Ventura Securities, the parent company of the Ventura App, is a Mumbai-based stock broking company founded in 1994 by two friends in California.

Ventura Securities launched this App, a trading and investment platform, which has since grown to have 30 branches and 500 partners nationwide.

The Company has grown tremendously since its inception and is now located in 300 cities across the country.

Moreover, Ventura App Review launched its first mobile trading application, the Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism (SLBM), in 2013.

SLBM is a system in which securities are temporarily transferred from one party to another, usually for a fee, with the understanding that the securities will be returned later.

This App gives customers and partners easy and efficient access to online trading. It empowers them to trade seamlessly.

About Ventura Mobile App

Ventura App is a famous Mumbai-based stockbroking company founded in 1994. It operates across India in over 30+ branches and is associated with over 500+ businesses in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

The app lets users invest in IPOs, NCDs, Bonds, Equities, and US stocks. With its cutting-edge technologies and wide range of services, the app has gained popularity among traders.

Moreover, it keeps getting better to enhance the trading experience for investors. This App was built to give users a high-quality trading solution for convenience and profitability.

It allows users to access platforms whenever they want, whether on Android or iOS. Furthermore, users can save preferences and trade securely using an AWS-certified data framework.

This means that Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud computing provider, has audited and certified the app’s data storage and processing systems.

Adding funds to the app is also easy. Moreover, Ventura Securities Ltd is a depository participant of the National Securities Depository Limited and a member of major stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.

Ventura App – Top Features

Here is why choosing Ventura Mobile App review is a good choice:

Convenient Platform: This app is a seamless mobile application that helps users trade efficiently. You can trade in various areas, such as Equity, Equity Derivatives, and Commodities.

Real-Time Updates: Use the Ventura App to stay up to date with real-time stock prices. This feature provides the latest information, implanting confidence and keeping you well-informed in the fast-paced trading world.

It also helps track stock movements in real-time and make timely decisions, whether the market is open or closed.

Customizable Watchlists: This app provides convenient access to manage your investment portfolio and view all your holdings.

Customizable Watchlists are lists of stocks or other securities that users can create and customize to track the performance of specific investments.

By providing this feature, the app helps users organize and keep track of their investments. Then, you can create custom watchlists to track the performance of your favourite stocks.

This app offers convenient access to manage your investment portfolio and view all your holdings.

Portfolio Management: You can use it to keep track of all your orders and connect brokerage accounts to see how your investments are doing.

The portfolio feature provides a complete look at your assets and tracks your margins and profits in real-time.

Online Fund Transfer: This app allows users to deposit funds or securities (”pay-in”) and withdraw them (”pay-out”) for their Equity and commodity accounts.

Accessibility Features: This app quickly enables trading on different platforms and puts accessibility first. It comes with built-in navigation and voice-over assistance for visually impaired users.

This means that the app is designed to be navigable and usable by people with visual impairments, making it more inclusive and user-friendly.

Charts: Furthermore, This Mobile App offers touch-friendly interactive charts that display historical data and trends. These are great for exploring stock performance in depth.

Event Calendar: The app’s Event Calendar is a standout feature. With it, you can stay updated on crucial economic events such as earnings releases, dividends, and IPOs.

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How to Download Ventura App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Angel One Android App
iOS App Download Angel One iOS AP

To download the Ventura app, follow these simple steps –

1st Step: Please visit the App Store on your device. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2nd Step: Next, search for “Ventura” in the search bar to find the app in the store.

3rd Step: Please click the download option to Install the Application on your device.

4th Step: Once the app is installed, tap to open it!

5th Step: Sign Up or Log In

If you’re a new user, please select “Sign Up” to create a new account. Select “Login” and enter your credentials if you already have a Ventura account.

6th Step: Verify Your Account

Finally – follow the prompts to verify your account if required.

How to Login & invest in Ventura App?

To download the Ventura Trading App Login, please follow the steps below. We have rounded up simple steps for your ease of download and use.

The Trading App Login is free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

Go to the Play Store and search for the Trading App.

Tap the app to download and install it on your device.

