If you are a young investor looking for an additional income source and ready to take the risk, equity investment is your best option.

Your two options to invest in the stock market are directly buying companies’ stocks or buying portfolio stocks.

While the first option requires a lot of research and expertise to pick the right stock, the latter option allows you to invest in a basket containing multiple stocks in a single go.

If you wish to invest in multiple stocks in a single click while having complete control over the basket, Smallcase basket investing is perfect for you.

In this Smallcase Review, you can figure out what this Platform is about, its features, usage, and more.

About Smallcase Basket Investing

Smallcase Basket Investing has discovered a new and innovative way of investing in the stock market.

It’s all about investing in baskets or themes, also known as smallcases, which are modern investment products that allow investors to build long-term, diversified, low-cost portfolios.

A smallcase can be defined as a pre-constructed portfolio or basket of stocks, securities, ETFs, REITs, etc., that represents an idea. The idea can be based on a theme, objective, or strategy.

Moreover, SEBI-registered investment professionals carefully create baskets after passing them through stringent proprietary filters.

Investors can buy baskets or themes on the dedicated basket investing platform, Smallcase, founded by Anugrah Shrivastava, Vasanth Kamath, and Rohan Gupta in July 2025 but launched a year later.

The main aim of three IIT Kharagpur graduates in introducing this thematic investing firm was to make investing simpler and more accessible to modern, tech-savvy investors.

Smallcase Basket Investing – Top Features

Let’s uncover some of the best features of Smallcase Basket Investing Software:

Buy multiple stocks in one go: The first attractive feature of this basket investing software is you can buy several stocks, ETFs, gold securities, and more in a single click.

Investors can place basket orders for 50 stocks in one click and save time.

Baskets created by experts: This software uses the RIA model, wherein SEBI-registered investment professionals decide which basket will contain what stocks or securities.

Moreover, it offers over 500 pre-constructed stock baskets curated and managed by 180+ investment experts.

Investing in readymade themes and strategies: Smallcase enables investors to place orders in diverse themes and strategies instead of in single stocks.

Diversifying the portfolio: The thematic investment platform enables investors to diversify their portfolios across varied asset classes from equity to gold, capitalizations, and market segments.

Watchlist and drafts: You can add the desired themes or baskets to your personalized watchlist and track its performance and risks before investing in it.

Similarly, the platform allows you to save these baskets as drafts to track their performance. In addition, investors can edit their drafts anytime.

Invest regularly with SIPs: Investors can invest in a disciplined manner on this platform by starting a SIP on their basket weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Orders and history: The dashboard’s Order page contains all orders placed in individual batches.

For instance, whenever you expand a batch, the Order page automatically reflects individual stocks’ changed quantities and prices.

Create your portfolio: The software facilitates pre-constructed baskets and enables users to customize their portfolios. An investor with up to 50 desired stocks can curate their own basket.

Tracking portfolio of stocks: You can track your stock portfolio’s performance based on different performance metrics.

For instance, whenever you buy a smallcase, the platform assigns an index value of 100. Suppose, after a year, the same index value increases to 134. It means you have earned a 34% return on your portfolio.

Periodic rebalance updates: The software offers periodic rebalance updates to the thematic baskets.

This feature helps ensure that the underlying stocks or ETFs and their weights in a specific basket remain true to their theme or strategy.

How to use the Smallcase Basket Investing Platform?

Now that you are convinced to capitalize on the Smallcase Basket Investing Platform let’s learn how you can use it optimally:

  1. The first step is visiting the smallcase website or installing the official app.
  2. Next, you need to log into the platform using your contact number and connect your desired broker account.
  3. Once logged in, start exploring the baskets, curated based on different objectives, collections, themes, strategies, etc. You can use features like ‘Find your smallcase,’ ‘Collections,’ ‘Filters,’ and ‘Managers’ to find suitable baskets quickly.
  4. Finally, you can order your desired themes or baskets by tapping the ‘Invest Now’ button. Moreover, if you have selected a fee-based basket, it’s mandatory to subscribe to it before investing in it.
  5. Lastly, navigate the ‘Investments’ page to view and track the performance of the themes or baskets you bought.

