Helios PMS was started in 2020 and is a well-known brand providing quality PMS services. The total AUM managed by them is Rs.2750.51 Cr.

Having its headquarters in Mumbai, Helios was started by Dinshaw Irani. They successfully manage a portfolio of more than 500 clients.

The company offers competitive charges, premium services, customized strategies and consistent returns to their clients.

The article discusses Helios Portfolio Management charges, fund manager, techniques, etc. Have a look!

Total AUM Rs.2750.51 Cr.
Avg. 1 Year Return 26.37%
Active Clients 654
No. of Strategies 1
Minimum Investment Rs.50 Lakh
Experience 5 Years

Helios PMS - Company Overview


Portfolio Management

Organization Type


Head Office

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Dinshaw Irani

Founded In (year)


Why Invest in Helios PMS?

Choosing the correct PMS for investment is essential as the investor needs to invest a lot of money. With the Helios Portfolio Management Services , the minimum amount to be supported is 50 lakhs.

So you need to know the advantages that you can avail with the Helios. Here is the list:

  • Within the four years of incorporation, Helios PMS is doing reasonably well in the industry, and it can be shown in their AUM, i.e. 2394 Cr.
  • They are not charging any exit load to make their services enjoyable, especially for the new investors.
  • Their robust customer care and dedicated relationship manager support provide due assistance to the investors.
  • Companies keep re-evaluating their strategies to achieve the highest returns for their investors.

Helios Portfolio Management Service Performance or Returns

1 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 1 Year Return


3 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 3 Year Return


5 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 5 Year Return


If you are considering investing via Helios PMS, you will be worried about the returns you will receive. This section will compare Helios PMS returns with the Nifty 50 benchmark.

For the first year, the Helios performance was 26.37%, and the return percentage for the NIfty 50 was 10.74%.

For the second year, the Helios performance is 24.26, whereas the Nifty 50 performance is 20.15%. We can’t compare them further as the Helios was recently incorporated.

We hope Helios will keep growing and surpassing the Nifty 50 returns.

Helios PMS Commission, Charges or Fees

Fixed Fees

2.5% of Fund Value (AMC)

Variable AMC

1.5% of Fund Value

Variable Profit Sharing

15% (if above 10% profit)

Exit Load 1st Year


Exit Load 2nd Year


Exit Load 3rd Year


The investor should know about the fees or charges he is paying for availing of the services of Helios PMS. Here is your Helios Charges or Fees list.

  • The fixed costs are 2.5% of the fund value or AMC.
  • The variable AMC is 1.5% of the fund value.
  • The investor is not charged with exit load; they can exit anytime.
  • The variable profit sharing is 15% if the profit is over 10%.

Helios PMS Commission is applicable as listed above and fits well with clients from every sector.

Best Strategies by Helios Portfolio Management Services

Check out various strategies or Investment approaches provided by Helios Portfolio Managers.

Strategy Name India Rising PMS
Start Date 16-Mar-20
Category Multi Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE 500
AUM (Rs.) Rs.1,088.54 Cr.
No. of Stocks Not Disclosed
1 Year Return 43.20%
3 Year Return 20.18%
5 Year Return NA
Fund Manager Mr. Dinshaw Irani

The Helios portfolio management services follow the “India Rising PMS” strategy. Let’s learn more about the Helios Fund Manager’s Strategies.

India Rising PMS

  • The strategy was launched in 2020 under the multi-cap category.
  • The AUM of the strategy is 1088.54 Cr and is dedicatedly managed by Mr. Dinshaw Irani.
  • The 1st year return from the process is 43.20%, and for the third year, it is 20.18%.
  • According to the strategy, consistent and robust portfolio returns are often achieved by constructing a good portfolio and selecting the best stocks. India’s rising PMS takes care of these.

Top Fund Managers of Helios PMS


Mr. Dinshaw Irani









Mr. Dinsjaw Irani is one of the finance professionals with more than 29 years of experience in the industry.

