Business Standard is a leading Indian business newspaper with a strong digital presence. From seasoned investors to newcomers, everyone prefers this business media.

This Platform was established in 1975. It has been a reliable resource for financial insights for almost five decades.

It is also available in Hindi, catering to a wide range of audiences. In the following, we have organized a Business Standard Review with all its striking features.

About Business Standard

The Business Standard News Platform has earned its best reputation for in-depth business news coverage.

It excels in its coverage of Indian businesses, the economy, and market trends. It is a hub of edifying articles, analyses, and expert opinions on various sectors.

Readers get detailed knowledge of companies and strategies from this business daily. Its core strength lies in providing insights specific to the Indian context.

The ABP Group of Kolkata formed it. In 1997, the Kotak Mahindra Bank purchased it. Until 2017, it was the second-most circulating business daily.

Now, it is the third most selling financial newspaper. So, we can recognize its reliability from its long-serving history.

It offers both print and digital access and free and paid subscription options. Overall, the Business Standard is a valuable resource for business persons, investors, and others.

Business Standard – Top Features

The Business Standard Research Platform stands out with its unique features. It is a valuable platform for people seeking in-depth business news, analysis, and insights.

Here, we will focus on the features of its free and Premium versions.

Features of Free Version

Extensive News Coverage: It features inclusive industry analysis, company expansions, and breaking business news.

Readers can stay updated on macroeconomic trends and access numerous news articles covering various sectors of the Indian economy.

Market Data at Fingertips: Users can track key market information at their fingertips. This includes indices, currency exchange rates, and basic stock quotes.

It also helps users understand market movements and make wise decisions.

Limited Watchlists: Users can create a watchlist with their preferred stocks so they can find them with a click.

It also helps them monitor their recitals, identify trends, and stay informed so they can judge the right time to invest.

Award-Winning Journalism: Its award-winning reporters offer in-depth writing, insightful analysis, and high-quality content.

They also provide their unique views on critical business issues. So readers can gain a deeper understanding.

Videos and Podcasts: Its website and app offer a limited range of business videos and podcasts. It covers various business topics.

The site also features expert interviews, market analysis, or thoughts on current economic issues.

Interactive Platforms: Its website and app offer some interactive features. These include polls, quizzes, or potentially live chats with experts.

These help readers engage with the content and connect with the business community.

Features of Premium Version

In-Depth Research Reports: The Premium version offers extended services of all free-version features. Users gain access to detailed research reports prepared by expert analysts.

The report focuses more on specific companies, industries, or market trends. So readers stay ahead of the curve.

5 Favourite Company Analysis: Premium users can access daily updates on five selected companies.

They receive emails about the company’s revenues, prospects, notices, and other crucial data. So they don’t miss out on any profit openings.

Daily Premium Stories: In BS Premium, users can read exclusive stories and columns from market leaders.

They can gain valuable outlooks on businesses and economic forecasts. So they can make positive decisions and profit.

Curated Newsletters: It offers curated newsletters on specific business sectors or topics. Users receive tailored updates on areas that most interest them, helping them focus on particular sectors.

Extensive Archive Access: Users can explore a vast archive of past news articles, analyses, and research reports. These resources allow them to gain an all-inclusive understanding of historical trends.

All these stunning features make Business Standard a valuable resource for financial news. This provides a more immersive knowledge of Indian fiscal standards.

How to use the Business Standard Share Market Website?

The Business Standard Share Market Website is a hub of Indian stock market data and analysis. Here is a guide to help you navigate its key features.

  1. First, open a web browser and visit the website. The homepage is very informative. Users can find all the information they require from it.
  2. The homepage provides a quick glimpse into the Indian stock market. It covers the day’s top headlines, market movements, and breaking news.
  3. Users can explore stocks, indices, currency, commodities, and other items from the “Markets” menu. The search bar on this page helps find specific stocks, indices, etc.
  4. Users can also check financial data, such as balance sheets and income statements. Further, it shows analyst ratings and references.
  5. Users can list their assets in the “Portfolio” section of the website. However, visitors must register to access the Portfolio section.

