The trading world is about becoming more intelligent and innovative with its helpful robo-advisors, known as the algo trading app.

Here, the robots (software) follow your instructions and trade according to your defined rules, removing any error, emotion, or fear in a live market.

In India, only in December 2023, traders set a record of 4 million (40 lakh) demat accounts, fanning the retail investors base. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent signal for the algo trading market and its users.

This massive influx of new traders every month emerges in the trend of algo trading, and the AlgoBulls trading platform is here for bulk data analysis and automation of order placement.

So, check the in-depth AlgoBulls reviews for valuable insights into its features and pricing before you start.

About AlgoBulls Algo Trading

AlgoBulls, a rising bull in India’s fintech sector, simplifies trading with automation. So, your daily struggle and stress of making split-second decisions end here.

Started in 2019 by three young and vivid minds, Mumbai-based AlgoBulls aims to transform your trading practice.

Within five years of the journey, AlgoBulls Algo Trading achieved recognition from traders and market experts.

AlgoBulls works on a SAAS model and caters directly to (B2C model) traders. It offers an automated, customized, and smooth trading journey for its end-to-end solution.

It provides ready-to-use strategies, trial sessions and market analysis in a computerized form. So you can avoid human emotion or error while trading live in the market.

AlgoBulls Algo Trading – Top Features

The AlgoBulls Algo trading software also aims to democratize the Algo trading market.

For example, it offers tools to test and refine strategies with backtesting and practice trading in a risk-free environment through paper trading.

Here is a closer look at its top features that make the platform an easy and profitable option for traders.

SaaS model: AlgoBulls works on a SaaS model, helping traders reduce upfront costs. Under this model, you don’t need to pay extra for additional tools or software.

Moreover, you can take a complete break from manual installation updates; AlgoBulls will take care of everything from their end. Plus, you can choose the plan based on scalability.

Pre-build strategy and customization: Fortunately, AlgoBullls has something for all kinds of traders, whether new in the market or seasonal players.

The algo service provider has a vast stock of pre-built, ready-to-use strategies tested by expert traders.

Undoubtedly, it is helpful for beginners, saving them time too. For those traders seeking a personalized algo trading solution, AlgoBulls offers them a personal strategy-building service.

Refine Strategy with Backtesting: AlgoBulls understands the importance of backtesting before deploying your strategy in a live market.

So, you can test your ideas with historical data, but there is no risk for capital. Check how your strategy would have responded in a live market.

For example, if the previous one fails, you can optimize entry and exit points with a new plan. Thus, it helps to identify your customized strategy’s strengths and weaknesses, which you can refine.

You don’t need to start from scratch, as AlgoBulls offers result-driven and ready-to-use strategies.

Live trade automation: If you have tested and refined strategies, it is time for live trading. Fix your customized or ready-to-use strategies and upload them to the platform.

AlgoBulls automatically execute trades in the real market based on predefined rules. Despite automated features, you have real-time updates, helping to adjust rules as per market shifts.

AI-driven strategy generation: With an AI-driven strategy, AlgoBulls is taking algo trading to the next level.

The powerful AI bots go beyond simple strategy and fundamental indicators. Instead, they are designed with a careful mathematical model and rigid scientific logic.

This detailed process minimizes human error and biased decisions made without quant logic. Thus, the AI model increases accuracy, especially when managing trades in large volumes.

How to use AlgoBulls Algo Trading Platform?

AlgoBulls’ algo trading platform has a web model and a smartphone App. Here is a quick look at how to start with AlgoBulls.

Register/Sign Up

  • Visit the AlgoBulls website or download the App and install it.
  • Next, go to the top left corner of the homepage and click “Marketplace.”
  • Choose any one marketplace and click on it.
  • Upon clicking, get the signup option in the right corner or profile box.
  • Now, you can sign up using Google, WhatsApp, phone number, email address or a broking account.
  • It supports more than eight prime brokerage houses.
  • Now, choose your preferred method and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After an email or OTP verification, your account is ready.

Integration and Choosing a Trading Strategy

  • Now, you have to integrate your brokerage account with AlgoBulls.
  • In the login section, you get this option.
  • Now, explore the Algo Marketplace to use pre-built, ready-to-use strategies developed by other experts.
  • Choose a strategy that matches your style or build your strategy.

Backtesting and Refinement

  • After making a strategy (pre-built or customized), start backtesting to get the market mood.
  • However, it works as a trial round before funding money in the actual market.
  • Also, opt for paper trading from the marketplace options.

