Best Trading Account in India – List of Top 10 Trading Accounts of 2024

This article is all about Best Trading Account in India. The right trading account can be a game-changer. It empowers you to take control of your investments and confidently navigate the markets.

The top trading account won’t let you settle for less; it helps you build your trading empire on a sturdy rock. Certainly, it’s like having superpowers in your hands.

But if you think your broker doesn’t fall into the “best” category, then this review of the top 10 trading accounts is your go-to source.

The list combines some of the best trading accounts that stay strong and supportive at every trade step.

Whether it’s time to switch or start with a new broker, this blog will be your trusted guide in the next few minutes.

Best Trading Account in India - Top 10 Trading Accounts

Best Trading Account in India: List of Top Trading Accounts of 2024

Rank Broker Name
1 Upstox Trading Account
2 Angel One Trading Account
3 Zerodha Trading Account
4 ICICI Direct Trading Account
5 5Paisa Trading Account
6 Kotak Securities Trading Account
7 Motilal Oswal Trading Account
8 Groww Trading Account
9 HDFC Securities Trading Account
10 Sharekhan Trading Account

Navigating the top trading account with extra caution is crucial in this vast sea of options. Even a modest mistake can lead you down the path of regret and shape your trading journey in unexpected ways.

But don’t fret! Roll up your sleeves and dive into the depths of the comparison table that brings the top ten perspective names.

The table presents the top 10 trading accounts that have been meticulously analyzed, considering their client base, enticing offers, and cutting-edge tools.

With advanced tools at your disposal, these accounts provide an edge to traders, empowering them to make informed decisions in an ever-changing market.

So, if you are searching for the best trading account, perhaps your inspiration is present here.

Compare the top 10 trading accounts in India

Here is a decent comparison of some amazing trading account of 2024.

Broker Broker Type Offers AMC
Upstox Discount Broker Zero Commission on Mutual Funds Rs.300 per Year
Angel One Discount Broker Lifetime Free Delivery Trading Free
Zerodha Discount Broker Free Delivery & Direct MF Investment 1st Year Free
ICICI Direct Full Service Broker Rs.20/Trade for Intraday & F&O Rs.150 per Year
5Paisa Discount Broker Lowest Brokerage @ Rs.10 per Order Rs.300 per Year
Kotak Securities Full Service Broker Free Intraday Trading Rs.750 per Year
Motilal Oswal Full Service Broker Free Rs.1000 Digital Gold Rs.300 per Year
Groww Discount Broker Free MF Investment, Flat Rs.20/Trade Rs.300 per Year
HDFC Securities Full Service Broker F&O @ Rs.20 per Trade Rs.300 per Year
Sharekhan Full Service Broker Free 1st Year AMC 1st Year Free

By examining the client base, remarkable offers, and advanced tools, we have curated a unique and comprehensive comparison table that showcases the best trading accounts on the market.

But deciding by just reading the headline doesn’t make witty sense. We want you to be a savvy trader, well-informed about the broker, and appreciated by everyone.

We are still looking for an in-depth review that briefly compares trading accounts in India. Read on because we have the best recommendations for you.

Know about Trading Account

First, let’s be familiar with trading accounts. What is it? We should avoid mixing it up with other financial accounts in the market.

So, a trading account serves as a platform that connects the market and traders for a hot dealing process.

It acts as a financial gateway where market buyers and sellers carry out trades (buy and sell) based on their observations and interest in the stock market.

And the best part is that a trading account influences this observation with its built-in live market charts, market updates, news, and alerts.

As a result! This makes it wise to choose a reliable broker that’s clear and loyal to its clients. You can even take advantage of our guide to the best trading account.

Upstox – Best Trading Account

With a whopping 52 lakh clients, Upstox has captured the trust and attention of traders far and wide. What sets Upstox apart? Firstly, say goodbye to commission fees on mutual funds.

Upstox LogoYes, you heard it right! Upstox offers zero commission, allowing you to maximize your investment potential.

