Best Trading Platform in India – List of Top 10 Investment Platforms of 2024

Trading has become an everyday affair for many traders, and trading apps have transformed how people trade. Sitting on your favourite couch, you can manage the entire stock market like a pro.

Thanks to the online trading platforms that made impossible things possible. This article will examine the Top Trading Software in India and its features in detail.

Besides, everyone has something in the store with the trading apps, whether you’re a novice or an expert trader.

With numerous trading platforms available, finding the Best Trading Platform takes time and effort. However, we are here to simplify your work.

Why settle for something ordinary when we have the best trading apps at our fingertips? Get set to read!

Best Trading Platform in India - Top 10 Investment Platforms in India

List of Top 10 Investment Platforms in India

Rank Broker Name
1 Zerodha Trading Platform
2 Angel One Trading Platform
3 ICICI Direct Trading Platform
4 Groww Trading Platform
5 Motilal Oswal Trading Platform
6 Sharekhan Trading Platform
7 Upstox Trading Platform
8 Kotak Securities Trading Platform
9 HDFC Securities Trading Platform
10 5Paisa Trading Platform

Navigating the vast stock market landscape can be challenging, especially when seeking a platform that fulfils all the customers’ trading needs.

Not every platform caters to every trader, as each trader seeks specific traits and features that may not be universally available across all platforms.

So, finding the Best Investment Platform that caters to the customers’ needs is crucial. Whether you’re seeking a smooth user experience, affordable fees, or extensive research tools, we’ve got your back.

This article will shed light on the Best Trading Platform in India that could help you zero in on a platform for an exceptional stock exchange experience.

Besides buying and selling stocks, traders can also invest in valuable funds and earn a decent income through these apps.

Moreover, there are multiple trading platforms available in India for traders, and they are technologically advanced and provide a clutter-free trading experience to the users.

Comparison of Top Trading Software in India

Some essential factors help determine the best trading platform according to the user requirements.

Trading Platforms Mobile App Web Trading Trading Terminal Algo Trading Basket Investing
Zerodha Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Angel One Yes Yes Yes Yes No
ICICI Direct Yes Yes Yes No No
Groww Yes Yes No No No
Motilal Oswal Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Sharekhan Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Upstox Yes Yes No No Yes
Kotak Securities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HDFC Securities Yes Yes Yes No Yes
5Paisa Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For instance, few traders lay a strong foundation for the intuitiveness of the user interface, while some customers look for the features and tools.

Few traders consider accessibility a critical factor in trading on any device. Other factors include speed of order execution, security, customer support, etc.

Each trading app has distinct features to boast about and offers different attributes to the users.

With the help of these trading apps, one can hone their stock marketing skills and gain knowledge about stocks and exchanges.

So, without further adieu, let us get into the article and check out the Top 10 Trading Softwares in India.

Zerodha Kite Platform

Zerodha is one of the Best Trading Platforms in India. The app is best to use for both seasoned traders and novice traders alike.

Zerodha Logo

The company has launched Zerodha Kite, its dedicated mobile trading app. The stock broker also has a platform called Console, which is a centralized dashboard for your account.

Furthermore, users can use the Zerodha Coin app to make mutual fund investments. Another app is Zerodha Varsity, which offers customers knowledge of the stock market.

Well, check out the top 5 benefits of Zerodha.

Benefits of the Zerodha Kite Platform

  • Advanced charts, deep analytics on trades, a complete portfolio of investments, and free equity trading options.
  • You can place multiple orders using the sticky order window feature.
  • The app comes with an advanced interface and allows direct applications for top IPOs through the app.
  • Customers can use the leverage indicator to analyze how much leverage they can get for the trades.
  • The view breakdown features showcase the brokerage and STT charges on the go.

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Angel One Trading Platform

If you are looking for the Best Investment Platform in India, search no more, as Angel One is the best investment platform for traders.

Angel One Logo

Angel One has launched a dedicated app called Angel Speed Pro with extraordinary trading features. The app is best known for executing orders at jet speed.

The stock broker also has the AngelOne super app, which allows users to invest/trade in equities, mutual funds, and more.

Also, there is the Angel One Trade web trading platform for pro traders.

Benefits of Angel One Trading Platform

  • Angel One allows traders to diversify their portfolios by investing in stocks, equities, commodities, currency trading, derivatives, margin trading, ETFs, F&O, Bonds, and mutual funds.
  • The Angel One web trading platform can access Trading view charts, advanced indicators, and ChartIQ for charting.
  • The app has an advanced option chain, margin trading facility, option strategies, and smart orders.
  • Trade instantly with the help of live streaming of rates.
  • Jargon-free reporting and margin on option buying.

