With a whopping 1 million installs on the Play Store and a 4.3+ rating, the HDFC Sky App carries something extraordinary, making it an emerging first-choice in the investment market.

In this HDFC Sky App Review, we will talk in-depth about this mobile app. Alongside the stock market universe, the HDFC Sky Trading App lets you invest in MF, derivatives, F&O, currency, and other fantastic assets.

Are you icing on the top? This trading app offers a premium experience at an affordable price for users. Let’s uncover more about this in our discussion.

About HDFC Sky Mobile App

HDFC Securities’ all-new discount broking mobile app, introduced on September 25, 2023, is becoming famous. If you are an investor, this all-in-one app is your go-to tool.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, this HDFC Sky App simplifies participation in financial markets.

Launched by HDFC Securities, a trusted financial services intermediary and subsidiary of HDFC Bank, and operational since 2000, the app boasts a reliable reputation in the stock market.

And through this versatile trading application, they aim to provide users with a unified place to explore the market.

Packed with cool features like MTS and order sizes, HDFC Sky simplifies trading. Whether you want to trade F&O in the stock market or invest in stocks, IPOs, or mutual funds, has you covered.

HDFC Sky App – Top Features

HDFC proudly presents its Sky App as an all-in-one solution for investors in the stock market. As we get deep into this HDFC Sky Mobile App Review, let’s explore the key features that justify this claim.

BSPL (Buy Stock, Pay Later): This feature in this App allows users to purchase stocks and delay the payment, functioning similarly to a ‘buy now, pay later’ concept.

With this feature, investors can defer payments for stock purchases for an extended period (up to T + 275 days) by utilizing the Margin Trading Facility (MTF) at a reasonable rate of 12%.

Cost-Effective Trading: HDFC Sky ensures affordability with a minimal charge of Rs 20 per order, making it cost-effective for investors to engage in trading activities.

However, charges are NIL for most services; review the charges section to learn more.

Diverse Investment Options: Investors can diversify their portfolios by trading in futures, options, mutual funds, and commodities.

Additionally, the app supports investments in US stocks, providing a broader range of opportunities.

Comprehensive Market Insights: The app offers real-time feeds and market data through a single dashboard.

Users can access information on indices, global searches, portfolios, and mutual funds, enhancing their understanding of the market.

Stock Research Feature: A unique feature of the app, the Stock Research tool provides valuable insights for informed decision-making in stock investments, boasting a high success rate in predicting stock movements.

Margin Pledge: The app introduces a margin pledge system that enables users to use pledged securities for Buying and Selling activities. It also allows the use of margin money for purchasing options.

Advanced Trading Tools: HDFC Sky offers advanced trading tools, including GTT orders (Good Till Triggered), bracket orders, cover orders, basket orders, option chains, real-time tracking, charting, and fundamental analysis, providing users with comprehensive tools for great trading strategies.

Organized Watchlist: Users can create a watchlist with tags, simplifying tracking and managing multiple financial instruments in one centralized location.

Trading Aligned with Preferences: The “Preference” feature tailors the trading experience according to individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and user-friendly interface for investors.

Technical Analysis Tools: You can conduct technical analysis using popular tools like TradingView and ChartIQ. These tools provide users with powerful resources for in-depth market analysis.

GTT Orders: GTT (Good Till Triggered) orders offer users greater control over their trades by allowing modifications and deletions as needed, providing flexibility in managing investment strategies.

How to Download HDFC Sky App & Invest in It?

Android App Download HDFC Sky Android App
iOS App Download HDFC Sky iOS APP

All interested users looking for the HDFC Sky App Download button can log into the Play Store or Apple App Store (depending on whether they are using Android or Apple Device) to find this multi-asset trading app.

The step-by-step process explains how to do that.

  1. First, go to the PlayStore or Apple AppStore or use the link to download the App.
  2. Click the “Install button.” Downloading should begin soon if the internet is on your mobile device.
  3. After installation, log in to the app (the next section will explain this step-by-step).
  4. Fund your account and start investing.

Before investing, don’t remember to use the helpful learning tools, resources, and guides. They will help you familiarize yourself with the basics and unique features of the online discount broking app.

How to Login HDFC Sky App & use it for Trading?

I’m moving on to the HDFC Sky Trading App Login process now. Luckily, it isn’t a big deal. Any adult of eligible age can log in to the Sky app using a few basic details.

