Most investors agree that Ambit PMS is a trusted choice. Ambit Capital stands out in this sector with an impressive AUM of Rs. 2,825 Cr. and an average 1-year return of 29.48%.

Led by founder Ashok Wadhwa and boasting 26 years of experience since its launch in 1997, the service offers four diverse strategies.

Catering to the active client’s network of 1696, Ambit Capital PMS welcomes the lowest investment of Rs.50 lakh.

This review of Ambit Capital Portfolio Management takes you through another exciting PMS where most investment stories find their canvas.

Total AUM Rs.2,852.61 Cr.
Avg. 1 Year Return 29.48%
Active Clients 1696
No. of Strategies 4
Minimum Investment Rs.50 Lakh
Experience 27 Years

Ambit Capital PMS - Company Overview


Portfolio Management

Organization Type


Head Office

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Ashok Wadhwa

Founded In (year)


Why invest in Ambit Capital PMS?

Investing in Ambit Capital Portfolio Management Services (PMS) can be a wise move due to the range of excellent services and track record Ambit Capital has.

Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

  • Ambit Capital boasts an average 1-year return of 29.48%, which casts light on its ability to produce high gains for investors.
  • Over the past 26 years, they have introduced a variety of flexible PMS strategies that suit diverse investment goals and risk appetites.
  • Investors benefit from their multiple support channels, such as call and email support. Besides, dedicated RM support is also there.
  • The best part is that the company is listed with the SEBI under reg. No. INP000005059. No doubt, this adds an extra layer of regulatory credibility.
  • With a total assets under management (AUM) of Rs. 2806.3 crore, Ambit Capital put its ability to manage PMS effectively in the big picture.
  • They are serving 1771 active clients, which proves the trust investors place in Ambit Capital’s PMS services.

Ambit Capital Portfolio Management Service Performance or Returns

1 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 1 Year Return


3 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 3 Year Return


5 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 5 Year Return


Ambit Capital’s savvy team helps your money grow. Let’s see how well they’ve been doing. They have helped people’s money grow by 29.48% in just one year.

That’s like turning a small amount into a big one! But guess what? The Nifty 50, the index of 50 vital companies, only grew by 10.74%. So, Ambit Capital did much better!

Now, let’s zoom out and look at three years. Ambit Capital still shines brightly with a fantastic 25.17% growth. But the Nifty 50 had a trouble catching up, growing only by 20.15%.

If we stretch our view to five years, Ambit Capital keeps impressing. Their clever moves helped money grow by a solid 16.39%. The Nifty 50 tried its best but managed only 11.52% growth.

Ambit Capital PMS returns have been making money grow faster than many others.

Ambit Capital PMS Commission, Charges or Fees

Fixed Fees

2.5% of Fund Value (AMC)

Variable AMC


Variable Profit Sharing

15% (if above 10% Profit)

Exit Load 1st Year


Exit Load 2nd Year


Exit Load 3rd Year


When it comes down to investing your hard-earned money, understanding the charges associated with a portfolio management service (PMS) is crucial.

Ambit Capital PMS offers a transparent fee structure designed to be easy to grasp, even for those new to finance.

The Ambit Capital PMS Commission is fixed at 2.5% of the total fund value (AMC). This fee is calculated based on the value of your investment portfolio.

In addition to the fixed fee, Ambit Capital also implements a profit-sharing model. If your investment portfolio generates a profit of over 10%, Ambit Capital will charge a profit-sharing fee of 15% on the excess profits.

There are no charges for exiting your investment early. Whether it is the first, second, or third year, if you want, you can take exit free of charge.

If you decide to switch or reallocate your investments within the PMS, Ambit Capital charges a switch fee of 1% of the total fund value.

Best Strategies by Ambit Capital Portfolio Management Services

Check out various strategies or Investment approaches provided by Ambit Capital Portfolio Managers.

