Best Momentum Trading Broker in India – Top Momentum Trading Brokers in India

If you are new to the momentum trading concept, give this article a good read to comprehend the upsides and downsides of trading. Also, learn about the Top Momentum Trading Brokers.

As the name suggests, Momentum Trading is a strategy where traders closely monitor the Momentum in the stocks and invest accordingly to make significant profits.

The traders follow the trend and invest in the stocks that consistently perform well. They believe that the stocks follow Momentum, where they either perform too high or too low.

So, while keenly observing this Momentum, they invest in stocks and turn a profit. This article will discuss India’s Best Momentum Trading Broker, its features, and more.

Best Momentum Trading Broker in India - Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers in India

List of Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers in India

Rank Broker Name
1 Angel One
2 HDFC Sky
3 Zerodha
4 Groww
5 Upstox
6 5Paisa
7 Kotak Securities
8 ICICI Direct
9 Sharekhan
10 Motilal Oswal

Let us now look at the unique features of each momentum trading broker. The above table has already given you a sneak peek into the distinctive features the momentum trading brokers offer.

Still, we will delve deeply into the concept so that you can understand Best Momentum Trading Broker.

Also, we will look at the factors that helped them rank on the list. For the uninitiated, these momentum traders provide customers with many features and trading exchanges.

Although numerous momentum trading brokers exist in the market, it is crucial to discern the unique features each one offers and select the broker best suited to your specific needs. It will further help you go with the hassle-free flow of trading and investing.

For instance, when it comes to momentum trading, specific traders look for fast execution speed and real-time data over lower brokerage charges. These traders focus on market movements to make effective trading.

Conversely, investors involved in frequent buying and selling are more concerned about brokerage charges than the abovementioned criteria.

Without further ado, let us look at India’s Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers.

Angel One – Best Momentum Trading Broker in India

Angel Broking is one of the best momentum trading brokers in India, and it is known for its extensive network of customers.

Angel One Logo

Besides the many outstanding features it seamlessly offers, the broker also provides a momentum trading facility to its customers.

Let us look at the features the stock broker offers that make it stand in the first place on our list.

Brokerage Charges: Angel One is a full-service broker, but its services are of discount broker type.

Brokerage charges are minimal at this broker, which helps many traders and investors save on brokerage charges.

Multiple Trading Platforms: The stock broker has numerous trading platforms. Traders can trade on diverse platforms with Angel One.

In addition to the standard platforms, the broker promotes trading on the Algo, basket trading platforms, and other popular platforms.

ARQ Prime: For those who like automated results to save time, Angel One offers the ARQ Prime feature.

This feature is similar to an investment engine that assists traders by providing them with the appropriate stocks that could yield the best outcomes.

Multiple Asset Categories: With Angel One, you can access various asset categories under one roof. The customer can choose the asset category he wants to trade in using the platform.

Advanced-Level Trading Software: The broker offers advanced-level trading software that makes trading easy for momentum traders.

Momentum traders can benefit from the broker’s affordable services.

HDFC Sky – Top Momentum Trading Broker in India

Wise investing starts with HDFC Sky. This discount broker offers competitive brokerage charges among its peers, which is why it secured the 2nd position in our list.


It is one of India’s top momentum trading brokers, with over five lakh active clients. Let us take a look at the features the platform offers.

Numerous Trading Options: Customers can trade and invest in thousands of popular stocks, investment options, and top firms.

Also, customers interested in foreign stocks can trade in 500+ overseas organizations.

No Subscription Charges: The firm charges nil in the name of subscription charges from its customers, which is one of the prime factors why customers are attracted to it.

Furthermore, the intraday and other popular segments are charged only Rs.20 per trade, which is minimal.

Voice-Enabled Investing: Those who are obsessed with technology and want to follow the trend can use the firm’s voice-enabled investing feature.

It quickly executes the commands the customers pass and saves time.

Advanced Tools and Charts: The trading platform has dedicated tools, charts, technical indicators, etc, for effective momentum trading.

Moreover, Brokerage differs entirely from momentum trading, which changes with the customer’s investment needs.

Research and Analysis Tools: For better momentum trading, traders must have firsthand access to research and analysis tools. This will help them trade on the go with quick, swift price movements.

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Zerodha – Best Momentum Trading Broker

Zerodha is the Best Momentum Trading Broker in the country, with the best features to boast about.

