Market updates are very crucial for investors. Since 1999, Moneycontrol has offered an all-inclusive suite of features and resources.

The Moneycontrol Platform is famous for tracking markets, managing assets, and financial news. Its app caters to a broad spectrum of users.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So, new users must explore our Moneycontrol Review to understand the details.

About Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol is a feature-rich news portal for Indian investors. The Reliance Group owns it as part of Network 18. It is trendy among users.

Its app and website receive more than 17 million visitors every month. Its exciting features, like edifying charts, asset tracking, etc., make it a favourite of many.

Further, it is a handy app for beginners and experienced investors. The free version helps users stay informed and offers a good starting point for casual users or those new to this sector.

The Pro version of the Moneycontrol News Platform offers more in-depth features. It helps seasoned traders with portfolio management and accurate market analysis.

It is an efficient and reliable financial guide for stock traders and investors.

Moneycontrol – Top Features

The Moneycontrol Research Platform is a powerhouse of financial insights. It has a free and paid version, offering stunning features for new and regular traders.

Here, we have listed all the crucial features of the free and pro versions.

Features in the Free Version

Market Tracking: It updates Indian and foreign exchanges and business sectors. The website and app allow users to see all stock prices, indices, commodities, and currencies.

Financial News Feed: This feed provides all essential news related to the finance markets. It helps users stay informed with the latest headlines, breaking news, and curated articles.

Basic Watchlist: The free version offers efficient portfolio management. Users can set up tailored watchlists. It helps them track the live prices of their assets quickly and devise instant strategies.

Limited Market Analysis: Its expert financial analysts offer market analysis to aid investors. Also, the free version allows users to access essential market analysis tools and charts.

Message Board: It empowers users to connect with others and share ideas and insights. Investors’ interactions help each other in trading. So they can make more profit from their assets.

Financial Education Resources: Articles by market experts help boost fiscal literacy. Its charting tools give new users in-depth knowledge.

These features make it the best economic guide for beginners.

Moneycontrol Pro Features

Enhanced Experience: The pro version enhances all of its basic features. It offers in-depth technical indicators with tailored support. It is a one-stop shop for all fiscal insights.

Expanded Portfolio Management: Users can track their portfolios across different asset classes in greater detail.

This empowers them to track assets under all segments in a single script, saving them substantial time monitoring stocks.

Add-free Platform: Pro users can enjoy nonstop service without any ads, which will not hamper their time watching live updates or videos.

Premium News & Research: The Pro version has exclusive access to premium research reports. Users can access expert opinions and insightful analysis, which can help them in their trading journey.

Stock Screeners: It features advanced filters to identify potential investment openings based on specific criteria.

Expert guidance empowers investors to make their next trade, minimising the risks of stock trading.

Fundamental Analysis Tools: The pro version comes with top-notch analytical tools. Users can analyse company financials and other metrics to make informed investment decisions.

Priority Customer Support: Pro users can instantly connect with the customer care team for more tailored support.

Unlimited Live Business TV: Pro users can stream all available business news channels directly within the app. It offers an array of options for news updates and market analysis.

So, the free version is perfect for beginners and casual investors. However, serious investors can benefit from the premium features Moneycontrol Pro offers.

How do you use the Moneycontrol Share Market Website?

The Moneycontrol Share Market Website offers detailed features of the financial markets, which can be confusing for a beginner. However, it also boasts a user-friendly interface.

Once users become aware of the platform’s features, they can easily follow it.

  • Viewers can access the basic features without logging into the website. However, to access some tailored features, they need to log in. For premium features, users need to purchase the Pro version.
  • Users can find all exchanges and indices under the “Market” menu. It also offers detailed stock actions like top gainers, losers, and most active stocks.
  • Visitors can find News on stocks, indices, mutual funds, and financial updates in the central section.
  • Website users can build a bespoke watchlist under the “Portfolio” menu. It will help them monitor their holdings across different asset classes. However, users must log in to the website to access this feature.
  • Users can create price alerts for their preferred stocks and indices. It is available under the “My Alerts” option at the top of the website.

