You are a modern-day trader and understand the significance of online trading via an on-the-go platform.

Your one step to trading effortlessly in the stock market, mutual funds, and more is downloading the Sharekhan Trading App.

Offering a seamless and intuitive interface, the trading application by Sharekhan is what you need to explore varied investment options from the comfort of your room.

Let’s explore this mobile app more through the Sharekhan App Review. Here, you can uncover everything from features, charges, and benefits to steps for downloading and using the Sharekhan trading app.

About Sharekhan Mobile App

Sharekhan App was introduced under the company’s brand name in 2017 and is reviewed as an improved version of previously launched trading applications – Share Mobile and Share Mobile Pro.

It’s listed among the more reliable and sophisticated trading and investment mobile solutions, leveraging which you can execute trade orders from anywhere and at any time.

You might wonder how long it can take to set up a Demat account with the Sharekhan app. Well, you need to devote 15 minutes to it, and you can experience full-service perks with this trading app.

Besides this, the cutting-edge app allows users to buy and sell equities, IPOs, derivatives, and mutual funds.

They can watch market trends, access financial data and portfolios, analyze actionable research modules, and explore many other market research features to make the correct decisions.

Sharekhan App – Top Features

Before committing to any trading application, learning about the platform’s features is always wise. So, this Sharekhan Mobile App Review section is all about the application’s features and offerings:

EZY options: EZYOption or every option trader’s smart watchlists aid users in keeping track of options without any problems and, thus, trade wisely.

Advanced charts and pattern finder: You can trade directly from charts by scanning the markets through six chart types with sixteen timeframes.

In addition, the app gives access to the acclaimed tool “Pattern Finder” for mobile users.

My good-till-date orders: The app features my good-till-date orders for derivatives and equity. All you need to do is place a buy or sell order and relax for seven days.

The application itself will keep track of and place orders via the My GTD feature.

Market stats filters and scrip quotes: The Sharekhan app allows you to scan the market via useful filters and detailed charting.

Moreover, you can instantly watch in-depth movements on scrips across different segments.

Advanced option chain: The app facilitates details for option chain analysis by instantly accessing information on Greeks, OI, volume, and others.

These tools make analyzing data for option chains smarter and more straightforward than before.

Customizable journey and intelligent reporting: The trading application is designed to fit your trading and investment journey.

If you are not satisfied with the dashboard, you can modify it. Moreover, if you are unhappy with any feature, you only need to report it via hand gestures.

Multi-square-off: The new multi-square-off feature on the mobile-friendly trading app enables you to swiftly square off all the positions in the market.

Smart voice search: You can quickly access various features on the app’s dashboard with smart voice search.

Instead of wasting your time typing, you have to speak and can view specific quotes, features, reports, or stocks.

Place various orders: This mobile trading software allows traders to place different types of orders on a single platform.

These trade orders can include normal orders, big trade plus, sell against margin (SAM), big trade, and bracket orders (BO).

Shortcut your strategies: Instead of navigating the app for your favourite scrips or stocks, you can create shortcuts on the mobile home screen for quick access, tracking, and taking action.

Connection to multiple feeds: This trading app is connected to various feeds to provide users with news about the stock market, equities, derivatives, IPOs, and commodities space.

Moreover, you can view detailed information about specific news with a single click.

Currency trading: The brokerage house has recently introduced the currency trading feature on the app, which was missing in previous versions. You can now trade in currencies via this feature.

Information on 52-week gainers/losers: The Sharekhan mobile app provides information about the top 52-week gainers and losers.

Additionally, the app provides data on the top volume-sold and top turnover stocks for the last year.

How to Download Sharekhan App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Sharekhan Android App
iOS App Download Sharekhan iOS APP

Sharekhan App Download is a free-of-charge procedure. A smartphone and a good internet connection are enough to install the trading application from the operating system-relevant store.

This section discusses the necessary steps to download and invest in the Sharekhan app:

  1. The first step is to visit the relevant app store on your mobile phone. Smartphones with the Android operating system must open the Google Play Store. Alternatively, users with phones that support iOS should go to the Apple Store.
  2. Once on the app store, look for the Sharekhan app in the search bar.
  3. You can see the first result showing the Sharekhan app with the official logo.
  4. Click on this app result to see the ‘install’ button.
  5. Hit the ‘install’ button, and the app starts downloading.

Once the app is 100% downloaded, you can open it and create your account to access the dashboard.

How to Login Sharekhan App & use it for Trading?

