Best Position Trading Broker in India – List of Top Positional Trading Broker of 2024

Are you done with daily market volatility and rapid decision-making stress in the live market? Position trading is best if you want a substantial income with an all-weather friend.

So, fuel your long-term goal with this trade-following strategy. Unlike intraday or swing trading, Position trading allows holding the position for a long term.

Thus, it allows traders to capitalize on a wide range of market momentum and reduce the impact of short-term market swings.

Now, which house should you choose to start the journey of position trading? Don’t worry; here is a complete list of best position trading brokers in India.

So, buckle up and discover the top position trading brokers in India.

Best Position Trading Broker in India - List of Top 10 Positional Trading Broker in India

List of Top 10 Position Trading Brokers in India

Rank Broker Name
1 Angel One
2 HDFC Sky
3 Zerodha
4 Groww
5 Upstox
6 5Paisa
7 Kotak Securities
8 ICICI Direct
9 Sharekhan
10 Motilal Oswal

This unique position strategy is equally popular among new and experienced traders today.

Some basic parameters must be considered when finding the top 10 positional brokers in India. It helps you find the best positional trading brokers that suit you best for your goals.

First and foremost, focus on minimum investment and lower brokerage. These are the top criteria for keeping money in your pocket.

A flat fee or discount broker is helpful for easy calculation. Similarly, a low investment cycle can help you avoid a lump sum amount.

Next, always look for a brokerage house that offers fundamental analysis and research reports to get the broad picture.

In addition, you may need a reliable hand when the market gets tricky. Robust customer care can save you time, money, and investment.

Lastly, getting access to all advanced trading instruments is good–it helps diversify your portfolio and save more time.

Angel One

Finding the best position trading broker in India is essential for traders looking to maximize long-term profits.

Angel One Logo

Angel One is a trusted name in India’s Position broking scenario. The Mumbai-based stock broking firm Angel Broking rebranded itself as Angel One.

With over 10% market share, Dinesh D. Thakkar’s broking house has 28 years of excellence in the Indian equity market.

Here are the top 5 features that make Angel One at the top of the list:

Fast order execution: As Position trading aims to get profit from minor price changes, Angle One makes sure your entry and exit with lightfast speed.

Rule-based investment: Angel One offers ARQ prime, which scans every type of stock to provide traders with a filtrate result with minimum error.

Detailed Data: Get a quick review of every stock with company analysis and fundamentals, helping traders to make wise decisions.

Advanced charting & tools: If you want to be successful in Position trading, Angel One’s advanced charts, notifications, and unique tools are here to provide quick benefits.

Also, it makes sure the resistance level. Thus, it helps traders make profitable decisions. With the leverage of these supports, position traders can act timely with a minor price movement.


As one of India’s leading fintech companies, Zerodha always boasts millions of active client bases, placing the firm 2nd on the list of top-position trading brokers in India.

Zerodha Logo

Bengaluru-based fintech giant Zerodha, founded in 2010 by the Kamath brothers, burst onto the Indian trade market like a game-changer.

The firm aims to zero barriers for traders, making the stock market access more swift and smoother than ever before.

Within a very short span, it has built a 6.4 million active client base with a daily record of order placement by one crore users!

Low brokerage: Zeordha’s user-friendly platform is also designed with position traders in mind. It is popular for low-cost trading fees.

Position traders must hold products for the long term. Since Position Trading involves a large volume of trades, this trader-friendly brokerage is helpful for traders in a fast-paced market.

Leverage indicator: Get a summary of leverage stocks, boosting the market confidence of intraday traders with a quick view.

Kite platform: The Kite platform from the house of Zerodha is another game changer for investors. Its real-time data streams support trades to capitalize on a fast-moving market.

The platform makes it easy to act on subtle price movement, which is helpful for Position Trading.

Streak: This feature is for you if you want to run scanners to filter stocks and backtest tricks. You also have access to pre-built scanners for various product lines.

