Best Basket Investing Platform in India – List of Top 10 Thematic Investment Platforms of 2024

Investing in stocks is an exciting way to generate wealth, but let’s face it- it’s not a piece of cake. Making profits with stock investment involves picking the right securities and executing orders at the right time.

Even the slightest delay in placing orders for a single financial instrument can make you lose lucrative opportunities.

It’s when basket investing becomes an optimal alternative solution. Basket investing works similarly to a shopping cart, where you can add different types of items (securities) and then make the combined payment (place the order in one go).

However, remember to use the Best Basket Investing Platform to capitalize on basket orders. In this article, you can explore the Top Thematic Basket Platform in India and their USPs.

Best Basket Investing Platform in India - Top 10 Thematic Investment Platform in India

List of Top 10 Thematic Investment Platforms in India

Rank Basket Investing Platform
1 Smallcase
2 StockCase by Kotak Securities
3 Kart by HDFC Sky
4 StockBasket by Samco
5 Master of the Street by ICICI Direct
6 Basket Order by Angel One
7 Basket Investing by FinX
8 Thematic Baskets by blinkX
9 Wealth desk
10 Star folio

Let’s learn what makes each of the Best Thematic Investment Platform unique. The above table outlines the ranking of the basket investing platforms widely used by Indian investors.

We will still learn about them in detail so that you can pinpoint the Best Basket Investing Platform in India.

In addition, we will evaluate and compare the listed basket investing platforms based on different factors that helped determine their rankings.

These distinctive parameters include ease of use, suitability for beginners and long-term traders, world-class features, and diversified basket options.

For instance, novice investors looking for beginner-friendly basket investing platforms can rely on Smallcase, stock basket, Kart by HDFC, or Thematic Baskets by blinkX.

Conversely, Master of the Street by ICICI Direct, Basket Order by Angel One, and Wealth desk surpass other platforms in terms of world-class features.


Smallcase tops the chart of the Best Basket Investing Platforms in India. A fintech company, smallcase, was founded by three IIT Kharagpur graduates in July 2015 but was launched in 2016.

The main goal of establishing the organization was to introduce a new tech-savvy generation of investors to the Indian equity market.

You can access simple, innovative investment platforms curated by leading finance experts at this basket investing platform.

Benefits of Smallcase

  • Smallcases are portfolios of stocks and ETFs that reflect an idea and are curated based on theme, strategy, or objective.
  • India’s prominent brokers, including Angel One, Groww, HDFC Securities, Upstox, Kotak Securities, and more, support the platform.
  • Smallcases presented by the platform are customizable. Investors can edit their smallcase constituents at any time. In addition, they can create their smallcase.
  • The platform caters to all investors with different needs by rendering a diverse menu of Smallcases, including low volatility, low investment amount, and thematic portfolios.
  • Moreover, Smallcase allows investors to place orders for up to 50 stocks in a single click, making basket investing a lightning-speed experience.


StockCase has established itself as the second Best Thematic Investment Platform in India.

A flagship product of Kotak Securities, StockCase simplifies investing in stock baskets via the user-friendly, cutting-edge Kotak Neo platform.

It is a collection of stocks carefully chosen and assembled by SEBI-registered experts.

Benefits of StockCase

  • With 175+ branches and 1300+ franchises in over 370 Indian cities, you can easily access StockCase for diverse basket investing opportunities.
  • The platform provides 16 handpicked stock baskets backed by finance experts and in-depth research.
  • In addition, StockCase facilitates one-click investment. It means investors need not undergo multiple, time-consuming steps to place basket orders.
  • Logging into StockCase provides investors access to cost-efficient baskets without exit loads and hidden or recurring charges. Moreover, you can start investing with as low as INR 1,000 per month.
  • Stock Case allows investors to explore stock baskets that suit their risk profile, with baskets being categorized into medium and high risk.

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Kart by HDFC Sky

Kart by HDFC Sky is another Top Basket Investing Platform in India that allows users to place multiple orders simultaneously.

