If you’re seeking a trading app that not only covers the Indian market but also allows you to invest in US stocks, then the 5Paisa Trading App is an ideal choice.

However, this is just one of its many benefits. The application also offers a fast and intelligent approach to strategically positioning yourself in the live market.

Apart from the fundamental features, the app includes various innovative elements, which we’ll explore in this 5Paisa App Review. Without delay, let’s take a peek.

About 5Paisa Mobile App

The 5Paisa App is a mobile-based gateway to the investment market. The capital market company 5Paisa released this app on the Play Store in 2016.

Today, the app caters to over 10 million users with a favourable rating of 4.3.

With a simplified user interface and single-touch login access, the 5Paisa App provides quick access to the live market, making it ideal for people who aren’t avid desktop users.

However, the app may have compatibility issues with older Android versions. If the app doesn’t load on your smartphone, consider upgrading your device.

The required Android version should be 5.0 or above. Apple users can also get the app from the respective app stores.

5Paisa App – Top Features

The 5Paisa Mobile App Review outlines some of the excellent features that have made this app famous. Let’s take a look.

Real-Time Market Indicator Snippet: When you open the app and access the “stocks” option, the first thing that catches your attention is this rich snippet.

It is like a market indicator, showing the numbers of NSE and BSE in real-time, with green and red colours indicating the market’s bearishness and bullishness.

US Stock Investment: Beyond stock investments, the 5Paisa app opens doors to the US stock market, broadening your investment horizons to international arenas.

It allows you to effortlessly diversify your portfolio beyond geographical boundaries, ensuring a well-rounded approach to wealth management.

FinSchool: It is undoubtedly a beginner-friendly feature. Finschool enhances your investment.

The stock broking app serves as an educational platform, offering insights and resources to help you better understand stocks, derivatives, and mutual funds.

5P Wealth: You can access personalized portfolio advisory services designed for high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) on 5P wealth.

The built-in panel provides tailored investment strategies and recommendations. It may help you manage and grow your wealth effectively, ensuring your financial goals are met with precision and expertise.

Insurance Facility: You can also protect your investments with the insurance facility available within the app. They offer affordable coverage for as little as Rs 2 per day.

Isn’t that great? It might provide peace of mind and financial security in uncertain times.

Real-time Data Sharing: The 5Paisa app keeps its users on track with real-time data on their market positions.

From the total amount invested to live profit and loss updates, while you navigate through other features of the app, the developers ensure that you are still kept updated on your account balance.

Customizable Watchlist: Want to track down specific assets? 5Paisa lets you create personalized watchlists tailored to your investment preferences.

From day trading to long-term investments, 5Paisa ensures you keep track of your favourite stocks and assets efficiently.

Screener: Similarly, you can employ a screener tool. The built-in feature within the app helps you identify top-performing stocks in real-time.

Also, customizable filters refine your search criteria. Instead of getting stuck in a maze, you can use them to streamline your investment research process.

Customized Technical Charting: Access advanced technical charts with comprehensive details, including the highest and lowest numbers and company balance sheets.

These provide valuable insights and analysis tools to make informed investment decisions confidently and ensure a clear understanding of market trends and patterns.

SWOT Analysis: One of the best features is the SWOT analysis tools, which enable you to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats linked to a company.

It will help you make well-informed investment decisions after thoroughly understanding the company’s overall position in the market.

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How to Download 5Paisa App & Invest in It?

Android App Download 5Paisa Android App
iOS App Download 5Paisa iOS APP

You should be very careful when downloading the 5Paisa app. First, configure your smartphone’s version.

The app should have an updated version, but if it does not, avoid downloading it from any website other than the official app store.

This app is currently available on both the Play Store and the Apple App Store.

  1. Log in to your app store.
  2. Search for the 5Paisa app or get the link from here.
  3. Download the app and create an account (if you are a new user); otherwise, log in using your registered credentials.

How to Login 5Paisa App & use it for Trading?

The method above is a safe way to download the 5Paisa app on your smartphone and start trading. But, before you trade, the app requires you to pass the login stage. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Firstly, you must have an email address and phone number to sign up or log in to your account.
  2. If you are a new user, use the “sign-up” button to create an account with 5Paisa.
  3. Follow the step-by-step process guided through the 5Paisa interface (submit the required documents as asked to comply with the KYC process).
  4. Alternatively, press the login button and quickly access the trading app (make sure the registered user’s device is linked to the registered mobile number and email ID).

