Best Algo Trading Platform in India – List of Top 10 Automated Trading Platforms of 2024

With a $4.33 trillion valuation, India’s stock market is one of the world’s most promising trading markets.

Quickly adapting to new technology like AI and ML software has become the basic need of traders at this time.

Following this, algo trading is key to maintaining speed and accuracy. Of course, a list of top algo trading software in India can help you to make a profitable decision.

However, it depends on several factors: easy metrics, price and the end results. Remember, the best algo trading platform can change your trading game and boost your portfolio more than before.

With the help of algo trading, traders enhance their strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

Best Algo Trading Platform in India - Top 10 Automated Trading Softwares in India

Top 10 Automated Trading Platforms in India

Rank Algo Trading Platform
1 Streak
2 TradeTron
3 AlgoTraders
4 AlgoBulls
5 AlgoTest
6 Quantiply
7 RoboTrader
8 NinjaTrader
9 Algoji
10 Tickeron

With the help of pre-defined algorithms, enjoy peace of mind with the magic of AI programs on your financial products.

However, traders must carefully consider some factors to get the best-automated trading platform in India. Everything is crucial to picking the best one, from reliability, cost, and tools to customer reviews.

First, check which kind of trader you are. Are you a newbie, a beginner, or a pro player? You have options for all stages of trading.

For example, beginners should focus on easy methods and friendly software, whereas medium traders should use a platform that offers advanced coding features.

In fact, robust risk-reducing tools, backtesting facilities, paper trading, and simulating trades are major factors that must be considered before deciding on the best algo trading platform in India.

However, not everyone is a coding ninja. Here, an in-built strategy helps new traders get some trading logic and analysis without complex code.

In addition, you have multiple payment options, from per-order costs to monthly or annual charges, depending on long-term or short-term goals.

Comparison of Top Algo Trading Software in India

If you aim to focus only on market sentiment rather than your own decision, Algo Trading offers you a new way of trading with accuracy.

With a defined set of rules, traders can process huge amounts of data with the twinkle of an eye.

NSE and SEBI encourage algo trading practices. Here is a brief guide to discovering the top 10 algo trading software in India, which is turning your journey to the next level.

First, Streak covers many clients at all stages and in all pockets. For example, it provides basic features like a smooth interface for new traders and also arranges advanced support for paper trading and backtesting.

Meanwhile, Tradetron welcomes traders with zero coding ideas. However, AlgoTest aims to boost strategy building with a record of 20 million backtesting.

With trade automation, big data analysis and various tools, AlgoTraders is an intelligent solution.

Even AI-driven platform Algobulls is not behind the race with a record of $2 billion in trade management.

Get a detailed list of the top 10 trading software in India from the next discussion.


Streak is designed as a user-friendly algo trading partner for traders. If you are genuinely looking for the best algo trading platform in India, this software has valid reasons to grab the top position.

Moreover, the precision (amount of data) of backtesting ensures more error-free results to boost your portfolio.

Even with zero coding concepts, Zerodha supports your algo trading journey with pre-defined strategies.

Starting January 2024, Streak offers completely free access for Zerodha users.

  • 99% accuracy in backtesting with more than 70 tech indicators for each stock analysis
  • Forget coding complex and use pre-defined blocks to apply new strategies. It also allows multiple entries and exits to create flexibility.
  • The platform has countless tech analysis tools to solidify your portfolio.
  • Streak bots act as your watchdog in the market; they notify you when the price fulfils your conditions.
  • Streaks allows you to group at least 20 scrips with real-time deployment.

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Tradetron always stands out as a premium place for algo traders, which is why the global platform has won 2nd place on the list of best-automated trading platforms in India.

TradeTron justifies its motto ‘ algo trading for all’ with the support of multiple markets, currencies and assets.

Traders can avoid downloading the software; even without a data link, it works so that traders can trade from anywhere in the world!

In addition, as a market advisor, you can buy their quant strategies and provide services to traders to help them make money.

