sMany people these days are showing great interest in stocks and trades. If you are one among them and want to explore the field, it is crucial to take a cue from a trustworthy source.

One such source we recommend is the Zee Business App. Yes! You read it right. This app has changed the way financial news is presented.

Moreover, it strived hard to cater to the diverse needs of audiences in stock and trade. Whether you are a new learner or a stock maestro, you can find this app utterly helpful.

So, without further delay, dig into the Zee Business App Review.

About Zee Business App

India dotcom Digital Private Limited is the parent company of Zee Business App. The company has many popular news channels and applications, including this app.

The app helps users learn strategies for trading in volatile stock markets and stay on top of financial news worldwide.

It provides in-depth coverage of stocks, businesses, corporations, trading strategies, IPOs, economic trends, global markets, etc.

If you are a tech-savvy person who wants to read the latest business content on the go and make working financial decisions, the Zee Business News App can help you achieve your financial objectives.

The app has content published by expert researchers on prominent segments like investment strategies, money management, personal finance, taxes, etc.

You can also track the latest trends in Sensex, Nifty50, Nifty Bank, commodity, forex, and bond markets through the app.

Zee Business Mobile App – Top Features

Learning the Zee Business Mobile App features will help you understand the app from a better perspective.

Available in popular languages: While most business news applications are only available in English, ZEE Business is available in Hindi and English.

Users can read the news and receive notifications when they open the app in their preferred language.

News from diverse segments: If you are up to reading diverse news on a single platform, you can rely on the ZEE Business app.

The application has the best coverage for diverse news like business, share market, corporate, economic, commodity, currency, tech, auto, personal finance, etc.

You can keep track of all these kinds of news as soon as you install the app on your device.

High-Performing Stocks Suggestions: The app provides accurate suggestions on high-performing stocks in the market.

Furthermore, everything is easy to handle with the app’s help, from buying and selling stocks to optimizing the portfolio. The live updates section will help you stay on top of the game.

Latest Market News: Getting the latest news from trustworthy sources like the Zee Business app is a boon, especially for vigorous traders.

The app gives you a clear idea of the latest market trends, concepts, news, live updates, etc. This, in turn, assists users in becoming informed investors.

Wide range of News Categories: Besides the financial and business news, the app also secures news from a wide range of categories to cater to its unique audience.

The news includes market, technology, personal finance, business, environment, technology, opinion, environment, features, Sensex-BSE India, and Nifty-NSE India.

Offline Reading Experience: Without internet access, users of this app can enjoy reading news offline.

With the app, they can read their favorite news anytime and anywhere. The news is automatically downloaded, and users can happily read it offline.

Push Notifications: You can set push notifications to receive notifications directly on your mobile, so you won’t need to open the app to read the latest market trends.

This feature helps you stay abreast of the latest market trends.

Photos and Videos: The app has a gallery of pictures and videos on the latest topics from experts and researchers, which gets updated daily.

You can check out the videos on various trending markets and gain knowledge for your future stock endeavors.

Exclusive Business-centric Coverage: The app provides exclusive business-centric coverage for users who want to read news related to specific businesses.

Users can check the news on the company they are interested in and invest accordingly to make decent earnings.

Live TV: The app has a Live TV feature, which lets you watch the live business news on the go.

With a single tap on the Live TV icon, you can switch your app to a news channel and watch how the stock market is performing from the mavens in the industry.

How to use the Zee Business App & its Pro Version?

Follow the steps below to use the Zee Business Share Market App and its pro version.

  1. To use the app, first download it onto your device.
  2. Set the language and log in using your credentials.
  3. When you open the app, you will see home, budget 2024, markets, personal finance, auto, finance, companies, economy, tech, videos, and trending.
  4. You can tap on the section you would want to explore. For instance, if you want to check what is in the markets section, tap on it. The markets, commodities, currency & bonds, IPO, and mutual funds will be seen.
  5. You can find each category’s latest trending articles and top stories. You can read through the articles and pick the essential points from them that can further help you with your trading and investing.
  6. Similarly, by going to the hamburger menu, you can personalize notifications, text size, night mode, etc.

Zee Business App Charges

Here is some good news for those who want to try the premium and exclusive features the Zee Business app offers.

Unlike other business news applications, this application does not charge anything in the name of subscription charges from the users.

Instead, users can enjoy all the freemium features free of cost with the app.

So, if you are considering buying a subscription to enjoy the exclusive features and are here to learn about Zee Business App Charges, you can relax as there is nothing like separate app charges.

You can access any feature with the app without paying a penny.

How to Download & Login to Zee Business App?

To Download the Zee Business App, follow the step-by-step process we have curated here.

  1. The app is available on multiple platforms, so you can choose which to download, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, etc.
  2. To download the app on Android, open the Google Play Store and search for the ‘Zee Business’ app.
  3. Once it is shown on the screen, tap on install.
  4. The app gets downloaded and installed on your device.
  5. Open the app on your device, and you will be asked to choose the language.
  6. Choose the language and head on to the app.
  7. Open the hamburger menu on the left side of the app and click on login under the Support tab.
  8. Sign up to the app using your name, email id, and password.
  9. Use your credentials to log in to your device and explore the features.

Benefits of the Zee Business App

The Zee Business App has many features that distinguish it from the rest. Let’s take a look at them!

  • The app has a user-friendly interface, and many innovative functionalities set it apart from its peers.
  • The app offers real-time market data, customizable watchlists, in-depth articles on various businesses and market movements, market analysis tools, and more.
  • Receive actionable investment recommendations from top analysts working for the channel.
  • Stay informed about the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through the app.
  • Change how you invest with the insights gained from the latest economic trends, global market trends, and monetary policies.
  • Personalize the news and receive only personalized updates and news from the app.
  • Receive notifications by setting alerts on stock prices, breaking news, ratings, and reviews about various businesses.

Zee Business Share Market App Review – Conclusion

Zee Business app is undoubtedly the best business news application in the industry, with more than 10L downloads.

The latest version of the app has undergone many UI refreshments and improved performance. Besides the news, the app offers customers a buy-and-sell call feature.

So, you are just a call away to receive expert guidance on stock market trends. With business-centric interviews from the top company CEOs and MDs, the app is a valuable resource for gaining knowledge and helping users make good financial gains.

We hope Zee Business Share Market App Review enables you to decide if the app is a perfect fit for your financial needs.

FAQs on the Zee Business Share Market App

Here are some of the FAQs on this App. Have a read!

What is a Zee Business App?

This App is a business news application launched to guide traders and investors on the lucrative path. The app provides comprehensive financial news and stock market data to the users.

Is this App Free?

Yes, the app is accessible to download. The app is available on diverse platforms, and users can enjoy all its pro features for free.

How to use the this App?

To use the app, you must first download it onto your device. Once downloaded, you should open the app and go to the section you likely want to read.

Does the Zee Business App provide accurate News?

Yes. This App provides accurate news to its users. Being the brainchild of India dotcom Digital Private Limited, the app has always assured its users of precise news.

What is the performance of Zee Business Advisory?

Zee Business Advisory works closely with the Indian government, offering recommendations and providing essential insights.

Is Zee Business App Trustworthy?

Zee Business App is one of the most trustworthy business news apps available. More than 10 Lakhs customers trust the app.

What are the Fees for the Zee Business App Premium Version?

This app is entirely free. Its features and services are free to use. There is no premium version of the app.


Customer ratings and reviews of Zee Business App

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