ICICI PMS is a subsidiary of ICICI Bank, one of India’s largest financial organizations, founded in 1994. It has a vast network of banking institutions in India and a global presence.

The company offers various financial services, including banking, insurance, and wealth management, making it a prominent player in the Indian financial sector.

With a strong track record of trust and financial expertise, ICICI Portfolio Management offers a wide range of customized financial solutions.

This article will closely examine how ICICI Prudential PMS performs, its costs, strategies, and the help it provides investors.

Total AUM Rs.12,454.25 Cr.
Avg. 1 Year Return 41.33%
Active Clients 11718
No. of Strategies 6
Minimum Investment Rs.50 Lakh
Experience 29 Years

ICICI PMS - Company Overview


Portfolio Management

Organization Type


Head Office

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Nimesh Shah

Founded In (year)


Why invest in ICICI PMS?

Here is the list of reasons you should invest in ICICI Portfolio Management Services:

  • ICICI Portfolio Management Services (PMS) manages a substantial Total Assets Under Management (AUM) of Rs. 6011.88 Crores.
  • With 28 years of experience, ICICI has a well-established track record in the investment industry.
  • The team comprises highly talented and experienced investment professionals.
  • The company conducts extensive in-house research to inform its investment decisions.
  • ICICI demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of Indian businesses and industries.
  • It has a long-term track record in effectively managing investments.
  • Regular portfolio information is provided to ensure transparency for investors.
  • The firm serves an active clientele of 5940 investors, reflecting its trusted expertise in the field.

ICICI Portfolio Management Service Performance or Returns

1 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 1 Year Return


3 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 3 Year Return


5 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 5 Year Return


ICICI Portfolio Management has done well compared to the Nifty 50 index over different periods. In one year, ICICI made 41.33% in returns, while the Nifty 50 only made 10.74%.

Over three years, ICICI got 27.83% returns, better than the Nifty 50’s 20.15%. Over five years, ICICI PMS returns were 15.03% over the long run, whereas the Nifty 50 only made 11.52%.

These numbers show that this PMS consistently performed better, which is good news for people looking to make more money with their investments.

ICICI PMS Commission, Charges or Fees

Fixed Fees

2.5% of Fund Value (AMC)

Variable AMC

1.50% of Fund Value

Variable Profit Sharing

15% (if above 10% Profit)

Exit Load 1st Year


Exit Load 2nd Year


Exit Load 3rd Year


ICICI PMS commission includes fixed and variable costs. First, a fixed fee of 2.5% of the total investment amount (Fund Value).

Then, there’s a yearly fee of 1.50% of your investment. If your assets make a profit of more than 10%, ICICI takes 15% of that profit. And, in the first year, there’s an extra charge of 1.00%.

These charges are set up to ensure that this PMS benefits when your investments do well, encouraging them to work hard to get good results for you.

Best Strategies by ICICI Portfolio Management Services

Check out various strategies or Investment approaches provided by ICICI Portfolio Managers.

Strategy Name Value Strategy Large Cap Strategy Growth Leaders Strategy Contra Strategy PIPE Strategy ACE Strategy
Start Date 01-Apr-07 17-Mar-09 22-Dec-00 14-Sep-18 05-Sep-19 01-Dec-10
Category Multi Cap Large Cap Multi Cap Multi Cap Small & Mid Cap Multi Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE 500 Nifty 50 S&P BSE 500 S&P BSE 500 S&P BSE 500 S&P BSE 500
AUM (Rs.) Rs.200.8 Cr. Rs.152.23 Cr. Rs.1276.53 Cr. 4463.94 Cr 4558.12 Cr 76.52 Cr
No. of Stocks Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
1 Year Return 59.39% 38.03% 37.56% 42.58% 63.71% 36.97%
3 Yr. Return 36.62% 25.89% 23.15% 31.18% 42.37% 20.67%
5 Yr. Return 24.73% 20.05% 19.75% 24.10% NA 18.57%
Fund Manager Mr. Suraj Nanda Ms. Geetika Gupta Ms. Geetika Gupta Mr. Anand Shah Mr. Anand Shah Mr. Chockalingam Narayanan

ICICI portfolio manager strategies are some of the best in the industry, and we have listed them below.

Value Strategy

The first ICICI Portfolio Manager strategy is the “Value Strategy”, which falls under Multi Cap investing.

This strategy, initiated on 01-Apr-07, aims to maximize returns by investing across diverse market capitalizations.

The benchmark for this strategy is the S&P BSE 500 index. The strategy has delivered impressive returns with an Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs. 200.8 Crores, which Mr. Suraj Nanda manages.