Once downloaded, open the App and sign in with your details, such as your login ID and password.

After logging in with your credentials, add money to your wallet. And start investing in the stock market.

Ventura App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs.350 per Year
Equity Delivery 0.15% of Transaction Value
Equity Intraday 0.02% of Transaction Value (Only 1 Side)
Equity Future 0.02% of Transaction Value
Equity Option Rs.18 per Lot
Commodity Future 0.02% of Transaction Value
Commodity Option Rs.18 per Lot
Currency Future 0.02% of Transaction Value
Currency Option Rs.18 per Lot

The Ventura App offers the best charges compared to its competitors.” For the inexperienced, who think that the Ventura App Charges more than what meets the eye, the charges turn out to be an eye-opener.

It doesn’t charge any fees for Account opening, whether for trading or Demat accounts, but it charges Rs 350 per year for annual maintenance.

That is a reasonable fee for maintaining an account. Yes! The app is free, and the brokerage charges as No subscription charges apply.

You pay 0.15% of the transaction value when you trade equity delivery. For equity intraday, it’s only 0.02% of the transaction value on one side.

The same rates apply to equity and commodity futures. Equity and commodity options cost Rs. 18 per lot.

Also, currency futures and options have a transaction value fee of 0.02%. These charges are competitive and transparent, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for when using the app.

In some cases, traders were required to pay fees or commissions when participating in trading activities within other popular market segments. While the Charges 0.15% of transaction value for delivery.

The Charges are basic; even a new trader finds them super affordable. Other than these are transaction charges, GST, STT, SEBI, and stamp duty charges.

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Benefits of the Ventura Trading App

The Ventura Mobile App offers several benefits, including the following. This App benefits help you find if it suits your investment needs.

Lifetime Free: Ventura Trading App Review provides lifetime AMC Demat account services to the user without charging any penny.

Accessible Platform: The App offers diverse financial products, Including Stocks, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency Futures, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Fixed Deposits.

This App makes buying and selling stocks and commodities easy, as well as applying for IPOs, investing in mutual funds, transferring funds, and accessing research charts.

It’s a helpful tool for managing your investments.

Plans: NRIs, PIOs, and foreign investors can access Equity and mutual Fund investment plans through a dedicated NRI Services Cell in Ventura.

Equity and mutual Fund investment plans focus on investing in stocks and mutual funds. By offering these plans, the app caters to the various investment needs of its users.

Association with Banks: All central banks, for instance, HDFC, ICICI, SBI, Axis, Bank of Baroda, IDBI, and many more, provide online money transfer services.

Branches and Associations: The Company operates over 30 branches nationwide and partners with 500 businesses in India.

Other Benefits: Ventura enables live share pledging, instant sale of pledged shares, SLBM facility, and offers free Call and Trade.

Ventura App Review – Conclusion

To sum up, this review sees the Ventura App as a powerful tool for people who love the stock market. It gives real-time data, personalized tracking, and valuable financial News.

The beneficial features offered by Ventura Mobile App Review make it an excellent choice for staying updated on the market.

FAQs on the Ventura Mobile App

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Ventura app.

What is a Ventura Mobile Application?

The Ventura Mobile App provides updates on financial news and tools to help you manage your investments.

How do you earn money from this Trading App?

Choose the right portfolio and start trading, eventually generating profits with Ventura.

Is Ventura App Trusted?

Ventura App is very much trusted because of its dependable data and updates. This app is trustworthy and widely used to track investments and market trends.

How do you change KYC details in the Ventura App?

It is easy to change your KYC details in the Ventura App. Go to settings and click on KYC details to change your information.

What is the use of this App?

You can download the app from your app store, register for an account, or sign in, and then personalize your watchlists and preferences.

How do you refer to the Ventura App?

It’s easy to create your referral link and send it to one of your friends so they can open the account.

Is F&O trading available on the Ventura app?

You can trade F&O using the Ventura application.

Is Commodity Trading available in this App?

Commodity trading is also available in Ventura.

Who is the Founder of the Ventura App?

Two friends in CA. Hemant Majethia and Sajid Malik are the founders of the App.


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