For the rigorous traders who like to trade at their fingertips, Bajaj Broking (previously Bajaj Securities) has launched a dedicated and trustworthy stock market app called Bajaj Broking Trading App.

It is the ultimate app for opening a Demat account and performing trading. Ace your trading journey with the exceptional features the app offers.

From exclusive IPO access to advanced trading tools and MTF to daily stock recommendations and real-time insights to the intuitive interface, the app is nailing the trading game.

Explore the Bajaj Broking App Review to uncover the ins and outs of the app.

About Bajaj Broking Mobile App

Bajaj Broking App is a great stock broking application with 50+ assets for Trading & Investing. The app lets Customers invest in IPOs, NCDs, SGBs, Bonds, Equities, US stocks, and more.

With a straightforward user interface and numerous services to explore, the app has set unique investing goals for enthusiastic traders.

Moreover, the app has a 4.3-star rating and 500K+ downloads and is moving forward with jet speed, upgrading the investor’s overall trading experience.

Also, placing orders at Bajaj Broking is effortless, thanks to the app’s tremendous features. In minimal steps, you can execute the order by choosing a quantity, order type, price, product, etc.

Also, you can quickly check the stocks in the holdings section and position in the net position.

Furthermore, adding funds is way too easy in the app. To add a bank, the stockbroker charges Rs.25 from the customer.

Also, explore services like Bonds India, Top Investment Basket,  Pro-investor, Super Swing Trader, etc, with the app.

Bajaj Broking App – Top Features

Bajaj Broking has the finest features, which we will discuss here. These features will also provide much-needed insight into the Bajaj Broking Mobile App Review.

Smart Login: With the help of the smart login feature, you can log in to the app using your fingerprint. However, the app also supports PIN.

The app has a simple interface, and users can get used to the features instantly and without hassle.

Daily Stock Recommendations: Amplify your trading experience and get the best out of the daily stock recommendations from the app.

Besides, you can make informed investment decisions with the help of market insights you get from the app.

Also, learn risk management and portfolio management from the app. For short-term and long-term traders, the app suggests trading strategies.

Advance Analysis Tools: The stockbroking app closely works with advanced analysis tools like Marketsmith, Trendlyne, and Scanners.

Persistent traders find these tools extremely helpful as they assist them in researching and analyzing stocks.

In addition, they make it easy to identify potential investment opportunities. Traders can use charts, technical indicators, fundamental reports, scanning tools, portfolio tracking, and screening.

Holistic Solution for Bond Investments: Unlike the other stock brokers, Bajaj Broking has a bond investment portfolio, which sets it apart from its peers.

Through this feature, investors can invest in bonds and earn interest. Alternatively, you can choose the maturity of the bonds, such as short-term or long-term, and meanwhile receive a fixed or variable .

IPOs and NCDs: Invest in best-performing IPOs and NCDs through the app and witness your investments grow.

Subsequently, get the latest news about the latest IPOs and NCDs and make wise investment decisions.

Alerts and Notifications: This feature lets you set alerts and notifications as per your choice. You can create alerts on your favorite stocks and receive them via phone or mail.

Also, create a watchlist based on your app stock knowledge and enjoy quick order execution.

Reports Section at your fingertips: The app has a tailored reports section through which traders can access research reports, technical reports, and other market analysis reports.

These reports will assist traders in getting hands-on experience in trading by offering investment recommendations, indicators, company financial performance, etc.

Global News: Get the latest global and local news on stocks, which helps you perform news-based and result-based trading for the best outcomes.

The app also allows you to keep track of the market, such as top gainers, losers, 52-week highs, and 52-week lows.

In-built calculator: The app has a built-in calculator that lets you calculate the margin, MTF, brokerage, and earnings.

For instance, you can calculate brokerage in various segments, such as equity delivery, futures, options, and intraday, using the calculator available on the app.

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How to Download Bajaj Broking App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Bajaj Broking Android App
iOS App Download Bajaj Broking iOS APP

The Bajaj Broking app is available for Android and iOS platforms. If you don’t know how to download and invest in the app, check out the process below.

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device.
  • Search for Bajaj Broking in the search bar.
  • The app is listed. Click on the install button.
  • Once the Bajaj Broking App Download is complete, install it on your device.
  • Open the app on your device and provide the necessary login details. You can either set a PIN or use your fingerprint for authentication.

Once logged in, you can start your investment journey with the Bajaj Broking app.

How to Login Bajaj Broking App & use it for Trading?

If you are serious about leveraging your investment journey with Bajaj Broking, you should open a Demat account first.

The Bajaj Broking Trading App, Login and trading process are in the steps below.

