Fulfil your passive income goals with Kotak PMS, a personalized portfolio management service backed by the credibility of the Kotak Mahindra Group.

Kotak Portfolio Management is a prime route for new and seasonal investors to start wealth management.

Kotak’s fund managers arrange a series of productive strategies to meet your individual or institutional needs.

Despite being influential in the financial sector, the Kotak Portfolio Managers facility is unique. Beyond the AUM management, it considers the best industry managers as their asset to secure your investment.

Presently, the Mumbai-based firm operates 1500 + clients with an AUM of Rs.2,833.00 crore.

Total AUM Rs.2,833.00 Cr.
Avg. 1 Year Return 21.23%
Active Clients 1413
No. of Strategies 5
Minimum Investment Rs.50 Lakh
Experience 39 Years

Kotak PMS - Company Overview


Portfolio Management

Organization Type


Head Office

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Uday S. Kotak

Founded In (year)


Why Invest in Kotak PMS?

If you are looking for strategic guidance and profit-making decisions, Kotak Portfolio Management Service is the answer.

There are several reasons to join Kotak Securities’ portfolio management services.

  • Exclusive power to get research body’s support that is not possible in traditional trading.
  • Moreover, the research team provide some exclusive reports to assist you in making the right decision.
  • Kotak PMS uses scientific tools and methods to help you make an informed decision. It is more helpful for new players.
  • If you are worried about fund misuse, there is a 0% record of fund misuse with Kotak. They always keep you updated with fund allocations and distributions.
  • In addition, the decade-old firm with top industry experts always consults and communicates with clients.

Kotak Portfolio Management Service Performance or Returns

1 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 1 Year Return


3 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 3 Year Return


5 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 5 Year Return


Kotak understands the value of your hard-earned money. That’s why they ensure a sizeable return without significant risk factors.

If you see its last few year’s returns history, you understand investors’ happiness. In the previous year, it achieved an impressive growth of 21.23%.

So, it means the growth overpowers Nifty 50’s 10.74% return for the same period. Over three years, Kotak PMS returns stun many investors; growth hit 27%.

Again, it surpasses Nifty 50’s growth of 20%. Looking at its 5-year horizon, Kotak always maintains a positive outcome; it stands at an adjustable return of 13%, compared to Nifty growth of 11.5%.

So, these returns justify Kotak’s dedication and high delivery. It crossed standard market benchmarks as well.

Such a high performance makes the PMS body one of the top choices of investors seeking consistent returns.

Kotak PMS Commission, Charges or Fees

Fixed Fees

2.50% of Fund Value (AMC)

Variable AMC

1.5% of Fund Value

Variable Profit Sharing

20% (if above 10.00% profit)

Exit Load 1st Year


Exit Load 2nd Year


Exit Load 3rd Year


Investing in Kotak Portfolio Management comes with some nominal fees. The firm charges a fixed fee of 2.50% of the fund value.

For variable AMC, 1.5% of the fund value is added. In addition, a variable profit-sharing offer comes with a proposal of 15% if the portfolio results in more than 10% profit.

In a simplified view, if they manage an amount of Rs.1,00,000, the annual fixed fee is Rs.2500. But for variable portfolio management, you have to pay Rs.1500.

Now, if you consider liquidity, exit load is essential for stability. The exit load is 2% for the first year, followed by a 1% charge in the second year.

However, there is good news from the 3rd year onwards that there are no exit loads. Understanding Kotak PMS Commission is essential to make a conceptual decision in the capital market.

It secures your hard-earned money and ensures sizeable growth every year.

Best Strategies by Kotak Portfolio Management Services

Check out various strategies or Investment approaches provided by Kotak Portfolio Managers.

