Want to stay ahead of the top-performing markets? I am curious to know which platform can aid you in making a substantial income. Download the NDTV Profit App, which is a comprehensive platform for traders and investors across the globe.

The app has become a unified market for real-time news, data, insights, analysis, and more. It also has a user-friendly interface boasting tremendous features to grab the attention of its users.

This app encourages investors and traders to make insightful choices. Let us traverse the NDTV Profit App Review, delving into the app, its features, user experience, and much more.

About NDTV Profit App

If you are passionate about investing and trading and are looking for a new-age application to handle all your trading and investing needs, look no further than NDTV Profit App.

The intuitive application enables you to invest smarter and generate wealth with reduced risk.

Getting live coverage of the latest news and trends in the business is just a tap away with the app. Furthermore, get insights from the mavens in the industry to make profitable financial decisions.

The free application also gives you access to corporate boardrooms in the country, which further helps you take the correct route to financial freedom.

NDTV Profit Mobile App – Top Features

The NDTV Profit Mobile App has numerous features that elevate it above the competition. Let’s take a detailed look at the app’s features.

Quick Access to Markets: You need not maintain a separate app to track the stock markets and trends. Instead, the NDTV Profit app is more than enough to complete the job.

You can easily access the stock markets with the app on your device. You can also know the gainers, losers, and movers without difficulty.

The best part about the app is that you can get individual stock quotes on your device.

Stock Market News and More: Apart from hosting the general news, the app hosts the stock market news on its platform. Users can view expert analysis, top stories, expert opinions, etc through the app.

In the analysis part, the app adeptly analyzes and reports all the latest developments in the stock market industry. Users can also receive notifications through the app on their devices.

Live TV Streaming: Now, live TV streaming is also possible with this app. There is no need to have an idiot box to watch the live streaming of stock market news.

The app has a live streaming feature called NDTV Profit Studios that lets you catch up with the live TV on the go.

Other than the live videos, you can also stream previous episodes on the app for free. Also, watch top-rated shows that stream on NDTV Profit.

Fastest Navigation: The app works in both portrait and landscape modes. Its navigation is pretty fast, which eases its use.

Moreover, the app integrates with popular social media platforms to share videos and useful blogs with friends and family.

Thanks to the app’s fast navigation, users can enjoy its outstanding performance.

Research Reports and Podcasts: With the app, you can track 20,000+ in-depth equity and economy reports.

The research reports showcase the financial markets that help users optimize their investment portfolios.

The reports usually contain company performance, market trends, investment strategies, etc. Besides, the app also presents an all-new podcast feature that lets you listen to experts in the trading industry.

Bookmarks and Newsletters: The bookmark feature allows you to save stories, videos, reports, etc., that you feel like reading and watching time and again.

You can also receive newsletters personally curated through the app directly to your registered email ID.

How to use NDTV Profit App & its Pro Version?

We have compiled the steps for using the NDTV Profit Share Market App below. If you are new to the app, read the process.

  • Download the app from the official app store. For instance, if you own an Android phone, download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • When you open the app, you can see various sections on the homepage, such as news, videos, premium, markets, and menus.
  • You can tap on the section you want to check and explore its options.
  • For example, you should go to the Markets tab to check the indices.

Unlike its peers, this app has no pro version. However, users can still enjoy premium features with the app.

The premium-like features offered by the app include podcasts, premium analysis and research reports, and more. Also, you can access access exclusive and top-rated content on the app.

NDTV Profit App Charges

As we said earlier, the NDTV Profit App has no premium version. The app and its features are free to use. So, there are no NDTV Profit App Charges to talk about.

You can download the app for free and enjoy all its features to the best of your capability and benefit from it. The existing version of the app is free to use and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

You can enjoy all the features across the app free of cost. While many apps charge a basic amount for premium features, NDTV Profit doesn’t charge its users a penny to give those exclusive features.

How to Download & Login to NDTV Profit App?

To download the NDTV Profit App, please follow the steps below. We have rounded up simple steps for your ease of download and use.

  • Go to the Play Store and search for the NDTV Profit.
  • Tap on the app to download and install it on your device.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and sign in with your details. You can also sign in using your Google account.
  • You can access the app and its features even as a guest user without signing in. However, you must log in to the app to get personalized news that meets your requirements.
  • You can go to the settings and opt for the newsletter if you don’t want to miss any trending stock market updates.

Benefits of NDTV Profit App

We have discussed the benefits of the NDTV Profit App here, which will explain why you should have it.

  • The app tracks the markets and live stock quotes even during market hours.
  • The incisive commentary feature lets the users track stock and financial markets.
  • With the LIVE TV feature, users can watch the top market programs.
  • The app has dark and light modes features, which you can choose to fit your comfort.
  • Read news & analysis anytime, anywhere, from the app.
  • Access deeply researched reports, politics, consumer trends, health & wellness, lifestyle, personal finance, and more.
  • The login process was impeccably designed, ensuring a seamless experience throughout.
  • Also, enjoy the live video player experience that has improved over time.

NDTV Profit Share Market App Review – Conclusion

Amidst the array of financial and business news applications available, picking the right app that fulfills all requirements is challenging.

If you are searching for a unique business application that can serve your financial news purpose, you can download and try the NDTV Profit app.

The application will aid the users in driving financial success effectively. Backed by the popular news channel, this app is undoubtedly the best financial application in the market.

We believe this NDTV Profit Share Market App Review assisted you in making the right financial decision.

FAQs on NDTV Profit Share Market App

Read through the frequently asked questions on this app.

What is an NDTV Profit App?

NDTV Profit is a popular business application that provides business news, financial information, market analysis, podcasts, videos, live TV, and more.

Is this App Free?

This is a free application that can be downloaded from the app store. It can be used on Android, iOS, iPad, and the website.

How to use this App?

First, download the NDTV Profit app on your device. Then, explore the app’s features for free.

Does the NDTV Profit App provide accurate News?

This app is endorsed by NDTV, the country’s most prominent TV channel. So, the news provided on the app is entirely accurate.

What is the performance of NDTV Profit Advisory?

The performance of NDTV’s profit advisory is noteworthy. They offer the best advisory services regarding insights, expert recommendations, and more, helping traders pick the right stocks.

Is NDTV Profit App Trustworthy?

Yes, the app is trustworthy. Its parent company, NDTV, is a renowned organization committed to offering only reliable news.

What are the Fees for the Premium Version?

This is good news for the app users as it has no premium version, but all the premium features are still offered with the basic version.


Customer ratings and reviews of NDTV Profit App

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