Gone are those days when you have to juggle with your stockbroker and paperwork to invest or trade in stocks.

SBI Securities Trading App is a powerful solution that empowers traders and investors alike to trade actively in the stock market from wherever you are.

Besides trading, the app caters to traders looking forward to creating their demat and trading accounts with SBI Securities.

Do you want to learn more about the services and functionalities the trading app can offer?

Go through this SBI Securities App Review to explore the mobile app’s features, pros, charges, downloading process, and more.

About SBI Securities Mobile App

SBI Securities has successfully attracted and retained tech-savvy traders and investors by launching its mobile-friendly app, SBI Smart.

Recognized as one of the trusted trading apps in India, SBI Smart features a robust interface, providing superior performance and interactive user experience.

This SBI Securities App empowers traders and investors to achieve their financial goals by trading in stocks with a few clicks.

You can trade across various products, from stocks and gold to mutual funds, IPOs, and more.

Aside from that, logging into the app enables users to create their demat account, paving the path for them to achieve their financial goals.

Regarding the app’s features and functionalities, it facilitates multiple logins, options arena, smart option chain, real-time quotes, research ideas, and more.

SBI Securities App – Top Features

Let’s explore the key highlights of this SBI Securities Mobile App Review, i.e., the trading application’s features:

4X buying power with E-margin: Users can purchase up to 4x shares by signing in to the trading app. The best part is you don’t have to pay any interest.

However, a flat brokerage of 0.5% on buy and sell orders will remain. Aside from that, PoA customers can avail of the e-margin facility.

Multiple login: The application facilitates 3-4 login options, including MPIN, fingerprint, or face ID, depending on varied devices.

Additionally, the app will enable users to add multiple accounts and buy or sell swiftly from the search bar.

Option arena: Options trading is the ultimate solution for investors to improve their portfolios. The app features an option arena, which is a dedicated space allowing traders to trade seamlessly.

Research-based recommendations: The app features a section to get research-backed investment ideas for different financial products.

Option made simple: The SBI Securities trading app will ask you three simple questions. By answering them, you can give the firm your market view.

Based on your answers, the application will provide indicative option contracts, making trading more manageable.

Goal-based investing: Depending on your financial goal, the trading platform allows you to invest in mutual fund investment packs, NFOS, and mutual funds.

Smart option chain: When navigating the application, traders can view varied contracts across stock options and indices on their dashboard, making investment convenient.

Moreover, option contract analysis can be done using price and volatility. Ultimately, you just need to access option chain to execute buy or sell orders.

Advanced charting tools: The application is designed to feature multiple cutting-edge charting tools, enabling users to evaluate relevant financial data and study the financial markets.

Assessing this real-time data is your key to purchasing and selling shares at the best price.

One tap to buy: Trading in stocks and other assets has never been so swift. The SBI Smart app allows users to place their orders with just a single tap.

Mark a lien during order placement: Featuring convenient NET Banking and UPI fund transfer options, the SBI Smart app allows you to send money effortlessly to your demat or trading account.

Moreover, this feature is designed to allow users to mark lien or hold funds during the order placement from their mapped SBI account.

Investments in a single portfolio: You don’t have to waste time switching from one portfolio to another. Instead, the app facilitates including all your investments in a single portfolio.

Moreover, the app will inform you about unrealized or realized gains or losses, DP holding reports, capital gain reports, and much more.

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How to Download SBI Securities App & Invest in It?

Android App Download SBI Securities Android App
iOS App Download SBI Securities iOS APP

These are the steps you should consider when wanting to SBI Securities App Download and invest in it:

  1. The first step requires an interested candidate to open the Play or App Store, whichever is already installed on their phone.
  2. Once you open the Play or App Store, type SBI Smart app in the search box and search for it.
  3. You can see the specific app with the official SBI Securities logo.
  4. Press on the official application to view the install icon.
  5. Hit the install tab to download the SBI Smart app.
  6. Once it’s completely downloaded, you can tap the Open button.
  7. Set up your demat and trading account and begin your trading and investing journey.

How to Login SBI Securities App & use it for Trading?

It is the step-by-step guide following which any user can SBI Securities Trading App Login and trade through it:

  1. Once the SBI Smart app is installed, open it to view the login page.
  2. You can view the login ID and password fields on the login page. Type your login ID and password, which the company provided you upon completing the trader application process.
  3. Upon proceeding, you must enter the OTP shared with your mobile number and hit the ‘Login’ tab.
  4. Once logged in, you can see the dashboard. Here, you can access a plethora of advanced features.
  5. The ‘Watchlist’ tab is at the bottom of the dashboard. Click on it to add and view preferred stocks and their prices.
  6. Select the stock you are interested in from the watchlist. After selecting the stock, you can view open, closed, or high prices.
  7. To purchase the preferred stock, you can click on the Buy tab. If you want to sell the previously bought stock, hit the Sell tab.
  8. Your last step will be to confirm the buy or sell order to place the trade order.