  1. Open the Demat account by providing your personal and bank details in the app.
  2. Choose a subscription plan, upload a selfie video, and complete eKYC.
  3. Upload the necessary documents and complete the e-sign by entering the Aadhaar number.
  4. On successful account opening, you will receive a login ID and password to your registered email and mobile number.
  5. Log in to the app and create a watchlist of your favorite stocks and companies.
  6. The next step is to add funds to invest. Transfer money from your bank account to your Demat account using UPI or net banking.
  7. Now, check the stock details and view charts to gain insights. You can also access charts from ChartIQ to make effective trade decisions.
  8. With a simple swipe, place your first order on the app.
  9. You can find the shares you bought in the Holdings section.

Bajaj Broking App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Free
Equity Delivery Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Intraday Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Future Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Option Rs.20 per Trade
Commodity Future NA
Commodity Option NA
Currency Future NA
Currency Option NA

Bajaj Broking has the best-in-class charges among its peers. For the uninitiated who think that the stockbroker charges more than what meets the eye, the charges turn out to be an eye-opener.

It charges almost nothing for account opening and account maintenance. Yes! The app is free, and the brokerage charges for account opening and AMC are also free.

However, traders must pay some amount while trading in other popular segments. While the stockbroker charges nil for delivery, it charges Rs. 20/ order for intraday, futures, and options.

The Bajaj Broking App Charges are basic; even a new trader finds them super affordable. Other than these are transaction charges, GST, STT, SEBI, and stamp duty charges.

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Benefits of Bajaj Broking Trading App

Here are some benefits of using the Bajaj Broking Trading app, which will help you better understand the Bajaj Broking Trading App Review.

  • For those who are particular about time, this app is apt. With a single swipe, you can buy/sell the stocks on the app, saving ample time.
  • The app has advanced charting and order types, which assist the traders in acing their trading game.
  • For tech-savvy traders, the app has biometric authentication for quick login.
  • For the MTF traders, an e-pledging facility is available through which traders can use the securities in their demat account as collateral to avail of margin trading services.
  • The pay-in and pay-out options are easy to use. Investors can quickly transfer money to and from the trading account.
  • Trade in almost all the popular segments available, from equities to IPOs and stocks to US stocks and MTFs.
  • Investing in US stocks is now easy with the Bajaj Broking app, which gives access to elite FAANG stocks.
  • The app is continuously monitored for bugs and is often upgraded with the latest features.

Bajaj Broking App Review – Conclusion

While the Bajaj Broking mobile app has many features to boast about, there is no looking down on incorporating the technology in the app.

The app best serves those who breathe in and breathe out trading with a friendly use interface, expert recommendations, comprehensive reports, and informational data.

With super competitive brokerage fees and outstanding customer support, the app has emerged as one of the primitive stock broking apps in the market.

We sincerely hope this Bajaj Broking App Review has helped you kickstart your trading journey on an insightful note.

FAQs on the Bajaj Broking App

Here are some common queries traders have regarding the Bajaj Broking app.

What is the Bajaj Broking Mobile App?

Bajaj Broking Mobile App is a versatile platform that can address all your trading needs. The investing platform allows users to perform on-the-fly trading.

How do you earn money from the Bajaj Broking Trading App?

Traders and investors with little to profound knowledge of the stocks and exchange can earn a decent amount of money from the app by investing in various high-performing stocks.

Is Bajaj Broking App Trusted?

Yes. The app is one of the most trusted stock market apps in the market, and this is because it is a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv Limited.

How do you change KYC details in the Bajaj Broking App?

You can change or update the KYC details in the app itself. Go to the dedicated section and update your KYC details.

What is the use of the Bajaj Broking App?

With very affordable Brokerage charges, the app offers investors diverse features and investment options.

It also has a portfolio showcasing the invested amount, current value, total P&L, and today’s P&L, which enhances the trading game.

How to refer from the Bajaj Securities App?

You can find the refer and earn option on the app. By clicking it, you can refer the app to your friends and family. You can earn 50 coins and 10% brokerage on every active referral for two years.

Is F&O trading available on the Bajaj Broking app?

Yes, the app supports trading in Futures and Options. Moreover, customers can trade in other popular segments like stocks, MTF, and bonds.

How to add a nominee to Bajaj Broking App?

Log in to the profile section to add a nominee to the Bajaj Securities App. Enter your nominee’s details and upload the required documents. Confirm and submit the details.

Is Commodity Trading available in the Bajaj Securities App?

No. Bajaj Broking doesn’t have a Commodity Trading option. Though it allows trading in various segments, the app does not entertain commodities.

Who is the Founder of Bajaj Broking App?

Manish Jain is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Bajaj Financial Securities Limited (BFSL).


Customer ratings and reviews of Bajaj Broking App

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