Best Scalping Broker in India – List of Top Scalp Trading Broker of 2024

Trading for years has been a lucrative space for people who understand the intricacies of the stock market.

However, with several trading strategies, traders often find it confusing to pick the correct one to increase their earning potential.

Selecting the correct trading style based on wealth generation goals and risk tolerance can improve your trading game.

Scalping is among the popular trading techniques, and deploying it with the help of the Best Scalping Broker in India can help make massive profits.

However, only some traders know about the broking houses that can assist with scalp trading in the country.

This article puts together Top Scalp Trading Brokers with whom you can collaborate in India.

Best Scalping Broker in India - Top Scalp Trading Broker in India

List of Top 10 Scalping Brokers in India

Rank Broker Name
1 Angel One
2 Motilal Oswal
3 ICICI Direct
4 Sharekhan
5 Zerodha
6 IIFL Securities
7 Upstox
8 HDFC Securities
9 Kotak Securities
10 5Paisa

Everyone desires to make quick profits via scalping, whether a novice, part-time trader, expert, or full-time trader. Although scalping trading allows traders to generate quick profits, it’s risky.

However, you can deal with market uncertainties and trading risks by seeking professional scalp trading broker guidance.

Hundreds of full-service and discount brokerage houses operate in India, but not all facilitate scalping trading assistance.

You can rely on the table above when looking for the Best Scalping Broker in the country.

We have rounded up the Top 10 Scalp Trading Brokers in India after thorough research, evaluation, and comparison by considering several parameters.

These parameters comprise brokerage charges, advisory support, technological trading platforms, financial products, technical analysis, and more.

According to our rankings, Angel One dominates the broking industry regarding scalp trading.

Furthermore, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, Zerodha, IIFL Securities, Upstox, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, and 5Paisa follow the rankings.

Angel One – Best Scalping Broker in India

Initially known as Angel Broking, Angel One entered the broking industry in 1996 as a private limited company.

Angel One Logo

A few years later, it dominated the retail and corporate broking and wealth management service sector.

Today, Angel One has established itself as the Best Scaling Broker in India, with over 42 lakh+ active clients.

Features of Angel One

  • Being a member of NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX, Angel One facilitates vast opportunities for scalp trading in these stock exchanges.
  • Since demat and trading account opening is charge-free, you can start trading without incurring initial costs.
  • Despite being a full-service broking house, Angel One charges brokerage as discount stockbrokers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying higher brokerage every time you execute scalp the market.
  • Each trading platform, from the Angel One app to ARQ Prime, features advanced technical indicators and short-term charts. After evaluating these technical analysis tools, you can devise a scalping trading strategy.
  • Moreover, the Angel One application provides access to the level 2 quotation feature. With this feature, you can constantly observe the market and grab the opportunity whenever the asset’s price changes.

Motilal Oswal – Top Scalping Broker in India

Established as an Indian financial services organization, Motilal Oswal came into existence in 1987.

Motilal Oswal Logo

The broker collaborated with SBI, PNB, and Axis Bank to facilitate online trading for its 9 lakh+ clients.

Over the years, Motilal Oswal diversified its financial offerings to broaden its customer base. Now, the firm is recognized as the second Top Scalping Broker in India.

Features of Motilal Oswal

  • Motilal Oswal is among the few Indian brokers who believe in charging lower brokerage. Lower brokerage makes it budget-friendly for scalpers to capitalize on short-term price movements repeatedly.
  • The CNBC TV 18 Financial Advisor award winner, Motilal Oswal, can teach you multiple strategies to earn profits via scalping.
  • In addition, you don’t have to worry about the market direction when using a scalping strategy on the company-owned trading platform. The broker provides a non-directional strategy.
  • The Motilal Oswal application features the ‘My Snapshot’ tool, which allows traders to view the market’s opening and closing positions, margins, price movements, and more. This real-time view of the market and assets lets scalpers identify and seize the perfect trading opportunity.
  • The broker has a presence in over 2,000 locations nationwide, making it easier for traders to contact for trading assistance and service support.

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ICICI Direct – Best Scalp Trading Broker in India

ICICI Direct takes the position of third Best Scalp Trading Broker in India.

ICICI Direct Logo

Operating in the virtual financial marketplace, Vjay Chandok commenced ICICI Direct to meet clients’ investments, borrowing, and protection needs.