ICICI Direct Trading Platform

Another Top Trading Platform in India is ICICI Direct, which has launched its one-stop destination app called ICICI Direct app.

ICICI Direct Logo

You can trade and invest on the go with the app. Also, the app has advanced tools that make trading and investing a breeze.

Traders can trade in stocks, mutual funds, F&O, IPO, Commodities, currency, FD& Bonds, insurance, etc.

Moreover, you can use various web applications like iTrack, ICICI Markets, ICICI direct iLearn-Education, and Multipie.

Benefits of ICICI Direct Trading Platform

  • With the app, you can carry out flash trade as it has a simplified chart-based F&O trading facility. You can track and trade on the same screen with this feature.
  • The app offers one-click equity, F&O, and mutual fund access. It also promotes ready-made strategies and investment packs for quick trading and investing.
  • Sell your stocks and receive money in your account in less than 5 minutes with the eATM service.
  • Traders can use the MTF service to buy stocks now and pay later.
  • The app provides access to tools like a payout analyzer, resources, live market commentary, and research.

Groww Trading Platform

Groww is yet another Top Investment Platform in India with 5 crore+ downloads.

Groww Logo

The Groww app is named for its user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, which ensure an exciting experience. Everyone, from beginners to seasoned traders, finds the app easy to navigate.

Moreover, the app offers a diverse portfolio at affordable costs, which has drawn the attention of a wide range of traders.

Groww web is a platform for desktop, laptop, and mobile. The trading website is compatible with various browsers and has numerous features.

Benefits of Groww Trading Platform

  • The app charges nil for account opening and account maintenance.
  • It has high-end security and encryption methods to keep the user’s data secure and safe.
  • Apart from this, the app provides a stock screener, live market updates, portfolio tracker, SIP calculator, watchlist, smart alerts, etc.
  • The app is led by an expert team to address the issues and provide the necessary reports in no time.
  • Get the Indian Stock Market at your fingertips with the app.

Motilal Oswal Trading Platform

Motilal Oswal is the one for you if you are looking for an award-winning trading platform with more than 35 years of experience in the stock market industry.

Motilal Oswal Logo

Its astonishing features make it its name in our Top 10 Stock Trading Software’s in India list.

The trading platform has revolutionized the way trading is performed with its tech features. Through dedicated personal advisors, it caters its best services to its customers.

The stock broker has a mobile trading app called MO Investor and a web-based platform called MO Trader, allowing traders to invest and trade in diverse segments.

Benefits of Motilal Oswal Trading Platform

  • At Motilal Oswal, the trading game is very cost-effective. You can trade in intraday and futures at just 0.02%.
  • The stock broker has a stock market education platform called EduMo to educate traders and investors.
  • Get high-quality research reports and daily recommendations for intraday, options, and long-term investments.
  • The support for the Trading View platform gives access to charts, indicators, stock screeners, etc.
  • Tech-savvy customers can enjoy AI-based trade recommendations from the app.

Sharekhan Trading Platform

Sharekhan stands in the 5th place in our Top 10 Share Trading Platforms list. With the Sharekhan app, trade like a pro in diverse portfolios without hassle.

Sharekhan Logo

To date, 2.5 billion+ trades have been carried out on the platform. The app platform launched by the stock broker is called the Sharekhan app, which is a super-light app.

Also, if you are looking for a desktop trading platform, you can download Trade Tiger, which has many advanced features.

The Dial-N-Trade platform is another platform to place trades on call for free.

Benefits of the Sharekhan Trading Platform

  • The app is called the InvestTiger app, which promotes easy and quick order placements.
  • This app has new-age features like scanners, advanced charting, and analysis, live ticker, options data, chartbooks, auto risk-reward calculations, etc.
  • With over 23+ years of experience in the industry, the stockbroker has evolved like a hero with its tech buildup.
  • The app provides intelligent search options and reports along with live feeds.
  • Above all, the traders can place trading orders for free over the call. You can call the telebrokers and get your order placed on the call.

Upstox Trading Platform

Stay ahead of the markets with the help of the Upstox trading platform. With 1 cr+ Android downloads and fantastic features, the app has made its name on our Top 10 Investment Platforms list.

Upstox Logo

In addition, you can take timely actions and use popular investing options, which have become popular among seasoned and beginner traders.

Pro Web is a web trading platform from Upstox for pro traders. The HTML-based trading platform allows users to trade in commodities, futures, options, and currencies.

