So, are you aiming to use Alice Blue on your mobile phone but need to know if their trading app will meet your needs?

This Alice Blue App Review is tailored just for you, providing comprehensive insights into everything you need to know.

However, you may have needed some clarification while searching for the Alice Blue Trading App on app stores, as it appears under a different name, ANT MOBI 2.0.

But you need not worry; the app is original. Find more information here.

About Alice Blue Mobile App

ANT MOBI 2.0 by Alice Blue is one of the superior trading apps, delivering an unmatched user experience to its clients.

Accessible on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the Alice Blue App is the go-to choice for anyone seeking an easy-to-use platform for trading.

Notably, the reliable online stockbroking platform backs this app. As of the publication of this article, we noticed a staggering 100k app installs on the Play Store.

This achievement is mainly remarkable given the application is only two years old. The ANT Mobi 2.0 app was released on the Play Store in July 2022 and has since witnessed an incredible journey for its investors.

Alice Blue Ant Mobi App: Top Features

Since its debut in July 2022, Alice Blue has become a go-to platform for investors seeking simplicity and efficiency in trading.

Here’s a breakdown of the top features that make this Alice Blue Mobile App Review so extraordinary.

Easy Navigation: When you open the app, you’ll see four clear options on the dashboard: funds, analytics, option chain, and sectors. It makes moving around the app a breeze.

Helpful Analytics: Alice Blue’s analytics tool provides valuable information. You can easily see which stocks are doing well, which ones aren’t, and other vital trends in the market.

Tracking Active Stocks: The app lets you quickly discover which stocks have traded the most. This real-time data helps you make quick decisions. Cool, right?

Understanding Options: If you’re intrigued by options trading, the broker simplifies the process by providing clear insights into popular options and their respective strike prices.

This feature enhances your understanding of the options market while ensuring that navigating it is more accessible and engaging.

Investing in Different Sectors: Alice Blue lets you invest in varied industries, such as technology, healthcare, and finance. It helps you spread out your investments and reduce risk.

Personalized home screen: One cool feature is that you can customize the app’s home screen to show what matters most. This makes it feel more personal and easier to use.

Quick Orders: Alice Blue allows you to make trades quickly thanks to smooth payment and withdrawal options. This means you can react rapidly to market changes.

Useful Watchlists: Another handy feature is creating watchlists of stocks you’re interested in. You can organize them by industry or performance, making it easier to keep track of your investments.

Overall, the Alice Blue App offers a user-friendly experience packed with helpful tools for investors of all levels. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to enter the trading world.

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How to Download Alice Blue App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Alice Blue Android App
iOS App Download Alice Blue iOS AP

The process of downloading the Alice Blue App is straightforward. Yet, as a serious trader or investor, you should take the necessary precautions to keep things safe.

For example, the first thing you should consider is the original version of the app. Download from the official app store (Play Store or Apple App Store).

As of publishing this review, the latest Android version of the app is 2.0.8.

  1. Go to the Official App Store: Depending on your device, navigate to either the Google Play Store (for Android) or the Apple App Store (for iOS).
  2. Look for the ANT MOBI 2.0 and download it onto your device. Make sure to choose the official version of the app.
  3. Once the download is complete, you will receive the “Open” icon. Tap on it to access the app.
  4. After successful installation, open the app and sign up. Provide the required details to create your account.

How to login to the Alice Blue App and start trading?

Now that you’ve installed the app on your Smartphone consider signing up and completing the registration process to unlock its full potential.

Registering is vital to accessing all the app’s features and benefits, ensuring a maximized trading experience.

  1. To begin with, enter Alice Blue Trading App Login (if you are a registered user of Alice Blue).
  2. Alternatively, create sign-up details and enter your email, phone number, and other necessary inputs.
  3. As Alice Blue asked, you may be required to pass on the eKYC process; it hardly takes a few minutes if you use a mobile number linked to the data.
  4. Once completed, you will receive a notification about the opening of your trading account.

