Founded in 2010, Zerodha PMS is a new asset management company offering portfolio management services to over 100 clients.

Even though Zerodha has only two years of experience managing and guiding investment portfolios, it has created quite a buzz among HNIs and UHNIs investors.

Nithin Kamath, Nikhil Kamath, and Dr. Kailash Nadh are the founding members of the Banglore-based, public PMS house.

The main aim of Zerodha Portfolio Management services is to help investors grow wealth with dynamic asset allocation under the assistance of experienced fund managers.

This article covers everything about Zerodha PMS, from its benefits, features, and support facilities to commission, returns, SWOT analysis, and dashboard.

Total AUM Rs.120 Cr.
Avg. 1 Year Return 22.30%
Active Clients 105
No. of Strategies 1
Minimum Investment Rs.50 Lakh
Experience 2 Year

Zerodha PMS - Company Overview


Portfolio Management

Organization Type


Head Office

Bangalore, Karnataka


Nithin Kamath, Nikhil Kamath, Dr.Kailash Nadh

Founded In (year)


Why Invest in Zerodha PMS?

Investing in Zerodha Portfolio Management Services can lead you to professional fund managers’ assistance and profitable investments with greater returns.

Here discussed are the pros of investing in Zerodha PMS:

  • With just one year of experience in offering PMS services, the company has managed a total AUM of Rs. 120 crores. The figure says Zerodha has enormous potential and, thus, can be an excellent platform to start your career as a PMS investor.
  • With Zerodha, you can potentially get 22.30% returns on your short-term investment. The returns provided by the firm are higher than its benchmark, Nifty 50 one-year returns.
  • Even the PMS house offers quite a budget-friendly commission model. To maintain your account, you must pay only 1% of your fund value as variable fees.
  • Given that Zerodha is a new entrant in the Indian financial market, it has retained quite a decent rating of 7.10 from industry experts.

Zerodha Portfolio Management Service Performance or Returns

1 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 1 Year Return


3 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 3 Year Return


5 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 5 Year Return


You should know what this newly incorporated PMS house offers its clients and investors.

Talking about Zerodha PMS Returns, the company deploys a holistic investment approach to help investors earn lucrative returns.

The PMS house achieved an average return of 22.30% on the short-term investment. And its benchmark, i.e., Nifty 50, provided a return of 10.74% on a one-year investment.

On comparing these two figures, we can see that Zerodha PMS’s one-year returns were almost twice the Nifty 50’s returns.

It means that Zerodha is an ideal company for investors expecting good returns on their short-term investments. Currently, the firm doesn’t disclose its long-term and longer-term returns.

Zerodha PMS Commission, Charges or Fees

Fixed Fees

No Fixed Fees

Variable AMC

1% of Fund Value

Variable Profit Sharing

10% (if above 10% profit)

Exit Load 1st Year


Exit Load 2nd Year


Exit Load 3rd Year


It’s the responsibility of every potential investor to research both returns and fee details before investing in any PMS.

Now that you know Returns, it’s time that you learn about the Zerodha PMS Commission.

The PMS house offers quite a budget-friendly commission model. There are no fixed fees for the clients.

They need to pay variable charges for maintaining their account. The variable costs can amount to 1% of your fund value.

In addition, the variable profit-sharing percentage can be around 10% of the client’s profit. And it’s applicable only if a client makes more than 10% profit.

The plus point about investing with Zerodha is that you can redeem and take your investment to another Indian PMS house without paying a single penny as charges.

Best Strategies by Zerodha Portfolio Management Services

Check out various strategies or Investment approaches provided by Zerodha Portfolio Managers.

Strategy Name True Beacon
Start Date 11-Apr-22
Category Multi Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE 500
AUM (Rs.) Not Disclosed
No. of Stocks Not Disclosed
1 Yr. Return 22.30%
3 Yr. Return NA
5 Yr. Return NA
Fund Manager Mr. Rohit Beri

Now, investors can leverage only one Zerodha Portfolio Manager Strategy, i.e., True Beacon.

True Beacon

True Beacon was introduced on 11 April 2022 for ultra-rich investors. This strategy was started to manage wealth across multiple capital classes for leading entrepreneurs, families, individuals, and institutional investors.

Investors opting for this investment strategy can expect Mr. Rohit Beri to manage their portfolios. The benchmark for this investment approach is the S&P BSE 500.

The total AUM managed by the fund manager under the True Beacon strategy is not disclosed.