The broking firm is the ICICI Securities’ retail trading and investment service, catering to over 26 lakh clients.

Features of ICICI Direct

  • ICICI Direct’s product offerings include equities, currencies, futures & options, commodities, and more. With diverse product lines, scalpers have plenty of options to trade in.
  • It has devised four brokerage plans: ICICI Direct Neo, Prime, Prepaid, and I-Secure. Traders can choose any of these brokerage plans depending on their financial capacity.
  • Scalpers who apply the ICICI Direct-devised scalping strategy can expect to reap profits 80% of the time.
  • Moreover, the firm’s trading platforms are acquainted with multiple analytical tools, letting traders predict the trend and asset price movements.
  • ICICI Direct app’s exceptional interface and technology allow traders to place and execute orders within a few clicks. It enables scalpers to make massive profits by capturing short-term price movements quickly.

Sharekhan – Top Scalp Trading Broker in India

Sharekhan is another Top Scalp Trading Broker in India with whom you can start making quick profits by identifying short-term price movements in desired assets.

Sharekhan Logo

The broking firm started its business in 2000 and has acquired over 16 lakh customers in a short period.

It became the fifth-largest brokerage house in India by rendering a wide array of financial products and services, from securities brokerage to MF distribution and wealth management.

Features of Sharekhan

  • With 3,000+ centers in more than 670 places in India, Sharekhan has a wide reach. Therefore, traders can easily access the broker’s offline trading services.
  • Sharekhan allows traders to open accounts without paying anything. Moreover, they don’t have to worry about paying account maintenance charges for one year after commencing their trading journey.
  • Lower brokerage charges are another advantage that allows scalpers to trade frequently during the entire day.
  • Sharekhan Mini, Trade Tiger, and App are all platforms that allow scalpers to monitor prices in real-time and place orders quickly to make profits on minor price fluctuations.
  • When Scaling via Sharekhan, traders can earn profits from the slow market by placing multiple bids.

Zerodha – Top 10 Scalping Brokers in India

Set up as an Indian financial service enterprise in 2010, Zerodha has made a noise in the market by becoming one of the Top 10 Scalping Brokers in India.

Zerodha Logo

Headquartered in Bangalore, the company has branches in many major cities.

The broking firm was founded by two brothers, Nikhil Kamath and Nitin Kamath. Furthermore, Zerodha combines two words indicating the firm’s ideals—Zero and ‘Rodha,’ which means ‘barrier.’

Features of Zerodha

  • There are 6000 listed stocks on the BSE and 2000 listed stocks on the NSE. Zerodha is a member of both BSE and NSE. Thus, the firm can enable you to trade in thousands of stocks.
  • Zerodha owns a proprietary trading terminal known as ‘Pi.’ It’s a charting software that allows you to study 80 built-in technical indicators and visualize charts across several time frames, including scalp trading charts.
  • Moreover, Zerodha’s online library, Varsity, includes a module for building trading strategies automatically. You can leverage this module to scalp the market profitably.
  • The brokerage house provides reasonable brokerage, making scalping trading multiple times a budget-friendly affair.
  • It facilitates margin funding or pledging, enabling traders to trade even when short on funds.

IIFL Securities – Top 10 Scalp Trading Brokers in India

IIFL Securities, or Indianfoline Securities, ranks sixth in the Top 10 Scalp Trading Brokers in India list.

IIFL Securities Logo

Initially registered as India Infoline Ltd., IIFL Securities has a 29-year legacy in retail broking and financial product distribution.

The company’s retail brokerage and financial products include equity, currency broking, DP services, commodities, MF distribution, PMS, bonds, investment banking, and more.

Features of IIFL Securities

  • Recognized as the leading investment advisory company, scalpers can expect top-notch stock recommendations and tips from IFFL Securities.
  • Moreover, the brokerage house is a network of around 2,500 branches and business partners in 500+ Indian cities. The vast network lets traders and investors easily contact the firm for professional assistance and services.
  • It provides free trading and demat account opening service. Moreover, the account maintenance charges are zero in the first year. Therefore, traders can embark on their scalp trading journey without any finance-related burden.
  • IIFL Securities is backed by advanced technology platforms, including the IIFL Markets App, Webpage, Trader’s Terminal, and Trader API. These trading platforms feature advanced technical indicators, real-time charts, and customized watchlists to help scalpers predict price movements.
  • In addition, IIFL Securities’ platforms render trend-spotting and level 2 quotation facilities to display the market trends, bid-ask spread, orders’ size, and market makers for all orders.

