The Trade Smart app is user-friendly and allows quick and efficient trading transactions.

It supports various financial instruments and provides real-time market data to help you make wise trading decisions. The Trade Smart Trading App has different advanced features.

They include portfolio management tools and customizable alerts. You will like the app because of its security and reliability.

As such, the app helps you trade with confidence. Check out this detailed Trade Smart app review to learn what the app offers.

About Trade Smart Mobile App

The Trade Smart app caters to investors who need an organized and easy-to-use trading platform on the go.

This mobile application ensures detailed trading solutions. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to access derivatives, commodity, and equity markets.

This makes browsing through the app’s different aspects and tools accessible. Moreover, the app features advanced charting tools and offers real-time market data.

You can also enjoy its other user-friendly features. They include seamless order placement, customizable watchlists, and detailed portfolio insights.

Trade Smart App – Top Features

Trade Smart is a mobile-based share trading app. To meet your Trading needs efficiently, it comes with several outstanding features. They include the following –

Simple and user-friendly interface: This market trading app features a minimalistic user interface. It is easy to trade, analyze, and manage portfolios—a few clicks are all it takes.

The design is dynamic and intuitive. Even new investors will find the app simple and extremely easy to use.

Real-time market data: Looking for updates on the market’s ups and downs? Trade Smart has got you covered!

It gives you quick access to market data, ensuring you can make appropriate decisions based on market movements.

Risk management: The app features several risk management options. They include stop loss, price alerts, and limit orders.

These tools allow you to manage your exposure. Besides, they protect your capital from significant losses.

Portfolio management: Trade Smart offers detailed portfolio insights. They allow you to track the performance of your investments.

Consequently, you can get a breakdown of holdings and realize losses or gains.Head-to-toe coverage: Many users claim that Trade Smart can become the country’s #1 online trading app.

Why? It could be because of its comprehensive coverage. Notably, the Trade Smart Mobile App covers all order types, including cover orders, bracket orders, after-market hour orders, etc.

Graph analytics: Modern-day smart Trading requires technical analysis. Thanks to this app’s advanced design, it offers 80+ indicators for interpreting stock market trends.

You can monitor these to make informed decisions.

Easy account integration: The Trade Smart mobile app lets you easily link your demat Trading and bank accounts.

This easy integration helps you make quick fund transfers and reconsider portfolio positions with actual market values.

Tailored watchlist: You can create personalized watchlists to track your preferred commodities or stocks.

Subsequently, you can monitor potential investment opportunities hassle-free—you don’t need to search for them repeatedly.

Intuitive themes: The app allows you to switch between day and night themes and light and dark themes.

This feature ensures better visibility and gives you the desired level of visual clarity when reviewing graphical analytics.

Easy fund transfer: This app lets you transfer funds instantly via UPI. The process is super easy and quick.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, the Trade Smart Investing App offers online chat support and an easy margin calculator. These features, combined, ensure a seamless trading experience.

How to Download Trade Smart App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Trade Smart Android App
iOS App Download Trade Smart iOS AP

Are you excited to start trading with Trade Smart? Here’s a step-by-step guide for downloading the Trade Smart app.

Step 1: Check device compatibility

Firstly, check if your device is compatible with this app. Your device should have an updated operating system, such as Android or iOS.

Step 2: Visit the app store

Next, open the Google Play Store on an Android device. If you are using an iPhone, visit the Apple App Store.

Step 3: Search for the app

Go to the search bar and type “Trade Smart App.” Once you get the app, tap on it. This will direct you to the app description page.

Step 4: Start download

Next, tap the ‘install’ or ‘get’ button. This will automatically start the download and installation process.

Step 5: Open and set

Now that you have installed the app, create an account. If you are an existing user, log in and start Trading.

How to Login Trade Smart App & use it for Trading?

You can follow this simple Trade Smart trading app login process to start your journey with the app.

Step 1: Open the app

Firstly, open the Trade Smart application. On the opening screen, you will see the option to log in. Tap on the login button.

Step 2: Enter credentials

Secondly, the app will now ask you to enter your email address/username and password.

Step 3: Authenticate

Next, tap on the login button. This will authenticate your credentials. However, you may need to verify your identity if you have enabled two-factor authentication.

Step 4: Go to the dashboard

Once you have logged in, you will have access to the dashboard. From there, you can start exploring different trading options and market data.