Moneycontrol Charges

The basic version of the website and app are available for free. However, the Moneycontrol Platform Charges the users to access its pro version.

Users can subscribe for only Rs.99 per year. It is generally available for Rs.1,999, which is now minimised due to an offer.

Also, users can purchase a three-year plan for only Rs.449. It is a minimized rate of Rs.3,999. Users will get a wide range of practical features in the pro version.

Also, they will get an assured cash reward of Rs200 for both plans. Once users purchase the pro version, they can access premium research articles, stock insights, charts, and more.

These resources will make their trading journey smoother, so they can profit more.

How to Login & Use the Pro Version of the Moneycontrol App?

Follow these steps for the Moneycontrol Login process –

  • The app is the same for free and Pro users. Users must register in the portal with their phone number or Google, Facebook, or iOS ID to use it.
  • After logging in, users can purchase a pro plan. They can view their plan details under “My Subscription” in their profile menu.
  • On the home screen, users can see trending topics. Users can also add their preferred topics to the board for easy access. Under that, they can check the values and status of different indices.
  • Users can see the top gainers’ and losers’ stocks in the “Stock Action” menu. Also, they can see the 52-week high and low prices of stocks. It will help them observe the price movements of a stock.
  • Users can also view a detailed analysis page on any stocks and indices. The user-friendly charts and technical details provide more insights.
  • In the “My Watchlist” section, users can create a script of their traded stock for easy access.

Benefits of Moneycontrol

Here are various benefits of the Moneycontrol Website.

  • The Moneycontrol News Platform helps users stay informed and make data-driven decisions. Real-time market data helps identify potential losses and maximise profits.
  • It publishes the latest financial headlines, expert opinions, and insightful articles. These resources help both seasoned investors and those starting their financial journey.
  • Users can quickly build and manage investment portfolios across different asset classes, which helps them monitor performance and analyse returns.
  • Traders can make smarter decisions with in-depth research reports, advanced plotting tools, and technical indicators.
  • Users can set price alerts for their favourite stocks. So they can receive notices when a stock price reaches a specific target.
  • Its app is also a rich educational resource for beginners. They can access many articles, tutorials, and webinars to boost their financial literacy.
  • Users can connect and discuss market trends with other investors on the message board. It encourages users to share knowledge.
  • Also, users can stream business news channels directly within the app or website.

Moneycontrol Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

Moneycontrol has equipped Indian investors with an efficient toolbox to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Its website and app offer detailed guidelines for a seamless investment journey.

Every Moneycontrol Share Market Portal Review expresses its outstanding reliability. It goes beyond just providing information.

It empowers beginners with the tools and resources to become confident investors. Its portal is a valuable friend on the path to financial success.

FAQs on Moneycontrol Share Market Platform

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding the Moneycontrol platform.

What is Moneycontrol?

Moneycontrol is a financial portal that offers valuable resources for navigating the Indian economic landscape.

Its market updates, financial News, and portfolio management tools help investors manage their assets.

Is Moneycontrol Free?

Moneycontrol has free and paid versions. The free version provides a good foundation for investors, but the Pro version unlocks several advanced features.

How to use the Moneycontrol Website?

The functionality of the Moneycontrol website may overwhelm new users. However, if they observe all the menus on the home screen, they can navigate pretty easily.

Also, they can check out any stock or indices using the search option.

Does Moneycontrol provide accurate News?

Moneycontrol has a vast user base and is famous for its reliability and accuracy. It has been the favourite of many investors for more than two decades.

What is the performance of Moneycontrol Advisory?

Moneycontrol has a team of qualified financial analysts. They offer advice based on their expert views and analyses, most of which are accurate and profitable for traders.

Is Moneycontrol Platform Trustworthy?

The Moneycontrol portal is part of the Network 18 media house, which the Reliance group owns. Its continuous performance makes it the most trusted companion of Indian investors.

What are the fees for the Moneycontrol Premium Version?

The subscription charges for the Pro version have been discounted. It is now available at a yearly cost of Rs.99 instead of Rs. 1,999.


Customer ratings and reviews of Moneycontrol Review

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