Discover blinkX sub broker franchise advantages here. Whether you are a franchise owner or trader, blinkX breaks the market for the first time with a zero-glitch App!

Your day of slow, clumsy interface has gone. If you want to make your trading business more innovative and more rewarding, the blinkX Franchise plan is one the most dynamic options.

The JM Financial owned blinkX Sub brokership aims to storm the market and decide to solve the technical issues, including a rewarding plan.

Despite their new entry into this monopoly market, blinkX gets the attention of thousands of finance enthusiasts.

The firm focuses on your innovative trading management without a limited sky. So, get powerful tools at your fingertips and enjoy a supportive system that empowers you and your clients.

Type of Broker Full Service Broker
Total Sub Brokers 100+
Total Investment Rs.70,000 – Rs.1,10,000
Sub Brokers Commission 60% to 70%
Avg. Monthly Profit Approx. Rs.45,107
Breakeven Time 2 Month
Payout Time 30 Days

blinkX Franchise - Business Models

Sub Brokership


Partner Program


Refer and Earn


Why Start a blinkX Franchise?

Though blinkX is new, the firm is backed by experienced security market experts with decade-old experience. For sure, the below-mentioned reasons can blow your mind.

  • It aims to cover 250 million people at the end of this decade with an affordable cost and smooth trade ecosystem.
  • Parent company JM Financial has in-house solid research, and it ensures an effective solution.
  • The platform has a one-stop solution with ‘easy to use’ products and real-time updates.
  • You can enjoy a risk management facility and control clumsy financial norms efficiently with the best experts.
  • The firm has a pool of talented human resources so that you get the best from the house.
  • A short but productive range of products makes this place a crucial destination for youngsters and newbies.
  • Free marketing and product training to encourage your skills as a finance advisor.
  • Apart from trending features, you get full customer support from the robust team.

blinkX Sub Broker Commission

Revenue Sharing

60% to 70%

Per Client Acquisition


Surprisingly, the blinkX sub-broker commission surpasses many established rivals. Well, it is for sure that the firm aims to win the game with an incentive and glitch-free platform.

Here is a short glimpse of the incentive structure.

As a sub-broker, you have a dual income from the house. First, the revenue sharing model– you can pocket a good range from 60% to 70%.

It makes clear the generous attitude of the firm while rewarding sub-brokers. Even after getting the maximum slice of profits in your pocket, they have more for you!

After adding each new client to the client base, when they make the first order, Rs.200 straight hits your account.

However, it is advised to make a productive client base and not run behind the account opening mission of instant reward. For long-term players, only active clients make sense.

blinkX Franchise Cost or Investment

Security Deposit (One Time)

Rs.40,000 - Rs.50,000

Exchange Charges (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Rs.30,000 - Rs.60,000

Now, check the concerning part of the investment. The blinkX franchise cost makes a balance with market standards.

First, here is what you need to know about security deposit. Aspiring franchise holders must put down a one-time deposit ranging from Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000.

It is all about a solid promise to the blinkX family from the sub-broker’s side. Precisely, blinkX welcomes a dedicated sub-broker rather than a weathercock!

It’s the first time in the market that blinkX has a zero exchange rate. Yes, there are no one-time exchange fees. So, get your sub-brokerage up and run the business without an exchange charge.

Now, coming to monthly office exchange, you need to maintain a range of Rs.30,000 to Rs.60,000. It includes all basic costs like rent, utilities, and external operation costs.

However, it can fluctuate depending on the market price of the Tier I and Tier II cities. If you are new in the market and want a reasonably priced entry, blinkX is the one-stop solution.

blinkX Sub Broker Franchise Profits & Income

Check out blinkX Franchise Profits & Income here.

Total Clients 650
Active Clients 171
Avg. Commission per Active Client 711
Total Brokerage 1,21,581
Sub Broker’s Share (70%) 85,107
New Client Acquisition 25
Client Acquisition Income 5,000
Sub Broker’s Income 90,107
Total Expenses 45,000
Sub Broker’s Net Profit 45,107
Net Profit Margin 36%

Are you curious about the profit pie as a future sub-broker of blinkX? Yes, blinking is new, but it is a game-changer in the securities market. Here is the step-by-step answer in detail.

As a sub-broker, you can make a profit that is quite competitive. Suppose a sub-broker, Mr X, has 650 clients in his portfolio.

Unfortunately, he has only nearly 27% active clients, which is 171. The productive client base brings an incentive of Rs.711 for each trade.

It makes a total brokerage of Rs.1,21,581. However, in some cases, the rates vary depending on the product being tried and adding a new product to the system.

Now, here is your part! As a sub-broker, Mr X can claim up to 70% of this revenue. So, he can pocket an amount Rs.85,107 at the end.