In the case of pricing, you can start a free trial with ten strategies and a paper trading facility. But it is good to begin with a Starter plan of ₹300.

However, the most popular Retail+ plan comes with ₹2500; the maximum pricing plan is Creator+, which costs ₹15,000.

  • The Trade Engine facility will set your conditions( entry and exit), leaving the rest of your duties on the platform.
  • Strategy builders support price execution logic, which provides a hedging facility, stop order solution, and unique strategy.
  • Facility of risk-free testing and automated monitoring of real market conditions
  • At least 50 keywords for each block, so build strategies with drag-and-drop builders in seconds.
  • Quant model strategies and pair trading practices help traders.


Enjoy the power of a bot to monitor your trading journey with AlgoTraders. It is considered one of the top algo trading platforms in India.

AlgoTraders offers the best possible Algo trading solutions, from unit testing to code reviews. In addition, It offers simple quant methods for newbies and big data analysis.

  • Freedom with auto trading, saving time and energy and getting relief from daily stress in a volatile market.
  • Data-driven results ensure backtesting every minute to keep your portfolio ahead of the competition.
  • Get a review of strategies every 6 hours, helping traders to modify their conditions, if required.
  • Customize your buy, set limits as per risk appetites, and get a scope to invest your profit in USDT or Tether-like stable crypto coins.
  • In addition, traders get new tools like MFI RSI to ensure maximum data analysis.


Starting its journey from Wall Street now, Algobulls target is to make the most of its traders from Dalal Street. Its feature-rich algo trading platform is useful for both domestic and foreign markets.

If you want to storm the market with end-to-end trading algorithms, AlgoBulls is one of the top automated trading platforms in India to support it.

Suppose you want to pay only for backtesting and paper trading; AlgoBulls offers a warm welcome. You can also go for pro plans with a free trial and end up with the highest plan cost ₹23,600/month.

However, traders can start with only an equities plan at a monthly cost of ₹1,180. Among the six pricing plans, the popular plan, Premium, comes with ₹5,310.

  • Support over 150+ technical indicators to empower your algo trading journey with many new patterns.
  • Apart from pre-defined strategies, traders have complete flexibility to tweak (change for the better) with the help of 25 tools.
  • Beginners get help from pre-build strategies, saving time to customize their own with coding concepts.
  • Easy to learn with quick access to tutorials and tools, making real-time trading smooth work.
  • Traders are free to trade in global markets with multi-exchange, multi-broker, and multi-country trading facilities.


With a record of 12.5 million live trades and the trust of 13,000+ traders, AlgoTest has valid reasons to secure a place as one of India’s top 10 algo trading software.

The platform is designed for all categories of traders, from beginners to mid-level traders to experts. Despite its main focus on options trading, AlgoTest has opened its doors to all categories.

AlgoTest offers a low-price strategy with maximum support to cater to the market. Its Starter plan starts at only ₹299, but you can expect more discounts on other premium plans.

For example, with a discount offer, you can opt for the Explorer or Pro plan, which costs ₹899 and ₹1999, respectively.

  • If you are looking for daily free templates with fast and straightforward algo trading, AlgoTest is your cup of tea.
  • Get access to 7 years of data history and fast backtesting free of cost; even AlgoTest offers the best-refined strategy.
  • Traders can start the journey with 20+ brokers directly from the platform.
  • You can go for a live market trial with virtual or fake money to get a rational market view without risking capital.
  • Tweaking facility to change strategy as per market sentiment.


Supported by Kotak, Angel One, Motilal Oswal, and IIFL, among other famous brokerage houses, Quantiply has many reasons to win 6th place on the list of top 10 algo trading platforms.

In addition to all basic algo trading features, its speed and security are the main reasons for its being the top choice of traders.

Surprisingly, you can start with a 7-day free trial with all the features, helping you get the actual market view.

After that, you can move to the Starter plan for ₹250 and the Pro program at a change of ₹ 2,000. Also, you can go with the Dis Pro plan and Semi Plan at a low cost.