Upstox – Best Scalping Broker

Established in 2011, Upstox is a private, SEBI-registered discount broker.

Upstox Logo

The Mumbai-based stockbroker has gained momentum in the broking industry by becoming the seventh Best Scalping Broker in India.

The brokerage house meets the trading and investing needs of 38 lakh+ clients by offering equity, currencies, F&Os, commodities, and MFs.

Features of Upstox

  • Upstox allows scalpers to place different types of orders, from AMO to GTT. It offers them a way to minimize the risks and losses associated with scalp trading.
  • Traders can commence scalp trading without incurring the initial cost of opening trading and demat accounts.
  • The company provides traders with tools like smart filters for stocks, trading indicators, 360-degree view charts, and other technical analysis tools. Scalpers can use these tools to predict the opening and closing positions and pinpoint price movements.
  • Upstox allows traders to trade up to five times the funds deposited in their trading account. Therefore, you can practice scalp trading even with lower capital.
  • Leveraging Upstox App, scalpers can access 300+ shares to scalp the market.

HDFC Securities – Top Scalping Broker

The stockbroking arm of HDFC Bank, HDFC Securities, commenced operating in 2000.

HDFC Securities Logo

Initially, it was incorporated as a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., Indocean eSecurities Holdings Ltd., and HDFC Bank Ltd.

Being one of the largest distributors of financial products and broking services, HDFC Securities takes the eighth position as the Top Scalping Broker in India.

Features of HDFC Securities

  • The first attractive feature you can access when joining HDFC Securities for scalping trading is reasonable brokerage fees.
  • Since HDFC Securities is the subsidiary of India’s largest private lender, traders can capitalize on the parent firm’s brand value, experience, and expertise.
  • The broker is recognized for its in-depth technical analysis, research-based stock recommendations, and tips for traders.
  • The HDFC Securities App is acquainted with all vital features helping scalpers profitably trade the market. These features include quick order placement and execution, integrated charts, technical indicators, and high-frequency trading.
  • With top-notch margin funding or pledging facilities, scalpers can trade with limited funds in their accounts.

Kotak Securities – Best Scalp Trading Broker

With 1994 being the year of its establishment, Kotak Securities is one of the longest-standing brokerage enterprises.

Kotak Securities Logo

The firm dominates the broking industry by providing incredible, full-fledged investment services across several assets.

Regarding the Best Scalp Trading Brokers, Kotak Securities holds the ninth rank in India.

Features of Kotak Securities

  • The broker’s pan-India presence, simplified trading solutions, and technology-first approach make it a popular choice among ten lakh+ traders.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank is the prominent financial group that supports Kotak Securities. Therefore, traders can trade confidently due to the security and stability provided by the Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • You can access the Kotak Securities App, Web Trading Platform, KEAT ProX, or Fastlane multiple times a day to capitalize on short-term price swings. These platforms enable traders to execute ten scalp trade orders every second.
  • Kotak Securities offers many functionalities for technical analysis, from unlimited watchlists to real-time market data and charts. Thorough technical analysis allows scalpers to quickly study the market and identify price fluctuations.
  • A dedicated advisory and research team is always available to seek professional stock-related recommendations and tips.

5Paisa – Top Scalp Trading Broker

In the list of Top 10 Scalping Brokers in India, 5Paisa takes the tenth place.

5Paisa Logo

Set up in 2016, the Mumbai-based is the reputed name among Indian discount brokers. The brokerage house has a wide clientele base of 10 lakh+ customers.

When discussing brokers’ financial offerings, traders and investors can access equity, currencies, F&Os, commodities, foreign stocks, corporate and government bonds, and more.

Features of 5Paisa

  • Firstly, you can open a demat and trading account for free. Thus, there is no initial cost to embark on your scalping trading journey.
  • 5Paisa owns a trading institution called FinSchool. Here, newbie traders can learn the intricacies of the stock market and different trading styles, including scalping.
  • Intuitive platforms of 5Paisa, from App to Auto Investor and Trade Station, are equipped with cutting-edge technology. They allow scalpers to execute trade orders at lightning speed.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy perks like margin funding, making it possible to scalp the market with lower capital.
  • 5Paisa’s award-winning research team can help you identify profitable securities. In addition, they can immediately update you about price fluctuations in your desired assets.