Lightfast platform: Zerodha’s fast and smooth platform plays a crucial role in Position trading.

For traders who aim for frequent and small profits from rapid market momentum, the platform helps to reduce the risk of slippage.

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Groww is number 3 on the list of best positional trading brokers in India. Founded in 2016 by former Flipkart employees, Groww targets young traders with a DIY (Do It Yourself) model.

Groww Logo

It has a 6.2 million client base, the majority of whom are under 40. The unicorn start-up has a $3 billion valuation and a 20% market share.

Here is what makes Groww win the third position.

Clean interface: Groww is designed to provide a clutter-free and fast-moving interface. It is equally essential for position traders who need a clear and concise platform.

Critical charting tools: Position Trading needs a sharp eye on market patterns and the ability to identify small price movements. Following this, the Groww App provides technical analysis with customized charting tools so traders can react to small market swings.

Zero commission: Position traders who rely on long-term investment can go for a Mutual Fund with zero charges, allowing you to grow wealth faster.

Advance market analysis: Though the Groww App primarily aims for long-term investors, it has a huge scope for Positional traders.

With in-depth market analysis and insights, Position traders can use this information to identify short-term trends.

Learning resources: If you are a newbie or about to start in the market, Groww is here with complete learning support. It believes financial learning is another key to a trader’s success.


Sharekhan is number 4 on the list of top positional trading brokers in India. The well-known brokerage house established itself as a trusted pillar of the equity market.

Sharekhan Logo

Now, as part of Mirae Asset Financial Group, a South Korean firm, Sharekhan provides a range of productive financial assets.

It has a presence in more than 100 cities and 4000+ franchise holders. It offers a well-rounded platform with some crucial features.

Algo trading: Position Trading requires automated trading strategies as a trading pattern.

To satisfy this goal, Sharekhan provides algo trading software to backtest their algorithm and enhance the scope of making money from the short-term market.

Dedicated customer care: Sometimes, position trading can be a complex journey, specifically for beginners. Keeping this in mind, Sharekhan offers a quick, responsive support team.

Portfolio tools: Track your performance with alert notifications and a range of unique tools. This helps to adjust your strategy for your long-term position.

Margin trading: Traders get access to a margin trading facility, which is also helpful for position traders. However, it should be used carefully.

Sharekhan Mini: If you aim to make money through position trading, Sharekhan Mini is a quick help that excludes many extra databases and features.

Motilal Oswal

As one of the leading stock broking houses, Motilal Oswal firmly cemented its 5th position in the list of top 10 position trading brokers in India.

Motilal Oswal Logo

With more than three decades of presence in the Indian trade market, Motilal Oswal is another gem.

Its strong mentorship, support and glorious presence in 2000+ locations make it more handy for traders. At present, its market capital crosses ₹30,000 crore.

Risk management: To make instant money with Position Trading, you need risk management support to deal with the fast-moving market. Its platform allows access to various risk-control tools, including stop-loss orders.

Fast order completion: Speed is crucial to success in the positional trade. The platform offers lightfast order execution to protect your interest in short-term benefits.

Low brokerage: Motilal Oswal always promises cost-effective trading. Even Positional traders can take this advantage while dealing with short-term trades, keeping more money in their pockets.

Algo Trading: Motilal Oswal arranges advanced algo trading tools for position traders who depend on automated trading facilities, including position traders. It also allows investors to develop their trading algorithms.

Learning facility: As an old player in the market, Motilal Oswal always emphasises the financial literacy of the securities market. In addition, traders have full support from the advisory team.


Upstox is awarded the 6th position on the top 10 Position trading brokers list.

Upstox Logo

Mumbai-based Upstox avoids traditional trading with its zero brokerage model, and Algorithm trading is a unique path.

The brokerage already set a record trade turnover of $60,000 crore+ with operating revenue of ₹ $1,000 crore in 2023.

Here are some features that make Upstox stand out in the position trade world.

Popular App-based platform: The Upstox App allows position traders to monitor their holdings and modify orders without any hurdles.

