Here is a detailed review of how the Robotrader platform works. This fully automated retail trading platform helps end-users buy or sell stocks and equity.

This Robotrader review will help you to know how to operate the system as a complete newbie.

You will understand the terms of use and the benefits you can leverage in this fully automated trading platform. So, stay tuned to reading the article until its end!

About Robotrader

Robotrader is India’s most advanced trading platform. The platform is best known for its inbuilt intraday and other innovative trading strategies.

Algo trading is an automatic trading system that uses the best mathematical models. No human intervention is required.

Starting in 2016, Robotrader has worked with hundreds of traders and brokers and assisted them.

Based in Chennai, they are striving at their level best and being a better version every day for their clientele.

Whether you are an amateur or a novice in retail stock trading, this platform can make things unbelievably simple and easy to perform.

Top Features of Robotrader Algo Trading Software

These are some of the enhanced features you can expect from the super-cool Robotrader Software. Let us have a look into each of them in detail:

Programming services: This Software has a professional team of software engineers who design user-friendly, multidisciplinary platforms that novice traders love using.

The programmers have broad exposure to developing user-friendly trading platforms and software tools that cater to the specific tasks of traders and stock brokers.

Technical Analysis: You can build a trading portfolio using the Robotrader Algo trading software without losing your emotions.

You can create a trading portfolio that comprises the best strategies and custom indicators. Also, You can test or validate your trading modules.

Above all, a technical dashboard will show you open orders, positions, and other information concerning your trading operations.

Pop-up charts and Advanced Charting: With a fine array of inline services, this robotic trading company provides independent traders with limitless potential to become share or stock market trading experts.

Users can access various indicators and charts to check market predictions, monitor the projections, and compare them with their trades.

These tools can also build linear charts that offer clean advice and in-depth analysis of stock performance at stock exchanges nationwide.

Online training: If you are curious about algo training but are new to this automatic trading world, do not fear.

It offers detailed assistance after the app is installed. The user will have access to their online training program to learn how it works.

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How do you use the Robotrader platform?

Here are the step-by-step processes for using the Robotrader Algo Trading Platform.

  1. Register with your details to start using the platform. Once registered, you can log in to use the platform.
  2. The next step allows you to backtest a strategy using different timeframes and coins. You can now use/backtest to get a hands-on experience with the feature.
  3. Start analyzing the backtesting results to form your strategy and set up live trading.
  4. The start/use command allows you to name your unique strategy on Robotrader and configure your exchange.
  5. You can use your trading approach by defining parameters and assets like strategy and timeframes. No, start deploying your plan and check these potential trades while going live trading.

How to download and log in to the Robotrader platform?

Here is a step-by-step approach to how you get started. Have a look:

  1. Start by registering yourself on the official Robotrader platform.
  2. You can fill in your credentials and choose your username and password.
  3. You will be registered with them upon submission and can log in with your details.
  4. After choosing your payment plan, you will enter your dashboard and access a full-fledged dashboard.
  5. Enjoy live trading.

Robotrader Charges

Robotrader software provides licensed and fully automated software at different price ranges. You can request a quote by writing to the company online.

You can sign up for their lucrative annual and monthly subscription plans to make things easier. This way, you can use your licensed pre-built software for the entire year.

You can build the trading platform with single or multi-trading options. Robotrader charges can be chosen via flexible subscription plans that suit your budget.

According to their website, a monthly subscription plan is available at 3500 INR, and an annual subscription plan is available at INR 25,000.

Both plans have the same features except for their term.

Benefits of Robot Trading Software

These are the strategic benefits you get from the Robot Trading software. He pings you through the same:

Ability to transact versatilely: Robotrader is a 100% automated and customizable trading solution you can choose for your daily trading operations.

Traders and Stockbrokers mainly buy and sell equity, futures, commodities, and forex, to name a few.

Technical simulation: With technical indicators, you can create customized strategies for your trading transactions and get suggestions on how to proceed.

The user has charts showing how equities or futures perform in the stock exchange markets. You have thousands of backtests configured, so you know the proper trading transaction.

You can buy or sell stocks without holding back your emotions.

Best strategies to deploy: You can get a trading platform that customizes your transactions.

Based on your regular trading operations, you can also build various strategies to best suit your virtual deployments.

Plug and play: The working platform is a fully automated trading portfolio that helps you perform singular or multi-level trading operations under the same hub.

It is the best plug-and-play system that can execute trades on your behalf while the trading system applies the trading rules automatically.

The dynamic rules of stock exchange offices can also be used for your trading platform.

Higher rate of return: As a well-experienced and novice trader, you can earn approximately 4.5% returns on stocks or equity transactions on a monthly payout scheme.

This algo trading platform has helped thousands of investors earn much more than their monthly turnover.

Therefore, Robotrader is a startup trading company that has helped investors, traders, and stock brokers earn higher rates of return on their initial investment.

Robotrader Algo Trading Platform Review- Conclusion

In short, investors have given a green thumbs up regarding the Robotrader Algo Trading Platform’s review.

Several investors have immensely benefited from the customized trading platforms the teams have built for them.

The more you start using the Robotrader, the more proficient you will become in Algo trading practices.

It has helped thousands of traders since their inception in coming forward and opt for auto trading practices with them to make their lives easy.

FAQs on Robotrader Algo Trading Platform

Here are various FAQs related to the Robotrader Robo Trading Platform.

How does Robotrader work?

The Robotrader firm deploys well-experienced software engineers who build user-friendly stock trading platforms for investors, stock brokers, and share traders nationwide.

As mentioned before, this software is excellent to work with!

Is Robotrader free?

Robotrader is a software company that builds internet-friendly trading platforms for virtual stock brokers and share traders. The firm offers flexible subscription plans.

How do you use of this software?

You must contact the customer care team by opening their webpage on your internet browser. The development teams will configure your login credentials.

Then, you can build your trading account and get started.

Is Robotrader suitable for trading?

With a spectrum of internet-friendly tools built in, this startup firm has helped thousands of amateur investors gain tremendous exposure in the share market.

They have more than a decade of experience working in the industry.

How do you create Algo Trading strategies using the Robotrader platform?

The team builds plug-and-play software for you so you can create your trading ecosystems. You can backtest your transactions virtually to ensure you are doing things right.

Traders can apply these strategies to buy or sell stocks and shares through live stock exchange markets.

Is the Robotrader platform trusted?

Newbies, experienced traders, and stock brokers across virtual spaces trust the Robot trading platform.

What are the charges for using this Robotrading software?

Subscription charges apply for plans on the trading software that is available to you.


Customer ratings and reviews of Robotrader

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