  • Quantiply allows you to design complex algorithms with multiple legs (a blend of options and futures contracts) and offers individual legs for stop-loss orders.
  • Enjoy fully automated and time-based trading and reduce manual entry and exit control.
  • Analyze your strategy’s history and ensure backtesting is done quickly.
  • Integration of market data to manage your trading style on the right track
  • Including limit orders, Quantiply supports various order types like take-profit, trailing stop orders, etc.


RoboTrader should be in your training device if you have done with new trading strategies.

Why? Despite a new entry in the market, RoboTrader is getting market attention, with more than 2300+ happy traders in India.

Its pre-defined ‘Naked Trading Option’ is powerful and easy to use for all kinds of traders. In our list of top 10 automated trading platforms, it ranks 7th.

Though RoboTracker has limited options for the price plan, those options are simple and clear-cut. For a monthly plan, traders have to pay ₹3500.

However, you have a tremendous annual discount after having the same plan for ₹25,000 for a year.

  • The grid trading system is here to allow multi-level order execution to make more profit.
  • Ultra-fast speed to ensure all market scopes are here to boost your portfolio.
  • Modify the market strategy and algorithms per your trading or search pattern.
  • Define your risk appetite, set a specific capital amount for each trade, and forget to monitor manually.
  • Easy to join with hedge funds brokerage houses, simplifies trade execution.

Ninja Trader

Undoubtedly, Ninja Trader is a good choice for people who want to enjoy trading in the stock market and ETFs. However, the US-based Ninja Trader started its India market operation a couple of years ago.

As a primary stock broker turned Algo trading service provider, Ninja Trader bags 8th position in the list of top Algo trading software in India.

In the case of pricing, neither a deposit nor exit penalty is imposed. It also delivers a free plan for new traders who want to enjoy algo trading.

Moreover, traders can get a free trial of 14 days with live market data.

  • Practice in real-world markets, helping traders become market-ready traders.
  • More simulations offer various strategies, and you can pick the best one that fits your budget and interests.
  • Ninja Trader allows you to backtest your strategies across various products.
  • With the simulator, you can make various order types (market, limit, stop-loss).
  • Analyze your graphs with a growth tracker, helping traders change strategy per market mood by avoiding human emotions by sticking to influencers or brand names.


Every equity market trader dreams of making more profit and reducing capital risk. Algoji’s APIBridge is the most effective solution to fulfil this dream one step further.

APIBridge helps with order control, risk tolerance, and strategy building. This firm is among the few service providers aiming to democratize algo trading for all.

In fact, Algoji is a promising platform for aspiring algo traders, and it ranks 9th on the list of best automated trading software in India.

APIBridge offers a 30-day free trial with all facilities — probably the first time in India. Additionally, traders can get a lifetime plan with only ₹25,000.

In both plans, you can add upto 20+ brokers and link their accounts with the platform.

  • Reduce your trading cost by almost 0.1% for each order.
  • It supports long- and short-term entry and exit, so frequent traders can use it.
  • Get an advantage of TradingView with indicators SuperTrend and RSI.
  • Integration of 10+ partners including MT4, AmiBroker, and Python
  • Eliminate error and reduce human emotions, helping to make a data-driven decision.


When algo trading bots and screeners can reduce your manual work, why think about other platforms? So, get ready for an error-free stock market journey with Tickeron.

Its AI robots ensure in-depth analysis of historical data. Also, its AI robots are empowered with technical and fundamental analysis.

Beyond AI robots, Tickeron provides additional features such as trading software, including AI trend predictions and AI real-time patterns.

That is why the software has achieved a place on the list of top algo trading platforms in India.

  • Market strategy supported by 100+ backtested algorithms.
  • AI Robot is a powerful and pre-defined algorithmic strategy designed by Tickeron’s quant team.
  • Customize and tweak various features within the robot to match it with your trading style and risk profile.
  • It allows multiple product segments, and you can diversify the profit pie with ETFs, crypto, and forex investment.
  • From swing traders to long-term players, the AI-driven algo trading platform has a unique strategy for all.