It ensures a control position when traders are out of the reach of laptops or desktops.

Market analysis: Traders have full access to the technical market, fundamentals and in-depth market analysis with the best advice.

Smart screener: Upstox simplifies your stock selection process with a smart list” and “smart screener” features. With this, you can filter and figure out the potential stocks that suit you best.

Quick order: Position Trading success depends on your entry, execution, and exit from the market. Fortunately, Upstox delivers within a millisecond! Thus, it reduces your loss and maximizes gains.

Access to market data: If you target Positional trades for short-term gain, it’s important to analyze market trends and identify real-time opportunities.

The Upstox trading platform provides live quotes, historical charts, and real-time updates.

ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct always shines as one of the best brokers for position trading. Currently managing 9 lakh crore of assets with 93 lakh happy customers, ICICI Direct offers multiple products for all pockets.

ICICI Direct Logo

With more than two and half decades of presence in the equity market, the retail broking firm is a preferred choice for a large section of traders.

Here are five features that make ICICI Direct a compelling option for positional traders.

Backed by Banking major: ICICI Direct is the brainchild of ICICI Bank, India’s leading lender. This brand name boasts the strong support of one of India’s largest banks.

Real-time market data: You get access to real-time market data. It also ensures positional traders to stay updated with any price movement.

App-based platform: With millions of Android and Apple users, ICICI promises to provide a hassle-free trading experience for all.

Intraday margin facility: They also provide intraday margin facilities, helping positional traders to increase their income potential.

Robust support: From advisory to customer care, ICICI Direct has full-fledged support for its investors. Moreover, you can ask for better advice from the team.

Kotak Securities 

Now, Kotak Securities has won the 8th position in the top broker for position trading list. Kotak offers a range of suitable strategies.

Kotak Securities Logo

Kotak Securities gained popularity for its Free Intraday Trading (FIT) plan, introduced in 2020. The discount brokerage model wins the hearts of thousands of traders with a net worth ₹7000 cr.

Kotak Mahindra Bank’s sister firm has also started to expand its footprint in startup investment.

Backed by Banking Giant: Kotak Securities is also a separate entity of the Kotak Mahindra group, which runs a large private sector bank in India.

Undoubtedly, this is a great advantage for boosting the confidence of position traders.

Trader-friendly plan: Kotak Securities offers multiple plans for all ages and pockets. Traders can consult their experts to pick the best one.

Customized alerts: In case of market movements and other market events, get a notification from your customized setting.

Preferably, you can get what matters most. It is also helpful for position traders who want to win the game for a short time frame.

Cost-effective brokerage: Whether it is Positional traders with high volume, a competitive brokerage saves traders’ profit pie to the maximum level. Kotak offers a nominal brokerage for each order.

Securities loan: When you need the money for an emergency, Kotak offers loans instead of securities you holds.


Placing 9th in the list, 5Paisa is one of the best position brokers in India. India Infoline’s (IIFl) discount brokerage arm is rebranded as 5Paisa, getting market attention for an ethical fee structure.

5Paisa Logo

With more than two million users, the brokerage firm aims to cater to the market with advanced tech and research systems.

Here are some unique features that positioned 5Paisa as the preferred choice for position traders.

All in one account: Whether you plan for long-term holding, short-term profit, or Mutual Fund investment, 5Paisa helps you manage everything under one account, one App.

Free account and platform: If you want to enjoy a paperless and free account, 5 Paisa is an ideal place for you. Traders who want to start low-costly are the best fit for the platform.

Advisory service: Position Trading needs more organized data beyond tools, and 5Paisa traders have full access to advisory services with back-end support from market experts, which is useful for position traders in the long run.

Foreign stock investment: Traders can join foreign markets from the same account. Thus, traders can diversify their portfolio by-products and beyond borders.

Quick order process: To satisfy position traders’ needs, 5Paisa ensures a rapid order execution process. Moreover, its advanced trading platform always ensures minimal error during order placement.


