Mint is an award-winning business news application that provides users with contemporary news from different domains, such as business, stocks, economy, banking, finance, and more.

Besides publishing the latest news, the application also works as an expert guide to help users make wise investment decisions.

The Mint App provides in-depth analysis and insights to keep readers updated on rapidly evolving economies.

This article will explore the Mint App Review in detail, along with its features and functionalities.

About Mint App

Mint App was launched in 2019 and has seen tremendous growth ever since. With over 50 Lakh downloads, the application has a simple and seamless interface that grabs users’ attention.

The application lets users integrate all accounts automatically and set budgets accordingly. Moreover, it is easy to track all the transitions taking place.

Users can now maintain all their personal finance data in one place, and that is with this App. Also, the app is available on multiple platforms catering to the needs of diverse users.

For those who can’t afford to miss an update about stocks, news, banking, share, finance, business, economy, politics, education, global market, technology, and more, the only way to stay updated is through the App.

The application gives a comprehensive overview of various domains, which makes it advantageous for its users.

Mint Mobile App – Top Features

The features of the app speak loudly about the convenience and efficiency it offers its customers.

To understand the app better and know what it has in its store for you, check out the top features of the Mint Mobile App here.

Stay Informed: The app stands first in the row when it comes to offering the latest news to its customers, ensuring they stay ahead of the game in making effective financial decisions.

For instance, users can get their hands on share market news, stock market news, NSE & BSE news, nifty news, NCDEX updates, IPO alerts, etc, as soon as they download the app.

Furthermore, you can receive updates on crypto news, startups, industry, etc.

Mint e-paper: Mint e-paper is a premium feature offered by the app that gives premium users access to company insights, upmarket content, market predictions, stock news, and more.

This e-paper helps users make risk-free financial decisions.

Global Market News: The app has a sound partnership with The Wall Street Journal, through which users can receive personalized insights for their investments.

The Mint app helps you hone your financial literacy and make money work for you.

Personalized Notifications: This app now allows you to receive personalized notifications.

Save your precious time by setting notification pop-ups on your device and receive the latest market updates from NSE India and BSE India.

Stock Screener Tool: For users mindful of the time and money they invest in utilizing the app, here’s a tool that comes as a saving grace.

The stock screener tool helps users find the stocks that meet their investment requirements without hassle.

Also, find price trends, revenue, cash flow, and financial news of all companies with the stock screener.

Besides, the app provides stock analysis, which eliminates the need to check bulk data and instead checks only the personalized insights.

Watchlist: With the app, you can create a watchlist of the market’s highest-performing stocks and view them on the go. Simply access the watchlist as and when needed to learn how they are performing.

Keep Track of Trending News: Follow the trending news in various divisions, such as the stock market, economy, IPO, analysis and opinions, scan market, personal finance, the Wall Street Journal, etc.

Knowing the trending news keeps users ahead of the curve in the finance and business industry.

Mint Lounge: Besides business news, the application also covers news about lifestyle and similar content. A dedicated magazine called Mint Lounge focuses mainly on various popular aspects.

Mint Premium: Users can access various powerful tools and features with Mint Premium.

Some include mint premium articles, podcasts, newsletters, e-papers, archives, daily updates via WhatsApp, and the latest market intelligence reports.

How to use Mint App & its Pro Version?

It is a no-brainer to use the Mint Share Market App. The process is pretty simple, and we have provided the exact step-by-step process for you here.

  • Open the Mint app on your mobile device.
  • As soon as you open the app, you will see a page prompting you to select topics of interest to customize your news feed.
  • Choose the topics you want to track and tap on Next.
  • Go to the login tab and input your mobile number to sign up for the app.
  • On the homepage, you can find various tabs, such as Top news, markets, companies, The Economist, personal finance, WSJ, IPO, Technology, startups, Market Reports, opinion, politics, and more.
  • For instance, if you want to track current market trends, you can tap on the Markets segment to see the gainers, losers, and active stocks.
  • You can create a watchlist of your favorite stocks and get news and real-time updates by tapping the ‘Create watchlist’ option.

Similarly, you can go to various tabs and check what they have to offer.

Mint App Charges

Users wishing to try the premium features can check the Mint App Charges in this section.

As a premium member of the app, users can access mint exclusives, e-papers, opinions, and an ad-free experience.

In simple words, subscribers can enhance their experience with the finest version of the app. To buy the Mint app subscription, tap the ‘subscribe’ button to see the charges.

Users wanting to buy a Mint+WSJ subscription must pay Rs.3,499 per year. The same subscription costs Rs.2,999 for 6 months and Rs.4,999 for 2 years.

Users have to pay Rs.2,949 per year for a Mint Premium subscription alone. Similarly, for Mint+The Economist subscription, the charges are Rs.3,999 per year.

Premium users can get ad-free access to unlimited global business insights, articles, and more.

How to Download & Login to the Mint App?

We have jotted down the steps to help the users with the download process.

  • Download the Mint App from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user and the App Store if you are an iPhone user.
  • Open the app and sign up using your mobile number.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number, which you must verify.
  • In the next step, provide your name and email ID to complete the signup process.
  • That’s it, and you will be successfully logged in to the app.
  • After logging in, you can explore the app closely and buy a premium subscription if you want.

Benefits of the Mint App

There are many added benefits of using the Mint App. We shall address them for you below.

  • The premium version of the app gives access to exclusive features like unlimited articles, WhatsApp alerts, Mint Digital on various devices, ePaper, global analysis, topical opinions, podcasts, archives, informed analysis, etc.
  • Gain powerful insights about stocks, shares, business, and more from the finance industry’s mavens.
  • Receive real-time updates on company stocks and markets.
  • For those who like to read short news, the Mint Shorts is a visible treat that hosts bite-sized news articles.
  • The Mint specials have expert analysis and powerful narratives.
  • Watch videos and podcasts by industry experts and gain much-needed financial knowledge.

Mint Share Market App Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, the Mint app is a powerful application that provides great convenience to users with its efficient features.

Users can enhance their skills in the finance, stock, and business sectors with the informative content provided on the content.

Stay informed about the latest trends in the share market, stock market, businesses, companies, personal finance, and more with the app.

For those seeking financial literacy, this is a great app to try out. Well, this is the wrap-up for our Mint Share Market App Review. We hope you find this article helpful.

FAQs on the Mint Share Market App

Give these frequently asked questions a read to clarify your doubts about the Mint app.

What is a Mint App?

This app is a tremendous business news application by HT Media. It allows users to stay tuned to the stock and crypto markets.

Is this App Free?

Yes, the app is free. Users can enjoy many of its features for free. However, to use the exclusive features, users need to subscribe to the app’s premium version.

How to use this App?

This app is designed with zero complexity, keeping novice users in mind. Users can open the app and visit the section they want to explore.

Does Mint App provide accurate News?

Yes, the Mint app has always been accurate about the news it publishes on its digital platforms.

What is the performance of Mint Advisory?

Mint Advisory offers a wide range of services to its customers regarding tax obligations, accounting, GST, and other issues. They also provide customized solutions.

Is Mint App Trustworthy?

Yes, this App is the most trustworthy business application today. It has 50 Lakh+ downloads, which is itself foolproof and reliable.

What are the Fees for the Premium Version of this App?

The Mint app premium version fees are as follows: Mint + WSJ subscription Rs.3,499 per year, Mint Premium subscription Rs.2,949 per year, and Mint + The Economist subscription Rs.3,999 per year.


Customer ratings and reviews of Mint App

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