Strategy Name Good and Clean India Fund Emerging Giants Coffee Can TenX Portfolio
Start Date 12-Mar-15 01-Dec-17 06-Mar-17 13-Dec-21
Category Mid Cap Small Cap Large Cap Small & Mid Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE 500 S&P BSE 500 Nifty 50 S&P BSE 500
AUM (Rs.) Rs.584.41 Cr. Rs.413.62 Cr. Rs.1118.03 Cr. Rs. 232.21 Cr.
No. of Stocks Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed 10
1 Year Return 33.26% 25.60% 19.17% 29.55%
3 Year Return 17.67% 21.50% 11.54% NA
5 Year Return 17.55% 22.82% 14.63% NA
Fund Manager Mr. Trilok Agarwal Mr. Trilok Agarwal Mr. Siddharth Bothra NA

Below, we will discuss the Ambit Capital Portfolio Managers Strategy and how it works for investors. To begin with, have a look at the strategies.

Suitable and Clean India Fund

This plan is like a game where they invest in manageable and manageable companies. They look at the extensive list of companies and try to make your money grow.

The person in charge of this plan is Mr. Trilok Agarwal. He takes care of the money and decides where to invest it.

Right now, they have around Rs.584.41 crore to manage. They use this money to buy little pieces from diverse companies. But they need to tell us exactly which ones.

In the last year, their plan yielded a 33.26% return! And over three years, on average, it grew by 17.67% each year. 

Emerging Giants

Another of Ambit Capital’s excellent strategies is “Emerging Giants”. This strategy looks at smaller companies with the potential to generate hefty returns.

Again, this strategy follows a unique list of undisclosed stocks to see how well it’s doing.

An expert named Mr. Trilok Agarwal takes care of this strategy, and the money he has managed so far is Rs. 413.62 crore.

In the last year, this plan made 25.60% more money! And over 3-years, it grew around 21.50% on average. That means it’s the savviest way to make your money grow! 

Coffee can

Coffee cans are another one of the four strategies that Ambit Capital has for investing. The strategy tracks the Nifty 50 as its benchmark.

The expert person named Mr. Siddharth Bothra takes care of this strategy. And right now, they are taking care of Rs. 1118.03 Cr worth of investment.

The strategy currently holds different stocks. Last year, their plan made a lot of money, about 19.17%.

But when they look at the past three years, they drove around 11.54% on average. It’s like growing a money tree slowly but surely.

TenX Portfolio

Ambit Capital Portfolio Managers have another smart strategy called “TenX Portfolio. In this strategy, they invest in small and mid-cap segments, which count on different groups of companies.

The strategy focuses on the S&P BSE 500, where they manage around Rs. 232.21 crore and play with ten stocks.

An expert, Mr. Manish Jain, leads this strategy. Last year, they did well and got 29.55% as their score. We have not found the scores for the past 3- or 5-years.

Top Fund Managers of Ambit Capital PMS


Mr. Aishvarya Dadheech


Mr. Manish Jain







Let’s look at who is in charge of the strategy operating under Ambit Capital PMS.

Mr. Aishvarya Dadheech

Mr. Aishvarya Dadheech is one of the Ambit Capital PMS Fund Managers. He’s been in the PMS business for over 13 years and knows much about investing and studying companies.

Before this, Mr Dadheech was a vice president for Ambit’s special money and had a duty to check the money was safe and growing.

He has also worked at Reliance Life Insurance. He was a chartered accountant and a CFA® charter holder. That means he’s good at numbers and money stuff!

Besides, he holds a remarkable degree in finance and accounting. His journey of caring for money is like an exciting adventure, and he’s ensuring risk-free return generation at Ambit Capital PMS.

Mr. Manish Jain

Let’s talk about Mr. Manish Jain, the second money expert, also known by his particular title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Besides, he has worked at big companies like Nomura and Lehman Brothers. Under Mr Jain’s leadership, the Coffee Can PMS is growing a lot.

He knows where he should plant the right seeds so they get more yields and help them grow money in the investment market.

Manish is a degree holder in MBA finance from the USA. And his 16 years of experience in equity investment demonstrate that your money will be in safe hands.

