Are you striving to make it big with minimal effort? Do you think investing in stocks is the perfect venture to achieve this dream? Well, it’s easier said than done.

Equity investment requires you to pick your stocks, which you can’t do efficiently without in-depth market knowledge, time, and discipline.

So, what’s your best option? Don’t worry! StockCase by Kotak Securities has got you covered.

A dedicated StockCase Basket Investing Platform enables modern-day investors to invest in stock baskets (multiple stocks) in just one click.

This StockCase Review discusses everything you need to know about StockCase basket investing, from its incredible features and benefits to charges.

About StockCase Basket Investing

StockCase is a basket of multiple stocks curated by investment professionals with years of experience in the stock market.

These SEBI-registered experts create baskets across different themes, sectors, investment strategies, trends, etc.

For instance, they pick the best stocks from a specific industry or stocks that pay high dividends and put them into a basket. Investors can execute orders for these cases (baskets) with a single click.

Basically, StockCase is Kotak Securities’ flagship platform designed to simplify StockCase Basket Investing through the robust Kotak Neo platform.

The platform facilitates 16 expert-constructed baskets to cater to diverse investment goals and risk tolerances.

StockCase Basket Investing – Top Features

The following listed are some remarkable features of the StockCase Basket Investing Software:

One-click investment: StockCase thematic investment software simplifies the basket-investing process by facilitating a one-click investment feature.

You don’t have to go through multiple steps to buy a basket. Instead, a single click is enough to place basket orders.

Regular rebalance updates: Based on the market conditions, the platform will send you Rebalance updates under the expert’s guidance.

Rebalancing is all about changing the basket’s composition by removing existing stocks or adding new ones.

Curating your baskets: Besides providing expert-curated baskets, StockCase software allows you to create your baskets and test strategies.

Look for the ‘Create’ tab on the app’s dashboard, search and pick at least two desired stocks, and give your basket a name.

Watchlist and drafts: The platform facilitates creating personalized watchlists where you can select your desired stockcases and save them as drafts.

Repairing the orders: Sometimes, investors’ orders might fail for various reasons, such as lack of liquidity or funds.

In such a case, the software facilitates the ‘Repair’ feature. Investors can confirm the same order by clicking the ‘Repair’ tab.

Tracking investments’ performance: Your dashboard shows the overall performance of your baskets. To do so, tap the basket’s name under ‘My Investment Section.’

The graph lets you track its performance over various horizons, such as a day, month, quarter, or year.

Investment in SIPs: Select the preferred SIP mode and frequency when investing in baskets. Your SIP will be automatically created after placing the first order.

After that, the SIP installments will automatically start being executed. In addition, this basket investing software allows you to edit the SIP frequency and next installment date or stop the SIP anytime.

Orders and history: Once you place the basket order, you can view it on the dashboard under the ‘Order’ tab. Your orders are automatically updated whenever stock quantities or prices change.

How to use the StockCase Basket Investing Platform?

This section will explain to you how to use the StockCase Basket Investing Platform seamlessly:

  1. Head to the StockCase website or download the Kotak Neo app.
  2. Log in to the platform by providing your registered mobile number, entering the OTP, and connecting your Demat account.
  3. After signing up, you will be redirected to the platform’s home page to explore expert-constructed baskets categorized into medium and high risk.
  4. Once you have picked the desired basket, place the order by hitting the ‘Invest Now’ tab. You should note that some cases (baskets) on the platform might ask for subscription fees to place orders.
  5. Finally, you can track your basket’s performance on your dashboard.

How to Download & Login to StockCase App?

Although there is no dedicated StockCase App, you can invest in the cases by downloading and logging into the Kotak Securities Neo app by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Play Store by Google, where you can find the Kotak Neo app.
  2. Hit the Install button and wait until it’s downloaded 100% and appears on your screen.
  3. Open the application to see the login page to sign up with your mobile.
  4. Type your contact number in the given space and then OTP.
  5. The next step is to enter your Kotak Securities demat account details if you have one. Alternatively, you can create a new one by entering the desired details.
  6. Finally, after hitting the Login tab, you can embark on your StockCase investment journey.

StockCase Platform Charges

Almost every basket investing platform has certain charges, and the StockCase basket investing is no exception. This section outlines the StockCase Platform Charges:

This basket investing platform levies two types of charges from interested investors, including one-time fees and brokerage charges.

All baskets curated by Kotak Securities specify a flat, one-time fee of 100 INR + applicable GST. This fee is automatically deducted from the investor’s ledger once he invests in the basket for the first time.

Depositing a mere amount of Rs.100 + GST gives you lifetime access to the specific basket and its updates. Isn’t it wonderful!

Aside from this, you need to incur regular brokerage charges for each trade.

Benefits of StockCase Basket Investing App

The following points highlight the USPs of the StockCase Basket Investing App:

  • The investment app facilitates 16 expert-curated baskets based on different themes, strategies, and trends. Moreover, these baskets are categorized into medium and high risk, enabling you to choose the ones that best suit your risk appetite.
  • Investors can start investing in the StockCase at as low as Rs. 1,000 monthly.
  • The platform doesn’t specify any lock-in period, allowing you to exit the StockCase anytime.
  • This basket investing app allows investors to invest one time or start a SIP to invest in installments.
  • You have complete control over buying and selling your investments at your fingertips.
  • Its user-friendly dashboard lets investors track their investment portfolio whenever and wherever they want.

StockCase Basket Investing Platform Review – Conclusion

Kotak Securities’ StockCase unlocks a new, simpler, cost-effective investing realm.

It has given novice and expert investors a remarkable opportunity to generate wealth with easy, flexible, customized basket investing.

Moreover, StockCase integrates with the Kotak Neo app, providing users with striking features to seamlessly buy, sell, or manage any of the 16 expert-curated baskets.

So, go through this StockCase Basket Investing Platform Review without wasting a minute to start your basket investment adventure.

FAQs on StockCase Basket Investing App

Check out various FAQs related to StockCase by Kotak Securities.

How does StockCase work?

StockCase provides interested investors with 16 handpicked, medium, or high-risk baskets. The basket investing platform allows investors to buy baskets in one go or start a SIP to invest in installments.

What are the Charges for using the StockCase App?

StockCase app levies investors a one-time fee of 100 INR + GST to invest in any specific basket. In addition, you must pay regular brokerage charges whenever completing a transaction.

How to use StockCase?

You can use StockCase by downloading and logging into the Kotak Neo app. Once logged in, explore the baskets on the homepage, pick the desired basket, and buy it.

Is StockCase Good for Investing?

Yes, StockCase is suitable for basket investing. It provides access to medium—and high-risk baskets that satisfy the risk appetite of all investors.

Moreover, you can invest in these baskets without breaking the bank.

Can I exit from a StockCase anytime?

StockCase doesn’t specify any lock-in period, so you can exit from it whenever you wish.

Is StockCase Thematic Investment Trustworthy?

StockCase is a reliable thematic investment platform that allows investors to buy, sell, and track their investments anytime.

What is the minimum amount of investment in StockCase?

The investment amount in StockCase can be as low as 100 INR per month.


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