How to Download & Login to AlgoBulls App?

Currently, AlgoBulls does not offer an iOS App. So, you only have the AlgoBulls App in the Android market.

  1. Open the Google Play Store and type AlgoBulls in the search bar.
  2. Once you have identified the official App, download it.
  3. Now, you can explore the entire dashboard without any account or sign-in.
  4. However, a login is required if you want action, even for a free trial.
  5. To sign up (App) or Register (web platform), you can use a Google account, WhatsApp, phone number, or email address.
  6. Moreover, you can use a brokerage account to log in (it needs to be integrated).
  7. After an OTP or email verification, your primary account is ready. Now, you can choose a free trial or a price plant.

AlgoBulls Platform Charges

Fortunately, AlgoBulls platform charges are fit for all pockets. The free plan helps new traders get a great start. It allows the use of the platform for a maximum tweaking limit of 3000.

Plus, you have limited access to backtesting and paper trading, which is 30 minutes. So, you can quickly complete short tests using primary strategies.

However, if you need in-depth testing and analysis, AlgoBull has some premium plans. Its popular Premium & Retail Marketplace plan costs Rs.5,310 monthly and offers 10,000 minutes of execution time.

For advanced traders, AlgoBulls introduced an expensive plan, AlgoBulls Pro, which charges Rs.23,600 monthly, where all paywalls are removed.

Benefits of AlgoBulls Algo Trading App

AlgoBulls Algo trading App offers benefits for traders of all levels.

  • First and foremost, the platform operates under a SaaS model, saving your hefty upfront cost.
  • Next, the Python build feature is designed for users who want customized training using a beginner-friendly language model.
  • Whether you are trading on Wall Street or Dalal Street, AlgoBulls offers a multi-exchange and multi-broker facility.
  • With 150+ indicators, AlgoBulls supports all order types (Regular, Stop-loss, Cover, Market, SL, SL-M, etc.)
  • The tweak facility is there to make instant adjustments, modify indicators and fine-tune risk control rules.
  • Its white-labelled pre-built strategies ensure traders’ fast entry into the all-trade market with a zero-code concept.
  • With a scientific approach and applied mathematics, AI-driven software has more accuracy and faster execution.
  • Get real-time updates and automation with scientifically built strategies.
  • Apart from these, the basic features of backtesting and paper trading are also present to support your portfolio.

AlgoBulls Algo Trading Platform Review – Conclusion

From this AlgoBulls Algo trading platform review, the versatile platform helps you expand more than ever before.

Even beyond the Indian market, you can use the algo trading with their brokerage houses for the US market.

Overall, AlgoBull’s unique features, like the Python build language, Tweaking, and Free Trial rounds, have made the platform more reliable to investors.

Even AI-driven automation and SaaS models help the platform stand ahead of market competition.

FAQs on AlgoBulls Algo Trading App

Here is the list of FAQs related to the AlgoBulls.

How does AlgoBulls work?

It is a cakewalk as it is a fully AI-empowered auto platform. To do this, traders must open an account with an email or phone number. Next, they can adjust the strategy or directly use a predefined strategy.

Now, define entry and exit points and start backtesting. However, you can adjust your strategy based on the backtesting results.

Is AlgoBulls Free?

First, you can join a free trial plan. However, it has limited access to features. So, you can subscribe for more in-depth strategy and automation.

How to use AlgoBulls?

You can explore the dashboard with limited access to the App, even without a SignuApp. However, opening an account for easy access to the Apps is suitable.

Traders must register their details on the web platform or sign in (App) to create an account with essential information.

After that, you can explore the dashboard and set your strategy or apply predefined strategies by expert traders.

Lastly, you can go for backtesting and paper trading and start a journey with real money in a live market.

Is AlgoBulls Good for Trading?

Yes, AlgoBulls is your trusted partner in the Indian equity market.

How to Create Algo Trading Strategies Using AlgoBulls Platform?

First, you have to make an account with AlgoBulls. Now, find the strategy option at the extreme left corner of the App.

You must pick your favourite strategy, customize it, or use the predefined strategies developed by expert traders.

Now, you can go backtesting to check your strategies. If you are satisfied, go for live market trading, or you can refine the plan.

Is AlgoBulls Auto Trading Trusted?

AlgoBull is approved by market watchdogs and has been operating for five years.

What are the Charges for using the AlgoBulls App?

From free plans to Premium plans, AlgoBull has all flexible price plans. Its premium plans cost between ₹1,180 to ₹23,600 every month.


Customer ratings and reviews of AlgoBulls

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