The broker aims to equip its clients with the tools and knowledge of the market. That’s why Upstox goes the extra mile by serving real-time insights with TradingView, candle patterns, and APIs.

Secondly, the best trading account lets you trade seamlessly across any platform, whether a mobile trading app, browser platform, or trading terminal.

In addition to this, we also have some cool reasons why you should invest with a Upstox Trading account.

Why invest with a Upstox trading account?

  • Firstly, with Upstox, you can enjoy up to 5X leverage in over 750 stocks. That means you can amplify your trading power and maximize your potential gains.
  • Moreover, Upstox offers a cutting-edge trend analysis system, allowing you to stay ahead.
  • With their smart lists available, you can easily identify lucrative investment opportunities.
  • With Algo Trading, Upstox harnesses the power of automation and lets the algorithms do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Trading support is available too.

Angel One – Top 10 Trading Accounts

Angel One Trading Account is the first choice for an estimated 66 lakh customers.

Angel One LogoCertainly, you could be the next one, as Angel One offers lifetime free delivery trading, ensuring you can trade without worrying about profit-eating charges.

And that’s not all—Angel One provides multiple avenues for trading, including the cutting-edge ARQ Prime, the efficient Smart API, and the user-friendly Angel One Trade platform.

With a wide range of features and services, Angel One guarantees a seamless trading experience. In short, it carries all the traits to be featured in the top 10 trading accounts.

Why invest with Angel One Trading Account?

  • One of the standout features of Angel One is the availability of algorithmic trading.
  • Moreover, Angel One provides access to a foreign stock trading platform. So you expand your portfolio into international markets.
  • With almost every tool at your fingertips, Angel One helps you analyze and strategize like a pro.
  • And that’s not all! How does up to 5X leverage sound? With this feature, you can potentially make the most of market opportunities.

Zerodha – Trading Accounts in India

Since its launch in 2013, Zerodha has attracted 43 lakh trading account users.

Zerodha LogoAmong the top trading accounts in India, Zerodha is primarily known for its streamlined features and interface.

Zerodha goes above and beyond by offering free delivery and direct mutual fund investment options. It’s a win-win situation for investors with an intense appetite for high returns.

In addition, Zerodha even provides access to a range of powerful advanced tools such as Sensibull, Golden Pi, Coin, and Streak. These tools equip traders with the edge to succeed in the market.

Why invest with Zerodha Trading Account?

  • For starters, Zerodha offers an excellent algo trading platform for automated trading.
  • Moreover, getting started with Zerodha is a breeze. With a quick and hassle-free account opening process, you can swiftly embark on your trading journey.
  • But that’s not all! Zerodha takes the crown for the best mobile trading experience as well.
  • And here’s the cherry on top: Zerodha offers leverage of up to 5x on most stocks.

ICICI Direct – Best Trading Account in India

ICICI Direct, a true gem in the industry since its establishment in 1994 by Vijay Chandok, also has the best trading account in India.

ICICI Direct LogoICICI Direct offers pocket-friendly deals. With just Rs. 20 per trade for intraday and F&O transactions, they ensure your trading journey doesn’t break the bank.

The tools and resources provided by ICICI Direct offer a range of innovative features to enhance your trading experience.

For instance, I-Track, Payoff Analyzer, and Money App are a few good examples.

Why invest with ICICI Direct Trading Account?

  • ICICI Direct also offers an algo trading platform that enables automation in your trades.
  • Moreover, the extensive features of the trading platform are a game-changer. Access complete research reports, a handy wishlist, and dynamic charts.
  • With an ICICI Direct trading account, you’ll also enjoy the perk of free F&O trading.
  • Additionally, ICICI Direct provides free trading support and a range of trading services.

5Paisa – Top Trading Accounts in India

Established in 2016, 5Paisa has swiftly amassed a customer base of 39 lakhs. What sets 5Paisa apart is their irresistible offer of the lowest brokerage at just Rs.10 per order.