Ambit Capital Portfolio Managers SWOT Analysis

Here is the detailed SWOT analysis related to the Ambit Capital Portfolio Management.


  • Ambit Capital PMS makes money management easy for people. On average, their PMS grew their clients’ money by 29.48% in just one year. That’s like turning a little bit of money into an oversized lot!
  • Ambit Capital has four different strategies to grow money. This helps different types of people who want to play with money differently.
  • Ambit Capital has an expert team to talk to when you need help. You can call them, write them emails, and even have a friend who always takes care of your money!
  • Ambit Capital is a SEBI-registered name, a special badge that says they are excellent and safe.
  • Thanks to their experts, who care for your hard-earned money, about Rs. 2806.3 crore is currently under management. This shows it’s good at managing money.
  • Ambit Capital’s network includes 1771 people who trust them with their money.


  • Sometimes, Ambit Capital only tells part of the story about how they did in the past. This makes it hard to know if they did well for a long time.
  • In some strategies, Ambit Capital must tell which companies it plays with. This makes it hard for clients to know everything.
  • Ambit Capital doesn’t always compare how well it plays with others. Clients want to know if they played the best game.


  • Ambit Capital can attract more clients by deploying different strategies that suit others.
  • If Ambit Capital does some research, it can introduce strategies that this is the first time anyone has played. This will make more people want to use them.
  • Ambit Capital can teach investors how to play in the investment market and understand them better. This will make clients happier and want to stay longer with the PMS.


  • Sometimes, the financial field goes up and down significantly. This can make it hard for Ambit Capital to win the game all the time.
  • Many other players want to win the game, too. Ambit Capital needs to be better and different to win against them.
  • Sometimes, the rules of the financial market and PMS change. Ambit Capital must learn to adapt quickly to the changing waves and keep playing well.

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Investment Facilities provided by Ambit Capital Portfolio Manager

Custom Strategy


Strategy Switch


Switch Charges

1% of Fund Value

NRI Investment






Early Exit


Early Exit Charges


Let’s look at the Ambit Capital Portfolio Management features and facilities that make their PMS truly impressive.

  • You can make a plan for your money based on what you want and how much risk you’re okay with. After all, they allow custom strategies.
  • You can change your strategy later if you think another plan is better.
  • Sometimes, if you change your plan, a small fee of 1% of your money might apply.
  • If you live in another place, you can still invest your money with Ambit Capital.
  • You can choose to manage your money or let the experts at Ambit Capital do it.
  • If you need your money back earlier than planned, you can take it out. Early exits are allowed.
  • And the best part is that you don’t have to pay extra money if you take it out early.

Ambit Capital Portfolio Management Support

Call Support


Email Support


Chat Support


Dedicated RM Support


Fund Manager Intereraction

Not Available

Issue Resolving TAT

Max 7 Working days

With this PMS choice, you access simplified support for your investment journey. However, Ambit Capital Portfolio Management Services is respected in the financial realm.

Thanks to their dedicated and kind team for being wise to customers wherever they need. Put these types of support come to the customer’s rescue.

  • Call Support: Reach out to their dedicated helpline for immediate assistance.
  • Email Support: Email their support team for queries and concerns.
  • Chat Support: Engage in real-time conversations through their user-friendly chat platform.
  • Dedicated RM Support: Benefit from a personalized experience with a dedicated relationship manager.
  • Fund Manager Interaction: You can interact with Fund Managers in group sessions.
  • Issue Resolving TAT: Count on Ambit Capital to address your concerns within seven working days.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, Ambit Capital’s PMS is here to simplify your investment journey.

Ambit Capital PMS Dashboard Link

Web Platform

The Ambit Capital PMS Dashboard is a pivotal tool for investors seeking an insightful and user-friendly experience.

This dashboard is easily accessible through the provided link. But to access it, you’ll need to create login credentials by selecting a username and password.

The Dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your investments, current market trends, and performance updates.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the world of PMS, the Ambit Capital PMS Dashboard ensures you can easily navigate.