But hold on, the AP has something more to enjoy. If he works hard and can bring a new client base of 25, he will be credited another Rs.5,000 as an instant bonus.

So, his total income as a sub-broker is warming Rs.90,107. Of course, franchises need to count operation expenses. It is good to keep aside an amount of Rs.45,000 as expenses side of the balance sheet.

After all payments and deductions, a sub-broker can pocket Rs.45,107, bragging a net profit margin of 36%.

In a nutshell, the Franchise can make more than 50% with a potential client base. Moreover, they always help sub-brokers in client-focus training to boost their confidence.

blinkX Sub Brokership Offers

Commission above 50%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Free Delivery Trading


Flat Brokerage Charges


1st Month Free Brokerage


Zero Brokerage on Loss Making Trades


If you love high incentive rates, free advisory, and a variety of product ranges, blinkX Franchise offers you more than this!

You can skyrocket your income potential and grab the chance to make up to 70 % of the revenue generated by your clients.

However, it comes with a nominal investment. Now, here is another profitable news— you will get free advisory support under this package.

Expert advice helps you to make a flow of informative decisions to clients. It is always good to hire a third party as an advisor, as some brokerage has free advisory with limited support.

If you are expecting free delivery trading, they don’t offer it. However, franchises must encounter various fee structures without flat brokerage.

In the initial stage, a flat brokerage helps to maintain the profit and expense balance. The first month of free brokerage? Unfortunately, there is no option for this. It follows other market leaders.

In blinkX stock trading, you must pay your dues, even for Cleint’s loss-making trade!

However, blinkX has one of the best experts, who always help clients to be aware of the reality and focus on risk appetite and risk management.

blinkX Authorised Person SWOT Analysis

Swot analysis is a powerful tool to know what is happening inside the firm. Besides a win-win situation, it projects a risk appetite for the firm.

For the blinkX authorized person, we make an exclusive analysis.


  • Zero glitch app for the first time in the market to make your trade business more effective.
  • For painting a first impression to sub-brokers, blinkX offers a revenue share of up to 70%.
  • Client-centric product and full support to newbies
  • The quick adaption of advanced tech has made this platform a lucrative destination for youngsters
  • It is the perfect match of proper tech and the most eligible team to push the income of traders and sub-brokers.


  • Comparatively new brokerage house, a lone wolf in the highly competitive market
  • Non-flat brokerage charges may bring some clumsy calculations, which could discourage some aspirants from joining.
  • There is no relief for a security deposit, no immunity on loss-making trades, and no exemption for one-month trading.


  • Growing Indian securities market for the last 15 years.
  • An increasing number of investors, even in small towns and the rural sector
  • Rising demand for online stock trading among newbies and the digital revolution of Indian internet users


  • New entries could face merger or acquisition from other market giants
  • Sudden tax slabs or regulators can shock the brokerage house and could face extreme pressure
  • Slow economy, war, recession, and pandemic can turn the table

blinkX Franchise or Authorised Person Support

Dedicated RM Support

Yes, Limited

Dealer Training


Products Training


Acquisition Support




Advisory Support


Backoffice Support


Marketing Support

Yes, Limited

Let’s explore what the blinkX AP support system has stored for Franchise or AP in terms of a helping hand.

It’s all about valuable resources and popular suggestions that can make the way for success in the trading world.

Firstly, check the RM support. The answer is yes but with a hint of some restriction. You can dial RM for more details.

In the case of dealer training, it is a big yes. You will get the movement to adapt to the complexities of the market, client interaction, and other crucial business facts.

Thus, blinkX ensures that its sub-brokers have a polished image in the market and can face clients from every ifs and buts.

Expanding client base is valuable for this service. So, blinkX has extended support for building a potential client base. However, advisory support is a paid feature.

It’s a scope for those who value proper guidance. For your administrative support and paperwork, the back office has all the helping tools.

You may need creative marketing and promotion ideas as the marketing support is a partial package.

Though some services come under payment and have touch limitations, blinkX promises to help aspirants in the securities market.

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blinkX Sub Broker Business - Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

200 - 300 sq.ft.

No. of Employees

Atleast 2

Dealer Terminal


Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers






Managers Cabin


Regarding expenses, office expense, is a significant concern for franchises at a struggling stage. First, check the office space and its estimates.

As cost-cutting is a critical issue, you should go for an area that is both too big and too small.

Considering this, 200 to 300 square feet is a suitable space, not too ample, not too small, perfect size to make a comfortable workspace.

As teamwork is crucial to the success of this service, you need at least two employees onboard. However, you have freedom in the dealer terminal; you can decide it.

Communication is the heart of this trading business. So, internet, phone, and computer ( laptop) are mandatory.

Franchise owners can skip call recording and CCTV, which is crucial for monitoring previous activities and restoring evidence.

