The securities market is an ever-changing landscape, and in India, the market is full of financial scopes for traders. So, staying ahead of the competition is essential for intelligent investors.

In this fast-moving world, your daily struggle with the computer desk, data management, and lots of manual calculations has gone with the Nuvama Trading App.

Nuvama aims to boost investors of all categories; the innovative App makes your trading experience faster, better, and smoother. Nuvama, backed by Edelweiss, has had a glorious presence for two decades with more than 450+ branches globally.

A complete Nuvama App review is here to support your investment decision. So, join the successful traders club and download this app.

About Nuvama Mobile App

Edelweiss mobile trading software, Nuvama App, is a flexible platform that empowers investors to access the capital market easily.

The Nuvama trading app, backed by Mumbai-based Nuvama Wealth (Edelweiss Securities), is one of India’s trusted financial solution providers.

Its user-friendly interface helps you start trading in just three clicks. The advanced trading platform executes your order instantly, ensuring you take advantage of the prime opportunity in the market.

Security is paramount for the Nuvama App, as it provides users with a secure and verified platform. You can also watch your money come to life with live market charts.

Never miss an opportunity to set Nifty and Sensex alerts when your watchlists hit the target price.

The broker always aims to serve you beyond a stock broking platform. You can closely monitor the market with analyzed and filtered data.

In short, the Nuvama Trading app is designed to help you effectively with advanced tools and manage your portfolio like an investment guru.

Nuvama App – Top Features

Nuvama’s feature-rich trading App simplifies your trading process in the Indian stock market and supports various investment product lines to diversify your money.

It is a complete toolbox prepared to help your daily trade with ease. Here is a brief discussion of the Nuvama mobile app review and its features.

Investing in upcoming IPOs: Are you interested in new companies going public? Nuvama makes your participation in buying new IPOs hassle-free work.

With just a few taps, you can place a bid and add new IPOs to your account. However, the research team is there to advise you about the best in the market.

With real-time updates and company analysis, traders can boost their return goals with low investment in new IPOs.

Single App to trade in multiple markets and products: Nuvama always aims to support its client’s portfolios. It gives access to multiple markets and multiple products.

You can trade in NSE, BSE, NIFTY 50, and MCX simultaneously from a single account. Besides various markets, traders can expand their investment in multiple product lines.

It includes derivatives, commodities, currency, and Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs).

If you are a newbie, you can also invest in a small case with a pre-selected basket of stocks based on a particular time and risk appetite.

Technical analysis: The Nuvama Trading App provides technical charting to guide you in the right direction of market trends. It also provides live market access with advanced candlestick options.

You have full access to various stock indicators and can compare them with multiple charts of nearest competitors. A robust analysis can solidify your portfolio in this rapidly changing market environment.

Instant notification and better recommendation: If you don’t want to miss out on any market opportunities to make money, the Nuvama Trading App provides better suggestions and timely blinks on your mobile.

Users can also sort and save their watchlists according to Last Trade Price (LTP), price change, percentage change, or simple alphabetic series.

In addition, it provides a view of price changes in one’s own portfolio to control the portfolio’s overall health.

In-depth Market Insights: Enjoy fast, secure Trading and make an informed decision to scale up your return graph with the help of Nuvama’s information and resources segment.

Each asset class has an organized flow of information about inside stories that could impact the stock’s next movement. Thus, it helps to reduce your risk zone, and you can make a well-verified decision.

Access Additional database and UPI support: Get real-time quotes for major indices like Nifty, SGX( Singapore), and even foreign exchange rates like USD.

Thus, you can track trends effectively by closely monitoring influential data and charts. Additionally, users get a tick-by-tick live chart throughout the trading day, ensuring your database is current.

Nuvama App supports India’s largest digital payment option, UPI, for a quick fund transfer.

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How to Download Nuvama App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Nuvama Android App
iOS App Download Nuvama iOS APP

Here is a step by step-by-step guide about the Nuvama App download and how to start making money with it

Download the App:

  1. Depending on your service, open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. In the search bar, type Nuvama Trading or “Edelweiss Trading,” as Nuvama was known as part of Edelweiss.
  3. Download the Nuvama Live Share Market Trading App and tap on Install or Get (for iPhone).

Install the App:

  1. Once downloaded, install the App on a device with various permissions and access to your device.
  2. Follow the on-screen information and enable it.

However, you must register as a new user through a trading account.

How to Login Nuvama App & use it for Trading?

Here is what to do for the Nuvama Trading App login process.

  1. Open the app and click the “Open Account” section.
  2. Complete the mandatory fields with basic details: name, city, email address, and contact number.
  3. Confirm the OTP verification process via a mobile number.
  4. Provide your PAN number and DoB, matching the information on your PAN card.
  5. If you are already a registered client through KYC KRA, your particulars will be automatically processed in the system.
  6. To link your bank account and your trading account, provide bank details.
  7. Now, decide between Nuvama Lite and Elite account, depending on your trading volume.
  8. After that, submit a scanned copy of the required documents for verification.
  9. Also, create a concise video recording to complete the in-person verification (IPV) and upload it.
  10. E-sign the account opening form using the Aadhaar-based OTP.
  11. Upon completing the process, Nuvama’s internal team will verify your documents.
  12. Once the verification is done, your demat account will be activated within 12-24 hours.

