In general, finance and AI technology belong to different worlds. But now, they have teamed up to change your trading practice.

However, this merger is not only for bulk data analysis or controlling a large volume of trades — it is about making the capital market smoother and faster with minimum error.

If you want a robust ecosystem to monitor your trading world, the AlgoTest Algo trading platform can be your all-weather friend in this equity market roller coaster ride.

A brief AlgoTest review is presented to provide a clear concept of the software’s features, price, and other secret sauces.

About AlgoTest Algo Trading

Algo trading is not a new concept, but it has vast scope in India’s rapidly expanding trading market.

So, don’t fall behind the race and start your journey with top-notch algo trading algo trading software AlgoTest.

With over 20 million backtests and 13,000+ traders, AlgoTest algo trading offers a powerful platform to succeed in the exciting world of the capital market.

For the first time in history, retail traders have the same access to advanced technology used by the world’s leading hedge funds and high-frequency trading firms.

Overall, It is a fusion of innovation and expertise that automates your trading world with pre-defined rules or in-built strategies.

Whether you are a beginner, mid-level trader, or market expert, this platform is your complete toolkit.

AlgoTest Algo Trading – Top Features

The team behind AlgoTest algo trading software always focuses on providing unique services beyond trading.

It helps traders gain the confidence, concept, and practical experience to control the market situation. So, some unique solutions provided by the software are as follows.

Simulator (Test the future): The AlgoTest simulator acts as your personal vehicle. With this, you see an average of your strategic performance in the market with historical data.

Moreover, you can analyze how your option strategies would have performed in the market.

Thus, valuable insights help traders find areas for improvement and refine strategies before live market deployment.

Automate Signals— Algo power: Based on pre-defined indicators, Algo Test’s signals automate your trade execution.

Moreover, you can link your account with technical indicators from popular platforms like Trading View or Chartink.

You can use these indicators to receive entry signals and define the trades you want to execute based on those signals.

Backtesting: With a record of 20 million backtesting, this software boasts its powerful platform and flexibility.

Traders can use historical market data and real market trials without risking any money. Moreover, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy and refine it for another test.

Thus, traders of different investment minds can optimize their strategy before trading.

Live validation: Algo trading may look good in theory, but do they perform in a live market? That’s why AlgoTest went beyond paper trading theory and completed 12.5 million live trades.

So, you can see how the strategies work in the live market instead of a mere hope that the strategy will work.

Traders can identify areas of improvement without an expert and get the confidence to refine them.

In addition, traders can monitor live strategies in real-time, stay informed about performance and profitability, and control trading from a single screen.

Strategy building: The old day’s concept of one-size-fits-all has gone. Following this trend, Algo Test’s strategy builder helps you to build custom Algo strategies that fit your unique trading style and financial goal.

Even traders can use this tool to refine entry and exit points, adjust strategy, and optimize your portfolio for the best possible result.

Streamlined deployment: Your struggling days with the deployment process have gone with AlgoTest. With this, you can deploy pre-defined strategies without any hassle.

For example, you must choose and activate the strategy in one click. In addition, its centralized algo trading hub keeps everything fast and organized.

How to use AlgoTest Algo Trading Platform?

AlgoTest Algo trading platform has no smartphone App so far. So, you have to start with a web-based service.

Sign-up for Free

  • Search algotest. in from your mobile or laptop.
  • Now, check the Signup or Login option at the right corner of the homepage.
  • Click on sign up for new account creation, provide your name and phone number, and set a password.
  • Now, an OTP verification is needed to confirm the account.

Backtest and Refine

  • Next, try your strategy and use a free Simulator with historical data.
  • Explore your performance under various market conditions.
  • Analyze backtesting results and adjust strategy or deploy a ready-to-use strategy.

Go Live

  • Choose the best broker from Algo Test’s listed 20+ brockets and establish a connection.
  • Once integrated with a broker account, deploying your strategy for live trading is simple.
  • Now, use Signal features to fix your entry and exit points.

Explore and Monitor

  • Also, you can track your live performance, profit and loss, and individual trades and make the right time decisions.

How to Download & Login to the AlgoTest App?