  1. If you are an existing user, you may log in using your client ID. Otherwise, use your email ID or mobile number to begin.
  2. For security purposes, the login verification happens through the OTP/Verification link. Confirm the verification process, and proceed.
  3. For the eKYC, you’ll also need to present your PAN card or Adhaar Card.
  4. The system then fetches the user’s details from the provided documents.
  5. The final verification may take one working day.

After a few hours, you can recheck your account with HDFC Sky. Alternatively, the application will notify you through SMS or email.

HDFC Sky App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs.300 per Year (1st Year Free)
Equity Delivery Rs.20 per Trade or 0.01% (Whichever is Low)
Equity Intraday Rs.20 per Trade or 0.01% (Whichever is Low)
Equity Future Rs.20 per Trade or 0.01% (Whichever is Low)
Equity Option Rs.20 per Trade
Commodity Future Rs.20 per Trade or 0.01% (Whichever is Low)
Commodity Option Rs.20 per Trade
Currency Future Rs.20 per Trade or 0.01% (Whichever is Low)
Currency Option Rs.20 per Trade

The HDFC Sky App comes with transparent charges. Starting with the App Account Opening Charges, there are no fees for opening an account.

The app is accessible to all at no cost. But, in case you have asked for AMC and brokerage charges, the first year is free, and there is no annual maintenance charge (AMC) for demat accounts.

But, from the second year onwards, a nominal fee of Rs 20 per month is applicable. Besides, there are no charges for registering on StockSIP.

Talking about trading, the brokerage charges a flat rate of Rs 20 per order for futures, options, currency, commodity trading, and other assets.

Moreover, research facilities are also accessible at no extra charge.

Benefits of HDFC Sky Trading App

We are breaking down the key benefits of the sky in this HDFC Sky Trading App Review to help you gain perspective on this all-in-one solution.

  • The app features a wide range of 5000+ stocks covering large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap categories. It lets you pick and manage what you like separately through labels and tags.
  • Similarly, the app informs you of real-time price movements for NIFTY 50, Bank NIFTY, NIFTY Next 50, and Sensex-listed stocks on the NSE and BSE.
  • Expert stock recommendations are plus points; you receive daily buy and sell recommendations from a qualified in-house research team.
  • Next, global portfolio diversion also enters the game. It lets you dive into US stocks and ETFs, expanding your portfolio globally and reducing risk. To clarify, you can invest in well-known global brands like Apple, Amazon, Google, and more, capitalizing on their international market presence and growth potential.
  • Say goodbye to last-minute rushes by pre-applying to upcoming IPOs through the app. Enjoy 24*7 IPO applications with easy UPI-based processes. Besides, the app even lets you invest in 2000+ mutual fund schemes online.

HDFC Sky App Review – Conclusion

The HDFC Sky App Review concludes with positive opinions about this multi-asset online broker app designed for first-year students and pro investors.

With prominent finance firms backing the app, HDFC Sky automatically becomes a reliable name for investors.

Regarding the features, the app’s USP is meant to provide investors and traders with a unified place to invest in both domestic and international markets.

However, the review above reveals some noteworthy points.

FAQs on the HDFC Sky App

Here is the list of FAqs related to the HDFC Sky app:

What is the HDFC Sky Mobile App?

HDFC SKY is an innovative platform for investing and trading in Indian Stocks, Mutual Funds, and US Stocks.

Developed by HDFC Securities, it is equipped with all the essential features to assist you in making intelligent investment and trading choices.

How do you earn money from the HDFC Sky Trading App?

The applicants can earn money from the trading app via trading and investments.

Is HDFC Sky App Trusted?

Being a part of HDFC Securities, the app has a big brand name for which to live. Last year, they added over 60,000 new clients to their company.

How do you change KYC details in the App?

To update your KYC, you need to reach out online and update your details.

What is the use of the HDFC Sky App?

Through the app, the applicants can enjoy trading facilities in various verticals at a reasonable price.

How do I refer to the HDFC Sky App?

To refer through HDFC Sky, share a referral link with your friends. Once they join, you can enjoy your rewards.

Is F&O trading available in the App?

Yes, F&O trading services are available on the HDFC Sky app.

How to add a nominee to HDFC Sky App?

You must fill out the HDFC nomination form and contact branch executives for further guidance.

Is Commodity Trading available in the App?

Yes, commodity trading is very much available on the HDFC Sky App.

Who is the Founder of the HDFC Sky App?

HDFC Securities Limited operates HDFC Sky, and Dhiraj Reli is the CEO and MD of the company.


Customer ratings and reviews of HDFC Sky App

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