This is a remarkable feature you can access on the HDFC Sky trading platform to curate and execute a basket that includes diverse Indian stocks and MFs.

The basket investing platform facilitates two Kart (baskets) types – normal and hedge kart.

Benefits of Kart by HDFC Sky

  • HDFC Sky has a user-friendly, clean interface, making it easier for newbie investors to access the Kart feature and commence their basket investing journey seamlessly.
  • The platform allows investors to add up to 20 orders across the futures, equity, and options segment and place these orders in a single, swift move.
  • Another USP of Kart by HDFC Sky is margin benefit. Yes, traders can reap margin benefits without paying any additional charges.
  • Hedge-based F&O traders can access the Hedge Kart to send all orders as market orders, ensuring the orders are executed with the minimum margin.
  • Kart features a dedicated tab for investors to help them track their order status and retry if they fail to execute their orders in the first place.

StockBasket by Samco

The long-term investment platform StockBasket outperforms all other investing options. Thus, it ranks fourth on the list of the Top Thematic Investment Platforms in India.

This platform helps novice and experienced investors choose from expert-curated, ready-made stock baskets according to their investment needs.

However, no one can commence their thematic investing journey at StockBasket without setting up a SAMCO account.

Benefits of StockBasket

  • StockBasket caters to every investor, regardless of their investment budget. The investment value in this platform can range between INR 3,000 and INR 15,00,000.
  • Moreover, it allows investors to earn lucrative returns with small periodic investments in stocks of leading Indian companies. They can invest in stock baskets with a disciplined SIP approach monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • The unique offering you can access at StockBasket is the refund of Research Subscription Fees. If an investor doesn’t get any return even after holding a StockBasket for five years, they can ask for a refund of their research subscription fees.
  • This platform comprises a proprietary engine that evaluates two crore+ data points daily to determine the quality of investors’ stocks in their baskets. It helps minimize investment risk.
  • It takes just three steps to invest at Stock Basket. You need to open an account, select from the available baskets, invest, and watch your wealth grow.

Master of the Street by ICICI Direct

Regarding the Top 10 Thematic Basket Platforms in India, you can’t miss out on the Master of the Street.

The flagship platform of ICICI Direct, Master of the Street, offers a host of exquisite baskets of stocks that India’s leading investment advisors handpick.

ICICI Direct’s primary aim to launch this platform was to democratize investing in managed equities.

Benefits of Master of the Street

  • At Master of the Street, you can invest in a diverse range of professionally curated equity baskets investing across varied styles, themes, and market capitalization.
  • The platform enables candidates to open free demat and trading accounts without hidden charges but with an additional benefit of 7,099 INR.
  • It’s a blazing-speed platform that enables investing, tracking performance, and executing rebalancing in a few clicks.
  • After paying a nominal fee, investors can access any of the 25 premium stock baskets.
  • In addition, the platform provides top-notch advisory support to investors who are ready to pay a 2.50% fee per annum for each calendar quarter.

Basket Order by Angel One

Basket Order by Angel One is one of the Top 10 Basket Investing Platforms, perfected to meet the needs of Indian investors and traders.

Catering to over two crore customers in India, Angel One is a reputed full-service broker.

The brokerage house’s platforms are acquainted with the ‘Basket Order’ feature, which allows investors to place multiple orders simultaneously.

Benefits of Basket Order by Angel One

  • You can create and save up to 50 baskets and add a maximum of 20 securities in each.
  • Another plus point is that you don’t have to pay additional charges to execute stock baskets. All you need to pay is pre-specified brokerage charges.
  • When curating a basket with hedge positions at the Angel One platform, you can benefit from reduced margin for hedging. Therefore, you require a smaller margin when placing multiple orders.
  • Basket Order by Angel One platform automatically divides a significant order into multiple, smaller orders to meet the upper limit specified by the exchange on the number of lots. In addition, you can modify, delete, or cancel the split order.
  • Investors can clone any basket by tapping the clone icon to its right and naming it. It allows them to scale up their orders quickly without manually replicating each scrip’s quantities or names.