Moreover, the number of stocks is also not told by Zerodha PMS. However, the ROI (return on investment) under this strategy were 22.30% for short-term investment.

Top Fund Managers of Zerodha PMS


Mr. Rohit Beri









Knowing about Zerodha PMS Fund Managers is of utmost importance because they will be managing your investment portfolio and responsible for taking it to new heights.

So, Mr. Rohit Beri is the fund manager of the PMS house.

Mr. Rohit Beri

Rohit Beri is the Chief Inspecting Officer (CIO) and Fund Manager at this Brand. He heads the PMS house’s investment, finance models, and fund accounting.

With extensive experience in financial engineering, quantitative investment analysis, financial machine learning, and data science, Mr. Rohit is recognized as an accomplished investment professional in the Indian financial industry.

Before working at Zerodha, he founded Roaring Numbers and held the position of CEO. In addition, he is the ex-director of ANZ and ex-advisor of Enverest, LLC and Riemann Capital.

Mr. Rohit has a vast academic background. He holds a Diploma in Computer Studies (Computer Science) from the University of Cambridge and completed a B.Com from Guru Nanak Dev University.

Moreover, he is a certified CA and CFA. Mr. Rohit attended Georgia Institute of Technology to master Analytics and Harvard University to master Data Science.

He completed an MS in Business Administration and Management from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Zerodha Portfolio Managers SWOT Analysis

Here are the Zerodha PMS strong and weak points, along with opportunities and weaknesses:


  • The PMS house offers a budget-friendly commission model.
  • It allows investors to redeem their investments without paying exit load charges.
  • The company allows investors to invest in commodities and ultra-conservative products.
  • Zerodha manages time-varying risk profiles through derivatives.
  • It offers highly personalized client service by constructing investment portfolios according to individual circumstances.


  • Zerodha is a new entrant; thus, many investors don’t trust the firm for long-term investments.
  • Clients can’t access fund manager interaction support.
  • The company holds an average rating of 6.99 in terms of facilities.


  • Increasing need for sophisticated and personalized wealth management worldwide.
  • Improving financial literacy among rural and semi-urban area residents.
  • Growing demand for HNIs.


  • The wealth management market in India is extensively crowded.
  • The economic slowdown has led to job layoffs nationwide.
  • Big giants like Hem Securities Ltd., Unique Asset Management LLP, Molecule Ventures LLP, and Enam AMC are significant threats to new entrants like Zerodha

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Investment Facilities provided by Zerodha Portfolio Manager

Custom Strategy


Strategy Switch


Switch Charges

1% of Fund Value

NRI Investment






Early Exit


Early Exit Charges


The organization has made a good start by offering various Zerodha Portfolio Management Features to its clients:

  • The PMS house offers personalized client service by constructing investment portfolios according to individual circumstances.
  • As an investor, you can ask the fund manager to change your investment strategy and shift to the other. You must pay 1% of your fund value to avail of this feature.
  • Any eligible non-Indian resident can invest in Zerodha Portfolio Managers.
  • The investors are offered the choice between discretionary and non-discretionary services.
  • It allows investors to redeem their investments without paying exit load charges.

Zerodha Portfolio Management Support

Call Support


Email Support


Chat Support


Dedicated RM Support


Fund Manager Intereraction

Not Available

Issue Resolving TAT

Max 3 Working days

It’s only sometimes possible for clients or investors to go to the company’s premises for their investment-related issues or questions.

Therefore, many PMS houses provide dedicated support to their clients via call, email, or digital platforms.

Below discussed are the Zerodha Portfolio Management Services that you can use when seeking portfolio management support:

  • You can call the firm’s dedicated helpline phone number to fix your investment portfolio-related problems.
  • Investors can also send a mail mentioning their issues and doubts to the portfolio management support center.
  • You can also chat with the portfolio management support representative whenever you have investment queries.
  • Clients can access dedicated RM support but not fund manager interaction support.
  • The PMS house ensures your complaints or questions are resolved within three working days.

Zerodha PMS Dashboard Link

Web Platform

Zerodha is recognized as a technologically advanced online investment platform.

Therefore, the company offers its clients and investors a powerful Zerodha PMS Dashboard with a user-friendly interface. You can go to the PMS dashboard by clicking the link in the above table.

The dashboard facilitates several features and functionalities to the users, letting them manage their investment portfolios.