He has worked with many corporates like Artemis Advisors, Sharekhan, Alliance Capital, etc. Dinsjaw Irani has explored many investment portfolios and has built wealth for many clients.

His strategies at Helios PMS have been refining the stocks to make the investments and changing the ones per the industry’s latest trends. He has been in the industry for a long.

He has worked with some industry pioneers, making him the perfect person for identifying relevant sectors, stocks, and initiatives to diversify the portfolio and guide them in gaining the desired wealth.

Helios Portfolio Managers SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis lists the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Here is the detailed SWOT analysis related to the Helios portfolio managers:


  • The company allows investors to exit early without any charges.
  • The average return of 26.37% is among the best in the PMS industry.
  • Helios PMS offers a single strategy that efficiently brings excellent returns for the clients.
  • Helios PMS has showcased outstanding performance in the past four years since its inception.
  • They allow their clients to customise their strategies as per their requirements.


  • The company was recently launched in 2020 and should try hard to reach out to people in far-flung areas and make them aware of the Helios PMS services.
  • Non-discretionary portfolio services should be provided.
  • Fund manager direct interaction is not allowed, which is very important to build trust.


  • Offering a complete set of customer services is essential. Chat services should be enabled as, at this time, it is the only feasible option to reach out.
  • The investor should be allowed to make the strategy switch.
  • Should introduce new technology methodologies for improving the performance of Helios PMS platforms.


  • The unstable condition of the stock market in India can be upsetting at times for investors, especially for NRIs.
  • Suppose new competitors with competent fees and services enter the market. In that case, the chances are high that the investors will move to the other player in the market.
  • We are launching new products offering better returns and professional services.

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Investment Facilities provided by Helios Portfolio Manager

Custom Strategy


Strategy Switch

Not Allowed

Switch Charges

1.15% of Fund Value

NRI Investment





Not Allowed

Early Exit


Early Exit Charges


Helios PMS has many portfolio managers working with them. They all work hard to build stable financial strategies to work best for the investors and drive great investments for the company.

In this section of the article, we will discuss the various investment facilities offered by Helios Portfolio managers:

  • Helios PMS allows investors to opt for custom strategies per their own needs.
  • It is switching one strategy to another allowed with Helios PMS. It will be dependent on case to case as the company takes a call in the end.
  • Investors can switch from one strategy to another, although it is chargeable. The investor needs to pay 1.15% of the fund value.
  • NRI can also invests with Helios PMS.
  • Helios provides discretionary services, but not non-discretionary service.
  • The investor can also exit early from Helios Portfolio Management without paying any charges.

Helios Portfolio Management Support

Call Support


Email Support


Chat Support

Not Available

Dedicated RM Support


Fund Manager Intereraction

Not Available

Issue Resolving TAT

Max 5 Working days

A company must have robust customer care services to succeed in finance. Maintaining professionalism is very important for retaining clients in the company.

Helios Portfolio Management services  is one of the best in the industry and has been providing incredible services since its inception.

If the investors have any queries for Helios PMS, then they can reach out to the company and send emails to info@helioscapital.in or can contact on call at 022 4974 3765.

The company needs to provide chat support to the investors, which is the major drawback of working with them. The TAT for resolving any query with Helios PMS is about five days.

Helios PMS Dashboard Link

Web Platform

All the investors are provided a dashboard link to operate their accounts with Helios. On receiving the confirmation email from the Helios, you can click on the link and enter your login details.

The Helios PMS dashboard lets the investors check their investment, check out the stocks & mutual funds & all other investment assets.

If you access your dashboard regularly, you can look at the fee structures, new products, investment strategies, etc. Investors can access their dashboard from any remote location.

Helios PMS Login

The investors receives the login credentials post signing up with the Helios PMS. On receiving the particulars, investors can log in to the dashboard and look at the credentials occasionally.

The dashboard will help you present the investment details and your portfolio with the company. You can also explore the various other products of the company from the dashboard.

Please do not share your Helios PMS Login information with anyone; it is just to protect your investments and your sensitive data.