Basket Investing by FinX

Basket Investing by FinX ranks seventh on the Top 10 Thematic Investment Platforms list. Introduced by Choice FinX, this platform allows investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in stocks through thematic baskets.

The company’s dedicated research team has curated thematic baskets that can align with the financial goals of Indian investors.

Benefits of Basket Investing by FinX

  • Experienced finance experts have curated multiple baskets, including large-cap stars, Mighty IT, alpha auto ancillaries, supermarkets, and more.
  • The platform asks investors to have a minimum amount of Rs. 6,000 for basket investing.
  • An expert research team evaluates the performance of each basket every quarter to rebalance investors’ portfolios and help them achieve the highest CAGR possible.
  • Investing in baskets is free, except you need to pay a brokerage fee.
  • Moreover, the platform offers a straightforward basket investment process. All you need to do is select the desired basket and place the order. The ordered basket will be made available in your portfolio.

Thematic Baskets by blinkX

Thematic Baskets by blinkX is another Top Basket Investing Platform in India you can capitalize on to execute thematic baskets swiftly.

BlinkX is your personal market navigator that uncomplicates Indian users’ investments. Its ecosystem is laser-focused and is all about intelligent investments.

Available as a cutting-edge app, you can access Thematic Baskets by blinkX everywhere across Android and Apple devices.

Benefits of Thematic Baskets by blinkX

  • Star fund managers curate thematic baskets and assist investors in making the right investment decisions.
  • You can choose from various themes, sectors, and styles to invest in the baskets.
  • The platform enables investors to execute thematic basket orders within three steps. All you need to do is register with pre-filled data, choose the theme or style, and approve the miniature portfolios.
  • Some attractive features of Thematic Baskets by blinkX include easy UI, frequent market updates, multiple strategies, and high-speed trading.
  • Moreover, the platform offers slick tools like IPO subscriptions, stock news, technical charts, and screeners that can help you level up your investment game.


Wealthdesk, the Best Thematic Investment Platform in India, provides WealthBaskets. They are a composite of stocks and EFTs curated by SEBI-registered experts.

Whether you are new to the stock investment, invest actively or strategically, or are afraid of stock markets, Wealthdesk has stock baskets for each type of investor.

Moreover, investors can now access WealthBaskets on Share. Market.

Benefits of Wealthdesk

  • Wealthdesk features research-driven stock baskets, named WealthBaskets, that align with the financial goals of the newbie, active, strategic, and conscious investors.
  • The platform provides timely updates to help investors stay true to their underlying strategy and theme.
  • You can start your WealthBasket journey in three simple steps- discover a diversified collection of WealthBaskets, invest in the desired basket, and track them with regular updates.
  • Moreover, investors don’t have to worry about hidden costs or lock-in periods when using Wealthdesk.
  • Another USP of basket investing via Wealthdesk is you don’t need to set up a separate account. If you have existing broking credentials with any of Welathdesk’s integrated broker partners, you can log in using them.


Starfolio ranks tenth on the list of the Top Basket Investing Platform in India. It’s an ideal basket investing platform to stay ahead of the market with index-beating equities, ETFs, and gold baskets.

Many big names in the broking industry are linked to Starfolio baskets, including Angel One, Zerodha, Upstox, IIFL Securities, 5Paisa, and many others.

Benefits of Starfolio

  • The first benefit of Starfolio is that the platform allows investors to invest in high-return stock baskets with a single click, making it blazing fast.
  • Moreover, the platform provides access to 15 expert-curated baskets. These baskets are categorized into low, medium, and high-risk types and expert, free, and public basket types.
  • Starfolio allows you to create your basket across diverse stocks and ETFs tailored to your financial goals.
  • You can feed in your risk, growth, and value expectations to create an automated basket and execute them to generate wealth.
  • Investors do not need to incur any additional charges to use Starfolio. They are just mandated to pay brokerage fees for the basket orders they execute.

Best Basket Investing Platforms for Beginners

Many novice investors consider basket investing a lucrative strategy to earn money.

