Are you considering becoming a part of the Fyers Sub Broker Franchise network? Look no further! Our complete review article will provide all the essential information clearly and straightforwardly.

We’ll explore franchise costs, Sub-broker commissions, estimated monthly profits, office requirements, and more.

Whether you’re an experienced Sub broker or new to the world of stock trading, this review aims to help you decide about joining the Fyers Franchise program.

Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities and advantages that Fyers AP offers.

Type of Broker Discount Broker
Total Sub Brokers 800+
Total Investment Rs.28,000 – Rs.50,000
Sub Brokers Commission 30% – 50%
Avg. Monthly Profit Approx Rs.41,000
Breakeven Time 1 month
Payout Time 30 Days

Fyers Franchise - Business Models

Sub Brokership

Yes, Limited

Partner Program


Refer and Earn


Why Start a Fyers Franchise?

Starting a Fyers Franchise has some significant advantages.

  • Getting clients on board is simple, so you can grow your business smoothly. This ease of onboarding is essential for business growth, allowing you to attract and register clients efficiently.
  • You won’t surprise your clients with hidden fees. They get free DEMAT accounts and won’t have to pay an annual fee.
  • You can connect with other valuable platforms through Fyers API, improving your services. This integration enhances the overall service you can provide to your clients.
  • You can make a good amount of money from the brokerage fees paid by your clients.
  • The sub-broking firm is known for satisfying its customers, which means you and your clients will be well cared for.

Fyers Sub Broker Commission

Revenue Sharing

30% - 50%

Per Client Acquisition


The Fyers Sub broker commission rates are excellent. If you bring in clients, you can earn a share of the money they spend on brokerage, ranging from 30% to 50%.

This means you get a significant part of their trading money. On top of that, for every new client you bring to Fyers, you get a bonus of Rs.300.

So, not only do you earn from the trades your clients make, but you also get a nice bonus for every new person you bring in. It’s a great way to make money and grow your business with Fyers.

Fyers Franchise Cost or Investment

Security Deposit (One Time)

Zero Investment

Exchange Charges (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Rs.25,000 - Rs.47,000

The Fyers Franchise Cost is an attractive opportunity with minimal financial barriers. Starting a Fyers Franchise is a low-cost option with no initial deposit required.

However, a one-time fee of Rs.3,000 is to cover exchange-related costs. Additionally, monthly office expenses range from Rs.25,000 to Rs.47,000.

These ongoing costs include things like rent and utilities. In summary, while there’s a small upfront charge, the overall investment to run a Fyers Sub Brokership is quite affordable.

Fyers Sub Broker Franchise Profits & Income

Check out Fyers Franchise Profits & Income here.

Total Clients 512
Active Clients 160
Avg. Commission per Active Client 900
Total Brokerage 1,44,000
Sub Broker’s Share (50%) 72,000
New Client Acquisition 40
Client Acquisition Income (Rs.300 per Client) 12,000
Sub Broker’s Income 84,000
Total Expenses 43,000
Sub Broker’s Net Profit 41,000
Net Profit Margin 26%

According to the above breakdown, If you have 160 active clients and each pays you about Rs.900 in commission, you can make a total of Rs.1,44,000.

As a Sub broker, you get half of that, which is Rs.72,000. If you bring in 40 new clients, you get Rs.300 each, totaling Rs.12,000. So, your total earnings become Rs.84,000.

But you also have expenses, which amount to Rs.43,000. After subtracting that from your earnings, you’re left with a profit of Rs.41,000.

This means you keep about 26% of the money you make as the Fyers Sub broker profit. So, the Fyers Franchise program offers an excellent chance to earn money, especially when you bring in more clients.

Fyers Sub Brokership Offers

Commission above 50%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Free Delivery Trading


Flat Brokerage Charges


1st Month Free Brokerage


Zero Brokerage on Loss Making Trades


The Fyers Franchise Offers are very attractive; their details are below.

Firstly, engaging in delivery (long-term) stock trades does not incur brokerage charges, providing a significant cost-saving benefit.

This is particularly advantageous for those looking to invest for the long term, allowing them to maximize returns without worrying about additional fees.

Additionally, the platform offers access to free advisory services, providing valuable insights for making informed investment decisions.