Nuvama App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs.500 (Free for first year)
Equity Delivery Rs.10 per Trade or 0.01% (whichever is low)
Equity Intraday Rs.10 per Trade or 0.01% (whichever is Low)
Equity Future Rs.10 per Trade
Equity Option Rs.10 per Trade
Commodity Future NA
Commodity Option NA
Currency Future Rs. 10 executed order
Currency Option Rs.10 per Trade

Nuvama App charges are flexible enough for all pockets. You have to choose between the Elite plan and the Lite plan. First-year AMC is free for both Elite and Lite plans.

However, you must pay ₹300+tax from the second year under the Lite plan. Similarly, a slightly higher fee of ₹500 is applicable for the second year under the Elite plan.

Lite plans always go with a flat-fee structure. Investors pay a fixed ₹10 per executed order across all product lines, including Intraday, Equity Delivery, Futures, Options, Currency Futures, and Currency Options.

However, the Elite plan supports a percentage-based brokerage for product segments. It is excellent and effective for a large volume of trade.

Under this plan, a charge of 0.30% is applied for Equity Delivery trades and 0.03% for Equity Intraday and Equity Futures trades.

For Options contracts, you have to pay a fixed fee of ₹75, helping you to get a transparent fee structure. Moreover, there is zero charge for auto square-off, saving more money.

But Currency Futures and Options levy a charge of 0.02% and ₹20 per lot. Fortunately, there are no account opening charges.

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Benefits of Nuvama Trading App

Nuvama is more than a basic trading software; it offers valuable tools and resources to support your financial goal.

If you are considering the Nuvama Trading App review before joining the program, here it is:

  • Get live quotes and real-time market updates, allowing you to stay updated and make timely decisions.
  • In addition, traders get updates on mark-to-market (m2m) values, allowing them to follow market sentiments.
  • Enjoy chartings with 23 technical indicators and get four different types of charting, empowering you to manage your portfolio like an expert.
  • Also, get the support of a concise dashboard for quick access to critical information.
  • Stay updated with live market commentary and get a direct call from the research team.
  • Make more competent trades with market insights and leverage the option chain to make good option decisions.
  • Create pre-defined watchlists for your holdings and positions, helping you control risk and benefitting your revenue goals.

Nuvama App Review – Conclusion

Mobile trading Apps have changed the trading world of millions of investors. They transform the complex securities market into something easily accessible for anyone, whether a beginner or expert trader.

With a few clicks of trading software like Nuvama, you can research, analyze, and execute a trade from anywhere, anytime. However, getting the correct and secure mobile trading App is essential.

From live quotes to charting to research calls, Nuvama provides everything you need to get updated in this fast-paced stock market.

With Nuvama, you trade with additional confidence, knowing you have extensive support from various tools and expert calls to protect your money.

So, if you are looking for a powerful and trusted trading App, go with this Nuvama App review and unlock the world of investment opportunities.

FAQs on the Nuvama App

Check out the frequently asked questions to clearly understand the Nuvama app.

What is the Nuvama Mobile App?

Nuvama Mobile App (Edelweiss Mobile Trading App) is an Android and Apple market app to support stock market investors.

It helps traders with various automated tools, live data, advanced charting, and research reports — all from your phone.

How to earn money from the Nuvama Trading App?

First, you have to open a trade account to start with Nuvama. Various products are involved in this App, like Stock Derivatives and other instruments. You can sell and buy these products on the platform.

Is Nuvama App Trusted?

Nuvama appears to be a trusted option in the Indian stock market based on several facts. It is part of the Edelweiss group and registered with SEBI.

How to change KYC details in Nuvama App?

Go to the ‘My Profile’ section and download the KYC individual PDF form. Then, please fill it out and submit it.

What is the use of Nuvama App?

The Nuvama App lets you buy or sell stocks, derivatives, currencies, and commodities. Even NCDs and mutual funds are included in the production list.

How to refer from Nuvama App?

You can request an affiliate link and send it to all your contacts. Nuvama rewards you with a ₹500 Amazon voucher for each success.

Moreover, five referrals can make you win a ₹5000 Amazon voucher.

Is F&O trading available on the Nuvama app?

Yes, Nuvama offers F&O trading.

How to add a nominee to Nuvama App?

As per regulators, a nominee is mandatory. You must download and fill out an offline form with the nominee’s details. It includes a photo, Signature, proof of address, and savings bank account details.

Is Commodity Trading available in the Nuvama App?

Yes, you have the option of trading commodities with the Nuvama App.

Who is the Founder of Nuvama App?

Mr Rakesh Shah founded Eldeweiss in 1993, and Nuvama is part of it.


Customer ratings and reviews of Nuvama App

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