India’s fintech space will hit $1.3 trillion by 2025. Undoubtedly, that is a big deal for all traders and brokers!

If you want to capitalize on this, try the TradeTron Algo trading platform, which supports your trading practice with less manual intervention and ensures less prediction error.

As India’s fintech market rises, consider this platform your reliable partner.

In this TradeTron review, examine how it all fits together, the tremendous features it offers, and the things that benefit your portfolio.

About TradeTron Algo Trading Platform

Simply put, the TradeTron Algo trading platform helps set your trade rules and strategies in their automated system. It allows you to relax from daily struggles with charts and price movements.

With over 30,000 automated trading plans for 8 million monthly trades, TradeTron boasts 70+ brokers in India and the US market.

Moreover, you can set multiple strategies or copy market-tested helpful strategies from other traders.

Plus, you can link TradeTron with your present brokerage account and get alerts via SMS and WhatsApp.

This fintech firm started its journey in 2020 and got market attention within four years of launching.

Recently, TradeTron teamed up with Paytm and 5Paisa to help its users with automation tools running as background support.

TradeTron Algo Trading – Top Features

Say goodbye to manually placing trades, chained with a desktop, and the days of missing out on profit-making market opportunities.

Install TradeTron Algo trading software — your 24/7 guide to automate trading without coding knowledge!

Here are the detailed pointers reflecting Trade Tron’s critical features in easy-to-understand words.

Algo performance: With more than 11,000 Algos inserted in the software, TradeTron executes 1.5 million trades monthly, boasting it as a powerhouse in algorithmic trading.

This high volume of activity proves Trade Tron’s strength in managing bulk volume. So, you can trust this tool to manage your products efficiently.

No coding complex: With TradeTron, traders get a no-code algo strategy builder. So, you can be something other than a tech nerd to build and automate your trading strategies.

Like building a pyramid with stone blocks, this tool provides a vast library of technical indicators to help you develop your trading plans.

Ever imagine buying a stock while also selling a put option? TradeTron makes it possible. Thus, you can create complex multi-legged algo strategies without coding ideas.

Backtesting & Refinement: Before starting the trading journey with customized strategies, you can enjoy a virtual trade without risking your capital; this is a backtesting facility to level up your market confidence.

In addition, traders can refine their strategies and increase productivity before starting with real money.

Social Trading: If you are new in the market and need help figuring out how to start, TradeTron offers social trading to help you learn the best strategies.

You can connect with other experts and seasonal traders to learn from their experience.  You can copy the strategies of successful traders.

Multiple exchange and broker support: TradeTron has wide market coverage; it supports eight exchanges with stocks, options, commodities, currencies, and even crypto.

In addition, traders get 70 brokers in the US and Indian markets through this marketplace. Thus, users get more freedom and flexibility in domestic and foreign markets.

Deployed Strategies (Pre-build strategies/ My Strategies): The TradeTron marketplace has a vast library of pre-built strategies that other users and experts created.

You can go for these strategies, understand their logic, and even add those strategy blocks to your account.

Also, you can choose the best from the collection of top trading recipes. In this section, subscribers get the ‘My Strategy’ option.

You can opt for the best-customized strategy, their broker, and position sizing and apply the techniques in paper trading trials or live markets.

Auto trade execution: Once you have made and backtested strategies, TradeTron automates the trading system based on your pre-defined rules.

When the price or condition hits the parameters, they will notify you via SMS or WhatsApp. So, you can react to market moments without constantly tracking market momentum.

How to use TradeTron Algo Trading Platform?

Here is a detailed understanding of how to use this algo trading platform.

Sign Up and Explore

Download the App from the marketplace or click the TradeTron algo trading platform using the web link.

  • You have to create a new account.
  • Now, explore sections such as “Dashboard, “My Strategies,” “Marketplace,” and “Backtest.”

Building Your Strategy (Code less algo trade)

  • Find the ” Strategy” section in the left-hand corner of the App.
  • Next, check and use 150 keywords to define your trading conditions. (Also, use multi-legged strategies to create a simple plan to operate multiple trades simultaneously. For example, you can buy a stock while selling a put option.)


Before starting with real money, it’s crucial to test your strategy.

  • Trade Tron’s backtesting features help you see how your strategy would have performed in a live market.
  • After that, you can filtrate your strategy before deploying it with real money.
  • Now, pick some pre-built strategies created by other expert traders.
  • Browse these strategies and understand their logic and concepts.