This advisory support enhances the overall trading experience, especially for those seeking guidance in the complex world of investments.

Moreover, the simplicity of flat brokerage charges adds another layer of convenience.

Fyers Authorized Person SWOT Analysis

Here is the detailed SWOT analysis related to the Fyers Franchise.


  • Sub-brokers can start with a relatively low investment, ranging from Rs.28,000 to Rs.50,000.
  • Fyers Authorized Person can recover their initial investment and start making profits in as little as one month.
  • With a payout time of just 30 days, you can access your earnings quickly, contributing to better cash flow management.
  • There’s no need for an initial security deposit, reducing the financial burden on your part.
  • The ability to offer free delivery trading to your clients can be a significant selling point, making your services more attractive.


  • The maximum commission you can earn is limited to 50%, which means you won’t make more than that percentage of the brokerage fees generated by your clients.
  • Unlike some competitors, Fyers doesn’t offer the benefit of free brokerage for the first month, which could be a disadvantage in attracting new clients.
  • Fyers does not provide zero brokerage on trades that result in losses.


  • Offer webinars, tutorials, and guides on trading strategies, market analysis, and risk management to attract clients seeking knowledge and enhance trading activity.
  • Increase Sub-broker commission shortly to attract more clients.
  • Make tools that help clients understand and reduce risks in their investments. This gives them more confidence and attracts those who are careful with their money.


  • Watch for sudden shifts in financial regulations that could affect operations and compliance.
  • Be cautious of aggressive competition that may lead to price wars and reduced profits.
  • Economic downturns and market fluctuations can impact trading activity and client sentiment, affecting earnings.

Fyers Franchise or Authorised Person Support

Dedicated RM Support


Dealer Training


Products Training


Acquisition Support

Yes, Limited



Advisory Support


Backoffice Support


Marketing Support

Yes, Limited

Fyers AP Support is here to help you in different ways. They provide training to help you better understand the products and services, making talking to clients easier.

While they offer some help getting new clients, there are a few limits. They also assist with the day-to-day tasks of managing client accounts.

Plus, there’s a bit of support for marketing to help you tell more people about Fyers services.

In a nutshell, Fyers’ AP Support gives you a mix of education, practical help, and promotion support to make your franchise journey smoother.

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Fyers Sub Broker Business - Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

100 - 150 Sq. Ft.

No. of Employees

Atleast 1

Dealer Terminal

Not mandatory

Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers



Not mandatory


Not mandatory

Managers Cabin

Not mandatory

To run a Fyers franchise, you’ll need a space that’s around 100 to 150 square feet. Having at least one employee is essential to help things run smoothly.

You’ll need basic technology like mobile or telephones and a laptop or computer for your daily work.

While unnecessary, consider adding extra things to your office, like CCTV, a reception area, a manager’s cabin, call recording equipment, and a dealer terminal if you want more facilities.

These requirements are set up to help you have a functional and comfortable space to operate your Fyers sub brokership.

Fyers Sub Broker Dashboard Link

Web Platform

App Platform


The Fyers Sub Broker Dashboard is like an intelligent helper. It lets Sub brokers do a few essential things. They can keep track of their client’s accounts and investments.

Plus, they get real-time information about the stock market. This helps them make intelligent decisions and give better advice to their clients.

They can also easily manage buy and sell orders. The dashboard allows Sub brokers to check how well they’re doing and how much money they’re making.

It keeps everything organized and allows Sub brokers to follow the rules.

Fyers Franchise Login

The Fyers Franchise Login portal acts as the entrance to the franchisee’s dashboard. When you become a Fyers franchisee, you receive unique login credentials, typically a username and password.

By visiting the secure Franchise Login portal and entering your credentials, the portal authenticates your identity, ensuring that you are an authorized franchisee.

Once established, you gain access to your personalized dashboard.

Fyers Franchise Backoffice Platform - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Brokerage Mapping


Manual Brokerage Change


Leads Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Monthly Payout Report


The Fyers Franchise Backoffice is a helpful toolkit for Sub brokers to run their businesses smoothly. It lets them add new potential clients to their list, making it easy to gather leads for future clients.

The Lead Stage Info shows where each lead is, helping Sub brokers keep track of potential clients.

The Client Activation report helps monitor if clients are successfully onboarded and ready to start trading.

