Know everything about 5Paisa Review here. Welcome to secure and cost-effective trading world with 5Paisa, the IIFL backed discount broking house.

Starting in 2016, they achieved a 33 Lakh customer base in 7 years of a glorious journey.

Under the brand name of IIFL, a financial service company, customers are confident in joining the platform. Moreover, the 5Paisa Review & Rating by Finec Experts is 9.6 out of 10!

5Paisa charges a fair and friendly price of Rs.20 for all segments. Moreover, a special plan of Rs.10 is available for smart trades under a monthly subscription of Rs.599.

Broker Type Discount Broker
Active Clients 10 Lakh+
Account Opening Charges Free
AMC Rs.300 per Year
Delivery Charges Rs.20 per Trade
Intraday Charges Rs.20 per Trade

5Paisa - Company Overview

Company Type





Nirmal Jain

Establishment Year


Why Trade or Invest with 5Paisa?

5Paisa is a user-friendly and most influential popular trading house in India. In addition, the diversified platform offers you a mutual fund option with 0% commission.

So, there are ample advantages to trading with the platform —

Fair Price: 5Paisa has a flat charge of Rs.20 for each order. In addition, they offer 0% commission for mutual fund investors. So, pocket-friendly pricing is the unique selling point of the brokerage house.

User-friendly platform: You can use web-based trading on desktop, Android, or Apple store-based apps. The App has 4.4 ratings in the play store with 10 million downloads.

Moreover, 5Paisa App has almost the same response in the Apple store, with 4.2 ratings.

Advisory help: If you want a reliable platform that helps with advisory services while trading — the 5Paisa account is perfect for you.

Account holders can access real-time data and updated charts. Moreover, the research-based data help you to make a rapid decision.

5Paisa Brokerage Charges

Brokerage Plan

Regular Account

Subscription Charges


Equity Delivery

Rs.20 per Trade

Equity Intraday

Rs.20 per Trade

Equity Future

Rs.20 per Trade

Equity Option

Rs.20 per Trade

Commodity Future

Rs.20 per Trade

Commodity Option

Rs.20 per Trade

Currency Future

Rs.20 per Trade

Currency Option

Rs.20 per Trade

5Paisa brokerage firm has a transparent price strategy. For intraday trading of buying and selling, a flat fee of Rs.20 is applicable.

In addition, the Securities Transaction Tax (STT) of 0.1%, regulatory and transaction charges are included.

However, 5Paisa has a ‘Power Investor’ programme which can reduce the brokerage charges to Rs. 10. You need to invest Rs.599/month under this offer.

Of this, the best-seller program is Ultra Trader, with a charge of Rs.1199 per month. In addition, this program makes net banking and brokerage charge zero.

5Paisa Calculator

Calculate Brokerage Charges of 5Paisa.

Here's a sample Zerodha calculation.

Change the options below to calculate Zerodha brokerage.

Brokerage Charges
₹ 00.000
Brokerage Charges
Brokerage Charges
₹ 00.000

How to Open 5Paisa Demat Account?

Opening a 5Paisa demat account is just a simple process. You can just fill out the Demat account form below and submit it it, and company personnel will contact you shortly.

However, the online and app-based system is simple, fast, and user-friendly. You need some essential documents and accounts like

  • Valid mobile number with email id
  • PAN and bank details
  • Aadhar card number
  • Digilocker account

Fill out the form below, you will receive a link to open a demat account with 5Paisa. Click on the open demat account option.

After that, fill in the basic details like phone number and email id and click ‘continue.’ Complete the e-KYC process with PAN, and you’d Digi locker linked Aadhaar card.

The next task is to complete the e-sign process and submit it.

Types of 5Paisa App, Trading Platforms & Tools

Web Trading Platform

Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Foreign Stocks Trading Platform


Basket Trading Platform


Mutual Fund Investment Platform


Digital Gold Investment Platform


Bonds Investment Platform


With ten million downloads in the marketplace, the App reflects its popularity. Here are some notable choices for the 5Paisa App and platforms:

Mobile App: 5paisa has a popular Android and Apple Store App with millions of downloads and thousands of positive reviews.

Trading terminal: Trading terminals monitor performance and cater to different strategies to risk management. They also offer customized workspace for your account.

Algo trading platforms: 5Piasa offers an automated algo trading platform. It helps traders to build accurate strategies and potential tradings. The platform includes customizable data and real-time charts.

Robo advisory: This facility is available per the customer’s risk profile and financial objectives. Robo advisory includes a personalized stock recommendation facility.

