Good advice forms the backbone of any financial decision with high return potential. There was a time when, after making many wrong moves, we finally achieved a single desirable result.

But not anymore; with online sources like the Equentis Stock Advisory Platform, one can make the best financial decisions from day one.

Especially if you’re aiming for a good ROI from the stock market, this Equentis Review will be your complete guide on why you should try advisory services quickly.

Without further ado, jump straight to the topic.

About Equentis Stock Advisory

Equentis Stock Advisory is the best online source for ensuring the best use of finances. They’ve been in this industry since 2015, mainly focusing on the stock market in India.

You can call it an online company advising about buying and selling stocks that you can trust. Besides, they also share reports and market insights to keep you on your toes.

Also, they are SEBI-registered, making sure everything is fair and safe. Leveraging technology, Equentis makes it easier for people to play precisely without making big mistakes in the stock market.

However, there’s no room for trust issues. They are a reliable ally with five offices in India, thousands of clients, and 300 people working hard to make this platform shine.

Equentis Stock Advisory – Top Features

Let’s give you a tour of the features of the Equentis Stock Advisory Company platform.

Personalized portfolio: Thanks to the 5-in-5 strategy – a portfolio of 20-25 researched stocks. Each aligned with your goals and risk-taking ability.

They claim to use 300+ algorithms to curate a diversified portfolio. The smart mobile app makes detailed market reports available to you.

Price Analysis: With their help, you can learn about undervalued stocks with high potential returns over 6-12 months.

Leveraging market events or sectoral dynamics helps you invest your liquid capital wisely.

Simply put, they can guide you through the best buy event for a stock likely to generate high returns in the future.

Portfolio Advisory: As part of the service, you also receive a custom portfolio of 20-25 stocks tailored to your risk profile.

Similarly, you’ll benefit from timely portfolio reviews and updates about the changes to align with evolving financial goals.

Risk Profiling: Their team knows your risk appetite through a detailed question format.

Therefore, their strategies and plans also come into a form that finely assesses your comfort level against different market events. Best practices are taken to avoid potential losses.

Equity Portfolio Construction: Their research team constructs your equity portfolio based on your risk profile.

They employ quality and risk assessment parameters to optimize stock allocation and investment rationale.

Portfolio Review: Every week or month, they run advance checks to ensure the health of your investments.

They look at detailed reports to determine whether your funds are growing as they should. If you need to make any changes to keep things going well, their team devises a plan together.

Portfolio Rebalancing: As part of their pro plans, their team monitors your portfolio regularly, providing specific alerts on when to buy, hold, or sell stocks, ensuring optimal performance and risk management.

Dedicated Support: The company is also famous for its elite customer service. Thanks to their dedicated relationship manager for prompt support with all investment-related queries and concerns.

Informed Investor: A unique feature of Equentis services that tells you about the best investment opportunities and market trends.

The feature helps you make wise investment decisions while educating you on everything related to investment and the market.

How to use the Equentis Stock Advisory Platform?

Equentis Stock Advisory Platform is a unique website that helps you make intelligent investment choices. And you can get started with them in the following ways:

  1. First, you join the platform by providing basic information about yourself and agreeing to its rules.
  2. Then, you can express your preferences and select the plans that best suit you based on what you want to do with your funds and how much risk you’re comfortable with.
  3. Alternatively, let them make a unique plan just for you. For example, they might pick stocks that could increase your ROI over time.
  4. Once your plan is ready, you can put your money into those investments.
  5. The platform watches over your investments, leveraging tech and expert insights to tell you if you need to change anything.

Remember, investing in stocks can be tricky sometimes, so it’s okay to ask for help from experts.

Equentis Platform Charges

If you have some funds to invest and are looking for a simple advisory, Equentis has some subscription plans for you.

For example, those with an investment amount above Rs.1 crore can buy a subscription plan that costs Rs.80,000 and is payable every six months.

Similarly, there’s another plan called Dhanwaan + MPO. It’s also for people with up to Rs.1 crore to invest. One year costs Rs.1,00,000, but you pay Rs.50,000 plus GST every six months.