How to Download & Login to Smallcase App?

Downloading and logging into the Smallcase App are the foundational steps to thematic investment. However, how to get your hands on this cutting-edge app?

All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store to find the official application.
  2. Once you come across the company-owned app, hit the ‘Install’ button.
  3. The Smallcase app will be on your phone’s or desktop’s home screen within seconds.
  4. Open the app and sign up using your official email ID.
  5. Next, open an online trading & demat account by entering your name, contact number, and PIN code (optional).
  6. Once you hit the ‘Continue’ tab, the app will ask you to pick your brokerage account, such as 5Paisa, Angel One, Zerodha, and more.
  7. Finally, click on the ‘Signup’ tab, and you will be sorted to invest in smallcases.

Smallcase Platform Charges

To use this platform, you should be mentally prepared to incur some charges.

Typically, Smallcase Platform Charges entail transaction charges, brokerage or demat account charges, and basket investing charges.

Talking about the platform’s transaction charges, you are asked to pay a certain fee whenever you purchase a free or paid basket.

When investing more than Rs.4,000 in any basket, you must pay a one-time transaction fee of Rs.100 + 18% GST.

However, if your investment amounts to less than Rs. 4,000 in a basket, you will be charged 2.5% of the invested amount + 18% GST.

Brokerage charges vary with different brokers’ demat accounts. Broker-specified statutory charges include STT, SEBI, exchange turnover fees, stamp duty, transaction charges, and GST.

Furthermore, the platform has some paid smallcases that you can buy after paying a pre-specified subscription fee other than transaction fees and brokerage charges.

For instance, the 3-month subscription fee for Capitalmind Momentum smallcase is Rs.4,000.

Benefits of Smallcase Basket Investing App

The following listed are some obvious perks of using the Smallcase Basket Investing App:

  • Smallcase allows you to invest in a managed portfolio based on an underlying strategy, theme, or objective.
  • Moreover, investors can gain confidence with 180+ SEBI-registered investment experts managing their baskets.
  • In addition to providing already curated baskets, the app allows investors to customize their smallcase investments or tweak them per their needs.
  • The platform strives to make baskets and investments transparent to acquire your trust.
  • You will have complete control over your investments by knowing where your money is invested.
  • By logging into the app, you can freely sell your investments anytime.
  • The app provides timely rebalance updates, enabling you to manage the weights of stocks or securities in your baskets.

Smallcase Basket Investing Platform Review – Conclusion

Smallcase has come across the most innovative basket investing platform, enabling modern-day investors to easily access and invest in a portfolio that aligns with their wealth generation goals.

Whether you have just started with equity investment or are a seasoned investor, the platform facilitates over 500 pre-constructed low, medium, and highly volatile baskets for every need.

In addition, the platform offers a seamless way to create your well-diversified investment portfolio.

We hope this Smallcase Basket Investing Platform Review quenches your curiosity about basket investing.

FAQs on Smallcase Basket Investing App

Here are various FAQs related to the Smallcase Thematic Investment Platform.

How does Smallcase work?

Smallcase allows investors to buy multiple stocks simultaneously without much research and technical analysis.

The platform offers over 500 curated baskets built around specific strategies or themes. Moreover, each basket comprises a selected group of securities, stocks, or ETFs.

What are the Charges for using the Smallcase App?

Anyone using the smallcase app should be prepared to pay pre-specified brokerage charges, subscription charges for paid baskets, and one-time transaction fees.

How to use Smallcase?

To use the smallcase, head to the official site or download the application. The following steps entail signing into the platform and exploring, picking, and investing in the desired basket.

Is Smallcase Good for Investing?

Yes, Smallcase is suitable for investors with no or limited stock investing experience who are short on funds.

Can I exit from a Smallcase anytime?

Now that there is no lock-in period, any investor can exit from their smallcase anytime.

Is Smallcase Thematic Investment Trustworthy?

SEBI-registered investment advisor manages smallcase thematic investment, making it trustworthy. However, just like other types of equity investments, stock baskets are subject to market risk.

What is the minimum investment amount for smallcase?

You can invest in a smallcase with a minimum amount of 294 INR.


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