your desired stocks in real time.

  • Explore stock, cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFs, F&Os, and other financial instruments.
  • Stay on top of Indian and global financial market news and data.
  • Become a member of the Investing Club to access helpful investment-related resources.
  • Gain insights into a diverse range of industries and businesses.
  • Watch the CNBC Live TV for financial videos, interviews, market analysis, and more.
  • Access the Special Reports to understand the market better and make investment decisions.
  • Receive custom alerts based on the selected stocks, indices, and market conditions.
  • Listen and watch financial experts’ podcasts for in-depth market understanding.

CNBC TV18 Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

The CNBC TV18 platform is a fantastic place to broaden your share market knowledge. Catering to the Indian masses for over two decades, this business news broadcast portal boasts the highest site visits.

It tells stories, expert insights, news, and real-time updates that matter to the audiences.

This CNBC TV18 Share Market Portal Review puts together everything you can expect from this attractive financial news platform.

FAQs on CNBC TV18 Share Market Platform

Here are various FAQs related to the CNBC TV18 Website.

What is CNBC TV18? 

TV18 and NBC Universal operate this website in partnership. It’s a business and financial news broadcast portal where visitors can access live market data, financial insights, watchlists, and market news.

Is CNBC TV18 Free?

Yes, you can access the free features and tools, but there is also a paid version. The pro version provides extra, more helpful features.

How to use this Website?

Go to this website, sign up or log into the site, choose the language, and start tracking the financial market news and data.

Does CNBC TV18 provide accurate News?

Before broadcasting news to the masses, the team questions whether it is relevant and accurate. The portal is famous nationwide for providing accurate, transparent news.

What is the performance of CNBC TV18 Advisory?

A financial experts team analyses the market, studies stocks and other financial instruments, and navigates the stock exchanges to provide the best investment advice.

Is the CNBC TV18 Platform Trustworthy?

With millions of users navigating the financial and business updates, it’s regarded as a trustworthy portal.

What are the Fees for the CNBC TV18 Premium Version?

The six-month Pro plan costs $124, the annual Pro plan costs $299, the yearly subscription plan costs $399, and the monthly plan costs $49.


Customer ratings and reviews of CNBC TV18

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