Zerodha Logo

The stockbroker occupies third place on our list of best momentum trade brokers. Take a look at the features it offers:

Highly Technological Platform: Zerodha is not for the ordinary. The platform is purely designed for the tech-savvy.

It has introduced many technological solutions for customers in the stock market niche. Moreover, it has launched Varsity and Streak, highly advanced platforms for gaining investment and trading knowledge.

API Provider: This broker provides API, which made it possible to develop some fantastic investing and trading tools. Most entrepreneurs in the field use this API service to perform better trading.

No Subscription Charges: Zerodha has no subscription charges, unlike most of its peers. Also, there is no brokerage on equities delivery.

However, it charges Rs.20 for intraday trading and other futures segments.

Risk Management Tools: The company has the best momentum trading solutions to offer, given that it has excellent support for risk management tools, technical tools, and charts that assist traders in analyzing the market conditions thoroughly before investing.

Advanced Order Placement: Zerodha has a dedicated Kite platform with many features to promote momentum trading.

Concerning momentum trading, traders can place orders in various order types like market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders, and trailing stop-loss orders.

Groww – Top Momentum Trading Broker

Groww is another Momentum trading broker offering online brokerage services.

Groww Logo

With a paperless account opening process, user-friendly brokerage fees, and more, it has grabbed the attention of many traders.

It also ranked fourth on our Top Momentum Trading Broker list. Let us look at the features that it has in its kitty.

Free Charges: The stock broker charges nothing for account opening and annual account maintenance, which is rare to expect from a stock broker like Groww.

Tops of Investment Options: If you prefer the investment side over trading, you can be at peace with Groww, as it has innumerable investment options that perform well.

The platform alone has more than five thousand mutual fund schemes.

Best Resource for Traders: With Groww, you do not need to look any further as it has everything in its store ready for you.

You have to download its platform, and you can access the best information about investments, articles, studies, research reports, insights, and more that could help you with your trading.

Advanced Tools: Groww has advanced tools that guide customers regarding Momentum. The tools help customers analyze the asset’s closing price and better understand price movements.

These tools can be employed in momentum trading to make the best profits.

Real-time Data: Groww also has the facility to provide real-time market data for momentum trading. Market data analysis is quite helpful in making quick movements across the trading journey.

Upstox – Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers in India

Upstox is one of the Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers in India. It ranked fifth on our list of the best momentum trading brokers.

Upstox Logo

Make your trading and investing a breeze with Upstox and its astonishing features. Let’s examine the features that made Upstox one of the best brokers.

Advanced Trading Software: The first feature of Upstox that we must highlight is its advanced trading software.

This software is related to momentum trading, potentially leading to higher profits. Moreover, the app has risk management tools that help traders avoid the potential risks of investing in downward stocks.

MACD Indicator: Indicators are one of the significant aspects of any stock broker as they indicate the highs and lows of stocks.

Similarly, Upstox has a MACD indicator that follows trends and indicates them in the MACD line and the signal line.

Information at your fingertips: With Upstox, you are within spitting distance of technical and fundamental data. The Upstox Pro is all you need to access significant information, reports, and more.

Biometric Access: Upstox offers biometric access to the account for tech admirers.

Also, it has multiple trading platforms through which customers can trade and invest in numerous stock exchanges to make decent money.

Smart Filters: Upstox has smart filters that screen the top-performing stocks. It also provides charts, indicators, and other technical tools for an advanced trading experience.

5Paisa – Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers

5Paisa is sixth on our list of the Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers. The discount broker makes Momentum trading easy for traders with its authentic features.

5Paisa Logo

Here are some of the features that the stock broker offers its customers.

Lowest Brokerage Guaranteed: Brokerage could be a significant concern for most traders. However, with 5Paisa, Brokerage will never be a matter of concern as it offers the lowest Brokerage for its traders.

Equity delivery is provided at zero Brokerage, whereas other segments only cost Rs.10 per order.

Derivative Trading: This is the best platform for traders who frequently trade in derivative trading. It builds a firm groundwork for the traders in derivatives with its attributes.

You can access numerous tools to perform derivative trading on the dedicated platform.

Trading Room: As the name says, the trading room is a social platform for the traders on 5Paisa.

You can use the platform to enhance your trading knowledge by connecting with expert traders and acquiring learning strategies.

Cheap Brokerage: For first-time or beginner momentum traders, investing in stocks with proper knowledge could be more accessible.