However, to make the most of your basket orders, you will need the Best Basket Investing Platform in India, exclusively designed while keeping beginner investors in mind.

Smallcase is the prominent platform to execute basket orders, especially for investors who have just embarked on their stock investment journey.

This platform lets you access simple, smart investment portfolios that industry experts devise. Next on the list of beginner-friendly basket investing platform is StockCase.

Kotak Securities owned StockCase provides 16 handpicked baskets, enabling a single click, hassle-free investment.

Alternatively, Kart by HDFC Sky, Stock Basket, and Basket Investing by FinX have also established a reputation for offering hassle-free, simplified services to newbie investors.

Top 10 Thematic Basket Platforms for Long-Term Investors

Now that you know the best thematic basket platforms for newbie investors, let’s discuss what the industry has to offer to long-term investors.

Expert investors search for the Top Thematic Basket Platform in India that can allow them to add more diverse assets to a basket and execute the order at lightning speed.

StockCase, Thematic Baskets by blinkX, Starfolio, Stock Basket, and Kart by HDFC Sky pride themselves in meeting these criteria.

The first popular choice for experienced investors is StockCase, which provides baskets curated to meet varied investment goals and risk tolerances.

Investors need not worry about exit loads and recurring or hidden charges. Thematic Baskets by blinkX is another ideal platform for long-term investors to buy thematic baskets with three clicks.

The assistance of star managers is another reason to try out this thematic investment platform.

Are you not convinced by the functionalities of these two platforms? If not, consider leveraging Starfolio, Stock Basket, and Kart by HDFC Sky.

Best Basket Investing Platforms in India with World-class Features

Another vital parameter you can’t miss when evaluating and comparing different basket investing platforms is their feature offerings.

The world-class features, tools, and functionalities are the USPs of the Best Thematic Investment Platform in India.

Smallcase dominates the basket investing technology products by offering access to incredible features.

This platform features watchlists and drafts, allowing investors to create their portfolios, view orders and history, and track their portfolios.

Stock Basket is the second most popular platform in terms of feature offerings. It features an in-built intelligent system to minimize risk, a 5-year refund guarantee, and readymade stock baskets.

Some other thematic investment platforms you can try your luck on are the Master of the Street by ICICI Direct, Basket Order by Angel One, and Wealthdesk.

These three platforms are designed to have unique features, tools, functionalities, and even educational resources.

Top Basket Investing Platforms for Diversified Basket Options

Few of the top 10 listed basket investing platforms render an excellent range of diversified basket options.

Smallcase, StockCase, Kart by HDFC Sky, Stock Basket, and Wealthdesk are some of the Best Basket Investing Platform in India, providing investors with several stock baskets.

For instance, some trending basket options of StockCase include Green Energy, Top 250 Stocks, House of Tata, Windmill Capital, Green Portfolio, Weekend Investing, and more.

StockCase also renders 16 small, medium, and large-cap baskets, from BFSI Classic Basket and First Time Favourites Basket to Future Sunshine and IT Powerhouses.

Next on the list is Kart by HDFC Sky, which allows investors to add up to 20 basket orders across varied financial assets.

Stock Basket enables investors to pick and choose from approximately 30 different baskets to meet their financial goals.

Lastly, Wealthdesk has curated varied baskets for new, active, and strategic investors.

Top 10 Easy-to-Use Thematic Investment Platforms

Another vital aspect you should evaluate when picking any thematic investment platform is its interface.

No matter how many features or baskets the Top 10 Basket Investing Platform in India facilitates, they are worthless if they don’t offer a seamless investment process.

StockCase, Stock Basket, Kart by HDFC Sky, Basket Order by Angel One, and Thematic Baskets by blinkX are some of the easy-to-use basket investing platforms.

They facilitate clutter-free, blazing speed, and easy navigation. Moreover, none of these platforms offer a more than three-step process for discovering, placing, and executing basket orders.

Even StockCase and Smallcase facilitate a one-step basket investing process.

What is a Basket Investing Platform?