Helios PMS Review or Ratings by Finec.in

Overall Rating

8.05 / 10

Portfolio Performance

8.25 / 10


8.01 / 10


7.93 / 10


7.85 / 10


8.21 / 10

Helios Portfolio Management Services - SEBI Details

SEBI Reg. No.


Contact Person


Email ID


Telephone No.

022 4974 3765


The Capital, 515A, 5th Floor, Plot C70, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, 400051

Starting Date

Oct 30, 2019

How to Invest in Helios PMS?

To invest in Helios PMS, you should check the eligibility to apply. The first eligibility is that the applicant should be 18 years of age.

Helios PMS accepts Indian citizens as well as NRIs. The minimum investment needed is 50 lakhs.

If you qualify for the eligibility criteria stated above, click on the tab “Invest in PMS” at the bottom of the page. A form will open up, fill in your details and submit.

You will receive a call from the company explaining the procedure to you. Also, you must submit documents, like the PMS agreement, address proof, POA, etc.

Contact the executives if you face any issues.

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Helios PMS - Eligibility Criteria


18+ Years


Indian & NRI


Minimum Rs.50 Lakh

Documents required to Invest with Helios Portfolio Manager

PMS Agreement




Demat Account




Address Proof


Helios PMS – Conclusion

The company started in 2020 and has great potential to set new milestones yearly. Right now, they have more than 567+ active clients and are making new strategies to help them benefit greatly.

The Helios PMS is working hard to cope with its weaknesses and explore the opportunities in the market.

Their platforms are super easy to operate and provide every possible service to make the investor journey hassle-free.

If you are looking for a perfect place to invest your hard-earned money, then Helios Portfolio Management will be the best one for you.

FAQs on Helios Portfolio Management

Here is the list of FAQs related to Helios Portfolio Management Services.

Which is the Best Strategy for Helios PMS?

The Helios PMS follows the “India Rising PMS” strategy. Helios Capital employs bottom-up managers who firmly believe in the effectiveness of stock picking, mainly when guided by a powerful overarching theme or a positive macroeconomic outlook.

They find it more feasible to confidently reject certain stocks rather than passionately advocate for specific ones.

What is the Minimum Investment in Helios PMS?

To start working with the Helios PMS, the minimum investment required is 50 lakhs. More than 576 clients are actively working with Helios PMS and reaping great benefits.

What is the Return of Helios PMS?

The company was recently incorporated, so its average yearly return is 26.37%. For the year return, the figure is 24.26%. It is commendable that they are progressing every year.

Is Helios Portfolio Management good?

Helios portfolio management services are among the best in the market, and people are trying to reach out to them on regular basis.

Their portfolio management team takes care of every minute detail and ensures that every client receives attention, and provides great service.

What is the fixed commission of Helios PMS?

The fixed commission for the Helios PMS is 2.5% of the fund value. The Helios PMS has skilled professionals for managing clients’ portfolios, and their expert advice is helping people earn great fixed and variable commissions.

Is a Demat account mandatory for Helios Portfolio Managers?

The client should have opened a Demat account with them to start using the Helios. To unlock your demat account, you must provide the documentation to the company and fill out the form.

Once you receive the confirmation, you can proceed with the Helios Portfolio Managers account, as it needs your Demat account, too, to start investing.

What are the Exit Charges of Helios Portfolio Management?

The Helios Portfolio Management services do not charge any exit charges. You can do it without considering any extra charges, whether you exit in the first year, second or third.

Who is the current fund manager of Helios PMS?

Mr. Dinshaw Irani is the fund manager of Helios PMS. He is a postgraduate with extensive experience of 28 years of working in the finance industry.

His strategies have helped the company rise and given exceptional returns to the clients.

What is the AUM of Helios Portfolio Management Service?

The Assets under management, or AUM 2394 Cr, are one of the best in the industry.

Do Helios Portfolio Managers Charge Variable Commissions?

Yes, the company charges a commission of 1.5% of the fund value.


Customer ratings and reviews of Helios PMS

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