  • Connect Tradetron to your existing brokerage account (supported by 70 brokers globally)
  • Once you’ve backtested your strategy, define the position sizing per risk appetite.
  • You can choose between “Paper Trading” (a practice mode with simulated funds) or “Live Trading” (using natural capital).
  • Go to ‘My Strategies’ and ‘Deployed’ settings to activate, deactivate, and adjust settings.

Real-Time Updates

  • Integrate your mobile, WhatsApp, and email with the platform to get real-time updates when you hit the pre-defined criteria.

How to Download & Login to TradeTron App?

Here is the process to download the TradeTron App & log in to the same.

  1. First, determine whether your device is Android or Apple.
  2. This App can be downloaded from the App Store on iPhones or iPads. For Android devices, you must visit the Google Play Store.
  3. In the app market’s search bar, type “TradeTron” and press search.
  4. Identify the official App and tap the ‘Install’ /’Get’ button. Depending on the internet, it may take a few minutes.
  5. When the download is done, find the App on your home screen and click on it.
  6. You can see login fields with username and password options. Below this option is the ‘Sign up’ option.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the details with basic info.You have to confirm the email verification to get login credentials.

TradeTron Platform Charges

TradeTron offers a range of price plans to cover different needs, trading styles, and volumes.

Free Plan

TradeTron offers a free plan for newbies or beginners. It helps you get your free trial “paper trading”(virtual funds) and use up to 10 private strategies.

This test drive ensures almost a live market situation without investment risk.

Paid Plans

To unlock its full potential, you have to choose a paid version. The minimum Starter plan costs ₹300 monthly.

This entry-level paid plan gives you unlimited private and public strategy deployment. The Retail Plan unlocks at ₹1200, offering features suitable for more active traders.

However, the Retail+ Plan charges ₹2500 monthly to support serious traders. It provides even more strategy deployments, advanced tools, and support.

The top-tier plan is the Creator+ Plan, which charges ₹15,000. This plan is designed for experts who understand complex strategies better.

Overall, TradeTron platform charges are best for all pockets.

Benefits of TradeTron Algo Trading App

TradeTron’s algo trading app operates as a marketplace for automation-based algo strategies. Here are some benefits of using the platform.

  • Get support from 150+ indicators with eight exchanges and 70 brokers.
  • TradeTron is a versatile platform with multiple assets, products, and exchanges.
  • Users can set up complex trading strategies without coding skills.
  • Plus, it allows you to customize complex strategies involving multiple trades (legs).
  • Its social trading feature connects you with other expert traders, helping you learn and even use their strategies.

TradeTron Algo Trading Platform Review – Conclusion

Developed by independent trading experts and best algo developers, TradeTron is a powerful multi-asset and multi-exchange algo platform.

Ultimately, it aims to empower strategy makers and automated trading bots, showing the tech advantage made by experts in automated trading.

Since its launch in 2020, TradeTron has acquired 4,05,000 new clients and managed 1,75,000 trades daily.

Overall, this TradeTron Algo Trading Platform review is a valuable resource for traders who want to optimize their trading strategies.

FAQs on TradeTron Algo Trading App

Here are various FAQs related to the TradeTron Algo Trading Platform.

How does TradeTron work?

Traders need to sign up for a free trial. Afterwards, traders can use paper trading as a test drive and create strategies.

After that, do backtest and deploy trading strategies without coding. In this review, you will get more details in a step-by-step process.

Is TradeTron Free?

Traders can go for a free trial, but if they want to get all premium features, it comes under various monthly subscription plans from ₹300 to ₹1500. However, traders get a rebate for annual plans.

How to use TradeTron?

First, you need to sign up with essential details. Next, you can develop your strategy or use pre-defined strategies.

Finally, check the strategy with backtesting and start applying or refining it in the live market.

Is TradeTron Good for Trading?

Yes! TradeTron has almost four years of experience in the Indian equity market. The platform’s market performance has satisfied more than 400,000 customers.

How do you create algorithm trading strategies using the TradeTron Platform?

After logging in, you can find the Strategy option in the extreme right corner of the App. Now, set your entry and exit rules with more than 150+ keywords.

You can take a mock test using those strategies with backtesting. Now, you can apply the approach in a live market, and TradeTron will notify you when your stock meets the criteria.

Is TradeTron Automated Trading Trusted?

Yes, TradeTron is affiliated with market regulators.

What are the Charges for using the TradeTron App?

You can start with zero spending. After the trial period, you must buy the minimum plan for ₹300. Experts say the Retail+ plan is popular with charges of ₹2500.


Customer ratings and reviews of TradeTron

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