5Paisa App, Trading Platforms & Tools - Features



Real Time Updates


Portfolio Details


Online MF Buy


Research Reports


Global indices


Customised Recommendations


Stock tips


Interactive charts


Live market


Multi Profile Management


Robust & Secure Platform


From MF to IPO or ETF to derivatives, 5Paisa helps you to invest and make money from a wide range of financial products. As a financial platform, one crore download is not a cakewalk. Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie, 5Paisa has everything to give your a smooth and hassle-free experience.

In addition, 5Paisa is also backed by various external data analysis platforms. For example, the research section supports Tradingview and ChartsIQ as advanced service providers.

Let’s take a look at its unique features while trading —

5Paisa App

The mobile trading platform of 5 Paisa is convenient and user-friendly. A million users in Apple and Android markets prove its popularity. Here are some features of the app for account holders

  • Refreshing the page faster with Websockets
  • Rapid option chain than ever before
  • The tight grip on security to secure your financial data
  • Instant transfer of money through IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT
  • Preferred notifications without spamming and market insights with live reports
  • Traders can withdraw money four times a day

5Paisa Webpage

An attractive and convenient dashboard is here to keep all financial products under one umbrella— enjoy your desktop-based trading platform with a smooth operation experience.

So, some features are —

  • Navigate your equity and mutual fund at one time from a single page.
  • Ticker to indicate your favorite indices and get a quick view of at least 6 scrips at the moment.
  • Easy access to multiple segments like equity, derivatives, and commodities.
  • Various order type options are available (limit orders, stop loss orders)

5Paisa Auto Investor

The Auto Investor is a robo-advisory (automated) platform that recommends various portfolios set up as per your risk appetite.

Apart from algorithms, Robo-advisor platforms are about to get AI and machine learning advantages. That’s why some benefits are—

  • This robo-advisory platform is more accurate
  • Concept of in-build auto investor with the help of an algorithm
  • The platform understands risk appetite and investment goal — recommend as per need
  • Offers the best portfolio mix in the market

5Paisa Trade Station

The trade station is a modern facility for experienced traders. Seasonal traders will get many advantages like

  • Combined snap window to get all markets in a single screen
  • Making the experience faster
  • Customized watchlist
  • Option to place various orders at the same time ( cover sell order, bracket order, basket order)
  • Real-time charts with fast updates

5Paisa Developer’s APIs

Build your own trading system with 5Paisa’s Developer API. Traders can customize their terminals set up to experience the best operation.

  • Customize the integration of features as per requirements
  • API allows various types of orders, build basket orders, including stop loss order
  • Set a trigger price to automate orders— don’t need daily management
  • Get open interest data and depth analysis through 20 WebSocket
  • Arrange market history, recommendations, and holdings in a single click
  • Users can make option chain data( strike rate, open interest) with a specific symbol

5Paisa Quantower Exe

5Paisa Quantower Exe is a complete trading platform with advanced trading tools and 5Paisa’s smooth brokerage service.

It includes —

  • Advanced charting and technical indicators
  • Separate DOM or Depth of Market window ( current bid, ask price, demand, and supply)
  • Quick execution from the chart
  • Arrange multiple charts in a single window to compare
  • Get insights into option contracts through option analytics
  • Powerful analytics and market charts

Therefore the 5Paisa review is jaw-dropping in both the Play Store and Apple Store.

5Paisa Offers

Free Account Opening


Free AMC


Free Brokerage

Yes, Limited

Flat Brokerage


Flexible Brokerage Plans


Happy Trading Hours


Free Delivery Trading


Free Intraday Trading


Free F&O Trading


Free Research Reports


Free Trading calls


Referral Offers

12.5% + Rs.100 Referral Credit per Client

Margin Funding / Pledging


Brokerage Cashback


Zero Brokerage for Loss Making Trades


To attract and retain customers 5Paisa offers a wide range of products with various price schemes. So, Economic Times’ best brand 5Paisa offers investors a wide range of price options.

Not only for financial products but also investors can pick the best price to leverage.

  • Trading for equity, currency, mutual funds, gold, and IPOs
  • 5Paisa offers a competitive pricing structure with a flat fee of Rs.20 or Rs.10 per executed order across various segments.
  • 0% commission on mutual funds.
  • Research-based support, market insights report.
  • Advanced trading apps, including webpage support.

5Paisa SWOT Analysis

Check out various pointers in 5Paisa SWOT Analysis here.


  • Backed by a strong parent company IIFL
  • High EPS growth (in 12 months)
  • The discount stock broker offers a competitive price.
  • 5Paisa has a long-range product portfolio.
  • Research-based support is another stronghold of the company.


  • Compared to other rivals, 5Paisa has a lower brand presence in customers’ minds due to less offline or brick & mortar presence.
  • The company is restricted only to the domestic markets; foreign markets also decide on the part of Dalal Street.
  • The research section is only available for some, and the risk strategy for the future needs to be clarified.