Ambit Capital PMS Login

Accessing your Ambit Capital PMS Login ID is a seamless process, ensuring your financial journey starts correctly.

If successful registration has been completed and you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll get your unique login details soon.

These details serve as your key to unlocking the world of investment opportunities offered by Ambit Capital. Once you have your login ID, you can effortlessly log into your account.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the financial landscape, Ambit Capital’s user-friendly login process ensures accessibility and security, paving the way for your investment aspirations to flourish.

Ambit Capital PMS Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

8.11 / 10

Portfolio Performance

8.31 / 10


8.07 / 10


7.99 / 10


7.91 / 10


8.27 / 10

Ambit Capital Portfolio Management Services - SEBI Details

SEBI Reg. No.


Contact Person

Parimal Deuskar

Email ID

Telephone No.

022 6623 3000


Ambit house 449, senapati Bapat Marg, lower parel, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, 400013

Starting Date

Apr 07, 2016

How to invest in Ambit Capital PMS?

Investing in Ambit Capital’s Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is straightforward. But make sure you comply with some fundamental checks. Such as:

To get started and invest in Ambit Capital Portfolio Management, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Both Indians and NRIs are welcome.
  • Consider that you have a minimum investment of Rs. 50 lakh.
  • Gather the necessary documents. You’ll need the PMS Agreement, Power of Attorney (POA), a Demat account, a PAN card, and a valid address proof. These documents are mandatory to proceed.

Remember, Ambit Capital’s PMS offers a tailored investment approach. Following these steps and meeting the criteria, you can embark on your investment journey with Ambit Capital’s Portfolio Management Service.

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Ambit Capital PMS - Eligibility Criteria


18+ Years


Indian & NRI


Minimum Rs.50 Lakh

Documents required to Invest with Ambit Capital Portfolio Manager

PMS Agreement




Demat Account




Address Proof


Ambit Capital PMS: Conclusion

Ambit Capital PMS exhibits strengths that boost its standing in the financial sector. Notably, a robust 1-year return of 29.48% highlights its capability to deliver extensive gains. The firm caters to diverse investment objectives through its four strategies, while client support channels enhance the investor experience. The SEBI-registered firm, which manages a whopping AUM of Rs. 2806.3 crore, showcases effective management. However, more historical data and undisclosed stock lists may help in the assessment. But, with 1771+ clients in their network, the company demonstrates that they are a strong player in the PMS sector.

FAQs on Ambit Capital Portfolio Managers

Here is the list of frequently asked questions about Ambit Capital Portfolio Management Services.

Which is the Best Strategy for Ambit PMS?

One of the best strategies for Ambit PMS is “Emerging Giants.” The strategy focuses on the smaller companies having great potential for generating hefty returns.

The strategy is said to follow the unique list of undisclosed stocks to check its performance.

What is the Minimum Investment in Ambit PMS?

The minimum investment required in Ambit PMS is 50 lakhs.

What is the Return of Ambit PMS?

For the first year, the return is 29.48%; for three years, it is 25.17%; and for five years, it is 16.39%.

Is Ambit Portfolio Management good?

Yes, the Ambit portfolio management is suitable for investors.

What is the fixed commission of Ambit PMS?

The fixed commission for Ambit PMS is 2.50% for the fund value.

Is a Demat account mandatory for Ambit Portfolio Managers?

Yes, the demat account is compulsory for Ambit portfolio managers.

What are the Exit Charges of Ambit Portfolio Management?

The exit charges for Ambit portfolio management is 0.0% for all the years.

Who are the current fund managers of Ambit PMS?

Mr. Manish Jain and Mr. Aishvarya Dadheech are the current managers employed in Ambit PMS.

What is the AUM of Ambit Portfolio Management Service?

The AUM for the Ambit Portfolio Management service is 2806.3 Cr.

Do Ambit Portfolio Managers Charge Variable Commissions?

Yes, the variable profit sharing for Ambit portfolio managers is 15% (if above 10% Profit).


Customer ratings and reviews of Ambit Capital PMS

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