Over the past year, it achieved a 59.39% return, while the 3-year and 5-year returns stand at 36.62% and 24.73%, respectively.

This strategy is designed to capture value opportunities in the market and has showcased strong performance under Mr. Suraj Nanda’s stewardship.

Large Cap Strategy

Large Cap Strategy comes within the Large Cap category. Launched on 17-Mar-09, this strategy primarily invests in well-established, large-cap stocks.

The benchmark for this strategy is the Nifty 50 index, reflecting its focus on India’s top 50 companies.

With an Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs. 152.23 Crores and under the guidance of Fund Manager Ms Geetika Gupta, this strategy has delivered consistent returns.

Over the past year, it recorded a 38.03% return, while the 3-year and 5-year returns are 25.89% and 20.05%, respectively.

The Large Cap Strategy emphasizes stability and growth through investments in blue-chip companies.

Growth Leaders Strategy

The Flexicap Strategy falls under the multi-category. This strategy, which started on 22 December 2000, provides flexibility in portfolio management by investing across companies with varying market capitalizations.

The S&P BSE 500 index serves as its benchmark. This strategy has consistently performed with a substantial Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs. 1276.53 Crores, led by Fund Manager Ms Geetika Gupta.

Over the past year, it achieved a return of 37.56%, while the 3-year and 5-year returns stand at 23.15% and 19.75%, respectively.

The Flexicap Strategy focuses on adaptability and has been effectively managed by Ms Geetika Gupta.

Contra Strategy

ICICI Portfolio Management Services offers the Contra Strategy within the Multi Cap category.

Launched on 14-Sep-18, this strategy provides flexibility in investment by considering companies of different market capitalizations. The S&P BSE 500 index is the benchmark, reflecting its broad market focus.

This strategy has shown robust performance by boasting an impressive Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs. 4463.94 Crores, which Mr Anand Shah manages.

Over the past year, it achieved an outstanding return of 42.58%; over the last three years, it yielded a return of 31.18%.

The strategy’s 5-year Return is currently out of stock, meaning it has not been active for that duration under this name. Mr Anand Shah oversees the strategy, highlighting adaptability and performance.

PIPE Strategy

The PIPE Strategy started on 05-Sep-19. It falls under the Small Cap category, mainly investing in smaller companies.

Its benchmark is the S&P BSE 500, which looks at various companies. This strategy has an impressive amount of money to manage, about Rs. 4558.12 Crores, led by Mr Anand Shah.

In the last year, it made an excellent return of 63.71%; in the previous three years, it did even better with a return of 42.37%.

We don’t have data for the 5-year Return because it has been around for a while. Mr. Anand Shah takes care of this strategy, which focuses on small-cap stocks.

Top Fund Managers of ICICI PMS


Mr. Anand Shah


Ms. Geetika Gupta


Mr. Chockalingam Narayanan


Mr Rohit Karan


Mr. Suraj Nanda

Here are the details of the ICICI PMS fund managers:

Mr. Anand Shah

Mr Anand Shah is the Head of PMS & AIF Investments at ICICI Prudential AMC.

With over 20 years of fund management experience, he has held prominent roles in various financial institutions, including CEO of NJ Asset Management and Deputy CEO at BNP Paribas Asset Management.

He is an award-winning fund manager with a postgraduate diploma in management from IIM Lucknow and a B.E. degree from REC Surat.

Ms. Geetika Gupta

Ms. Geetika Gupta brings her in-depth knowledge of the banking, financial, and Business-to-Consumer sectors to ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company.

With over a decade of experience in investment management and research, she’s worked in both sell-side and buy-side equity research.

Before joining ICICI, she served as Vice President of Investments at First Voyager Advisors for six years.

Geetika Gupta holds a postgraduate diploma in management from IIM Ahmedabad and a bachelor of technology degree in chemical engineering from IIT Delhi.

Mr. Chockalingam Narayanan

Mr Chockalingam Narayanan, with over 17 years of experience in Fund Management, Investment Research, and Market Analysis, has made substantial contributions to portfolio growth.

He analyses business fundamentals and provides macroeconomic, financial market, and ESG insights crucial for investment strategies.

His career spans positions at prominent organizations like Baroda BNP Paribas Asset Management India, Deutsche Equities India, and Batlivala & Karani Securities.

Narayanan holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from T A Pai Management Institute, Manipal, a Bachelor of Commerce from G.R. Damodaran College of Science, and a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, USA.

