Remember those days when Trading meant spending hours in front of a computer screen with lots of manual tasks and calculations?

But now you can manage your investment anytime, anywhere, with an advanced mobile app that offers complete flexibility and control.

The power of mobile Trading is no longer a secret sauce of success; it has become your virtual partner 24/7.

So, avoid being chained to your desk with FLIP by Geojit Trading App (formerly SELFIE), a world of new possibilities, and skyrocket your income from the money market.

Here, we explore the Geojit App Review and how it transforms the money market.

About Geojit Mobile App

Geojit Financial Services, trusted by more than 12 lakh investors for the last 35 years, is gearing up for a new venture in mobile Trading.

Backed by global giant BNP Paribas, the Geojit App offers a wealth of experience for investors of all segments.

Geojit FLIP, the mobile trading app, is considered one of the market’s fastest, most reliable, and most highly secured platforms.

From multi-leg orders to bracket orders to basket orders, Geojit FLIP is your one-stop investment solution.

In addition, you can get microanalysis of market momentum and manage positions— all from the user-friendly App.

Traders can customize multi-asset watchlists, which help them organize portfolios. In addition, you can add up to 500 securities to your watchlists and access the preset watchlists.

With more than ₹64,500 cr AUM and more than three decades of presence, the trading platform boasts its excellence in a new era of mobile Trading through FLIP.

Geojit Flip App – Top Features

Here, the Geojit Mobile App review provides some unique features to solidify your portfolio even in an unstable market.

From portfolio insights to advanced order systems, Geojit FLIP trading app ensures you have everything you need to make informed decisions.

This productive App transforms your mobile phone into a powerful investment system. Let’s examine the top features and how it helps you manage your investments.

Geojit Flip welcomes you with a user-friendly dashboard and interface. Upon entering, you will be rewarded with many unique features.

Technical and fundamental research: The Geojit App, FLIP, offers an in-depth study of products and market trends. Fortunately, traders get support for both technical and fundamental analysis.

The App lets Investors access research reports, market analysis, and stock suggestions. It helps you find your potential investment scope across the various product lines, enabling you to make smarter investment choices.

Portfolio Insights: You can get a microscopic view of your portfolio performance with essential breakdowns. In this feature, traders will analyze the asset allocation report across all segments.

It is also helpful in portfolio optimization. Whether about overall returns or analyzing individual products, Portfolio Insights is a unique feature that helps traders make data-driven decisions.

Bracket orders: If you want to view predefined profit and loss targets, the Bracket order feature automatically places the profit and stop-loss orders with your live order.

This feature helps you get more returns and relief from manual stock movement monitoring. In brief, this feature moves according to your risk appetite.

Stock Analysis Page: Get a profound concept of market and future trends with a dedicated stock analysis page in the App.

You can access crucial metrics like price charts, financial ratios, and company health in this section. It helps you not only make an instant decision but also you can fix a long-term goal.

Multi-leg orders: This revolutionary feature is available with the Geojit trading App and simplifies the execution of option strategies. With this feature, users can place multi-leg orders with a single click.

It simplifies the order placement process; you can enter each leg from the same window.

Basket orders: Geojit always tries to support traders’ flexible order management with automated processes. Then, traders can arrange multiple securities in one basket and execute the order in a single click.

Additional features: Create multiple watchlists to monitor stocks, MFs, or other products. You can also sync your watchlists across all devices to trade from any preferred device.

In addition, investment calculators calculate your future returns and plan your investment goals.

So, Geojit FLIP mobile trading is a powerful investment toolkit for confidently managing your money.

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How to Download Geojit App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Geojit Android App
iOS App Download Geojit iOS APP

The Geojit App download process or investing through this App is no longer a hurdle. You can follow this straightforward process for your Android or Apple device.

  1. Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Type Geojit FLIP in the search bar.
  3. From the search options, tap the App showing ‘FLIP by Geojit’ to get a full view of the software.
  4. Once you have confirmed the listing App, tap on the install button ( Apple users have to tap the ‘Get button)
  5. After that, follow the instructions and help the software run on your device.
  6. Once the download and installation are complete, you can start the investment journey with a primary login process.

But you have to get an active account to join the program.

How to Login Geojit App & use it for Trading?

Geojit Trading App login is simplified here:

  1. First, get the FLIP App on your mobile.
  2. You must enter your Trade Code and password in the login section.
  3. After clicking ‘Log in,’ you are directed to the two-factor authentication (2FA)process.
  4. For this, you can opt for OTP or Biometric authentication.
  5. For KYC, you must provide personal information such as your name, address, mobile number, PAN card, and other relevant documents as required by the regulatory body.
  6. After submitting your details, Geojit will verify your information and process your account opening request.
  7. Finally, you will get a welcome kit with login details.

