Quantiply is an automatic trading platform traders love working with. This online guide will give us a detailed overview of how the Quantiply Algo Trading Platform works.

In this platform, you have complete leverage to automate a share trading platform for investors and brokers nationwide.

In a detailed Quantiply Review, we will probe into how the system works for anyone. Till then, stay tuned!

About Quantiply

Quantiply, a powerful algo trader with a synchronized backtesting engine, is a platform that is as versatile as it is potent.

Equipped with a wide range of trading strategies, it allows users to experiment with various parameters and performance metrics.

The platform’s user-friendliness is further enhanced by the ability to fine-tune algorithms, maximizing profit potential.

Whether it’s Banknifty, Nifty, options, or futures, Quantiply is the go-to platform. Its unique features, including scenario modeling, portfolio management, and optimization, set it apart from the competition.

Top features of Quantiply Algo Trading Software

Let’s dive into the top features of the cutting-edge Quantiply Algo Trading Software. These trending features are designed to enhance your trading experience. Here’s a brief overview:

Configurable settings: The advanced software helps you configure settings based on your customized requirements. For example, users can set trail-stop losses or profit margins for independent shares, nifty, and futures.

Independent strategies: The software allows you to access streamlined techniques that help you through buy/sell integrations.

The trader is allowed to set start and end times for purchasing stock/shares/ futures. By setting profit margins, you can take home the profits you deserve.

Track bearish or bullish movements through delayed buy/sell options before you finalize transactions. Likewise, you can establish a set of strategies that can work best for you.

Posh Infrastructure: This Trading software is stylish to work with. This makes your trading transactions highly scalable.

You can access reliable charts, downloadable charts, and ready-to-use templates that make the ecosystem much more enterprising for investors, traders, and share brokers.

Modifiable Algos: You can choose between hundreds of modifiable algo templates and alter your settings even while the trades are active.

Therefore, it supports an infrastructure that is highly adaptable and can be customized by traders hassle-free.

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How do you use the Quantiply Platform?

These are a fleet of steps to use the Quantiply Platform. Helping you through the steps that are involved:

Choosing between platforms

The users can choose between a multitude of platforms to work with. These are:

  • 5Paisa
  • Upstox
  • Angel One
  • Motilal Oswal
  • And IIFL, to name a few

This software can be integrated into your working platform to provide streamlined access to trading 24/7, 365 days a year.

Take a look at your dashboard.

You can use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and type the site’s domain page ID to reach Platform’s landing page.

The participants look at features, pricing, and other vital aspects of proceeding. The homepage will give you answers to everything you are looking for.

This is in terms of seamless virtual trading with Quantiply.

How to login with Quantiply?

Quantiply Login is a simple and streamlined process indeed. I am helping you through the fleet of steps that are involved here:

  1. The user can sign up to Quantiply with the help of their mobile number and other essential details like name, email ID, password, etc.
  2. To activate your account, look for a paid plan listed on the subscription page or a free 7-day trial plan.
  3. After the trial period, it is compulsory to subscribe to one of the subscription plans.
  4. Once you have subscribed to any plans at your convenience, you can configure your account with any brokers listed on the Quantiple.
  5. Now, enable your new Algo on the homepage.
  6. You are ready for your first trade. If you encounter any issues, you should contact the instruction section of the dashboard.

Quantiply Charges

You have subscription plans under the homepage. Choose plans ranging from INR 250 up until 2000.

The starter pack has limited features and is priced at 250 per month. The Semi-Pro package is 1250, while the original Pro is for INR 2000 monthly.

You can also get discounted packages on the Pro model. Therefore, the Quantiply Charges differ from plan to plan, and each plan comes with overloaded benefits and features so that each investor gets complete value for the money spent.

Benefits of Quantiply Algo Trading Software

Quantiply Algo trading software comes with a multitude of benefits. Let us look at them one by one:

  • The application speed of Quantiply trading software is super fast and incredibly reliable. The software seamlessly uses low-latency trading practices, making trading more straightforward and efficient.
  • This trading software is easily customizable and highly configurable to suit the interests of every independent investor or share trader. You can modify algo templates even through live trading operations.
  • With the advanced features the trading software lends investors, you can scale your trading operations seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Everything is automated, from coding to the inbuilt infrastructure, making the software scalable for individuals or enterprises that trade shares daily.

Quantiply Algo Trading Platform Review- Conclusion

With internet-enabled tools, the Quantiply Algo Trading Platform’s review speaks volumes amongst first-time or novice investors.

You can apply for a subscription package and keep transacting nifty’s, futures, or commodities. They are one of the renowned brands in the industry.

Their full-fledged platform has impressive features and is recognized by their trusted partners and users. Explore the benefits of signing up as they ensure every user finds their platform hassle-free.

FAQs on Quantiply Algo Trading App

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Quantiply Algo Trading Platform.

How does Quantiply work?

It works through a fully automated trading platform. You can seamlessly transact with nifty shares, futures, or commodities with configurable templates and business scalability.

Is Quantiply free?

Quantiply is not free but offers affordable subscription plans to independent investors, traders, and stock brokers.

Plans start at as low as INR 250 per month, and the Pro package costs about INR 2000 per month. Hence, the plans are pretty affordable and easy to carry.

How do you use Quantiply Software?

You can open a new trading account with Upstox or Zerodha and log in through its home page. If you find the procedure to be a bit complicated, ask a reputed broker to set up the account.

Is Quantiply suitable for trading?

Since its inception, Quantiply has ensured that it helps out every user it has. If you are looking for one of the best platforms for Algo trading, then this tool is easy to notice.

How do you create Algo strategies using Quantiply software?

You can choose between highly configurable modifiable algo templates. The trader can also work on these templates or change them even while live trading transactions occur.

Once you log in, choose multiple strategies to take your trading skills to the next level.

The entire infrastructure does everything from trailing stop losses to positioning profit margins for independent transactions.

Is the Quantiply trading platform trusted?

Quantiply has been one of the trusted trading platforms for many years. A thousand users have signed up for it and received excellent reviews about their platform.

What are the charges for using the Quantiply Auto Trading Software?

You can explore packages ranging from as low as 250 rupees per month, and the most advanced package can cost you INR 2000 per month.

Traders can choose from Starter packs, Semi-Pro, and Pro packages. Discounted deals can be availed on some of these packages. Refer to the website to know more!


Customer ratings and reviews of Quantiply

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