Step 5: Start Trading

To start Trading:

  1. Select the trade option.
  2. Choose your market (e.g., stocks, commodities, etc.).
  3. Enter your trade details.

These may include buy/sell, quantity, price, etc.

Step 6: Carry out the trade

Review your trade details, and when ready, tap execute. This will help you complete the transaction.

Trade Smart App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs.300 per Year (1st Year Free)
Equity Delivery Rs.15 per Trade
Equity Intraday Rs.15 per Trade
Equity Future Rs.15 per Trade
Equity Option Rs.15 per Trade
Commodity Future Rs.15 per Trade
Commodity Option Rs.15 per Trade
Currency Future Rs.15 per Trade
Currency Option Rs.15 per Trade

The Trade Smart app charges are competitive, and their brokerage options are tailored for different trading volumes. Firstly, you can say yes to the ‘Power plan.’

It is ideal for bigger trade sizes and doesn’t vary with the trade segment. Under the Power plan, ‘ you must pay Rs.15 per executed order as a brokerage.

On the other hand, the ‘Value plan’ is ideal for smaller trade sizes. It offers brokerage at .007% for intraday trades in commodities, futures, currency, and cash.

The same percentage applies for delivery. Meanwhile, options trading costs Rs.7 per lot. The trading and demat account opening charges are Rs.200 for each.

The trading account, however, doesn’t feature any annual maintenance charges (AMC).

Conversely, the demat account levies Rs.300 annual maintenance charges, which start in the second year of account opening.

Benefits of Trade Smart Trading App

This section of the Trade Smart trading app review highlights the app’s notable benefits. They include the following.

  • Justified brokerage: The app charges a justified amount as brokerage. Consequently, you can enjoy maximum returns.
  • Tailored trading plans: The app caters to versatile trading preferences. Thus, it has two plans – ‘Power’ and ‘Value.’
  • Appropriate updates: You can access real-time data. Indeed, it is crucial for timely decisions.
  • Great Exposure: With Trade Smart, you can get upto 5x exposure on equities. This eventually aids in leveraging positions.
  • Zero commitment: Trade Smart doesn’t ask its users for any commitment. You don’t need to maintain an account balance to easily trade with varying capital.
  • Safe transactions: The app deploys high-end security measures to protect your information and funds.
  • Futuristic charting: The app has advanced charting tools so that you can conduct detailed technical analysis.

Trade Smart App Review – Conclusion

To conclude this exclusive Trade Smart app review, here’s what you can expect. First, this mobile-based trading platform ensures easy and efficient Trading on the go.

Second, it offers the flexibility to trade the way you like. Most importantly, the app features competitive charges and doesn’t require users to make any hard commitments.

Trade Smart deserves consideration if you want a handy mobile app for trading seamlessly. However, gains and losses in Trading are subject to market movements.

Thus, continually assess your risk appetite and situation management capacity before investing. This will help ensure a satisfying and enjoyable trading experience.

FAQs on Trade Smart App

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Trade Smart app:

What is the Trade Smart Mobile App?

This Trading app is a mobile-based platform. It facilitates easy investing and Trading in the stock market.

How do you earn money from the Trade Smart App?

You can earn money from this trading app by trading stocks, derivatives, and other securities. Profit comes from buying low and selling high. In addition, you can also earn money through dividends.

Is Trade Smart App Trusted?

Yes, Trade Smart is a trusted app. Most users like it because of its seamless services and high-end security.

How do you change KYC details in the Trade Smart App?

If you want to update your KYC details, you can contact Trade Smart support. Use their online chat option to get help.

What is the use of this App?

This app encourages you to engage in various trading activities, such as selling stocks and managing portfolios.

How to refer from Trade Smart Mobile App?

You can use the app’s refer-and-earn feature. It will ask you to share a referral link. Once you get signups using the shared link, you can earn rewards.

Is F&O Trading available in this App?

F&O trading is available on this app. So you can enjoy additional investment opportunities.

How to add a nominee to the Trade Smart App?

To add a nominee to your Trade Smart demat account, you can download the nomination form from the Trade Smart website or request one via email at

Is Commodity Trading available in this App?

Yes, commodity trading is available on this app. It allows you to buy primary products and raw materials.

Who is the Founder of Trade Smart App?

Trade Smart is a part of VNS Finance and Capital Services Limited. It is a brokerage company that offers services to global investors in the Indian currency, stock, and commodity market.

Mr Vijay Singhania is the founder of the firm.


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