To Sharekhan Trading App Login and trade using it; these are the essential steps you must follow:

  1. After the installation is complete, open the Sharekhan app.
  2. When you open the app, you can view two fields—one for login ID and another for password. Fill in these two fields with the credentials the company shared when you registered as an official client.
  3. You can view the OTP on your registered phone number; enter it in the relevant field.
  4. Next, hit the ‘Login’ tab to be redirected to the dashboard.
  5. On the dashboard, look for the watchlist tab and go to it.
  6. In the watchlist, you can view different stocks. Add the stocks you are interested in.
  7. Next, hit the buy button to purchase the selected stocks or the sell button to sell them.
  8. Confirming the buy/sell order will be the final step in placing your order.

You can head to the ‘Portfolio’ tab if you want to see your investments.

Sharekhan App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Free (1st Year)
Equity Delivery 0.30% of transaction value or 1 paisa per share (whichever is higher)
Equity Intraday 0.02% on transaction value or 1 paisa per share (whichever is higher)
Equity Future 0.03% of Transaction Value
Equity Option Rs.30 per Lot
Commodity Future 0.03% of Transaction Value
Commodity Option Rs.75 per Lot
Currency Future 0.03% of Transaction Value
Currency Option Rs.20 per Lot

Like all the on-the-go trading applications introduced by Indian brokerage houses, the Sharekhan app is a zero-cost mobile trading app. It means you don’t have to pay anything when installing the app.

However, trading or investing on this mobile-friendly platform comes with its fair share of Sharekhan App Charges.

So, you might be curious about the charges for setting up a demat and trading account. Well, it’s free.

Isn’t that amazing? Hold on; you don’t have to worry about annual maintenance charges for at least a year.

However, you can’t escape brokerage charges. Brokers levy these charges on traders whenever they place a trade order.

For instance, trading futures in the equity, commodity, or currency segment via the trading app requires you to pay 0.03% of the transaction value.

Benefits of Sharekhan Trading App

Let’s look at the bright side of this Sharekhan Trading App Review. Yes, we will now be discussing the pros of the upgraded trading application by Sharekhan:

  • The new application offers a more enhanced user experience with fewer user clicks, navigation, customization, and overall usability.
  • This latest version of the mobile trading app features additional layers of security that were missing in the previous version.
  • You can access a hassle-free fund transfer process for pay-in and out.
  • Do you wish to invest your money in mutual funds? The Sharekhan trading app allows you to do so from anywhere and at any time. The app allows users to start, modify, or pause their SIPs.
  • You can place multiple trade orders, including normal and after-market orders, to sell against margin and bracket orders.
  • The upgraded version of this trading app features voice search, instantly allowing you to search stocks, scrips, quotes, features, reports, etc.

Sharekhan App Review – Conclusion

This Sharekhan App Review clearly specifies that the upgraded version of the Sharekhan app is much better than its older versions.

The company has worked hard to improve the areas of usability, number of order types, currency trading, user experience, and others.

Regarding financial perks, you can enjoy the app’s free service of creating and maintaining a demat and trading account.

Although the broker has improved the app a lot, experts say that the Sharekhan app still needs much more to win the users’ trust.

FAQs on the Sharekhan App

Check out various FAQs related to the Sharekhan App here.

What is Sharekhan Mobile App?

Sharekhan mobile trading application is a zero-expenses trading app exclusively designed by the firm for its Android and iOS traders and investors.

Logging into this app allows clients to trade across derivatives, equities, commodities, IPOs, mutual funds, and more.

How to earn money from the Sharekhan Trading App?

The ideal way to earn money from this on-to-go trading platform is to research the stocks in the markets and capitalize on stock buying and selling prices.

Is Sharekhan App Trusted?

You can trust that Sharekhan will do everything to protect your sensitive data when using the trading app. The latest version features additional security layers that were missing in the older versions.

How to change KYC details in the Sharekhan App?

Look for the ‘KYC’ section on the app’s dashboard. Go to this section and hit the Update button. Now, you can modify the details to the new ones and tap the confirm button.

What is the use of the Sharekhan App?

Clients can use the trading app to set up a demat and trading account, research about the market and its offerings, execute buy and sell orders, invest in mutual funds, and more.

How to refer from Sharekhan App?

Open the dashboard if you want to refer this trading app to your friends or family. Search for the ‘Refer and Earn’ section, where you can find the referral link.

You can copy and send this referral link to a specific person via WhatsApp.

Is F&O trading available on the Sharekhan app?

Futures and options trading is allowed by the mobile application.

How to add a nominee to Sharekhan App?

Go to the Profile icon and Trading Profile on the app’s dashboard. In the top right corner, you can see the Add Nominee option; hit it and select ‘Yes’ to select a nominee.

Finally, please fill out the nomination form and submit it to add a nominee.

Is Commodity Trading available on the Sharekhan app?

Commodity trading is allowed by the mobile application.

Who is the Founder of Sharekhan App?

Mukesh Meena Dayalpura is the man behind the Sharekhan trading app.


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