Experience the ultimate advantage of mobile Trading with the Axis Direct Trading App. It is part of Axis Securities, backed by India’s leading banking group, Axis Bank.

With the Axis Direct team and its powerful RING technology, you will get investment opportunities every minute!

Within the blink of an eye, the RING technology scans over 25,000 stock instruments, ensuring you never miss any golden period.

The trading house always works to ‘plan your trade and trade your plan’ goal. With the advanced RING technology and promise to empower investors, this Axis Direct App Review will help you achieve your investment goals.

About Axis Direct Mobile App

Your first step in Trading can be complex and confusing, with lots of data management, calls, and PC struggles.

However, a powerful App like the Axis Direct RING app can simplify it and help you identify potential stocks. The App empowers investors of all levels, from beginner to pro.

Whether you are searching for productive stocks, conducting market research, analyzing data, or placing orders, this App is a one-stop solution.

Powered by top-notch technology, Axis Direct can scan thousands of stocks in a minute to present the potential one for you.

It has also provided a vital learning section, helping beginners become experts. This learning section has the best materials and visual graphics, ensuring you can learn and earn simultaneously.

Building on a robust ‘technology snack’, the App has additional support for Order Management and Risk Management systems.

Also, Axis Direct offers unique features to enhance your overall trading journey. Always stay updated with real-time market news and research data directly from the App.

With technical studies through live charting, company analysis, expert analysts and multiple real-time screeners, Axis Direct always prioritize your unique needs and goals.

Axis Direct Ring App – Top Features

Axis Direct always offers a holistic trading solution with valuable tools, covering both sides, newbie and expert traders. Check out the Axis Direct RING mobile App review here for a brief idea.

All in one App: Your juggling days with different tools for multiple asset classes have gone with Axis Direct!

With Axis Direct, you get a wide range of assets assembled with advanced tools and features under one App.

Whether you are interested in new IPOs or traditional stocks or looking for a scope to diversify your money with derivatives, currencies, and commodities, Axis Direct has all product segments for you.

So, you don’t need to manage multiple accounts or buy various tools to get the best advice in the market; Axis has covered everything.

Powerful Screeners:  Never feel alone in the sea of the securities market; Axis Direct is here to hold your hand even in a highly volatile market.

The App has almost 30 real-time screeners that scan at least 25,000 stock instruments to provide the best result.

These screens are powerful filters that allow you to summarize your investment style based on market cap, P/E ratio, PAT result, and other industry health indicators.

It saves valuable time and effort with a minimized error and maximized profit solution.

Predefined Option Strategies: Sometimes, the option market is complicated for beginners and is no longer a secret.

However, Axis Direct offers a new feature named ‘Predefined Option Strategies’ to eliminate your wild guesses in the market.

These pre-built strategies are helpful if you want to get some valuable insights while tackling option trading. Traders will get an organized starting point with this feature.

Axis Direct’s pre-established trading plans can simplify options trading and make options market entry more straightforward than ever.

Advanced Charting Tools: Market research and technical analysis always play a significant role in boosting your portfolio.

Following this concept, traders are given full access to more than 90 technical indicators. These indicators help traders better identify entry and exit points and analyze market movement.

Detailed Quotes: Investment with in-depth knowledge is safe. But feel free to discuss Axis Direct.

With detailed quotes, traders fully support stock fundamentals, technical, option chains, news and many more features.

It helps users make well-informed decisions and gain profound knowledge about financial instruments.

Moreover, different data points help traders check stock health, measure market sentiment, and identify profitable finance options.

Market Research Calls with a 60% hit ratio: Successful investment requires expert guidance and better product recommendations.

Fortunately, the Axis Direct app provides research calls with a stunning 60% hit ratio! It also includes valuable market insights and trends, helping you enrich your portfolio like a market guru.

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How to Download Axis Direct App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Axis Direct Android App
iOS App Download Axis Direct iOS APP

Whether you are an iPhone lover or an Android user, the Axis Direct RING Trading App download and login process is just about mobile OTP verification.

Here is a step-by-step process.

  1. First, find your mobile device’s Google Play Store or Apple App Store icon.
  2. Use the search bar and type ‘Axis Direct’ or Axis Direct ŔING App.
  3. Ensure the authenticity with the official developer’s name and tap on the Install/Get option.
  4. Now confirm the App permissions to enable your device with the new software.

You can also download it from the Axis Direct Website. Scroll down the home page’s bottom and tap the App option in the left corner.

How to Login Axis Direct App & use it for Trading?