Also, the brokerage fee could go down the drain. Nevertheless, at 5Paisa, the brokerage charge is dead cheap, allowing naive traders to take the leverage and invest in stocks with confidence.

Momentum Indicator: The momentum indicator analyzes the strength of price movements. It helps the trader predict and invest in the trend to make a decent profit.

Kotak Securities – Best Broker for Momentum Trading

Kotak Securities is also one of the best momentum trading brokers in the market. Unlike its competitors, it offers price plans for its customers that are derived based on age.

Kotak Securities Logo

Read the features below to learn why it placed on our Best Broker for Momentum Trading list.

Zero Brokerage: Zero Brokerage is an attractive feature of any stockbroker, and Kotak Securities is no exception.

However, the best part is that it provides zero Brokerage on intraday trades, one of the market’s most popular segments.  

Loan Against Security: Traders can leverage their securities and get a loan against them from Kotak Bank. This loan can be further used to buy new stocks and investments.

Technical Advancement: Kotak Securities has the best technical team to manage daily trades. These expert traders provide research-based support to traders regardless of the amount of their investment.

MOM Indicators: Kotak Securities offers many momentum indicators for the stock trend.

The most popular indicators are simple moving averages, weighted moving averages, exponential moving averages, and relative strength indexes.

Intraday Momentum Index: The Intraday Momentum Index combines price and data to analyze intraday Momentum and its capability in high-selling or buying scenarios.

ICICI Direct – Top Broker for Momentum Trading

ICICI Direct is a big name in the stock broking industry, thanks to its parent company, ICICI.

ICICI Direct Logo

The firm has a strong footing in the stock exchange industry and is one of the Top brokers for Momentum Trading in India.

To learn more about the broker, check out its features below.

Free three-in-one account: Traders can open a three-in-one account for free with ICICI Direct. For first-time investors, the zero opening charges could be a boon.

Also, it offers a flat brokerage plan for its customers, which is yet another added advantage of trading with ICICI Direct.

Intuitive Trading Platform: ICICI Direct is the most intuitive platform ever, and the firm ensures that its customers get the best features and upgrades.

The trading platforms make trading a cakewalk for traders.

Multiple Assets: ICICI Direct allows investors to invest in numerous assets with momentum trading. They can also invest in various financial services and enjoy the benefits of profits.

Advanced Trading Platform: The firm has an advanced platform where traders can trade and invest like experts.

The platform makes Momentum trading a breeze for traders by offering advanced tools, charts, and indicators.

High-end Trading Terminals: The firm has introduced high-end trading terminals for its customers who use the platform for trading and investing.

The terminals allow customers to trade at great speed. Also, there is a separate app for derivatives.

Sharekhan – Best Momentum Trading Brokers

Sharekhan is ranked 9th in our list of the Best Momentum Trading Brokers. Please take a look at the unique features Sharekhan offers its customers.

Sharekhan Logo

Trade more, pay less: Sharekhan is one of those stock brokers that offers less Brokerage for customers who trade more. The firm has launched many brokerage slabs tailored to its customers’ needs.

Multiple Trading Platforms: The stock broking company supports multiple trading platforms, such as web trading, trading terminals, mutual funds investment platforms, and basket trading platforms. This allows traders to trade freely.

Research Reports and Calls: Investors can access the research reports and trading calls for free. It will further assist the traders by performing well in trading.

The research reports help the traders understand the stock exchange better and make outstanding trading.

Profit-to-loss ratio: Sharekhan customers must note that momentum trading has a profit-to-loss ratio 2:1, according to the firm.

Meanwhile, momentum traders hold the position and release it exactly when the graph slows down, taking advantage of high prices.

Tools for Risk Management: While the risk with momentum broking is low for expert traders, traders with zero to no knowledge may face risk if they need to analyze the price trend properly.

So, to help traders, the platform offers advanced tools that analyze potential risks.

Motilal Oswal – Top 10 Brokers for Momentum Trading

Last, Motilal Oswal is on our list of top momentum trading brokers. Named for its tech-centric solutions, the stock broking firm has made trading and investing exciting.

Motilal Oswal Logo

Thanks to its features, the user experience has been enhanced tremendously. Well, let us look at some of the features the firm offers that helped make its place in our Top 10 Brokers for Momentum Trading list.

Advanced Research Tools: The stock broker offers advanced research tools that help traders trade effortlessly.

The research tools provide traders with necessary insights that further help them make wise financial decisions. Also, this gives beginner traders the much-needed knowledge.