Strategy Name India Focus Portfolio – Series II Pharma and Healthcare Small and Midcap Fintech India Focus Portfolio – Series I
Start Date 19-Sep-17 20-Sep-16 30-Apr-12 29-Mar-18 31-Jul-12
Category Multi Cap Sector Fund Small & Mid Cap Sector Fund Multi Cap
Benchmark Nifty 50 Nifty 50 Nifty 50 Nifty 50 Nifty 50
AUM (Rs.) 442 Cr. 25 Cr. 52 Cr. 18 Cr. 323 Cr.
No. of Stocks 24 19 23 19 Not Disclosed
1 Year Return 36.15% 42.95% 43.64% 32.07% 34.75%
3 Year Return 28.05% 16.76% 30.19% 17.89% 26.38%
5 Year Return 18.89% 20.25% 21.07% 16.36% 15.92%
Fund Manager Mr. Anshul Saigal Mr. Anshul Saigal Mr. Anshul Saigal Mr. Anshul Saigal Mr. Anshul Saigal

With Kotak’s 30 years of experience in the Indian Finance sector, they organised some of the best strategies to reduce your risk and ensure a healthy return.

Here are some of the Kotak portfolio managers strategies for you:

India Focus Portfolio Investment Approach

This strategy best fits you if you want to target ample market opportunities with competitive advantages. Fund managers target scalable businesses with untapped opportunities.

So, they gather industries with high ROI for the reinvestment of profits. Moreover, they select businesses with shareholder cash flows (FCF), not accounting for cash profits.

Fund managers decide on holdings after supreme-level analysis of the same data. With the help of such in-depth research, it received an impressive growth of 36.15% in one year.

Under this strategy, the research team manages a Rs.400 crore fund. Following the same development, return stood at 28.05% after three years.

Under this strategy, security is bought at an expected discount price. So, fund managers picked securities through de-listing or buy-back policy.

Small & Mid-Cap Equity Investment Approach

Kotak PMS research team targets countries’ GDP growth to make this strategy fruitful! It finds the market gaps and targets companies transforming into the organized sector.

So, it focuses on the small and mid-cap industries. Your fund goes with those companies where earning opportunities are higher with a small base.

In addition, the company stresses businesses with a single product or service. For obvious reasons, Agrichem, Construction, Pipes, and Chemicals companies are under their radar.

As a result, this strategy generates a CAGR of 30.19% in three years, with a 43.64% return in one year. The Nifty 50 TRI return was 30.19% in the same three years.

The market’s apathy towards small-cap funds creates a vast opportunity. Additionally, they also consider COVID-19-related opportunities for this tactic.

Kotak looks to buy businesses at fair valuations so that you can get the full benefit.

Pharma & Healthcare Investment Approach

From COVID-19 to the Cancer vaccine, the Indian pharma sector has many reasons to invest. So, Kotak has built a separate section for Pharma and health sector investment.

While deciding the firms to invest in, Kotak follows its historical performance to its presence in the global market.

In addition, they have a bonus point with a CAGR growth of 15% in the Complex Generics Industry and the Indian CDMO market.

Kotak also eyes the Indian E-pharmacy market, which is at the budding stage with rapid growth. As a result, this strategy provides an impressive return of 16.76% in 3 years.

The firm also focuses on US pharma investment in the domestic market and sales of Indian Pharma in the West.

Kotak FinTech Investment Approach

If you want to sustain yourself in the market for a long time, new adaptation like FinTech is the future. Kotak fund managers aim this strategy to make more money with low risk.

They target macro banking sectors with well-capitalized banks for loan growth. Kotak fund managers also pick some houses from the digital payment system.

The PMS body accepts the technological revolution in the Indian Banking Industry.

Consequently, FinTech investment ensures a 32.07% return in one year, following the same trend of a 17.89% return in three years.

Nifty 50 TRI had almost the same growth for the same three-year period, 26%. However, the firm’s focus on the Digitalization and automation industry is expected to increase.

Top Fund Managers of Kotak PMS


Mr. Anshul Saigal









Award-winning capital market expert Mr Nilesh Shah is the group president and MD of Kotak Mahindra AMC.

Under his strong leadership, Kotak PMS fund managers Mr Biren Dalal and Mr. Anshul Saigal (Chief PMS) are doing well.

Mr Anshul Saigal

Mr Saigal is the Head of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company.

In his 20-year glorious journey, he achieved a considerable knowledge foundation about PMS management.

Saigal has managed various PMS portfolios across different asset classes. And his leadership continuously outperformed the market benchmarks.

