Algoji is one of the pioneering trading software in India. It uses predefined programs to carry out trades.

That said – a set of instructions or algorithms is fed into this software. Consequently, it completes the trade when the fed instructions are met.

In a nutshell, it leverages digitization to meet the needs of new-generation traders and investors. It minimizes human intervention; thus, you can enjoy faster trades and boost chances of profit generation.

This detailed Algoji review breaks down different aspects of the Algoji trading platform to help you make the most of it.

About Algoji

Algoji has become one of the most popular choices for savvy investors and traders. This algo trading software came in 2018.

Since then, it has gone through several upgrades to ensure top-notch performance.

Thanks to its APIBridge and Mycoder technologies – the Algoji algo trading platform helps you trade with custom strategies.

Moreover, it makes it easier to manage your trading in various areas. They include portfolio management, risk management, strategy management, etc.

The app is managed by a dynamic team of skilled developers – Mr Arpit Agarwal is the Managing Director here.

Algoji Algo Trading – Top Features

The Algoji algo trading software has several exciting features. Some of them with the latest updates include:

Highly secure: The application allows you to use multiple strategies. Interestingly, the global community can test and review those strategies.

Moreover, you can deploy algos based on several parameters. They may include indicators, price patterns, etc. This detailed process eventually leads to secure trading.

Money saver: Looking to reduce slippage (trading cost)? You can do that easily with Algoji. The platform uses an advanced algorithm.

Hence, it can predict and make trades more accurately. Additionally – it allows you to access several liquidity providers.

This ensures that there’s always a counterpart for the trade. Moreover – the software employs techniques like smart order routing.

These splits and executes orders across multiple channels. All these, combined, help minimize slippage. You can expect a slippage reduction of as low as 0.1%.

Best price execution: Thanks to low latent and high throughput execution system – you can always expect the best price for your trade.

Data protection: The platform deploys robust security protocols. Moreover, it keenly focuses on user data protection. The platform also guarantees uptime and stability.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about breaches and inefficiency. Furthermore, fast and secure execution guarantees timely trades.

Highest integration: This platform allows you to enjoy the benefits of integrated trading.

It links more than a dozen platforms, such as NinjaTrader, Python, Trading View, etc., so you can access multiple trading strategies, styles, and technicals.

Naturally, this ensures a unified experience, real-time execution, and versatility.

Complex strategies: The software features several components of complex methods.

They include auto modification, multi-leg execution, multi-client execution, strategy optimization, and comprehensive analysis.

Each element helps you enjoy a more efficient and diverse trading experience.

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How to Use Algoji Algo Trading Platform?

Algoji algo trading platform comes with a user-friendly interface and simple navigation. Let’s break down the step-by-step process of using it –

Step 1: Sign up and Login

Firstly, head to the Algoji website and click on “Subscribe.” You will now be redirected to the sign-up/ registration page. Here, you may need to share a few personal details.

Besides, there may be a verification. Once done – you will have to choose your subscription plan. After signing up, it’s time to log in. Put in your credentials to get the job done.

Step 2: Connect Your Brokerage Account

Next, connect your brokerage account to the Algoji platform. To complete the linking process, users typically provide their API keys or brokerage credentials.

Step 3: Getting Familiar with the Platform

You can explore the dashboard to understand the interface now that you are logged in. Moreover, you can check the resources, such as customer support tutorials and FAQs.

This will help you get acquainted with the platform’s features.

Step 4: Make a Strategy

In the next step – you will create a strategy. You can do so by clicking the ‘Create Strategy’ button on the dashboard.

Here, you can choose from different technical indicators. Notably – the common ones include moving averages, MACD, RSI, etc.

Step 5: Customer Conditions & Set Parameters

Here, you can set specific price movements and other custom conditions. Additionally – you can set parameters like time frame and risk management.

Step 6: Back Testing, Deploying, and Analyzing the Strategy

Finally, it’s time to run backtests. You should always use historical data to backtest your strategy. Carefully analyze the backtest result and optimize it based on it.

Once done, head straight to deploy your strategy, monitor the performance, and adjust strategies accordingly.

How to Download & Login to the Algoji App?

While there is no dedicated Algoji app for mobile – you can use its responsive web application on any of your devices. To log in, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click on the subscribe button and register for Algoji APIBridge.
  3. If you have an account, log in. On the other hand, if you haven’t created one yet – complete the registration process and then go for login.

Algoji Platform Charges

The Algoji platform charges are pretty transparent. You must pay a one-time fee of Rs.15,000/-for an annual subscription.

This subscription comes with email, phone, and Slack support. Besides, you will be able to access live trading with 20+ brokers.

Moreover, you can change your broker anytime you want. On the other hand, there’s a flat fee of Rs.1500/-for monthly usage.

All the perks of the annual package are included in the monthly one. If you want to save considerably on your subscription – go for the lifetime alternative.

It will cost you Rs.25,000/-. Interestingly, this subscription has a closed and trusted Slack group for resource sharing.

Are you not convinced to pay anything yet?

Well – before taking money out of your pocket – you can try this platform for 30 days – and it won’t cost you anything. Once you are satisfied – you can choose a suitable subscription.

Benefits of Algoji Algo Trading App

Using the Algoji Algo trading app comes with great perks:

  • Quick strategy execution
  • Automated trading
  • Cost efficiency
  • Easy integration
  • Effective backtesting and optimization

Algoji Algo Trading Platform Review – Conclusion

I hope you have found this Algoji Algo trading platform review helpful. Enjoy trading 2.0 with this algo trading platform.

Experience the magic of automation, make trades on the go, and let your money grow with smart strategies. Good luck!

FAQs on Algoji Algo Trading Software

Here are various FAQs related to the Algoji Algo Trading Platform.

How does Algoji work?

Algoji uses algo trading technology to help you conduct quick, innovative, and efficient trading. Notably, the platform uses APIBridge™ to boost your profits and minimize risks.

Is Algoji Free?

Algoji has dedicated subscription fees. However, you can try the platform without paying anything for 30 days.

How to use Algoji?

To use Algoji – you will have to visit the website. Next – you will have to subscribe, and you can finally log in with your credentials and use the app.

Is Algoji Good for Trading?

Indeed—it is! The platform uses advanced algo trading to execute trades. This automation helps boost profit and close trades faster.

How to Create Algo Trading Strategies Using the Platform?

To create algo trading strategies, you must visit the platform’s dashboard and click on the ‘Create Strategy’ option. Then, you can follow the prompts.

Is Algoji Automated Trading Trusted?

It is an automated trading is undeniably trusted. A team of developers keeps updating and improving the app every day. Moreover, the platform uses advanced protocols to protect your data.

What are the Charges for using the Algoji App?

The monthly subscription costs Rs.1500/-. Additionally, there are yearly and lifetime plans. Interestingly, you can try the app for 30 days before paying.


Customer ratings and reviews of Algoji

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