Equity investing takes funds, time, and effort to pick individual stocks and earn lucrative returns.

What if you come across an innovative investment option that allows individuals to invest in several quality stocks simultaneously?

And the best part is you don’t need stock investment expertise. Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about basket investing.

Starfolio Basket Investing Platform, backed by Trendlyne, is a free-basket investing product. It has worked hard to simplify basket investing for modern-day investors.

Let’s dig deep into this Starfolio Review. You can explore the thematic investing product’s features, app, benefits, charges, etc.

About Starfolio Basket Investing

Trendlyne facilitates Starfolio Basket Investing. It helps modern-day investors stay ahead of the market by investing in index-beating baskets of stocks, ETFs, and gold. It is famous worldwide as a basket investing hub.

Logging into this platform, you can access featured, professionally curated baskets. These portfolios consist of stocks, ETFs, and gold based on an idea, sector, theme, or strategy.

Furthermore, the platform is linked with many renowned brokers, from Zerodha to 5Paisa. Hence, this platform makes transacting hassle-free for investors.

Moreover, businesses can use this basket investing platform as API plugins and widgets. Trendlyne’s primary purpose in launching this platform was to complete the product loop.

It makes everything, from market analytics to transactions, hassle-free for investors. Thus, the firm enables users to manage their investment portfolios efficiently.

Also, with Starfolio, users can manage different portfolios with a family and on different broker accounts.

Starfolio Basket Investing – Top Features

The following discussed features make the Starfolio Basket Investing Software a cutting-edge platform to practice theme-based investing:

One-click Starfolios: The basket investing platform has a ‘Featured Baskets’ tab on the home page. It lets users pick the readily available pre-built baskets.

After selecting the preferable basket, investors can buy several stocks, ETFs, or gold securities in a single click.

Customized baskets: By logging into this software, you can create your stocks/ETF baskets depending on your risk appetite. You only need to hit the ‘create basket’ option to construct your basket.

SIP investments: Are you uncomfortable with a one-time payment? You can choose a monthly SIP plan to buy baskets based on a pre-decided period.

Importing Smallcase basket to Starfolio: It’s another incredible feature of this basket investing platform. Tapping the ‘import basket’ option on the platform’s navigation bar would be best.

Next, enter the smallcase basket’s name. Select the broker with whom you bought small cases. Hit the ‘sample CSV- Smallcase’ option, and upload the formatted CSV to import the basket.

Tracking Basket Performance: Investors can monitor the performance of pre-built, customized, or imported baskets on the platform’s home page under the ‘my orders’ tab.

Rebalancing Reminders: The weights and composition of stocks in the baskets usually change. The market’s ups and downs and the advisor’s investment philosophies induce those changes.

Rebalancing your baskets by selling already-bought stocks or adding new ones is quintessential. It helps maintain or improve your portfolio’s performance.

It sends the rebalancing alerts in real-time to rebalance your portfolio.

Stock screeners: This platform allows users to create stock screeners. They can view the stocks that have performed consistently well, are in strong financial health, and have some technical momentum.

SWOT for stocks: The app features a SWOT Engine. It informs users about all stocks’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in financial, management, and technical aspects.

Verified DVM Stock Scores: This powerful feature lets users quickly find the strongest stocks and avoid buying the weakest ones.

How to use the Starfolio Basket Investing Platform?

Here are the ultimate steps following which investing will become hassle-free via the Starfolio Basket Investing Platform:

  1. Search for the Starfolio basket investing platform on Google and visit the homepage.
  2. The next step to accessing this platform is logging into it using your Trendlyne account.
  3. Users can next connect their broker account with the platform. Remember that the broker should be affiliated with this platform.
  4. Are you done logging in and connecting your broker account? If so, you can explore varied baskets or portfolios on the platform.
  5. This platform shows what stocks and ETFs the baskets contain, their proportion, and investment rationale. After analyzing all the baskets, select the best-suited ones.
  6. Place the buy orders for the chosen portfolios and track them once you are done purchasing.