One of the safest ways to trade and invest with minimal risk is to diversify the investment portfolio.

While it’s a good option, building a solid portfolio by managing various trade orders in different financial assets is relatively challenging.

It’s when many investors practice basket investing through dedicated platforms.

Basket Investing Platform is a specialized platform developed to aid investors investing in a group of financial instruments as a single entity.

These platforms offer investors a single-click option to start and grow a customized and diversified portfolio to generate long-term wealth while managing and mitigating risk.

Investors can use thematic investment platforms to add different financial securities, such as stocks, options, currencies, futures, commodities, ETFs, or MFs, in a single basket and execute it simultaneously.

Therefore, basket investing is a time-saving and less risky investment approach.

Benefits of Basket Investing & Thematic Investment Platform

This section covers the perks of basket investing and Thematic Investment Platform:

Saves time: Investing through basket investing and thematic investment platforms can aid investors save a lot of time.

They do not need to spend hours placing each order individually. Instead, they can combine all their desired financial assets into a single basket order and execute it in a single click.

Minimize slippage: Placing investment orders through a basket investing platform can also help reduce slippage.

Slippage occurs when investors make a transaction at a price different than the desired price because of market volatility or other factors.

Since thematic investment platforms enable investors to place basket orders to complete multiple transactions simultaneously, the possibility of slippage is minimized.

Better clarity and strategizing: Any cutting-edge basket investing platform will allow investors to see all the legs of their investment strategy on the same screen.

So they can evaluate their investment strategy as best as possible rather than wasting time swapping between different tabs and investment orders.

Cost-effective transactions: Investing through thematic investment platforms can lower transaction processing costs by enabling dealers to complete all transactions simultaneously.

Best Basket Investing Platform in India – Conclusion

Investing in the stock market is a dynamic activity that requires investors to execute various orders simultaneously to increase their bank balance.

As an investor, you might find yourself spending hours in front of the screen, analyzing different investment options and placing orders one by one.

Alternatively, you can buy and sell different assets simultaneously through the Best Basket Investing Platform in India, which will help you diversify your investment portfolio and lessen the risk.

Each thematic investment platform in our list has a slew of world-class features and a user-friendly interface, making it hassle-free to place basket orders.

We hope this comparison guide helps you select India’s best thematic investment platform.

FAQs on Best Basket Investing Platform in India

Here are various FAQs related to Top Thematic Investment Platform in India.

Which is the No.1 Basket Investing Platform in India?

Smallcase ranks first as the basket investing platform by offering innovative investment baskets curated by India’s leading finance experts.

Which Thematic Investment Platform Has World-class Features?

Smallcase surpasses all other top thematic investment platforms with its promising features and tools.

The amazing features are single-click investment, real-time tracking, customized Smallcases, and more.

What are the Top 5 Basket Investing Software?

Smallcase, StockCase, Kart by HDFC Sky, Stock Basket, and Master of the Street are India’s top five basket investing software.

Which Platform is superfast for Basket Investing?

Master of the Street by ICICI Direct has been rewarded as the superfast platform for basket investing.

Which Thematic Investment Platform is Most Profitable?

Smallcase takes pride in itself as the most profitable basket trading program.

Which Basket Investing Software has Top Fund Managers?

Kart by HDFC Sky dominates the basket investing field with a team of leading fund managers.

Which is the Top Basket Investment Platform with Diversified Baskets?

Smallcase, Wealthdesk, and Basket Investing by FinX are some of the top basket investment software offering diversified basket options.

Which Platform is Safe for Basket Investing in India?

Smallcase, StockCase, and Stock Basket are recognized as the safest platforms to place and execute basket orders.

Which Basket Investing Software is Best for Long-Term Investors?

Have you been investing in the stock market for a long and are considering turning to basket investing? If so, Thematic Baskets by blinkX is the right pick for you.

Which are the 3 Best Thematic Investment Platforms?

Smallcase, StockCase, and Kart by HDFC Sky are the three best thematic investment platforms for Indian investors.