Though it ranks 10th in the list, you can’t avoid the appeal of HDFC Sky in the list of top 10 brokers for position trading.


HDFC group ramped up their flat fee strategy with HDFC Sky and entered into a discount brokerage model.

Despite being a new entity in the market, the App-based platform has added more than 3 lakh customers since September 2023!

Ranking 10th within a few months of launching, boasting the credibility of the HDFC group.

Buy Stock, Pay Later: This BSPL strategy is useful for traders who need financial help to buy more stocks. By doing this, HDFC also limits its risks.

Diverse options: From foreign stocks to mutual funds, HDFC Sky offers more than Indian equities, giving you more options to expand.

Margin Pledge: For Positional traders, getting access to this facility is essential to maximize more returns. This feature allows traders to take advantage of present holdings and pledge their securities.

Top-notch tools: From GTT orders to bracket orders to basket trading, these tools provide Positional traders more flexibility and help in effective decision-making.

Daily tips and research reports: HDFC Sky allows traders to access its countless research reports, which provide daily updates about potential stocks.

What is Position Trading?

In simple words, Position Trading is planting a tree and watching it grow with fruitful results.

However, in professional terms, Position trading is a long-term investment strategy where you buy securities and hold them for extended periods, usually weeks, months, or years.

You must start by identifying promising companies with solid fundamentals. Then, you must buy the Stock and hold it for an appropriate value over time.

Benefits of Position Trading

Here are the various benefits of Position Trading in India.

  • Position trading is less stressful than intraday trading because you don’t need a daily monitor to cope with the market’s mood, which frees up your time for other instruments.
  • Ride out market fluctuations with long-term goals.
  • Traders have to pay less trading costs compared to day traders.
  • More flexibility for traders; they can hold it for as long as it fits.
  • The market fluctuates daily, but position trading protects you from adverse weather as you pursue a long-term goal.

Best Positional Trading Broker in India – Conclusion

In conclusion, selecting the best position broker in India is an important decision for traders seeking long-term investment goals.

The above-mentioned list is evaluated based on key factors like low brokerage, research and advisory, advanced tools, execution speed, customer service, and many more.

Positional Trading-focused features are another plus point to add here. By our careful evaluation and getting the right broker on the trader’s side, position traders can leverage the advantages of long-term investment to make a profitable portfolio.

FAQs on Top 10 Position Trading Brokers in India

Here are various FAQs on top positional trading brokers.

How does Positional Trading work?

Position trading involves buying and holding assets for the long term, aiming for their value to appreciate over time.

Which are the Top 5 Brokers for Position Trading in India?

Angel One, Zerodha, Groww, Sharekhan, and Motilal Oswal are among the top five clubs in position trading. However, the list fluctuates every financial year, so stay updated with the new list.

Which Strategies are best for Positional Trading?

You can choose between two popular strategies: the pullback and retracement strategy and the Trend-following strategy. To find the best match, consult a brokerage house.

How to Start Position Trading?

To start Position Trading, you must identify promising assets and strong trends for long-term battle. So, you have to conduct independent research, including the brokerage firm’s advisory.

How much money is needed for Position Trading?

Position trading requires more money to hold a position longer. The best solution to have a face-to-face discussion with a broker, as per Angel One, could reach 50%!

Is Position Trading profitable?

Position trading is profitable when traders have patience and follow an organized approach to portfolio management.

Which is better, Position Trading or Swing Trading?

Position and Swing trading aims for long-term profits, but swing trading is more active in short bursts of cash, while position trading is for traders who want to grow wealth over time.

Which is the best broker for Position Trading in India?

You can check the list provided to see which Angel One, Zerodha, and Groww won the first three positions.

Why is Positional Trading easy?

For Position trade, you have less stress with one-time research and purchase decisions.

Is Positional Trading good for beginners?

Positional trading needs a less frequent trading pattern. So, beginners with research skills and patience are suitable for this trade.