Are you new to the share market? Has the financial jargon and its complexity got on to your nerves? or Are you debating which stocks are genuine and can make you money?

Catering to the market since 2002, the Zee Business Platform is ideal for learning the latest updates about the stock market.

It’s famous nationally for presenting business and financial news in a clutter-free, easy-to-understand style.

Continue exploring our Zee Business Review to learn what the financial news platform offers.

About Zee Business

True to its slogan ‘Money Matters Simplified,’ Zee Business News Platform tracks markets to provide the masses with the latest share market and financial news.

Most new and experienced Indian investors prefer visiting the Zee Business website and app. Therefore, it’s one of the fastest-growing financial news platforms in India.

The official site and app boast incredible features like asset tracking, live market updates, and more.

By navigating the platform, you can gain insights into money matters, investment strategies, and the latest trends in stock exchanges, commodity, forex, and bond markets.

The best part is that the platform categorizes the markets into commodities, IPOs, currency and bonds, and mutual funds to help users avoid any confusion or commotion.

By reviewing the latest market news and educational resources, newbies can seamlessly devise their investment strategies.

Zee Business – Top Features

Go through these Zee Business Research Platform features to explore and capitalize the site efficiently:

Tap diverse Segments: This platform is not limited to stock market news. You can learn about the know-how of current elections, businesses, personal finance, tech, the economy, and much more.

Therefore, this platform is ideal for keeping up with India’s latest happenings.

Language Flexibility: It was started as a Hindi business news channel. Now, its official website allows users to switch from English to Hindi conveniently and vice versa.

Therefore, business and market news is not limited by language barriers.

Tracking Share Market: By navigating the platform, you can catch the latest stock market, IPO, commodity, currency, mutual funds, and bond news.

You can track the prices and indices of all these financial instruments in real-time.

Tracking Stock Exchanges: Besides the financial market, you can update yourself about the stock exchanges in India and worldwide.

By visiting the website, you can get a daily dose of the latest trends in Nifty50, Sensex, and Nifty Bank.

Videos: The platform features ‘Paisa Wasool’ and ‘The Right Property Show’ videos.

Watching these videos regularly, you can learn striking educational tips on income tax, home loans, insurance, investment, property, etc.

Live TV: Do you need clarification about which stocks you should purchase or sell? Should you hold your investment portfolio or reshuffle it?

The Live TV on this platform enables users to stay abreast of the market happening with market veterans, analysts, researchers, and journalists.

Trending Happenings: Want to explore what’s trending in varied sectors? Go to this website’s ‘trending’ section to catch the local and global news in the entertainment, education, travel, politics, healthcare, and sports fields.

Personal finance: Don’t know how to manage personal funds? Learn income tax and savings know-how with Zee Business portal’s ‘Personal Finance’ section.

From different savings schemes to income tax returns, the ‘Personal Finance’ section covers it all.

Web Stories: The platform offers this unique feature to educate users about personal finance, markets, auto, tech, real estate, etc., in slide format.

Usually, each web story comprises 5-10 slides, making learning quicker and easier.

How to use the Zee Business Share Market Website?

Zee Business Share Market Website adorns many incredible features with a user-friendly interface. By knowing what and how you can access these features, it will become easier to explore the website:

  1. Viewers don’t need to log in or invest money to access the website’s features. However, they must subscribe by entering their full name and email ID to receive newsletters.
  2. The website’s home page is divided into different sections, covering diverse news and current happenings. The home page will have top business news, trending, India, World, videos, companies, technology, and more sections. This page is a shortcut to quickly access the section, article, or video you are interested in.
  3. Users can also click the menu icon at the top left to access different web pages. These pages include home, Lok Sabha Election 2024, latest news, markets, personal finance, web stories, auto, companies, finance, and more.
  4. Under the ‘Market’ menu, you can get daily news about commodities, IPOs, currency, bonds, and mutual funds.
  5. Moreover, the ‘Company’ menu covers the news about the businesses and Startups in the Infra, Consumer, and Telecom industries.
  6. The website provides access to Live news via Live TV at the top right corner. In addition, you can change the language from Hindi to English. The option is available at the site’s top, under the ‘Switch to English’ tab.

