Mint is an efficient financial app and website. It is designed to simplify the economic lives of Indian investors.

This Platform started its journey in February 2007. The HT Media Group by the Hindustan Times publishes this business news portal.

Its website and app provide a consolidated view of finances in one place. It eliminates the need to use multiple apps. In this Mint Review, we will focus on its unique features.

About Mint

The Mint News Platform helps to connect with a vast array of financial institutions. Users get live updates on stocks, indices, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities.

They can access market dashboards to get an inclusive idea of financial landscapes. Its data pages, tailored notifications, videos, newsletters, and podcasts provide greater insight.

Its expert analysis helps to understand the Indian and global economy. Further, users can track their progress towards their financial goals.

It offers a free version with all the core budgeting features. However, some premium-quality features require a paid subscription.

Mint’s easy-to-access interface makes financial dealing a fun fact. It features a simple web design. Anyone with basic market knowledge can follow its website and app for economic updates.

Mint – Top Features

It is a free budgeting app and website, helps users manage their finances. Unique features of the Mint Research Platform help it stand out in the competition.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of its top features in the free and paid versions:

Features of Free Version

Easily to use: Mint’s user-friendly interface makes managing finances simple. This app makes everything easy, from following news and price updates to easy navigation.

Its intuitive features make it a favourite of seasoned investors and newcomers.

Interactive Market Dashboard: The free version offers a Market Dashboard with updated financial news and trends.

Users can check out any stock price and its movements, making informed decisions about their money.

Customized News: It provides tailored news articles based on users’ interests and financial goals. It tracks users’ preferences and shows relative news.

So they don’t waste their time on extraneous news and can move ahead with their targets.

Newsletters: Mint offers informative newsletters freely on the app. These newsletters by market experts allow users to analyze complex ideas and incidents easily.

They also give users a comprehensive view of the financial landscape. So they can invest with proper planning.

Business Podcasts: Its business podcasts, hosted by financial analysts, benefit users with further insights.

Users can also learn about finance and investing while commuting or working out, which saves them a good amount of time.

Listen to News: This website features a “Listen to Story” button in its app. It enables users to listen to the news they prefer.

So, like business podcasts, this feature also helps save time. This way, users can utilize most of their time.

Features of Mint Premium

Distilled Business Analysis: The paid version offers an in-depth analysis of a company’s practical financial status.

Users can understand the chances of growth and avoid losses. Perfect analysis is vital in financial dealings. This platform earned its reliability in this sector.

Notifications: Mint Premium delivers curated newsletters straight to the user’s inbox. So they don’t miss out on any essential news. Also, it helps them grab every possible profit from their assets.

Get Expert Advice: Its experts provide tailored financial guidance and answer any financial questions users may have. This ensures well-rounded information and helps users set realistic goals.

Access to The Economist Articles: Users can read the curated articles in the Economist in Mint Premium.

As sister concerns, they complement each other. This website provides an even wider view to their readers.

Chance to Attend Exclusive Events: It organizes interactive events for financial discussions. Prime members can attend these events and benefit from the information provided by experts.

How to use the Mint Share Market Website?

This website offers inclusive news on stocks, indices, and other instruments. Users can access the Mint Share Market Website by following these easy steps.

  1. First, visit the Mint website and log in to your account. However, visitors can access essential news without entering their ID and password.
  2. The homepage shows headlines and summaries of significant market movements. Visitors can also check out the latest economic news and industry trends.
  3. For stock news and updates, users must click the “Markets” option on the homepage. A drop-down menu with multiple options will then appear.
  4. Users can select from different share market segments to gain detailed insight. Also, they can view the latest market news as helpful information.
  5. Also, users can find stocks and news from the search bar at the top of the website. It helps them find stocks quickly without visiting multiple pages.

Mint Charges

Mint’s basic app and website are freely available to its users. So users don’t need to pay for the latest financial news and stock updates.

However, Mint has multiple paid versions with more features and benefits. For its Premium plan, the Platform Charges Rs.2,949 per year.

So, users need to pay approx. Rs.246 per month. In this plan, users get an ad-free experience. Also, they can access unlimited premium-quality articles.

In the Light plan, users can access 30 premium articles. Its subscription cost is Rs.1,499 per year. So, users need to pay Rs.125 per month.

Further, users can buy the Plus plan for Rs.3,499 per year. In this plan, they get ad-free access to unlimited global commercial insights.

These multiple plans help users to choose the perfect plan they require.

How to Login & Use the Pro Version of the Mint App?

The following steps will guide the Mint Login process.

  1. First, download and install the app on your smartphone or tablet. It is available for both Android and iOS.
  2. Existing users must log in to their accounts with their user ID and password. Then, they can proceed to purchase paid versions.
  3. New users must register in the portal. To do so, they must provide their email or mobile number and follow on-screen directions.
  4. After logging in, users can choose the subscription plan they prefer. The plan is available in the app’s “Subscribe” option.
  5. Once upgraded, users can explore the app with the new features unlocked with Mint Premium.
  6. Each paid version has specific tutorials within the app. Users must go through these to effectively use each feature.

Benefits of Mint

The benefits listed below are fantastic reasons to start using the Mint Website.

  • The Mint News Platform is a reliable source of business news. Users can stay informed with inclusive market updates and analysis within the app or website.
  • Its easy-to-use interface helps beginners navigate complex financial landscapes. Also, it helps seasoned traders quickly find the info they seek.
  • Its interactive dashboard allows users to check their preferred stock prices. Also, the advanced tools help speculate their movements.
  • Their market experts offer tailored financial advice. Users can follow their tips and profit from the market without in-depth research.
  • Newsletters in this portal are rich sources of financial insights. Users can access several useful newsletters from their inboxes in the paid version.
  • Users can listen to market experts’ business podcasts for detailed information. They don’t need to spend time reading, so that they can access podcasts on the go.

Mint Share Market Portal Review – Conclusion

Mint is a leading financial news provider by the HT Media Group. It has helped many investors with its top-notch business news and insights for over a decade.

This platforms excellent accuracy makes it a reliable source of stocks and business news. It is a valuable tool in the financial journey of both novices and seasoned pros.

We hope this Mint Share Market Portal Review offers all-inclusive information. So, utilize and profit from your investments.

FAQs on the Mint Share Market Platform

These are the common queries related to the Mint, as follows:

What is Mint?

Mint is an award-winning financial platform in India. Published by the reputed HT Media Group, it helps its readers grow their assets with thorough insights and proper planning.

Is this website Free?

It is available in both free and paid varieties. The free version shows all essential business news with expert opinions. It is a perfect choice for casual investors.

How to use this Website?

The interface of this website is very simple and easy to follow. Visitors can find all essential info from the menus on the homepage.

Does Mint provide accurate News?

Mint’s reporters provide accurate news and updates on time. So its users can secure all profits from traders. Its accuracy makes it one of the best business websites in India.

What is the performance of its Advisory Services?

The testimonials from past clients depict the stunning performance of its advisory services. Users can follow the tips to profit from the market without thorough knowledge.

Is Mint Platform Trustworthy?

The Mint finance app is very safe to use. Its multi-factor validation makes it the safest platform among online media. Presently, millions of users trust this app for business and investment.

What are the Fees for the Mint Premium Version?

The fee for the Mint Premium version is Rs.2,949 per year, or Rs.246 per month if we assess the monthly charges.

The Light version is available for Rs.1,499 per year, and the Plus version costs Rs.3,499 annually.


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