You can use the same 5Paisa Trading App Login process to re-access your account. Navigate through the interface and carefully watch all the features before investing.

If you are a beginner, use the built-in tool FinSchool to get started.

5Paisa App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs.300 per Year
Equity Delivery Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Intraday Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Future Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Option Rs.20 per Trade
Commodity Future Rs.20 per Trade
Commodity Option Rs.20 per Trade
Currency Future Rs.20 per Trade
Currency Option Rs.20 per Trade

Did we mention it? 5Paisa app offers very reasonable charges. To begin with, opening a Demat account costs you nothing – it’s utterly free and takes just 5 minutes to open.

Brokerage charges? You pay a flat fee of ₹20 per order. As for the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), it depends on your holding amount, but the base rate is Rs 300 for a Demat account.

Regarding margin trading, charges start at just ₹10 per order for Nifty 50, Bank Nifty, FinNifty, Sensex, and Bankex.

However, remember to include GST and other potential hidden charges for a detailed calculation. For more information, you can always visit the broker’s official website.

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Benefits of 5Paisa Trading App

Let’s explore the key benefits of using the 5Paisa Trading app. Through this 5Paisa Trading App Review, we came across some truly great benefits of the broking app, encouraging why you should use the 5Paisa Trading app:

  • First, the broker makes everything straightforward. You can buy stocks, invest in mutual funds, and add gold to your portfolio, all in one place.
  • Also, you can get in on new IPOs as soon as they’re available, both main board and SME IPOs.
  • You can link your bank account for quick and secure fund transfers to take advantage of every opportunity.
  • Get instant updates on NSE and BSE numbers as you open the app.
  • The best part is that you can explore the US market, serving extra investment options.
  • Get tailored investment strategies on 5P Wealth for managing and growing your wealth.
  • The most notable is the SWOT tool to understand a company’s position in the market before investing.
  • Enjoy instant fund transfers, track your account activity, get advice from a robo advisor, and choose from over 4000 mutual fund schemes with zero commission.

5Paisa App Review – Conclusion

The 5Paisa App Review outlines the significant features and benefits of using this Indian-origin stock market app, which even lets you invest in the US stock market.

Thanks to a streamlined interface and easy-to-use tools and features. It empowers the app to give a good user experience and assist aspiring investors in navigating the investment market.

If you are a quick trader, spending less time trading on desktop and more on mobile, this app is for you.

FAQs on the 5Paisa App

Below is the list of FAQs related to the 5Paisa App:

What is the 5Paisa Mobile App?

5Paisa app helps in investments and offers many features for making decisions in share markets.

You can also invest in 5Paisa based on your risk-taking ability and access to facilities like trading tips, analysis, etc.

How do you earn money from the 5Paisa Trading App?

The 5Paisa trading app allows users to earn money through trading facilities and investments.

Is 5Paisa App Trusted?

5Paisa is a publicly traded company listed in NSE and BSE. They are considered a safe and trustworthy broker.

How do you change KYC details in the 5Paisa App?

To update your KYC details, hit KRA/KYC and start uploading your self-attested documents using the KYC form. You can also email your documents to the [email protected].

What is the use of the 5Paisa App?

The app offers trading in various categories, including Currency Derivatives Trading, Equity Cash Trading and Equity Derivatives Trading.

How to refer to the 5Paisa App?

Try to log in to the 5Paisa app and hit the user tab. Now check out the option “refer & earn” tab to start referring others.

Is F&O trading available on the 5Paisa app?

5Paisa app allows the user to trade in the F&O option.

How do you add a nominee to the 5Paisa app?

Sign in to your 5paisa account via their web platform or mobile app. Access your profile by clicking on the profile icon and choosing the “My Account” option.

Navigate to the left-hand side menu and select “Nominee Details.” Finally, click on the “Add Nominee” button to proceed.

Is Commodity Trading available in the 5Paisa App?

Commodity trading and many other trading facilities are available with the 5Paisa app.

Who is the Founder of the 5Paisa App?

The significant shareholders of the 5Paisa app are Nirmal Jain and Fairfax India Holdings.


Customer ratings and reviews of 5Paisa App

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