5Paisa LogoBesides, 5Paisa takes trading to the next level by offering cutting-edge features like algorithmic trading and robo-advice.

These innovative tools empower traders with automated strategies and expert advice to make informed decisions.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or starting, 5Paisa’s Top Trading Account in India covers you. Their user-friendly platform and comprehensive services cater to traders of all levels of expertise.

Why invest with a 5 Paisa Trading Account?

  • No more complicated interfaces or confusing navigation—5 Paisa has covered you with simplicity and ease.
  • Moreover, with a 5 Paisa Trading Account, you can access many trading instruments.
  • 5 Paisa goes the extra mile by offering algo and foreign stock trading.
  • With 5 Paisa, you can enjoy competitive brokerage rates that will leave you smiling.

Kotak Securities – Top 10 Trading Accounts in India

With over 10.5 lakh traders using this Kotak Securities Trading Account, the broker shows it deserves to be in India’s Top 10 Trading Accounts.

Kotak Securities LogoKotak Securities’ provision of free intraday trading allows traders to seize opportunities in the fast-paced market without incurring extra charges.

However, the broker even rules the heart with advanced tools. With Smart Search, you can swiftly find the stocks you’re looking for, while Smart Alerts keep you updated on market movements and important events.

And with biometric login, accessing your trading account is a breeze, adding an extra layer of security.

Why invest with Kotak Securities Trading Account?

  • Trading account margin trading facility charges are a mere 0.028% per day.
  • Moreover, if you’re under 30, you can enjoy charge-free trading!
  • Like many others, Kotak Securities also provides you with automated tools and APIs.
  • Clients can also benefit from up to 5x leverage on equity intraday trades.

Motilal Oswal – Best Trading Account in India

Motilal Oswal, a prominent player in the financial arena, stands tall with its enticing offer of a free trading account in India.

Motilal Oswal LogoWith a customer base of 12 lakhs, Motilal Oswal won’t take a while to earn the trust of more new clients.

The company sweetens its review by offering free Rs.1,000 digital gold. It’s like a golden opportunity knocking on your door!

Aside from this, Motilal Oswal goes the extra mile by providing advanced tools such as technical indicators, trade signals, and a strategy maker.

Why Invest with Motilal Oswal Trading Account?

  • Firstly, Motilal Oswal offers the exciting perks of algo trading and access to foreign stocks.
  • Secondly, you’ll be delighted to know that all trading tools and features are at your fingertips with Motilal Oswal.
  • Need a little extra boost? Motilal Oswal offers up to 5x leverage on equity intraday orders.
  • Lastly, the broker allows investors to invest in ready-made portfolios carefully curated by experts.

Groww – Top Trading Account in India

If you are rolling your eyes searching for the best trading account for free, then maybe you should go with Groww.

Groww LogoEstablished in 2016 and based in Bangalore, Groww has 11 lakh customers using its trading account.

What makes Groww so attractive is the free mutual fund investments it offers. Transition: But that’s not all. Groww provides the convenience of online E-KYC, which makes joining a breeze.

In addition, the flexibility of switching between dark and light modes is an incredible feature.

Why invest with Groww Trading Account?

  • Firstly, say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and hello to a paperless and instant account opening process with Groww.
  • Moreover, Groww is a beginner-friendly alternative, perfect for those new to the trading world.
  • With Groww, you’ll have access to almost all major popular assets, allowing you to diversify your portfolio.
  • Like most other brokers, Groww offers up to 5x leverage on equity trades.

HDFC Securities – Best Online Trading Account

Let’s review the HDFC Securities Trading Account, the go-to choice for online trading enthusiasts.

HDFC Securities LogoWith a whopping 9 lakh customers, HDFC Securities has established its reputation as the best online trading account.

HDFC Securities is prominent for offering fantastic deals for F&O (futures and options) traders.

Meanwhile, HDFC Securities goes above and beyond by providing advanced tools like the 3-in-1 account, portfolio, and custom watchlist.