Best Algo Trading Platform for Beginners

The Algo trading world is complex for many people, specifically for beginners. Keeping this in mind, here is a simple analysis of the best algo trading platform in India, which is helpful for young traders who are about to start.

Streak offers a drag-and-drop interface so traders with zero coding concepts can use it. Moreover, this platform offers fundamental market trade skills without risking one’s own money.

Next, Tradetron offers another excellent offer for new traders. You can buy pre-built strategies made by other traders.

In addition, newbies can explore various markets as the platform offers multiple exchanges. AlgoTest is designed for everyone, from new traders to market gurus.

Its simple interface helps you learn everything without an AI concept. If you want user-friendliness, AlgoTraders provides full support and a clean interface.

Beyond the primary market, Algo Bulls supports multiple order types, and new traders can explore risk control methods in the stop-loss market and take profit orders.

With the trade automation facility, AlgoTraders is gaining popularity among trainee traders.

Top Automated Trading Software with Great Features

Decoding a complex coding world is excellent, but traders need unique features to maximize profitability with risk profile control tools.

With the rapid technological changes, the search for the top algo trading platform in India has become essential to control the volatile market.

As a time saver for traders, TradeTron allows you to purchase a pre-built algorithm developed by other users. It also includes paper trading with virtual fund support to get a risk-free live practice.

In fact, AlgoBulls also extends support with more than 150+ indicators to manage accuracy levels in Algo trading.

Quantiply targets simplifying algorithms with a multiple-leg strategy that combines options and futures contracts. It also offers a fully automated platform with minimum human error.

RoboTrader has a pre-defined ‘Naked Trading Option,’ which is powerful and easy to use for all kinds of traders.

Algoji tried to reduce each trading cost by 0.1%, but it also offers APIBridge for order management, risk tolerance, and strategy development.

Best Automated Trading Platform having amazing Strategy Builder Features

Are you looking to automate your trading practice? If so, here is a simple view of Algo strategy builders that can help you get the best automated trading platform in India.

With strategy builders, you can reduce errors and avoid coding complexity. TradeTron offers a code-based strategy and a defined visual builder that helps experts and newbies.

Zerodha Streak shines with 150 pre-built strategies controlled by indicator tools. It also provides pre-defined and customized settings under ‘Discover Popular Strategies’ and ‘My Strategies’, respectively.

Another powerful strategy builder is NinjaTrader, which provides market confidence with an AI bot trading system.

However, it is suitable for experienced traders who have basic coding concepts. You can pick the best strategy from AlgoBulls based on trade size and risk profile, but it comes with a premium plan.

If you love AI-powered bots to make a strategy for your trading, Tickeron is the best fit for you. Its AI robots offer pre-built strategies that are made with advanced tools.

Top 10 Algo Trading Platforms with Great User Experience & Easy to Use

UX and ease of use directly impact the trader’s ability to enjoy the platform. You can’t avoid this criterion while choosing the best algo trading software in India.

Also, it helps beginners to get algorithmic trading concepts quickly. Streak is popular for its user-friendly design and clean interface.

Its drag-and-drop interface, clean layout, and visual indicators make it easy for traders to monitor.

TradeTron also focuses on a streamlined interface that helps traders with customized solutions. Quantiply also focuses on the simplicity of the interface so that people of all skill levels can use it.

It is a high-speed platform with adjustable settings. Similar to Streak, AlgoTest also presents itself as a beginner-friendly algo platform.

With AlgoTest, traders can easily optimize and test without any coding idea. Algoji targets more clients with multiple asset classes.

So, it has built a platform that is easy to use with pre-defined elements.

Best Algorithmic Trading Platform with Optimal Execution

Optimal execution directly impacts profitability and success strategy throughout the algo trade. So, it is crucial when you search the top 10 algo trading platforms in India.

Hence, traders can reduce transaction costs and slippage. It also ensures orders are filled with the best possible price, reducing the gap between desired and final prices.