Sub brokers can check detailed reports on their clients’ portfolios, keeping them updated on their investments.

The leads feature creates reports on leads so Sub brokers can see how well they get new clients. Plus, they can easily view and track their monthly payouts, keeping an eye on their earnings and finances.

It’s like having a handy assistant to manage all the essential aspects of their business.

Fyers Sub Broker Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

8.22 / 10


8.19 / 10


8.32 / 10


8.26 / 10


8.18 / 10


8.16 / 10

Fyers Authorised Person - Products Offered









Mutual Fund



Not offered

IPOs / FPOs / NCDs


Foreign Stocks

Not offered


Not offered


Not offered

Fyers Franchise - Trading Platforms Offered

Trading App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


Foreign Stocks Investment Platform


Backoffice Platform


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How to Become a Fyers Sub Broker? - Eligibility Criteria





Academic Qualification


Basic Computer Skills


Basic Communication Skills


NISM Certificate

Yes, compulsory

To become a Fyers Sub Broker, follow these steps.

  1. Being at least 21 years old
  2. An Indian citizen, a graduate
  3. Have basic computer skills and basic communication skills
  4. Obtain the necessary certification, such as the NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) certification.

Reach out to Fyers through their website or official contact channels to express your interest in becoming a sub-broker.

They will guide you through the process and provide the required documentation.

Fyers Sub Brokership - Documents Required by Individuals

Sub Broker Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


Fyers Franchise - Documents Required by Firms or Company

Sub Broker Agreement


Firm or Companies PAN


Firm or Companies TAN


Firm or Companies Incorporation Certificate


Firm or Companies Bank Details


Firm or Companies Cancelled Cheque


All Partners or Directors PAN


All Partners or Directors Aadhaar


All Partners or Directors Photo


Fyers Franchise – Conclusion

In conclusion, the Fyers Franchise program is an appealing opportunity with minimal investment, a quick breakeven period, and a user-friendly interface.

The dashboard enhances client management, offering free delivery trading and educational resources, creating a compelling proposition.

Positive aspects such as transparency and strong customer satisfaction ratings further reinforce its potential as a sub-brokership choice in the financial market.

FAQs on Fyers Authorized Person

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fyers authorized person.

Are opportunities available for Sub brokers with Fyers?

Fyers extends opportunities for individuals looking to engage in sub-brokership collaboration.

What types of franchise structures do Fyers offer?

Fyers provides a trio of unique franchise structures: Sub brokership, a partner program, and a referral-based earnings model.

What kind of income potential awaits Fyers Authorized Persons (APs)?

Fyers Authorized Persons (APs) stand to earn a substantial share, ranging from 30% to 50% of Fyers’ generated revenue. Moreover, they can acquire Rs. 300 for each newly acquired client.

What are the qualification prerequisites for pursuing Sub brokership with Fyers Franchise?

To initiate a sub-brokership with Fyers, you should meet specific eligibility criteria.

This includes being a graduate, an Indian national above 18 years of age, possessing fundamental computer and communication skills, and possessing an NISM certificate.

Is operating a Fyers franchise a lucrative endeavour?

Indeed, Fyers’ franchise model offers considerable profit potential, with a profit margin of 26%.

What are the primary duties and obligations of Fyers Sub brokers?

Fyers Sub brokers are autonomous partners collaborating with Fyers to furnish financial services to their clientele. Their responsibilities encompass client support, financial guidance, and more.

What’s the initial investment required to commence a Fyers franchise?

The preliminary investment to embark on a Flyers franchise endeavor typically falls from Rs.28,000 to Rs.50,000.

What commission rates are available to Fyers Sub brokers?

Fyers Sub brokers can earn commissions from 30% to 50% of the total generated revenue. Additionally, they can secure Rs.300 for each fresh client acquisition.

Do Fyers Authorized Persons have access to a dedicated back office?

Indeed, Fyers Authorized Persons (APs) are granted entry to an exclusive back office platform to streamline their operations and bolster service provision.

Is it obligatory to possess a Fyers Demat Account when pursuing Sub brokership?

Maintaining a Fyers Demat Account is a mandatory prerequisite for those aspiring to engage in Sub brokership with Fyers.


Customer ratings and reviews of Fyers Sub Broker

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