Benefits of the Upstox Trading Platform

  • With the app, customers can trade and invest in popular segments like equities, derivatives, futures & options, currency, commodity futures, and options.
  • The app also has advanced features for pro traders, like a market watch, advanced charts, live stock quotes, 100 technical tools, etc.
  • Users can engage in intraday trading with up to 5X leverage.
  • The app provides investment ideas for top-rated funds and the top 30 actively traded stocks.
  • Additionally, Upstox Pro allows you to access 80+ drawing tools, OI analysis, FII & DII data, GTT, etc.

Kotak Securities Trading Platform

Kotak Securities is another trading platform available for use and offers one of the distinctive features one can offer. It is also a part of our Top Trading Software in India list.

Kotak Securities Logo

With smart pricing and smart plans, the app sets the stage for convenience and value for investors and traders alike.

Moreover, the account opening charges are zero, and investors above 30 can enjoy more benefits through the app.

Witness the future of trading with Kotak Neo, a smart, secure, and seamless app from Kotak Securities.

The stock broker also has a dedicated trading terminal called Nest Trading terminal, which offers a range of financial products tailored to customers’ needs.

Benefits of Kotak Securities Trading Platform

  • Firstly, the app makes online trading a breeze with the Kotak Securities application. Trade in equity, derivatives, and currencies with the app.
  • Secondly, with the app, you can have research reports, online courses, webinars, etc, at your fingertips.
  • Thirdly, there is no brokerage fee for intraday trading; the app also supports margin trading.
  • Subsequently, traders can access trading tools like stock charts, new sections, gainers and losers, watchlists, etc.
  • Finally, get the investing guide, which provides the latest updates on finance and the market.

HDFC Securities Trading Platform

While numerous trading platforms are available online, another platform that made headlines with its feature set is HDFC Securities.

HDFC Securities Logo

With over 20+ years of experience, the trading platform has emerged as a winner on our list of the Best Investment Software in India.

Besides, the online trading platform has a dedicated app called HDFC Securities InvestRight.

With the app, you can trade and also invest in mutual funds and IPOs. Also, there is a platform for researchers and analysts called ProTerminal.

If you are particularly looking for an investment app from HDFC Securities, you can download HDFC Money and invest in any fund you like online.

Benefits of HDFC Securities Trading Platform

  • Get the market snapshot on the go and get the updates on top gainers, top losers, research, market today, etc.
  • Enjoy brokerage as low as 0.01% with the app.
  • Get investment ideas from the top experts in the trading industry through the app.
  • With the investment trackers feature, get real-time updates on live data, Nifty 50, stock market, BSE Sensex, and F&O.
  • Above all, if you are an IPO investor, you can make the best use of the app

5Paisa Trading Platform

5Paisa is a hi-tech platform for traders in India. It is regarded as a Top Trading Platform in India with more than 40 lakh+ customers and powerful tools.

5Paisa Logo

5Paisa trading app has a multi-asset watchlist, advanced charts, and more. Thanks to its wide array of product offerings, traders and investors find the app intriguing to use.

TradeStation Web is specifically designed for web users, while FnO 360 is for derivatives trading. This Developer API is also available for users who are enthusiastic about creating new trading strategies.

Benefits of the 5Paisa Trading Platform

  • The 5paisa trading app has many astonishing features, such as a single-touch login, multilingual support, watchlist and ticker, etc.
  • With the TradeStation EXE, you can easily trade on your desktop and enjoy features like cover order, combined snap window, advanced charts, etc.
  • For derivative traders, FnO 360 is a dedicated platform where traders trade on options trading with the help of advanced tools and features.
  • Also, there is a dedicated platform designed for laptops called TradeStation web, through which traders can access demat accounts and effortlessly place and execute orders.
  • Place orders in a single click with the basket orders option.

Best Trading Platform in India for Beginners

If you are a beginner looking for a platform that could assist you with basic trading and investing information and criteria, there are multiple apps to count on.

Groww, Zerodha, Angel One, Kotak Securities, and HDFC Securities are some of the Best Trading Platform in India that could assist novice investors and traders.

While Groww has an interactive interface to assist beginner traders, Zerodha has the lowest brokerage fees to charge. Angel One has the best research tools to assist those just starting up.

On the other hand, Kotak Securities is known for offering personalized advisory services for beginners.

However, HDFC Securities is a dedicated app for investors with many investment options. Overall, all these platforms provide the best services to beginners.

Best Investment Platform in India with World-class Features

Coming to the Top Share Trading Platform in India, multiple platforms offer world-class features to the customers. They are Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, Kotak Securities, and Angel One.

All these platforms cater to their customers with top-class features that are only exclusively available on these apps. These apps have innovative tools that provide a seamless trading experience to the users.

These apps enhance the knowledge of investors and traders by offering them research and analysis tools. If you want to indulge in the features, download them for Android and iOS platforms.