Streak’s real-time monitor tools and order control features ensure optimal execution at entry and exit points.

Tradetron aims for optimal execution through integration with leading brokers and exchanges. In addition, traders can automate order routines for smooth execution.

Similarly to Tradetron, AlgoTraders also covers multiple exchanges, and its smart order routing functions optimize trade execution in various market conditions.

AlgoBulls focuses on optimizing execution with customized features and strategies. Also, it ensures maximum fill rates.

The AI-driven algorithm of Quantiply and price prediction features are there to optimize trade execution with maximum gains.

What are Algo Trading Platforms?

Simply put, Algo trading platforms are your 24/7 smart robot friend to maximize your trading profits.

You can build it in your own style or rely on pre-defined data inserted into the software. It can automatically adjust your price per market mood and risk profile.

Without manual intervention, these platforms help traders execute orders based on pre-defined criteria, such as price movements, volume, market sentiment or other indicators.

It ignores human emotions and relies on quant teams. In addition, these platforms often provide tools for strategy building, backtesting, and monitoring market conditions in real-time.

Benefits of Algo Trading Platforms

Here are the various benefits of Algorithmic Trading Platforms in India.

  • Algo trading is a time-saving and almost error-free trading practice. Some of its benefits are as follows.
  • Automated trading platforms remove human error and emotions and allow decisions based on market weather and historical databases.
  • Execute trades around the clock as the platform supports 24/7
  • Backtesting and paper trading help to improve and refine your approach before starting live market trading
  • Allow traders to make money even from short-lived market opportunities; milliseconds matter to these algo trading platforms.
  • Pre-built algorithmic strategies help newbies, whereas professionals can set up their own.
  • Get risk control strategies to protect your interest.
  • Manage a high volume of stocks in their smooth and fast interface and control high liquidity at light-fast speed.
  • Also, traders can avoid any human error with pre-defined AI strategies.

Best Algo Trading Platform in India – Conclusion

After NSE and SEBI’s green signals, Algo Trading became more organized, with some rules and regulations.

Though Indian market watchdogs are hopeful for the ethical use of algo trading, it signals to tighten regulations shortly.

Algo traders cater to the market with speed, accuracy, ease of use, and risk regulators. You can go with the list provided for the best algo trading platform in India.

However, traders should never hesitate to ask for a free trial round with all the features to get an accurate market view.

Undoubtedly, Algo trading platforms are powerful tools, but they also demand a promise of learning from the traders.

FAQs on Best Algo Trading Platform in India

Check out various FAQs related to the Top 10 Algo Trading Platforms in India.

Which is the No.1 Algo Trading Platform in India?

After taking reviews from all corners, Streak holds the number one position for the most user-friendly platform, which is free for Zerodha users.

Is Algo Trading Profitable?

Yes, but you have to go for a coding concept for long-term investment.

Which Automated Trading Platform Has World-class Features?

Try Tradetron, AlgoTraders, and Streak to learn the most advanced features of Algo trading.

Which Algo Trading Software is Trustworthy?

You can follow the list of the top algo trading platforms mentioned above; it includes all reliable algo trading software.

Which Automated Trading Platform Has Zero Latency?

For zero Latency (the delay between a trading signal and execution), you can consider Streak, TradeTron, and AlgoBulls.

Which Automated Trading Software offers backtesting?

Backtesting is a crucial feature of algo trading, encouraged by AlgoTraders, RoboTrader, and Algoji.

Which platform is superfast for Trade execution?

As per user experience, they vote for AlgoTraders for its fast trade execution with zero Latency.

Which Algo Trading Software is cheap?

Streak is free for all Zerodha users. However, to cater to the market, AlgoTest offers a low-price strategy with maximum support. Its Starter plan starts at only ₹299.

What are the Top 5 Algo Trading Software?

Traders can select from the top five algo trading software programs: Streak, Tradetron, AlgoTraders, AlgoBulls, and AlgoTest.

Which software is safe for Accurate Execution?

Traders can rely on Streak for error-free and accurate execution.