  • Seven years of glorious journey with 33 lakh customers expecting a rapid expansion in the near future.
  • The company can open new opportunities by increasing branches nationwide. Despite the online presence being convenient, people trust offline branches more.
  • The advanced platform needs a future-ready platform with machine learning or Python.
  • Find new possibilities to collaborate to attain more possibilities.


  • The volatile foreign market is problematic; the company needs more access.
  • New players or startups are also getting the market’s attention.
  • Lack of R&D and technological advancement is a serious issue.

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5Paisa Review - Products Offered

Equity Delivery


Equity Intraday


Equity Option


Equity Future


Commodity Option


Commodity Future


Currency Option


Currency Future


Foreign Stocks


Mutual Funds






Corporate Bonds


Govt. Bonds


Digital Gold


5Paisa Review - Services Provided

Demat Services


Trading Services


Intraday Services


F&O Services


IPO Services


3 in 1 Account


Stock Research


Stock Recommendations


Trading Institution

Yes, FinSchool

Share Pledging




NRI Services


5Paisa Research & Advisory

Fundamental Reports


Research Reports


Company Reports


Annual Reports


IPO Reports


Technical Reports


Stock Tips


Daily Top Stock Picks


Daily Market Review


Monthly Review


Weekly Review


Relationship Manager


Robo Advisory


BFSI’s prestigious award winner 5Paisa is advancing the capital market through its professional and experienced research team.

If you want to get support while investing, 5Paisa is best without any extra costs or consultancy fees.

Research support: After login to their account, traders will get wholesome information; they can filter out the relevant information.

Market Insights: Updating about recent market developments and financial health indicators help investors to make a wise decision.

Stock recommendation: Moreover, the professional team portrayed a bunch of productive stocks to support investors in quick decisions.

Technical analysis: If traders want to get market trends and analysis, 5Paisa’s advanced charting tools and indicators keep them ahead of the competition.

However, the 5Paisa trading account needs more access to the research section.

5Paisa Margin or Exposure or Leverage

Equity Delivery


Equity Intraday

Upto 5x (Depends on Stocks)

Equity F&O Carry Forward


Equity F&O Intraday


Commodity F&O Carry Forward


Commodity F&O Intraday


Currency F&O


5Paisa margin depends on securities, specific stocks, and investments. However, 5Paisa encourages to join the Plus program for better results for investors.

  • Interest rates of intraday trades are down to 0%.
  • The margin for commodity futures and options (F&O) intraday trading is 1.3x.
  • Overnight rate for Future and options trades clocked 0.04% ( up to Rs.5 Lakh )
  • Investors get relief from maintaining min 50% of cash margin.
  • In the case of delivery options, Margin Plus customers require 0% cash to maintain.

5Paisa Review - Programs

Sub Broker Program

Yes, Limited

Partner Program


Referral Program


5Paisa Review & Rating by

Overall Rating

9.60 / 10

Customer Support

9.57 / 10


9.72 / 10


9.64 / 10

Products & Service

9.55 / 10


9.53 / 10

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5Paisa Customer Support

Trading Support

Available, Chargeable

Dedicated Dealer

Available, Chargeable

Call Support


Email Support

Whatsapp Support


Website Support

Facebook Support

Twitter Support

Telegram Support

Branches / Offices


5Paisa has multiple channels to support its customer. As the capital market needs a fast and forward system, 5Paisa has always focused on it.

Social media is a powerful platform to get the attention of potential customers. Even sometimes, it is a place to generate lousy brand names.

5Paisa customer care has a major role in these platforms. So, 5paisa has a massive presence in almost all leading social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube.

In addition, 5paisa customer care provides complete support through phone and email. Apps include chat support for instant solutions.

5Paisa Complaints & Feedback

Total Complaints Lodged


Total Complaints Resolved


% of Resolved Complaints


Non Actionable Complaints


% of Non Actionable Complaints


5Paisa customers only complain to the stock exchange if brokers fail to solve them. In FY22-23, BSE registered only 18 complaints (16 solved through the exchange market)among 172,986 active clients.

However, in NSE, 5Paisa has 250 complaints (211 solved) out of 652,353 active clients.

The webpage is also open for discussions and short-out queries. However, the frequently updated tutorials and FAQs make it easy for customers to trade correctly.

Grievance Redressal officers are there to solve complaints. So, before you knock on the door of the stock exchange or regulators, try to solve it with the broker.

5Paisa Charges

If you want to open a free demat account — 5Paisa is here to help. The brokerage firm has no additional service or maintenance charge for your account.

5Paisa has no hidden charges; the transparent and low-price strategy makes it a more popular house for traders.