Top Trading Platform with Easy to Use

For traders and investors who like to use a simple interface with easy navigation and order execution, Groww, Zerodha, 5Paisa, Angel One, and Kotak Securities are apt.

These platforms are user-friendly and come packed with robust features. Moreover, account opening and maintenance are easy with these apps.

These are some of the Best Investment Platform in India, and even novice investors can effortlessly invest through these apps.

These apps also have guides and resources to help the customers attain the much-needed knowledge about trading. These applications are top-notch performers when it comes to the ease of use.

Top Investment Platform offering top notch Charts & Tools

Investors and traders who like to indulge in the charts and tools offered by the trading platforms to make wise financial decisions can rely on Motilal Oswal, Angel One, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, or HDFC Securities app.

They have the Best Trading Software built and can help traders make their trading journey smoother.

You can use the advanced charts and tools offered by these apps to analyze the best-performing and worst-performing stocks to invest accordingly.

All these apps offer these tools for free, and you can use them to the best of your knowledge for the best trading experience.

Top 10 Trading Platforms in India having amazing Research & Advisory

Suppose you are a trader who likes to take cues from research and advisory reports.

In that case, you can take cues from the following apps: Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, Kotak Securities, Angel One, and ICICI Direct. These are a few of the Top 10 Trading Platform in India.

These reports provide insights and recommendations based on various factors such as technical indicators, market trends, fundamental data of the company, etc.

They can assist traders in identifying opportunities, risks, and excellent investment strategies.

Enhance your trading experience by leveraging the research and advisory reports and staying ahead of the market trends with these apps.

What are Trading & Investment Platforms?

A trading and investment platform is a medium through which traders and investors trade and invest in stocks and funds.

The Trading Platform allows traders to open accounts, manage portfolios, and execute orders seamlessly.

Most of the apps discussed in this article have trading and investment portfolios. Popular stock brokers launch these trading platforms for trading and investing.

While few platforms are free to use, few charge affordable amounts from the traders on executed orders.

Also, some platforms here charge brokerage for account maintenance, while a few don’t charge anything to the customers.

Benefits of Trading & Investment Platform

Check out various benefits of Stock Trading Platforms.

  • Placing orders and getting them executed with a trading platform is very easy. The apps make the order execution clutter-free.
  • Users can access real-time data easily through the app.
  • Unlike brokerage houses that charge somewhat high fees, these apps charge almost non-existent brokerage fees from users.
  • Receive app notifications and price alerts, which help make instant trading decisions.
  • All trading apps have an in-built Investment Platform through which users can invest in multiple funds.
  • Access research reports, charts, indicators, and more with the app.
  • Get expert insights on high-performing stocks and funds from the dedicated team of experts through the app.

Best Trading Platform in India – Conclusion

Well, these are India’s best trading platforms based on their features. Whether you are a seasoned or a novice trader, these apps come to your rescue when you require sound financial advice.

We have curated the list of Best Trading Platform in India here, and it is up to you to choose the app that caters to your specific needs.

You can select the app that satisfies all your criteria so you don’t miss out on any trading opportunities.

FAQs on Best Trading Platform in India

Read on these frequently asked questions to better the trading platforms in India.

Which is the No.1 Trading Platform in India?

Zerodha Kite is the no.1 trading platform in India. It is the best trading app available in the market, with more than one crore clients.

Which software is safe to trade in India?

Angel One Platform is the safest trading platform in India. It has robust security measures to protect user data.

It uses two-factor authentication, encryption, and secure payment gateways for data protection and security.

What are the Top 5 Trading Software?

Zerodha, Angele One, ICICI Direct, Groww, and Motilal Oswal are India’s top 5 trading software.

Which Platform is superfast for Trading?

If you are looking for a superfast trading platform, look no further than Groww Trading Platform. It promotes fast execution and order placements.

Which Investment Platform has Zero Errors?

Motilal Oswal Trading Platform has zero errors. The app is designed so that there are no bugs.

Which Investment Software offers Quick Account Opening?

Angel One Platform offers the fastest account opening. If you seek a quick account opening to start your trading journey, rely on Angel One.

Which Trading Software is Best for Trade Tips?

Trading tips can help traders a great deal in making wise investment decisions. Sharekhan Trading Platform is the best software for tips on trade.

Which Option Trading Platform is Top Notch?

HDFC Securities Trading Platform  is the top-notch option trading platform available in India.

Which Investment Platform has World-class Features?

While every trading platform is unique, Kotak Securities Trading Platform can be tagged as unique for its world-class features.

Which Trading Software is Best for Intraday Traders?

If you are an intraday trader, the best software you can use to make intraday trading is the ICICI Direct Trading Platform.