The MBA Finance degree holder had experience working in finance majors like JP Morgan, ICICI Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

Umang Shah

Umange is assigned to managing banking and financial portfolio management. However, he joined Kotak in 2021 and had 15 years of exposure in this sector.

He is a certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with a B.Com degree. His skill helps to manage a reasonable return with low risk.

Mr Biren Dalal

Biren has been part of the PMS team with Kotak Mahindra AMC management for the last 15 years.

The CA is responsible for business development, but his profound knowledge of market research is helpful for fund allocation.

However, a centralised research team supports the former Motilal Oswal and KRC securities manager.

The centralised team includes prominent names like Ms Shibani Kurian, Devender Singhal, Mr Nalin Bhatt, Mr Mandar Pawar, Mr Arijit Dutta, Mr Umang Shah and many more.

They are responsible for fund management like metal, banking, capital goods, Pharma, cement and power.

Kotak Portfolio Managers SWOT Analysis

Find out the SWOT Analysis of Kotak Portfolio Management here.


  • Backed by one the most extensive banking group
  • From bootstrapped Pharma to startups like fintech – diversification of product strategy
  • Long-term presence in the market with attractive returns
  • Supported by a robust research team of 15 senior experts
  • Personalized service and special access to the research window


  • Fees are relatively higher than other rivals.
  • Exit load can discourage short-term investors.
  • Some users raise complaints about the help desk.


  • Growing demand for PMS concept in India
  • It could expand in the South Asian market.
  • Launch of some new products like rivals


  • The PMS sector has become competitive with new players.
  • Others can win the game with a low charge.
  • Regulator and turmoil market

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Investment Facilities provided by Kotak Portfolio Manager

Custom Strategy


Strategy Switch

Not Allowed

Switch Charges

1.5% of Fund Value

NRI Investment






Early Exit


Early Exit Charges

2% within 1st Year

Suppose you want to assign a firm brand name to support your portfolio. In that case, Kotak Portfolio Management Services has various features for you.

Seasoned experts lead the PMS in the industry. So, here’s a glimpse into the Kotak Portfolio Management features:

  • Investors enjoy the freedom of switching strategies within Kotak. However, this freedom comes with a minimum charge of 1.5% of the fund value.
  • While Kotak PMS’s range of customized solutions is available in the small product line, you can ask fund managers to extend your strategy.
  • The firm warmly embraces Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Thus, it opens the door for a broader investor base.
  • Surprisingly, you have an exit option but not free of cost; a 2% of the fund value is applicable.

Moreover, investors can go with a discretionary mode of investment management. These grants portfolio managers the authority to make decisions on behalf of clients.

Kotak Portfolio Management Support

Call Support


Email Support


Chat Support

Not Available

Dedicated RM Support


Fund Manager Intereraction

Not Available

Issue Resolving TAT

Max 3 Working days

Kotak Portfolio Management Services extends a dedicated customer care service to assign client concerns.

Besides a specialized team, they have a supportive RM managers’ section on all working days. So, the professional and supportive team ensures timely assistance with any encounter.

It helps customers make the right decision at the right time. For detailed inquiries, clients can use email channels, with human responses within 24 hours.

Whether it is about PMS investment strategies, clients can rely on the team for account management or any other aspect.

Kotak PMS Dashboard Link

Web Platform

Kotak PMS dashboard serves as a one-stop solution that caters to all the basic needs of PMS management.

It includes insights into portfolio offers and holdings-related operations. As an essential tool, the dashboard gathers all your investment-related activity under one umbrella.

To get access, click the above link with your username and password. However, the access details will be delivered once you confirm the registration process.

The platform enhances clients with real-time data, in-depth analysis and other tools. Moreover, Kotak Portfolio Management empowers you with the tools to monitor and track your investment effectively.

So, stay updated on market trends and analyze your portfolio’s growth with the Kotak dashboard.

Kotak PMS Login

The Kotak PMS login process is designed for security and convenience. Firstly, visit the link in the ‘Client Login’ section.

You have to enter your username and password in your respective field. However, these credentials will be provided during the onboarding process.

After pressing the login button, you will get a personalized dashboard. Here, you can check the portfolio, funding, research, performance report and other relevant details.