What is Scalp Trading?

Are you comfortable with high-risk levels and searching for a fast-paced trading style? If so, scalping trading is the perfect strategy for you. Let’s understand scalping.

As the term suggests, Scalp Trading is when you trade frequently for a very short period, usually seconds to minutes.

This trading style involves purchasing and selling financial instruments, from stocks to commodities, in a short duration to make small profits on multiple trades. Scalp traders or scalpers earn profits from minor changes in the securities prices.

The scalping trading style is a vast field involving multiple trading strategies, such as a stochastic oscillator, parabolic SAR indicator, moving averages, 1-minute scalping, and more.

Benefits of Scalping

Fast order execution and precise timing are two key aspects mastering which traders can reap the advantages of Scalping.

But what are the perks of scalp trading? This section covers the points highlighting the scalping trading benefits:

  • High-frequency trading: Since scalping trading involves short holding periods, traders can place multiple orders. It further elevates the scalpers’ potential to gain small profits cumulatively.
  • Utilizing market liquidity: Often, scalpers pay attention to highly liquid securities to capitalize on tight bid-ask spreads and quick trade execution.
  • Quick profits: Scalpers use the scalping trading style to make small but quick profits by executing trade orders frequently.
  • Small capital requirement: You can indulge in scalp trading using small amounts of capital. Now that scalpers strive to make small profits on multiple trades, they can enter trades with smaller positions.
  • Low market risk: When it comes to scalp trading, trades are open for minutes or seconds. Therefore, scalping enables scalpers to limit their losses by closing trades quickly in an unfavorable market position.

Best Scalping Broker in India – Conclusion

In active trading, traders look for different trading styles to capitalize on minor price movements and make massive profits within a short duration. One such trading style gaining momentum is scalp trading.

However, scalping involves greater risks and in-depth technical analysis, which you can’t handle without the help of the Best Scalp Trading Broker in India.

This comparison guide outlines the plus points of all the top ten scalp trading brokers, so you can choose any one accordingly.

FAQs on Top 10 Scalping Brokers in India

Here are various FAQs related to Top Scalp Trading Broker.

How does Scalping work?

Scalping is a short-term trading technique in which traders buy and sell assets multiple times daily to capitalize on price differences and earn profits.

Scalpers look for securities whose prices fluctuate often during the day and whose prices can be sold easily and quickly.

How to start Scalping?

You can follow these tips to start scalp trading:

  • Open a Demat account with a reliable scalp trading broker.
  • View the watchlist and trade hot stocks each day.
  • Consider buying stocks at breakouts for a quick move and selling them quickly when their prices increase.
  • Trade at least three to five times daily to achieve daily profit goals

Which is better, Scalp Trading or Day Trading?

Scalp trading and intraday trading are both short-term trading styles. Depending on your wealth generation goals and risk tolerance, you might find a specific trading technique better.

Scalping is better than day trading for making quick profits with small capital.

Is 1-minute scalping good?

A 1-minute scalping trading strategy is a simple yet effective way to make small but consistent profits while lowering the market risk.

Can you make good money in Scalping?

Theoretically, you can make good money in scalping trading. This trading style enables you to capture small wins while minimizing risks.

It would be best to look for hot stocks whose prices change quickly and which you can sell quickly.

Why is scalping difficult?

Scalping is deemed difficult because of competition with more knowledgeable traders in the market.

Moreover, this trading style requires scalpers to focus constantly, act quickly, and execute many trades, which can be exhausting.

Which is the best Scalping Broker in India?

Angel One takes the first rank as a scalping broker in India.

Is scalping suitable for beginners?

Scalping trading has low entry barriers and requires less market knowledge and capital, making it suitable for newcomers.

Which are the Top 5 Scalping Brokers in India?

Angel One, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, and Zerodha are recognized as the best five scalping brokers in India.

Which strategies are best for Scalping?

Some of the best trading strategies for scalping are stochastic oscillator, parabolic SAR indicator, moving average, and relative strength/weakness exit strategy.