The 5 IN 5 plan for small investors has a yearly subscription fee of Rs.28,000. However, you can pay half of the cost every six months.

Even lower Equentis platform charges can be found because their services are diverse.

What are the services provided by Equentis?

Here’s a walk-through of the list of the services that help clients invest their money wisely:

5-in-5 Strategy: You tell them about yourself—like how much risk you can take and how long you want to keep your money invested.

Leveraging their tech and expertise, they find 20–25 super-cool stocks for you to invest in. They give you reports and tell you when to buy or sell these stocks.

Mispriced Opportunities: Sometimes, a couple of stocks are like hidden gems. They’re cheaper than they should be because of some temporary reasons.

Therefore, in this section, they suggest a fantastic stock every month that they think will grow a lot in the next 6–12 months. You can track these recommendations and reports on their app.

Dhanwaan Portfolio Advisory Services: Their team of experts designs a unique portfolio for you in this service. They ask questions to help you realize how much risk you want to take.

They check your portfolio regularly and tell you if you need to change anything. Plus, you get a special assistant to answer all your questions about investing.

Informed Investor: This service allows the platform to share educational insights with its clients, aiming to help them make educated guesses about the market.

The service features many real-life case studies and helpful resources.

Benefits of Equentis Advisory Services

It’s time to disclose a list of benefits that Equentis Advisory Services offers:

  • First things first, they provide you with personalized guidance on stock just for you. Besides, they even share the best buy signals with clients.
  • They check your portfolio every few months to ensure everything goes well. If needed, they make changes to keep your treasure growing.
  • Alerts via email or push notifications keep you updated about your portfolio. They will let you know if anything vital happens with your stocks.
  • If you have any questions about your portfolio, you can talk to Equentis. They’re always there to help, whether you prefer chatting, calling, or emailing.
  • This firm even educates its clients, assisting them with tech-powered tools so that you become a savvy investor!

Equentis Stock Advisory Platform Review – Conclusion

The Equentis Stock Advisory Platform Review finally reached its end. There are many cool things about the advisory platform.

To begin with, they offer investors a fantastic opportunity to grow their wealth wisely. With bespoke portfolios, it provides everything needed for successful investing.

The platform’s proactive approach, including quarterly result updates and email or push notification alerts, keeps you well informed.

Moreover, its emphasis on education equips investors with the necessary knowledge. Overall, the Equentis Stock Advisory Platform is the best solution for investors looking to achieve their financial goals.

FAQs on Equentis Stock Advisory Platform

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Equentis stock advisory platform:

How does Equentis work?

As a SEBI-registered investment advisory, Equentis’s primary goal is Research and ranking, which assists you in cultivating long-term wealth in the stock market.

Their tailor-made stock recommendations are based on individual goals and risk tolerance.

This personalized approach is made possible by leveraging over 300 AI-based algorithms supported by extensive research.

Is Equentis Free?

You need to check many plans for Equentis. The charges are in the details section above.

How to use this platform?

This firm can be used by posting your details on their official platform and agreeing to their guidelines. The company will then ask you to opt for the plan based on your feasibility and proceed.

Is Equentis a Good Advisory Firm?

Yes, they have a full-fledged team of experts with decades of experience in the industry. They have established their name and are constantly evolving to suit changing user needs.

What is the performance of Equentis Advisory?

Their advisory performance is quite good, which is why clients from every part of the country contact them for their investment solutions.

Is Equentis a Trusted Advisory Platform?

They have been working in the industry since 2015, and their services are unique compared to the other companies.

What are the Charges for using the Equentis App?

You can contact the company or check our charges section for detailed charges.


Customer ratings and reviews of Equentis

  • Bhalchandra Devidas Bangale says:

    I am a Premium member but have had a very bad experience with Equentis(Research and Ranking). Once you paid the amount, will not get support from them. Need to run behind them, not picking up the phone, and no reply on WhatsApp. I raised the complaint but no reply/update from their side.

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