Keeping your credentials confidential and logging out after every visit is good. It is the easiest way to manage and monitor your investment.

However, your first login mail may have a brochure attachment; remember to download it.

Kotak PMS Review or Ratings by Finec.in

Overall Rating

8.02 / 10

Portfolio Performance

8.22 / 10


7.98 / 10


7.90 / 10


7.82 / 10


8.18 / 10

Kotak Portfolio Management Services - SEBI Details

SEBI Reg. No.


Contact Person


Email ID


Telephone No.

022 6605 6940


2nd Floor, 12 BKC, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051

Starting Date

Nov 16, 2001

How to Invest in Kotak PMS?

Investing in Kotak PMS is a straight and straightforward process.

Here are your essential eligibility criteria:

  • It is designed to welcome both Indian and NRI investors.
  • Individuals aged 18 or above are eligible.
  • To start your investment journey at Kotak Portfolio Management Services, the minimum investment amount is Rs.50 Lakh.


After confirming the essential criteria and investment amount, you need to read some paper for verification:

  • A duly filled PMS agreement with your copy
  • Details of your Demat Account
  • Power of Attorney (POA) documents
  • PAN card for identity verification
  • Proof of your residential address

Once you have gathered everything, call the RM for the following process. At first, they will provide the basic application widow; then, you have to fill in the relevant boxes.

The RM team will call you back for verifications. After that, they will issue your ID and password.

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Kotak PMS - Eligibility Criteria


18+ Years


Indian & NRI


Minimum Rs.50 Lakh

Documents required to Invest with Kotak Portfolio Manager

PMS Agreement




Demat Account




Address Proof


Kotak PMS – Conclusion

The CIO of Kotak PMS, Anshul Saigal, believed in clients’ contributions to account management. From his point of view, his team targets passenger and commercial vehicles.

Including EVs, both sectors have a massive opportunity in the domestic and international markets.

However, the market has a different mood from the inflationary period to the monsoon season, but Anshul’s team is confident with historical results.

Their portfolio strategies are ready to accept new product lines in the IT and tech industry. We hope this quick adaptability continues to provide the same returns from its inception in 2012.

FAQs on Kotak Portfolio Managers

Check out various FAQs related to Kotak Portfolio Management Services.

Which is the Best Strategy for Kotak PMS?

If investors want steady growth, Kotak Pharma & Healthcare Investment strategies benefit them.

However, Kotak FinTech’s strategy is for investors wishing to grow rapidly. You can also discuss the India Focus Portfolio Series and Small and Midcap strategy with RM.

What is the Minimum Investment in Kotak PMS?

You must invest a minimum of Rs.50 lakh for Kotak portfolio management.

What is the Return of Kotak PMS?

Depending on various strategies, Kotak PMS has had a healthy return sign. Kotak India Focus Portfolio achieved 33% in 3 years among all strategies.

Despite a new one, the Fintech strategy is also hopeful, with a 27% return for the same period.

Is Kotak Portfolio Management good?

Yes! Suppose you check the historical data of fund allocation and return percentage. In that case, Kotak Portfolio Management is one of the top-performing players.

It is reliable with good returns, and trusted fund managers process your asset amid a volatile market.

What is the fixed commission of Kotak PMS?

Kotak has fixed, variable and profit-sharing fees. The fixed commission is 2.50% of Fund Value (AMC) among them.

Is a Demat account mandatory for Kotak Portfolio Managers?

Yes, an active Demat account is mandatory for Kotak.

What are the Exit Charges of Kotak Portfolio Management?

The exit charge for the first year is 2%, followed by 1% in the second year. However, there are no exit charges after a three-year completion.

Who are the current fund managers of Kotak PMS?

Mr Anshul Singhal is the PMS head of Kotak. Under his leadership, a strong team of 15 experts are working on different industry-related fund allocations.

What is the AUM of Kotak Portfolio Management Service?

The AUM amount of Kotak PMS is Rs.1,924 crore, expected to grow by the end of FY24.

Do Kotak Portfolio Managers Charge Variable Commissions?

Yes, Kotak Portfolio Managers set a commission of 1.5% of fund value.


Customer ratings and reviews of Kotak PMS

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