Competitive Pricing: The brokerage fees at Motilal Oswal are very competitive, thus promoting high-end trading for the customers.

The firm charges nil for account maintenance and other trading in other segments, which is also very pocket-friendly.

A wise selection of Assets: With the help of various tools, charts, and indicators, momentum traders can manage risk and attain significant profits on the go with the firm.

Also, it is easy to identify assets with decent price trends and invest in them. The platform also makes entry and exit accessible.

Support of Trading terminals: The stockbroker would greatly benefit from supporting multiple trading terminals.

With this approach, traders can compare and trade on the trading terminal that best suits their requirements. Also, portfolio management becomes easy with the help of these terminals.

Volatile and liquid securities: For better trading, with momentum trading, you have to choose stocks with more individual assets than investment segments like ETFs and mutual funds.

What is Momentum Trading?

Momentum trading is an advanced trading strategy in which the stock’s momentum is keenly observed to determine the high-performing stocks.

For this, the momentum of the prices going upward continuously is identified and invested in for higher profits.

The concept of momentum trading is that the stocks go upwards or downwards but in a trend.

So, momentum traders usually enter the market when the stocks are performing too high and exit the market when the stocks tend to slow down.

Traders primarily look for stocks whose Momentum is high and invest in them instantly. Also, traders avoid buying stocks that are performing low, potentially avoiding risk.

Benefits of Momentum Trading

Check out the benefits of Momentum Trading to get a better idea:

  • Momentum trading is all about the timeframe, and if traders act wisely and on time, they can quickly make big profits.
  • Volatility is an excellent advantage for momentum traders. With good volatility, traders can make good profits in the market.
  • For investors looking to make high profits, momentum trading can be a great strategy. It allows them to capitalize on price trends in a very short time.
  • If you can identify solid upward trends, you have an added advantage, which can help you make faster returns.
  • The risk is low with momentum trading as the traders only invest in stocks performing well and never consider the low-performing stocks to invest in.

Best Momentum Trading Broker in India – Conclusion

To conclude, momentum trading is a bang-on approach for those well-versed in the strategies involved.

With the help of the tools, charts, reports, and resources available online, anyone with basic stock exchange knowledge can excel in momentum trading.

Moreover, one can keep the risk at bay by investing only in those stocks that perform well. Each of the stock brokers in our list has a momentum trading feature, and every one is unique in their way.

We hope we helped you shortlist your Best Momentum Trading Broker in India.

FAQs on Top 10 Momentum Trading Brokers in India

Here is the list of FAQs related to Top Momentum Trading Brokers.

How Does Momentum Trading Work?

The basic concept of momentum trading is analyzing the patterns and Momentum of assets and buying the ones that are actually performing exceptionally well.

An average-performing asset will never be a matter of choice for momentum traders.

How to Start Momentum Trading?

First, you must find out which stocks you want to invest in. Sort them in the order of their performance.

Observe them closely for the upward trend for a specific timeframe and buy them before they show a downward trend.

Is Momentum Trading profitable?

Unless you are a novice, you can make extraordinary profits with momentum trading. To make significant bucks, you must have a keen eye for price trends and Momentum.

Which is the best broker for Momentum Trading in India?

Angel One is the best broker for Momentum Trading in India. Its numerous features lay a strong foundation for momentum trading.

How much money is needed for Momentum Trading?

Momentum trading can be done with a minimum amount of Rs. 1 and up to Rs. 10,000 and more. However, you must maintain enough money in your broking account to buy stocks.

Is Momentum Trading good for beginners?

There may be better options for beginners than momentum trading because it works on patterns and trends.

Only expert traders can analyze patterns well, while beginners may need help analyzing trends like a pro, which could expose them to potential risks.

Which strategies are best for Momentum Trading?

Momentum traders need to look at volatility and high-price trends. They must also analyze ways to find upward price trends and consider the risks of momentum trading.

Which are the Top 5 Brokers for Momentum Trading in India?

Angel One, HDFC Sky, Zerodha, Groww, and Upstox are India’s top 5 brokers for momentum trading.

Which is better, Momentum Trading or Swing Trading?

While swing trading involves only short-term trends, momentum trading works in short-term and long-term scenarios, making it a reliable option for traders.

Why is Momentum Trading easy?

Momentum trading is not as easy as it seems, but still, for those who know the ins and outs of it, it could be a game-changer.

It simply involves buying assets that are performing high and selling them before they show a downtrend.