Business Standard Charges

The basic version of Business Standard is available for free. Anyone can install the app or visit its website for basic information.

However, it also features a Premium version with exclusive features. The Business Standard Platform Charges may vary per plan.

For a monthly subscription, users need to pay Rs.249. Under the Smart Annual plan, users need to pay Rs.1699 per year.

This plan renews automatically if not canceled. It is the most cost-effective plan this media offers. Also, the general annual plan costs Rs.1999 per year.

It also provides all premium benefits. However, users need to renew the plan manually. The Premium version offers in-depth research, exclusive expert insights, and profitable advisory.

So, the expense for a Premium subscription is entirely worth it.

How to Login & Use Pro Version of the Business Standard App?

The Business Standard mobile app offers exclusive features on the go. This guide will walk through the login process and how to use the Premium version.

  1. Users can download the BS official app from the Google and Apple stores. Existing users need to enter their credentials for the Business Standard Login.
  2. New users must register first to use its Premium features. They need to enter their email address and create a strong password.
  3. After OTP verification, new users can explore the app seamlessly. The app will redirect them to its subscription page.
  4. They can choose a Premium version plan and complete the payment process there. After confirmation, they can utilize all premium features.
  5. The homepage displays top headlines, breaking news, and curated content based on the user’s interests. Similarly, the “Market” page shows live quotes for indices, stocks, etc.
  6. Users can create portfolios of their assets in the app. This feature is available under the “Portfolio” menu. This allows them to explore all valuable features.

Benefits of Business Standard

Here are the various benefits of the Business Standard Portal.

  • The Business Standard News Platform provides access to in-depth market data. Users can track live quotes for indices, stocks, commodities, and other products.
  • It features a vast library of news articles covering various sectors of the Indian economy. Users can get inclusive data on their preferred industries.
  • Its economic trends and industry analysis by financial experts offer unparalleled knowledge. Readers get deep learning to make wise choices.
  • Readers can also check expert opinions on various business topics. These topics include policy changes, general trends, and industry outlooks.
  • Analyst research reports provide valuable insights to support investment decisions. These reports even help beginners profit from the market.
  • It offers economic forecasts directly from the people shaping the market landscape. These exclusive columns guide seasoned traders.
  • Users can create and manage custom watchlists on the website and app. This feature helps them track specific companies by choice.
  • Interactive features like polls, quizzes, or live chats help link with the business communities.

Business Standard Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

The Business Standard excels in its coverage of Indian businesses, the economy, and market trends. It also offers global news and some foreign indices rates.

Its steady performance for almost five decades makes it a valuable business resource. We explored all its features in this Business Standard Share Market Portal Review.

These features make it a perfect choice for financial buffs.

FAQs on the Business Standard Share Market Platform

Check out all queries of the Business Standard website and app below.

What is Business Standard?

The Business Standard is a leading Indian business journal. The Kotak Mahindra Bank owns it. It has a solid digital presence and print editions.

Is this website Free?

The essential features of the BS website and app are available for free. Anyone can check out the latest news and market updates without any expense.

However, it also has a Premium plan with extended features.

How to use a this website Website?

Users can visit the BS website from any web browser. All features are available under the homepage menu option, and visitors can navigate easily through its web pages.

Does Business Standard provide accurate News?

BS has a team of award-winning journalists who ensure that all its reporting and analysis are accurate and without flaws.

What is the performance of Business Standard Advisory?

The team of experienced advisors at this portal offers perfect market analysis. Their advisories are a valuable resource for Indian investors, and even a beginner can profit from their market tips.

Is Business Standard Platform Trustworthy?

The Business Standard website and app maintain all security parameters and ensure both interfaces are free from tampering. This makes Business Standard one of the most trustworthy platforms in India.

What are the Fees for the Business Standard Premium Version?

The BS Premium has three plans such as –

  • The monthly plan costs Rs.249.
  • The discounted Smart Annual plan costs Rs.1,699.
  • The annual plan costs Rs.1,999.

These fees may change from time to time.


Customer ratings and reviews of Business Standard

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