Why invest with HDFC Securities Trading Account?

  • India’s largest private sector bank, HDFC, is the parent company of HDFC Securities.
  • Moreover, HDFC Securities opens doors to the world of foreign stocks, allowing you to broaden your investment horizon and seize opportunities in international markets.
  • With HDFC Securities, you can access a comprehensive range of trading tools and resources.
  • From equities to derivatives, currencies to commodities, you can dive into almost every asset class and explore a world of investment possibilities.

Sharekhan – Top 10 Trading Accounts

One of the top online trading accounts belongs to Sharekhan, catering to over 7.5 lakh traders.

Sharekhan LogoBy offering free 1st-year AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges), the broker showcases their commitment to beginner’s satisfaction.

Now, let’s dive into the arsenal of advanced tools that Sharekhan provides. Tools like Sharekhan NEO empower traders with advanced analytics and research capabilities, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Meanwhile, TradeTiger offers a powerful platform for executing trades swiftly and efficiently. But that’s not all! Sharekhan also offers the convenience of the Mini platform, catering to traders who prefer a simplified and user-friendly interface.

Why invest with a Sharekhan Trading Account?

  • Sharekhan offers some of the lowest charges for intraday trading, starting at just 0.02% of the transaction value.
  • Furthermore, when it comes to trading instruments, Sharekhan doesn’t disappoint. You can trade multiple instruments.
  • Meanwhile, for those looking to amplify their equity intraday trading, Sharekhan offers up to 5x leverage.
  • Additionally, Sharekhan prides itself on providing good trading support.

Best Trading Account in India – Conclusion

Finding the best trading account in India doesn’t require a plethora of options to consider.

Firstly, it’s essential to review and compare the offerings of various stock brokers carefully. Don’t rush into a decision without weighing the pros and cons.

With the help of our guide, review brokerage charges, trading platforms, customer service, and the overall reputation of the broker.

Soon after, you’ll be on your way to achieving your financial goals with the best trading account.

FAQs on Trading Accounts in India

Here is the list of FAQs related to the bets trading accounts in India:

How do I find the best trading account offers in India?

Take help from the best reviews on the best trading account if finding the best option appears to be a maze to you. Firstly, look at the broker’s client base and then make offers.

The larger the client base, the more loyal and popular the broker is. Similarly, advanced tools can also influence your decision-making.

Which is the top trading account in India?

Regarding popularity, Zerodha, Angel One, Groww, and Upstox are popular choices. But if we compare costs, ICICI Direct and Kotak Securities are the more affordable options.

Which is the best online trading account?

Zerodha and Angel One offer user-friendly trading accounts with almost every advanced tool.

But investors who want to reduce their trading costs can go with ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, and HDFC Securities.

Which are the top 5 trading accounts for beginners?

As a beginner, you should choose an easy-to-use and understandable broker. However, there’s no better alternative than Groww, Zerodha, Angel One, Upstox, and 5Paisa in this regard.

Which are the top 3 trading accounts for traders?

With affordability, convenience, and advanced tools combined, Angel One, Zerodha, and Upstox are the top three trading accounts for traders.

Which type of trading is best for investors?

Option and futures trading carries great risk, but the potential gains are high. Conversely, profits are comparatively lower in equity trades, but the risk is also comparatively low.

Which trading account is best for IPO investment?

A trading account that keeps you up to date with the market uncertainties, trend patterns, and company-specific details of a company that has released its initial public offering is the right fit for IPO investment.

Which is the best trading platform for MF Investment?

Zerodha and Groww dominate in this area, as the dashboards of both online trading platforms feature a sorted list of MF investments you want to invest in.

Which are the top 5 free trading accounts?

The top 5 free trading accounts are Zerodha, Upstox, 5Paisa, Groww, and Angel Broking, where you can open a trading account at zero cost.

Where can you compare trading accounts?

You can use our site to compare trading accounts and their specifications. Eventually, this will help you kickstart a smart trading journey in the financial world.