Though AlgoTest offers a powerful platform for Algo trading, it doesn’t have an app or any smartphone application. However, you can access this platform through your device’s web browser.

Here’s some simple steps to get started:

  1. Open your preferred browser: Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Bing, or any other browser.
  2. Search the official AlgoTest website.
  3. If you have an existing account, enter your login details or generate a new one.
  4. If you’re new, locate the signup option at the right corner of the home page and create your account with your name, mobile number, etc.
  5. After logging in, you’ll have access to all of Algo Test’s features for strategy building, backtesting, and live trading.

AlgoTest Platform Charges

At AlgoTest, they focus on easy access and affordability for maximum traders. After signing up with the platform, traders get free access to 25 backtesting sessions per week.

If you are ready to enjoy more features, tools, and automation, it sells credit points at various price plans.

From the Starter pack at ₹299 for 300 credits to the Premier pack at ₹4999 for 7500 credits, the AlgoTest platform charges open the doors for all kinds of traders.

If you are stepping up to the Pro level, you could save more money with a discount. For example, you can subscribe to 2500 credits for ₹1999 and enjoy a 20% discount.

However, the most avid traders can grab 7500 credits for ₹4999 at a 33% discount.

Benefits of AlgoTest Algo Trading App

AlgoTest Algo Trading App is not available in the marketplace. However, its web platform offers top-notch features and advanced-level analysis for users.

  • AlgoTest automates your trading process according to your style, risk, and budget, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Advanced analysis tools and data-driven decisions help to remove human emotions and approve only market sentiment.
  • In fact, a free trial round with a backtesting facility boosts the confidence of new traders (25 free tests/week).
  • Moreover, its cost-effective plan is not only limited to customized strategies but also expands your reach to multiple brokerage houses.
  • Use Trading View signals, make forward tests, check with the simulator, and fine-tune market strategies.

AlgoTest Algo Trading Platform Review – Conclusion

With its simple pricing plans and promise of user comfort, AlgoTest democratizes its availability to more traders and helps the trading community make informed decisions.

Plus, the AI revolution is helping them to get more accessible, more organized, and more useful shapes. Also, it has a strong hold on market microstructures.

As Algo Trading continues to reshape the Indian market, this reliable and accessible platform, is the best ally for traders seeking to capitalize on the market’s scope.

Indeed, this AlgoTest Algo trading platform review will help you before making a final decision.

FAQs on AlgoTest Algo Trading App

Here are various FAQs related to the AlgoTest Platform.

How does AlgoTest work?

AlgoTest does not have a mobile Application or software, so you have only approached it through a web platform. To do this, investors must sign in and open a free account with a name and phone number.

Next, you can either use a free plan or subscribe to one that fits your financial goal. Now, you can customize the strategy and go for backtesting.

After that, you can review and refine the earlier plan. Finally, you are ready to run the entire pre-defined system.

Is AlgoTest Free?

It has a free plan with free backtesting scopes. However, avid and serious traders must earn credit points under various price slabs.

You can choose between ₹299 and ₹4999. Its premium plans offer a significant discount.

How to use this algo trading platform?

First, create an account and register with essential details. After confirmation with OTP, you have free access to limited features.

You can custom strategy and go for a paper trading test drive. If you are satisfied with backtesting, you can deploy the strategy in the real market with real money.

Is AlgoTest Good for Trading?

Yes, it has been your reliable Algo trading partner for 5 years.

How to Create Algo Trading Strategies using AlgoTest Platform?

Create a free account and click on the ‘Strategy Builder’ option at the extreme left corner of the homepage.

Now, look at various entry and exit points, multiple order types (market orders, stop-loss orders, etc.), and position sizing.

Adjust the parameters as per your budget and risk profile. Also, you can integrate with various technical indicators to refine the strategies that warn you before the live market deployment of the strategy.

Is AlgoTest Automated Trading Trusted?

Yes, AlgoTest is approved by market regulators, and it has been providing satisfying service for 5 years.

What are the Charges for using the AlgoTest App?

Traders can start with a free account. The free plan has limited access to many features, so you must earn credits through a subscription. Depending on needs, traders can choose between ₹299 to ₹4999.


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