How to Download & Login to the Starfolio App?

There is no dedicated Starfolio App. Howeverthe basket investing company offers mobile app services via the Trendlyne application.

This section discusses the steps undertaking which you can download and log into the Trendlyne app to invest in Starfolio:

  1. The first step is to navigate to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to find the Trendlyne app.
  2. Install it! When you open the software, it will ask you to sign up.
  3. If you are a new user, you must set up an account by registering with your Google email ID.
  4. Alternatively, those with a Trendlyne account can sign in via email and password. Users can also explore the app as a guest but will have limited access to its features.
  5. Now that you are logged in, connect your basket associated broker with the app.
  6. Finally, you can start exploring and investing in the available baskets or portfolios.

Starfolio Platform Charges

You now know almost everything about the Starfolio basket investing platform. But are you still not convinced to use it? You find something is missing.

Well, you need to know about the Starfolio Platform Charges. After learning the basket investing platform’s pricing structure, you will be eager to login.

It is among a few basket investing platforms that don’t charge subscription fees. However, to invest in any basket, you must pay a fee ranging from Rs.300 to Rs.9,999 per basket.

Moreover, you can’t transact without paying standard brokerage charges per your broker’s requirements.

Thus, users should be ready with the investment amount and brokerage charges to invest in this platform.

Benefits of Starfolio Basket Investing App

You can’t miss out on the following perks of using the Starfolio Basket Investing App:

  • Investing in high-return portfolios has become seamless with the platform’s one-click investment feature.
  • The application facilitates free-of-charge basket investing, except you must pay standard brokerage charges.
  • This platform provides access to expert-curated portfolios. Moreover, the software lets users customize their baskets. They need to figure out their financial capability and risk appetite.
  • Besides this, the platform can automatically build the baskets for you. You only need to feed your risk, value, or growth expectations.
  • It features shadow baskets. These enable users to follow the baskets of leading investment experts. Under these baskets’ guidance, investors can increase their potential to earn maximum returns.
  • Another unique perk is that users can transfer their smallcase baskets to Starfolio.

Starfolio Basket Investing Platform Review – Conclusion

Starfolio by Trendlyne is gaining prominence in the basket investing sector. It has emerged as a cost-effective platform for investors who strive to buy several stocks simultaneously.

Are you done saving and investing in your desired portfolios? Now, you can access the analytics for those stocks separately from their overall portfolio. It will make tracking and comparison more accessible for you.

Besides this, the basket investing software has developed many incredible features. You can learn about those features in this Starfolio Basket Investing Platform Review.

FAQs on the Starfolio Basket Investing App

Here are various FAQs related to the Starfolio Platform.

How does Starfolio work?

Starfolio provides users access to theme-based investing across stocks, gold securities, and ETFs. Users can log into the platform via their Trendlyne account.

Furthermore, they can discover and invest in professionally curated portfolios.

What are the Charges for using the Starfolio App?

Investing in this baskets is free, except you must pay standard brokerage charges. In addition, you need to pay subscription fees to access premium baskets’ information and analytical data.

How to use this platform?

First, log into the Trendlyne account. Next, connect your basket associated broker account to browse expert-constructed baskets.

Pick the portfolio you want and buy it after paying standard brokerage charges.

Is Starfolio Good for Investing?

This platform has made a leading name in the industry by offering index-beating equities, gold, and ETF baskets. Also, renowned investment professionals will track and manage your portfolios.

Can I exit from a Starfolio anytime?

The basket investing firm doesn’t specify a lock-in period, enabling investors to exit their portfolios whenever they want.

Is Starfolio Thematic Investment Trustworthy?

It offers the most potent and flexible basket products in India. Thus, it’s a reliable thematic investment platform.

Moreover, it allows users to follow the leading investment experts’ baskets. By doing this, they can gain the necessary guidance and earn maximum returns.

What is the minimum investment amount in Starfolio?

The least amount investors need to buy Starfolio can vary from basket to basket. The fees range from Rs.300 to Rs.10,000.


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