Mr. Rohit Karan

Mr Rohit Karan, an Associate Vice President at ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd (IPAMC), brings 12 years of expertise in Indian equities and fixed-income markets.

His role at IPAMC involves investment research, macro analysis, and strategy development for equity-oriented funds.

Rohit, an IIT Kanpur graduate in Electrical Engineering, earned his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 2009.

He has extensive experience in quantitative modelling and macroeconomics and is the fund manager for the ICICI Prudential Enhanced Dynamic Equity Fund.

Mr. Suraj Nanda

In May 2016, Mr. Suraj Nanda became an Investment Analyst at ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd, specializing in the Capital Goods and Chemical Sector.

Before joining IPAMC, he worked as a SAP Basis Consultant at IBM India Pvt Ltd. Suraj holds a PGDM in Finance from SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics from Jadavpur University, West Bengal.

He’s also successfully passed all CFA (US) examination levels.

ICICI Portfolio Managers SWOT Analysis

Below, we list the SWOT analysis related to the ICICI Portfolio Management.


  • ICICI PMS boasts an average one-year return of 41.33%, indicating strong performance.
  • They manage a significant total AUM of Rs. 6011.88 Crores, reflecting the trust of their investors.
  • ICICI offers six distinct investment strategies catering to various investor preferences and financial goals.
  • As a renowned and well-established financial industry brand, ICICI inspires investors’ confidence.
  • ICICI Prudential PMS provides the flexibility of an early exit, helping investors who may need access to their funds before their initial investment term ends.


  • Investors cannot switch between investment strategies once chosen.
  • Customized investment strategies are prohibited; investors must choose from existing options.
  • This PMS primarily operates on a discretionary basis; non-discretionary options are not offered.


  • Expand educational content to help investors make informed decisions.
  • Develop customized robo-advisory services for individualized investment strategies.
  • Consider adding international investment opportunities or GDRs for broader portfolio diversification and access to global markets.


  • Beware of potential cybersecurity threats that could compromise sensitive investor data and damage the program’s reputation.
  • Be prepared for economic downturns or recessions, which can lead to reduced investor confidence and lower returns on investment.
  • Mitigate the risk of client attrition by ensuring that clients remain satisfied with the program’s performance and service quality, preventing a loss of assets under management.

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Investment Facilities provided by ICICI Portfolio Manager

Custom Strategy

Not Allowed

Strategy Switch

Not Allowed

Switch Charges

1.50% of Fund Value

NRI Investment





Not Allowed

Early Exit


Early Exit Charges

1% within 1st Year

ICICI Portfolio Management features offer several ways for people to invest their money. They allow investors to switch between different investment options.

This means you can change how your money is invested if your financial goals or market conditions change.

However, there is a fee for making these switches, which amounts to 1.50% of the total value of your investment. ICICI is open to Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investors.

As an NRI, you can still take advantage of their investment services, ensuring that a broader range of people can benefit from their expertise.

ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management provides a discretionary investment approach. In this approach, the professionals at ICICI make the investment decisions on your behalf.

This is ideal for investors who prefer to delegate the responsibility of managing their portfolios to experts.

This PMS also allows investors to exit their investments earlier than planned, providing flexibility.

However, if you decide to go within the first year, an exit fee of 1% is applied to the amount you withdraw.

ICICI Portfolio Management Support

Call Support


Email Support

Not Available

Chat Support

Not Available

Dedicated RM Support


Fund Manager Intereraction


Issue Resolving TAT

Max 5 Working days

ICICI Portfolio Management Services offers comprehensive support to its clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient investment experience.

They provide “Call Support,” which investors can contact for investment assistance and guidance.

Additionally, clients benefit from “Dedicated RM Support,” meaning they have a dedicated Relationship Manager to address their needs and concerns.

“Fund Manager Interaction” allows investors to engage with the professionals responsible for managing their portfolios, gaining insights and updates.

Importantly, ICICI PMS is committed to resolving any issues promptly, with an “Issue Resolving TAT” (Turnaround Time) of a maximum of 5 working days.

This ensures clients’ concerns are addressed promptly, enhancing their overall investment experience.

ICICI Prudential PMS Dashboard Link

Web Platform

The ICICI PMS Dashboard Link is a web-based platform or website address that provides access to an online dashboard designed for investors.

This dashboard is a centralized portal where investors can view and manage their investment portfolios, track their holdings, monitor performance, and access various financial reports and information.

It’s made easy to use, so you can stay on top of your investments and manage your money without fuss. It’s like having a clear window into your financial world.