You can get a 360-degree view of your investments, their current market value, profits, losses, returns, and other vital aspects.

Zerodha PMS Login

To Zerodha PMS Login, you must have the proper credentials. The company will provide login credentials if you are a registered Zerodha client.

You should know that Zerodha is stringent regarding clients’ security and safety. So, the company provides separate dashboard accounts to each investor so that their investment details remain confidential.

Zerodha will give you a unique username and a strong password after registering as its client. Moreover, you can change your password after logging into your account for more privacy.

Zerodha PMS Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

7.10 / 10

Portfolio Performance

7.06 / 10


7.24 / 10


6.99 / 10


6.92 / 10


7.28 / 10

Zerodha Portfolio Management Services - SEBI Details

SEBI Reg. No.


Contact Person


Email ID


Telephone No.



The Marquis, 3rd Floor, No. 19, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, 560001

Starting Date

Apr 01, 2022

How to Invest in Zerodha PMS?

Here is a step-by-step process to Invest in Zerodha Portfolio Management.

The first step is registering as the company’s client. Only a registered client can become the PMS house’s investor.

Before submitting your application, you should search for the organization’s eligibility requirements. Zerodha Rejects the individuals’ applications if they don’t meet the eligibility criteria. So, the Zerodha PMS’ eligibility criteria state that:

  • The potential applicant’s age must be 18+.
  • He can be Indian or NRI.
  • He must invest at least Rs. 50 lakhs in this PMS.

Once confirmed that you comply with all eligibility requirements, you can fill out the ‘Invest in PMS Now!’ application form. You can find the form on this page.

After submitting the form, you will get a call from a Zerodha representative. He will ask to upload the below-listed documents:

  • POA
  • PMS Agreement
  • Demat Account details
  • PAN
  • Address Proof

The company verifies the documents, and if the results are positive, you will be registered as its client and officially make an investment.

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Zerodha PMS - Eligibility Criteria


18+ Years


Indian & NRI


Minimum Rs.50 Lakh

Documents required to Invest with Zerodha Portfolio Manager

PMS Agreement




Demat Account




Address Proof


Zerodha PMS – Conclusion

Zerodha PMS has one year of experience managing the wealth and investments of over 100 clients.

In this short period, the company has made quite a mark in the Indian equities market. The PMS house’s main aim is to make wealth management more holistic.

With its focus on building sustainable wealth, the firm offers its clients a distinctive strategic value.

Moreover, as an investor, you can take advantage of Zerodha Portfolio Managers competitive fee model while earning decent returns on short-term investments.

FAQs on Zerodha Portfolio Management

Check out various FAQs related to Zerodha Portfolio Management Services.

Which is the Best Strategy for Zerodha PMS?

Zerodha PMS offers only one investment strategy, i.e., True Beacon. It was introduced on 11 April 2022 for ultra-rich investors, including leading entrepreneurs, families, individuals, and institutional investors.

The ROI for a one-year investment under this investment approach was 22.30%.

What is the Minimum Investment in Zerodha PMS?

The Minimum Investment in Zerodha PMS amounts to Rs. 50 lakhs.

What is the Return of Zerodha PMS?

The average return of Zerodha PMS was 22.30%, which was higher than its benchmark, i.e., Nifty 50’s return of 10.74% on investments made for one year.

Is Zerodha Portfolio Management good?

Zerodha portfolio management is suitable for beginners wanting to invest in different stock options for quite a short period.

In addition, it offers a budget-friendly investment in PMS with competitive commissions and fees.

What is the fixed commission of Zerodha PMS?

Zerodha PMS doesn’t charge fixed commissions as maintenance fees from its clients.

Is a Demat account mandatory for Zerodha Portfolio Managers?

Any portfolio manager working with Zerodha PMS must have a Demat account.

What are the Exit Charges of Zerodha Portfolio Management?

Zerodha portfolio management doesn’t charge a single penny as exit charges from its clients.

Who are the current fund managers of Zerodha PMS?

The current fund manager of Zerodha PMS is Mr. Rohit Beri.

What is the AUM of Zerodha Portfolio Management Service?

According to the current figures, the AUM of Zerodha Portfolio Management Service amounts to Rs. 120 crores.

Do Zerodha Portfolio Managers Charge Variable Commissions?

Zerodha portfolio managers do charge variable commissions from their clients. The variable commission amounts to 1% of the client’s fund value.


Customer ratings and reviews of Zerodha PMS

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