Zee Business Charges

There’s good news for those planning to explore the platform to catch up on financial and stock market news and updates.

You will be happy to know that there is nothing like Zee Business Platform Charges.

Visitors don’t have to pay subscription charges to access any special feature, and there is no categorization of basic and pro features with this platform.

Instead, you can enjoy all the features without investing a single penny in the portal.

How to Login & Use Pro Version of the Zee Business App?

Although this platform has an official application, there is nothing like the Pro Version app. Still, to Zee Business Login and use the app, follow these easy steps:

  1. The official app is compatible with multiple platforms, from Android and iPhone to iPad and Windows. So, choose which version to download as per your device.
  2. Once you have decided, visit the app store on your device and look for the app.
  3. Now that you see the app on your screen, click the ‘Install.’ The app will start downloading and install on your phone.
  4. After opening the app, it will ask you to select your language preference.
  5. Click the hamburger menu at the top left of the application, go to the ‘Support’ tab, and tap ‘Login.’
  6. Sign up for the app using your full name, email ID, and password.
  7. Furthermore, you can use your credentials to log into the app on your device. Voila! You can start exploring the features!

Benefits of Zee Business

The following features and functionalities make the Zee Business News Platform stand out from the competitors:

  • Boasting a user-friendly interface, users can easily explore different sections to learn about the latest happenings in business, stock market, and stock exchanges.
  • Another incredible USP of this business news portal is it’s free of charge. There is no feature divide, such as free or pro version features.
  • You can access short-formatted web stories for quick market updates and educational tips by navigating the website.
  • Catch on the index prices, commodities, currencies, IPOs, and mutual funds insights via the portal.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to regularly receive the latest business, market, or finance news, tips, and updates.
  • Well-crafted, easy-to-read, and understandable articles are available to increase users’ knowledge about financial markets.
  • Access the Live TV to get daily business and share market realm in real-time.

Zee Business Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

With millions of visits, the Zee Business platform is among the prominent business news platforms in the industry. It is a seamless toolbox for exploring the dynamic business and financial landscape.

With a single click, you can catch up on the local and global stock exchanges, stock markets, and financial instruments.

Moreover, it provides financial educational resources like articles, tips, and updates free of cost.

Therefore, the portal empowers newbie investors to strategize without worrying about their financial capacity.

We hope this Zee Business Share Market Portal Review helped you learn about the site and decide whether to explore it for financial resources.

FAQs on the Zee Business Share Market Platform

Check out various FAQs related to the Zee Business Website.

What is Zee Business?

It is a news portal that provides articles, videos, live channels, and web stories on navigating the Indian and foreign business, financial, and economic landscape.

Its expert market updates, stock prices, and portfolio management resources help investors succeed.

Is Zee Business Free?

Yes, this portal is available for free. Therefore, it lets investors with limited financial capacity leverage several remarkable features.

How to use the Zee Business Website?

When heading to the Zee Business website, you must access all the menus on its home page. Moreover, a search option on the home screen facilitates quick access to preferred resources.

Does Zee Business provide accurate News?

Millions of users use the Zee Business website to access accurate and reliable news. In the industry for almost two decades, its transparent approach has garnered a vast user base.

What is the performance of Zee Business Advisory?

This portal partners with qualified and skilled financial experts, analysts, and researchers.

They constantly monitor and track the financial markets to provide users with expert advice, tips, and strategies.

Is Zee Business Platform Trustworthy?

Part of the Zee family, Zee Business has emerged as a genuine news portal. Millions of investors trust it for their investment decisions and strategies.

What are the Fees for the Zee Business Premium Version?

The news website has no subscription-related demands from users who want to explore its features and functionalities.


Customer ratings and reviews of Zee Business

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