The ICICI PMS Login link is the entry point to your personal account, granting you secure access to an online platform designed to manage your investments.

This link lets you log in to your account and comprehensively view your investment portfolio.

This includes tracking the performance of your investments over time, seeing the specific assets or holdings you own, and accessing various financial reports and information.

Practically, it’s like having a digital control centre for your investments. It empowers you to stay updated with the status of your financial assets and provides the tools you need to make informed decisions regarding your investments.

Whether you want to review your portfolio, monitor your investments’ performance, or access critical financial data, the ICICI Prudential PMS Login link enables all of these activities in a secure and user-friendly manner.

ICICI PMS Review or Ratings by Finec.in

Overall Rating

8.23 / 10

Portfolio Performance

8.44 / 10


8.11 / 10


8.19 / 10


8.02 / 10


8.39 / 10

ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management Services - SEBI Details

SEBI Reg. No.


Contact Person

Supriya Sapre

Email ID


Telephone No.

022 2685 2000


2nd Floor, Block B-2, Nirlon Knowledge Park, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, 400063

Starting Date

Feb 15, 2015

How to Invest in ICICI PMS?

Investing in ICICI Portfolio Management Services is straightforward, provided you meet specific eligibility criteria and have the required documents in place:

  • Investors must be 18 years or older.
  • Both Indian residents and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are eligible to invest in this PMS.
  • The minimum investment amount is Rs. 50 Lakh, making it suitable for those with a substantial capital base.

Documents Required:

  • A signed Portfolio Management Services agreement is necessary to formalize the relationship.
  • A Power of Attorney (POA) document allows ICICI to manage your investments on your behalf.
  • You’ll need a Demat account to hold and transact in securities.
  • PAN card serves as identification for tax purposes.
  • A document confirming your residential address, such as a utility bill or Aadhar card, is required for verification.

Once these criteria are met, you can initiate your investment journey with ICICI Prudential Portfolio Managers by contacting their representatives and completing the necessary paperwork, ensuring compliance with regulations and a smooth investment experience.

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ICICI PMS - Eligibility Criteria


18+ Years


Indian & NRI


Minimum Rs.50 Lakh

Documents required to Invest with ICICI Portfolio Manager

PMS Agreement




Demat Account




Address Proof


ICICI PMS – Conclusion

In summary, ICICI PMS is a strong choice for investors. It offers various ways to invest your money and provides good support.

Its impressive performance, as highlighted by the substantial returns, showcases its commitment to delivering value to clients.

Accessible to both Indian and NRI investors, ICICI Portfolio Management provides a pathway to manage wealth efficiently.

Investors can start a well-supported investment journey with ICICI Prudential PMS by meeting specific eligibility criteria and furnishing the required documents.

FAQ on ICICI Prudential Portfolio Managers

Here is the list of FAQs related to the ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management Services.

Which is the Best Strategy for ICICI Prudential PMS?

The best strategy for ICICI Prudential PMS is the large-cap strategy, which gives decent returns over a long period.

What is the Minimum Investment in ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management?

The minimum investment in ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management is Rs. 50 lakhs.

What is the Return on investment in ICICI Prudential Portfolio Managers?

The average Return on investment clients can get in ICICI Prudential Portfolio Managers is Rs.50 Lakhs.

Is ICICI Portfolio Management good?

The ICICI Portfolio Management program is promising and excellent for people as it offers assured returns and is an established brand.

What is the fixed commission of ICICI Prudential PMS?

The fixed fee of ICICI Prudential PMS is 2.5% of the fund value.

Is a Demat account mandatory for ICICI Portfolio Managers?

Yes, a Demat account is mandatory for ICICI Portfolio Managers.

What are the Exit Charges of ICICI Portfolio Management?

The exit charges are applicable only on the first year of your ICICI Portfolio Management membership and are equal to 2.5% of the fund value.

Who are the current fund managers of ICICI PMS?

The current fund managers of ICICI PMS are Mr Suraj Nanda, Ms Geetika Gupta, Mr Anand Shah, and Mr Chockalingam Narayanan.

What is the AUM of ICICI Portfolio Management Service?

The total assets under management of ICICI Portfolio Management Services is Rs.6011.88 Cr.

Do ICICI Portfolio Managers Charge Variable Commissions?

Yes, ICICI Portfolio Managers charge a variable commission equal to 15% of the profit generated if there is more than 10% profit.


Customer ratings and reviews of ICICI PMS

  • B N Rai says:

    I am interested in your pms

  • Double your Investment in 3 YearsInvest in PMS