Geojit App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Free
Equity Delivery 0.30% of transaction value
Equity Intraday Rs.20 per Trade or 0.03% (whichever is low)
Equity Future 0.01% per transaction value
Equity Option Rs.20 per Lot
Commodity Future 0.01% per transaction value
Commodity Option Rs.20 per Lot
Currency Future 0.01% per transaction value
Currency Option Rs.20 per Lot

Open your trading account instantly with the Geojit trading App and enjoy a series of benefits, including zero AMC and account opening charges, making it easy to start without upfront fees.

Geojit App charges are suitable for all types of investors. Until March 2024, the AMC charge remains zero to attract more investors. However, it could be extended as per last year’s trend.

Geojit Financial offers standard and flexible rates in all product lines regarding brokerages. If your intraday positions are not squared off before the market closes, an additional charge of 0.03% per volume applies.

For future positions, this charge is slightly lower, 0.01% of trade volume. The equity options trading charge is fixed at Rs. 50 per lot, while equity futures trading imposes a brokerage of 0.01%.

Another good news is that only a 0.30% brokerage charge applies for delivery-based trades in the equity Future & Options segment.

When you settle or close positions (buy or sell orders for the same stock on the same day), whether in equity or derivatives, Geojit levies a brokerage charge of 0.03% on the netted-off value.

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Benefits of Geojit Trading App

Undoubtedly, the Geojit Trading App review will help you to make an informed decision. Here is a simple summary of new features and why you should use the FLIP trading App.

  • Design your workspace with preferred settings and include watchlists, charts, and helpful news feeds for your investment.
  • Set price alerts to grab the opportunity as soon as possible. Also, you can set a notification when the price hits your predefined level.
  • Data visualization comes with different views, whether on your mobile or tablet; traders can choose between list and heatmap views.
  • Get portfolio insights and analyze your portfolio based on risk, return, and future valuation.
  • Enjoy an in-depth technical analysis with advanced tools, indicators, and drawing facilities.
  • Place diversified orders like GTD( for specific expiry date), AMO ( for after-market orders), and OCO ( for combined limit and stop loss orders)
  • Organize a group for multiple stock levels per their cost and risk level indicators.
  • In addition, traders can close all open positions quickly and make a single-click exit.
  • Exposure products like BTST (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow) and MTF (Margin Trading Facility) support your return goals.

Geojit App Review – Conclusion

Geojit is rebranding and relaunching its mobile trading platform FLIP in 2023, previously known as Selfie.

In addition to the industry’s most advanced tools, the App boosts its customer support team to the next level.

Sure, some apps have fancy interfaces that are even better than Geojit, but the brokerage house aims to provide valuable tools to boost income goals.

Its customizable workspace and layouts understand your style. Meanwhile, advanced charting helps you to drive growth amid a challenging market.

So, forget the desktop and embrace the Geojit mobile trading app with this Geojit App review to make money anytime, anywhere.

FAQs on the Geojit App

Check out the frequently asked questions to clearly understand the Geojit app.

What is the Geojit Mobile App?

Geojit Mobile App (previously known as Selfie) is a mobile trading platform under Geojit Financial.

How to earn money from the Geojit Trading App?

You can download the App and create an account to start your investment journey.

Is Geojit Flip App Trusted?

The Geojit has over a decade-old presence in the Indian securities market.

How to change KYC details in Geojit App?

First, log in using the Geojit App or a web page. Find the ‘Update KYC’ option to start the update process.

What is the use of Geojit Flip?

With the Geojit App, FLIP, you can invest in multiple financial instruments, such as Equity, IPOs, Bonds, Futures, Options, Commodities, and Currencies.

How do you refer to the Geojit Flip App?

You have to generate a referral link and send it to potential buyers. When they open an account, you will be rewarded with ₹200.

Is F&O trading available on the Geojit app?

Yes, F&O trading is available in the Geojit Mobile App.

How to add a nominee to Geojit Flip?

Just log in to the App and go to ‘User profile,’ there, you will get the ‘ Nomination Form.’ However, you can add up to 3 nominees. They have a complete tutorial video.

Is Commodity Trading available in the Geojit App?

Yes, Geojit traders can manage Commodity trading.

Who is the Founder of Geojit Flip App?

Mr. C J George is the founder of an entire group of businesses.


Customer ratings and reviews of Geojit App

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