SBI Securities App Charges

Account Opening Charges Rs. 850
AMC Rs. 750
Equity Delivery 0.50% of transaction value
Equity Intraday 0.075% on transaction value
Equity Future 0.05% of Transaction Value
Equity Option Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per lot
Commodity Future 0.05% of Transaction Value
Commodity Option Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per lot
Currency Future 0.05% of Transaction Value
Currency Option Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 per lot

This mobile-compatible trading application is free to install. In simple language, SBI Securities doesn’t ask its clients or users to pay fees to access the trading application.

Although the app is free, clients might have to bear other SBI Securities App Charges, including account opening, maintenance, or brokerage charges.

Since SBI Securities is a renowned company, its financial services are relatively pricey.

Setting up a demat and trading account via a trading app can cost 850 INR, and the annual maintenance charges will be 750 INR.

Brokerage charges are mandatory for every trader placing trade orders on the SBI Securities mobile app.

For example, the company asks for 0.50% of transaction value when placing an order in the equity delivery, equity future, or commodity future segment.

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Benefits of SBI Securities Trading App

Here discussed are the key highlights of the SBI Securities Trading App Review, i.e., the perks of using the trading platform:

  • The most significant benefit of this trading application is that it’s developed by a branch of India’s most trusted government financial institution, the State Bank of India. You can expect top-notch security and reliability from this app.
  • With the SBI Smart app, you can conveniently diversify your portfolio. The software is designed to facilitate digital stock trading and investment in IPOs, corporate FDs, sovereign gold bonds, MFs, and 54EC bonds.
  • The app facilitates a seamless transaction between your savings, demat, and trading account.
  • With over 114 branches, you can expect high-quality support when facing any issue using the SBI Smart app.
  • The trading app provides access to many free market research and analysis tools, enabling you to make data-driven trading and investment decisions.

SBI Securities App Review – Conclusion

SBI Smart app leverages the latest technology to provide top-notch support to its users and enable profitable trading.

It is one of the best-functioning trading platforms for tech-savvy traders and investors.

With a well-designed user interface, this highly responsible app renders many exceptional features, services, and functionalities to help users trade effortlessly.

As discussed in the SBI Securities App Review, clients can go beyond traditional stock trading and instead invest in IPOs, corporate fixed deposits, mutual funds, 54EC bonds, and sovereign gold bonds.

FAQs on the SBI Securities App

Here are various FAQs related to the SBI Securities App.

What is the SBI Securities Mobile App?

SBI Smart is a mobile-friendly trading app that is available for free. The app helps people to embark on their digital trading journey of limitless possibilities.

Users can trade or invest in stocks, IPOs, corporate fixed deposits, mutual funds, 54EC bonds, and sovereign gold bonds.

How to earn money from the SBI Securities Trading App?

Through the mobile trading app, you can increase your bank balance by trading and investing over the Internet. The platform also has a separate section for refer and earn.

Is SBI Securities App Trusted?

This trading app’s most trustworthy factor is that it’s developed by a subsidiary of India’s largest, government-owned bank, State Bank of India.

In the industry since 2006, you can trust SBI Securities to protect your interests and data when trading via the app.

How to change KYC details in the SBI Securities App?

Go to the app and then Service Request in the menu on the top left of the dashboard. You can see the update KYC icon, click on it, and update the necessary details.

Once done, click the Next button and enter the OTP from your phone number.

What is the use of the SBI Securities App?

This application’s most significant use is trading and investing digitally. It also facilitates demat account creation, portfolio diversification, and market research.

How to refer from the SBI Securities App?

First, go to the dashboard, where you can see the You tab at the bottom left. Click on the ‘You’ section to access Refer & Earn in the top right corner.

Upon redirecting, you will be able to send the available referral link to anyone via any messaging app.

Is F&O trading available in the SBI Securities App?

The SBI Smart app is your one-stop destination for trading futures and options.

How to add a nominee to the SBI Securities App?

On the top left of the home screen, you can access the menu section. Next, tap on Profile > hit the ‘Edit Profile’ tab > Nominee Details > enter details like client code and captcha, then OTP.

Finally, you can fill in the nominee details.

Is Commodity Trading available in the SBI Securities App?

Commodity is one of many asset segments that you can trade in via this mobile app.

Who is the Founder of the SBI Securities App?

Arun Mehta will introduce the SBI Securities application.


Customer ratings and reviews of SBI Securities App

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