Following the same trend, a stylish cabin or reception is under the optional category for aspiring blinkX franchise owners. As the business is mainly online, you can avoid investing in fancy interiors.

blinkX Sub Broker Dashboard Link

Web Platform


App Platform

Team blinkX surprised the trading world with a zero-glitch App, possibly for the first time in the market!

The firm wants to make a sound presence by solving major pain points of traders. The dashboard comes in an App form.

It has some secret cards like bullish, neutral, and bearish stocks for your business. In addition to all essential tools, it includes an IV scanner to control your operation trend.

The high-speed trading dashboard has a real-time portfolio tracker and ‘Future movement’ analysis. Also, get pre-defined bullish or bearish suggestions.

blinkX Franchise Login

For blinkX franchisee login, go to the sub-brokers portal with a username and password. Team blinkX will help you to get these credentials.

Once you log in, you can use the dashboard. It gives you access to the tools and resources you need to manage the service.

You can check trading reports, client management tools, and many more.

blinkX Franchise Backoffice Platform - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Brokerage Mapping


Manual Brokerage Change


Leads Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Monthly Payout Report


For any sub-broker, back office support is the control centre of the journey. That’s why the concept of the back office feature is necessary before investing.

Starting with the lead addition, blinkX sub brokers back-office supports lead addition link, making your primary sales experience smooth and hassle-free.

In addition, sub-brokers have flexibility for manual link addition. The blinkX Sub brokers are always informed where each lead stands in the process, knowing lead stage info.

But you can’t delete or change any lead info, so make all inputs carefully. This restriction helps to reduce data breaches like incidents.

However, you can map your brokerage structure, helping to deal with different client needs. Well, you have full access to lead generation reports, payout reports, and portfolio reports.

blinkX Sub Broker Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

7.20 / 10


7.17 / 10


7.29 / 10


7.23 / 10


7.16 / 10


7.14 / 10

blinkX Authorised Person - Products Offered









Mutual Fund




IPOs / FPOs / NCDs


Foreign Stocks

Not offered


Not offered


Not offered

blinkX Franchise - Trading Platforms Offered

Trading App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


Foreign Stocks Investment Platform


Backoffice Platform


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How to Become a blinkX Sub Broker? - Eligibility Criteria





Academic Qualification


Basic Computer Skills


Basic Communication Skills


NISM Certificate

Yes, compulsory

Becoming a blinkX sub-broker is a lucrative chance, but there are some essential criteria to qualify.

  • An aspiring authorized person or AP should have completed 21 years.
  • Only Indian citizens are eligible.
  • A graduation degree is a minimum education qualification.
  • NISM certification is necessary, and essential computer skill adds another feather.

blinkX Sub Brokership - Documents Required by Individuals

Sub Broker Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


blinkX Franchise - Documents Required by Firms or Company

Sub Broker Agreement


Firm or Companies PAN


Firm or Companies TAN


Firm or Companies Incorporation Certificate


Firm or Companies Bank Details


Firm or Companies Cancelled Cheque


All Partners or Directors PAN


All Partners or Directors Aadhaar


All Partners or Directors Photo


blinkX Franchise – Conclusion

JM Financial’s brainchild blinkX also works in Google Clouds, solidifying its claim about the tech revolution. It aims to use the cloud experience for a more user-friendly experience.

Some more cloud partners like Niveus Solutions and Lumiq (Data Transformation Partner) are advocating the tech revolution of blinkX in the Indian securities market.

The firm aims to get into the top five clubs within the next two years.

Moreover, the firm is about to launch four apps for easy solutions. But it needs to take care of monetary benefits and some relaxation of training and security deposit.

FAQs on blinkX Authorised Person

Check out various FAQs related to blinkX Sub Brokership.

Does blinkX have a Sub Broker Model?

Yes, blinkX has a productive sub-broker model.

How many franchises does blinkX have?

Currently, there are 100+ clients onboard.

What is the earning potential of blinkX AP?

You can make up to 70% of revenue share.

How can I Start a blinkX Franchise?

To start with your blinkX franchise, you need to check the eligibility criteria for the broker.

Is blinkX Franchise a Profitable Business?

As a new one, it is promising, but the historical figure is yet to be delivered.

Who is blinkX Sub Broker?

Authorized persons or franchises are sub-brokers.

What is blinkX Franchise Cost?

Including office vost and security deposit, you must invest between Rs.70,000 to Rs.1,00,000.

How much is the blinkX Sub Broker Commission?

Sub brokers can make 60% to 70%. They can also add Rs.200 for each new account.

Does blinkX AP get back-office access?

Yes, blinkX AP has full virtual support through the back office.

Is a blinkX Demat Account necessary to become a Sub Broker?

Yes, a Demat account is the primary demand of the service.


Customer ratings and reviews of blinkX Sub Broker

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