Then, proceed to fund your account and begin trading in the financial market.

Alice Blue App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs.400 per Year
Equity Delivery Free
Equity Intraday Rs.15 per Trade or 0.05% (Whichever is Low)
Equity Future Rs.15 per Trade or 0.05% (whichever is low)
Equity Option Rs.15 per Trade
Commodity Future Rs.15 per Trade or 0.05% (whichever is low)
Commodity Option Rs.15 per Trade
Currency Future Rs.15 per Trade or 0.05% (whichever is low)
Currency Option Rs.15 per Trade

The broker charges zero brokerage on equity delivery investments and Rs 15 for all other segments, including intraday, equity, commodity, currency, futures, and options.

However, most other industry giants are charging Rs.20 for brokerage. This broker charges comparatively less, and according to the broker, you can save up to Rs.13,000 or more during the whole trading year.

Mutual funds and IPO investments are also free of charge. Additionally, Alice Blue App charges an account maintenance fee of ₹400 plus GST for Demat accounts.

However, opening a trading account invites a small fee of Rs 150, but the Demat account is free to open.

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Benefits of Alice Blue Trading App

Throughout this Alice Blue Trading App Review, we have discovered some notable benefits of this trading app. Here are the remarkable ones:

  • The application features a customizable homepage, allowing you to monitor all vital information on the screen.
  • The broker offers the lowest Rs 15 brokerage for major intraday segments, potentially saving investors up to Rs 13,000 throughout a trading year.
  • Similarly, clear and helpful analytics tools are available to monitor all market activities.
  • Separate arrangements are present for avid futures and options traders.
  • The platform is reliable, with an excellent interface and personalized features.

Alice Blue App Review – Conclusion

The Alice Blue App Review presents a range of impressive features and benefits you can see inside the app.

With its customizable homepage, low brokerage fees, transparent analytics tools, and tailored options for different trading preferences, the online trading app emerges as a reliable platform.

In a nutshell, Alice Blue offers a convenient and accessible way to navigate the complexities of the market.

FAQs on the Alice Blue App

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Alice Blue App.

What is the Ant Mobi 2.0 Mobile App?

The Alice Blue Mobile App is a mobile application offered by Alice Blue, a prominent brokerage firm in India.

It lets users trade financial instruments such as stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies directly from their smartphones.

How to earn money from the Alice Blue Trading App?

Investors can earn money via trading activities through this app. They can opt for various products offered by the app and start trading to earn through investments.

Is Alice Blue Ant Mobi 2.0 App Trusted?

Started in 2006, the Alice Blue app is quite reliable and trusted by people for their trading activities.

How to change KYC details in the Alice Blue App?

You can change your KYC details in the app by contacting the customer care company. They will guide you over.

What is the use of the Alice Blue Ant Mobi App?

Opening a Demat account with Alice Blue brings several advantages, including zero brokerage on IPOs, equity delivery, mutual funds, and cost-effective trading for FNOs. Joint Demat accounts offer shared management, making them well-suited for partners or business associates.

How to refer to the Alice Blue App?

Here is the process.

  • To refer, you should reach out to your BOT application
  • Now, hit on “My accounts”.
  • From your left side menu, hit on “family.”
  • Now, you can click “refer a family” and fill in the information to complete your account details

Is F&O trading available in the Ant Mobi 2.0 App?

Yes, F&O trading is not allowed on this App.

How to add a nominee to Alice Blue App?

  • Open your BOT application.
  • Hit on the “My Account” tab and click “Nominee.”
  • Now proceed forward to e-sign” to complete the procedure for Nominee modifications.

Is Commodity Trading available in the Alice Blue App?

The user can trade in commodities in the Ant Mobi 2.0 App.

Who is the Founder of the Alice Blue Ant Mobi App?

Sidhavelayutham Mohan founded this App.


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