Here is an overview of various charges

  • The 5paisa account opening charge is zero.
  • Traders have a free demat account with free annual maintenance.
  • A minimum transaction charge is essential, set by regulatory boards and stock exchange bodies.
  • Equity, Intraday trading charge, is 0.025% while selling.
  • For Equity delivery charge is 0.1% on both buy and sell options.
  • Overnight rates for the future and options segment is 0.03% daily (for Rs.5 Lakhs and above)

5Paisa Account Opening Charges

Account Opening Charges


Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

Rs.300 per Year

5Paisa Review – Conclusion

There is a saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket; that’s why 5Paisa encourages diversified investment.

If we look at its core products, we find stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, ETFs, Currencies, and many more.

Robust customer support is another reason to receive positive feedback in 5paisa reviews. The wide range of financial products attracts diversified investments for competitive pricing.

So, one of the major reasons that 33 lakh cost-conscious customers join the platform is the lower price. In addition, minimum customer complaints indicate the firm’s stunning service.

FAQs on 5Paisa

Check out various FAQs related to 5Paisa Review.

Is 5Paisa a Safe Broker?

Yes, 5Paisa is a leading brokerage platform with SEBI, NSE, and BSE registration. In addition, the firm has the support of the mother company, IIFL.

Is 5Paisa Good for Beginners?

5Paisa has daily tutorials on Youtube. Beginners can start from it step by step. Their App has support for seasonal experts to newbies.

How many active clients does 5Paisa have?

In FY22-23, BSE they have 172,986 active clients. In the same financial year, NSE 5Paisa has 6,52,000+ active clients.

Who is the founder of 5Paisa?

The sister company of IIFL is the brainchild of Prakash Gagdani; he is the founder and CEO as per his Linkedin profile. IIFL’s founder Nirmal Jain has a share in the company.

Does 5Paisa provide Free Delivery Trading?

Rates for the delivery trading segment is aa below

  • 06% Per Day (for an amount upto Rs.5 Lakhs)
  • 05% Per Day (for an amount between Rs.5 Lakhs to Rs.1 Cr)
  • 045% Per Day ( above Rs.1 Cr).

It’s subject to changes; traders will be notified in the App or email.

What are Intraday Trading Charges in 5Paisa?

Under 5Paisa standard plan equity intraday charge is Rs.20 per execution of an order. However, traders can reduce the cost to Rs.10 if they join the 5Paisa Power Investors plan.

What are 5Paisa F&O Charges?

5Paisa has different charges, depending on amounts—

  • Overnight Charge for the F&O segment is 0.04% for below Rs.5 Lakhs
  • Overnight Charge F&O segment is 0.03% for more than Rs.5 Lakhs

Does 5Paisa charge for Commodity Trading?

If you have a subscription of Rs.599/ month, the commodity trading brokerage charge is Rs.10 per order. Without a subscription, the charge is Rs.20.

Does 5Paisa charge for Currency Trading?

5Paisa charges only Rs.10 under the super saver pack for currency trading.

Does 5Paisa provide research?

Yes, 5paisa has a strong research team and various trading tools to support their traders with accurate information. It helps to make a profit and reduces the possibility of any wrong decision.

How to contact 5Paisa Customer Care?

You can dial their contact at 08035435711 or email them to [email protected]. In addition, traders can raise the issue in their social media platforms or chat section of the App.

How much is AMC in 5Paisa?

There is no charge for account opening and AMC. But you should have a monthly subscription of Rs.599 to get all the support from the firm.

What are Account Opening Fees in 5Paisa?

There is no account opening fee; you can have a free demat account for trade. Even there is a penalty if you start trading after one year of account opening.

What are Pledge Creation Charges in 5Paisa?

The MTF Pledge Charges is Rs.25.00 +GST

Standard Pledge Charges is Rs.50.00 +GST

How much are Pledge Invocation Fees in 5Paisa?

Pledge Invocation Charges is 0 for 5Paisa. However, always keep the App notifications on for any updates.

Does 5Paisa levy any Interest on Margin Trade Funding?

The amount depends on the net worth; it varies from 0.045% to 0.06%.

What are DP Charges in 5Paisa?

The DP fees are not fluctuating. Thus, they are not based on the amount. The DP fee is typically INR 12.5 per stock + 18% GST.

Does 5Paisa levy any Account Closure Fees?

5Paisa has not imposed any penalty for account closure. You can click from App or Webpage on ‘Close my trading account & demat account and confirm it.

What are Account Reactivation fees in 5Paisa?

There is no direct service charge or maintenance pace charge involved. Just log in to the page or App and activate your profile without any extra task to perform.

What are Call & Trade Charges in 5Paisa?

Under the Optimum Plan of 5Paisa, the Call & Trade fee is Rs.100 with 18% GST.


Customer ratings and reviews of 5Paisa

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