Start trading anywhere with the Axis Direct RING Trading App login!

  1. Once you have installed the App, open it by tapping the app icon.
  2. If you already have an Axis Direct account, enter your login details, including username and password.

If you are a new user, you must register for an account first.

  1. Tap the “Register” or “Sign Up” option.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  3. You must provide personal details, bank details, email address, mobile number, PAN card details, and Debit card (or I-Code ) details.
  4. After registration, you must go for KYC verification with documents such as your PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc.
  5. Once your account is verified, you must fund your Axis Direct account.
  6. So, link your bank account to Axis Direct and transfer funds from your bank account.
  7. Axis Direct encourages you to have a debit card ( or I code) linked to your trading account.
  8. Finally, you will receive an email verification link request; confirm it to start your journey.

Axis Direct App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs. 750 (Rs. 350 for first year)
Equity Delivery 0.5% of transaction value
Equity Intraday 0.05% on transaction value
Equity Future 0.05% on transaction value
Equity Option Rs.10 per Trade
Commodity Future 0.05% on transaction value
Commodity Option Rs.10 per Trade
Currency Future NA
Currency Option NA

Open an account with Axis Direct free of cost. But only Axis Bank customers have this advantage; others have to pay an AMC of ₹350 from the first year.

Similarly, closing an account is also free of charge. However, Axis Bank customers must pay an AMC of ₹750 from the second year.

Non-Axis bank clients have to pay the same amount from the second year. The Axis Direct App, charges or brokerage plan depends on the plan you have dealt with.

They have opportunities for all. For example, the Standard plan comes with a nominal amount of ₹499. For equity delivery traders, the brokerage charge is 0.50%, encouraging long-term investment.

In addition, intraday and futures trading charges are set at 0.05%, helping RI customers enjoy short-term investments without hefty fees.

It is important to note that the Standard Plan levies a minimum brokerage of ₹25 per executed order or 2.5% of the trade volume.

If your trading volume and investment capacity are reasonable, you can choose the Investment Plus and Now or Never Plans.

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Benefits of Axis Direct Trading App

Axis Direct is beyond just a stock trading platform. Here is a simple and short Axis Direct RING App review with various benefits.

  • More than 20+ real-time screeners and 90+ technical indicators to support your portfolio.
  • Get at least 20 products within a single app and account, including mutual funds, derivatives, and IPOs.
  • Enjoy smooth training with a user-friendly interface.
  • Additionally, traders can engage with 11 learning courses, helping them to act in the market like pros.
  • Benefits of getting inputs from a well-researched team, boosting users market confidence
  • Recognition and awards from top-class bodies, winner of the BSE Commodity Equity Outlook Award, DMA Asia ECHO Awards

Axis Direct App Review – Conclusion

With 3-in-1 account integrity and valuable tools, the Axis Direct app is a holistic solution for all kinds of traders.

In this Axis Direct RING App review, it is clear that innovation, reliability, and convenience set the benchmark for the platform to provide excellent service.

The award-winning trade service provider has something for everyone and all pockets. If you are a newbie or unable to make a wide range of investments, start with Axis Direct today and scale up your trading journey to the next level.

FAQs on the Axis Direct App

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Axis Direct Ring App:

What is the Axis Direct RING Mobile App?

The Axis Direct app is a trading solution provided by Axis Bank. You can also invest in MFs, derivates, and 20 other products with the App.

How do you earn money from the Axis Direct RING Trading App?

You need a Trade or Demat account to start using the App. Choose a brokerage plan and Invest across the product line Axis Direct offers.

Is Axis Direct App Trusted?

Yes, it is trusted and reliable, backed by Axis Bank and validated by a regulatory body.

How to change KYC details in the Axis Securities App?

You must download a Modification Form, fill it and submit it to the HO.

What is the use of the Axis Direct RING App?

You can invest in at least 20 financial instruments with the Axis Direct app, including Equity, commodities, and IPOs.

How to refer from Axis Direct App?

Traders can generate a referral link and send it to their sales funnel.

Is F&O Trading available in the Axis Securities App?

Yes, Axis Direct offer F&O trading.

How to add a nominee to Axis Direct RING App?

After logging in, a pop-up will appear with an update nomination option. You must click the ‘Add Nomination’ tab to add details.

Is Commodity Trading available in the Axis Direct RING App?

Yes, commodity trading is available with Axis Direct.

Who is the Founder of Axis Direct RING App?

The App was started by Axis Securities and led by Mr. Pranav Haridasan.


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